tagLoving WivesSharing Sara, My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 03

Sharing Sara, My Exhibitionist Wife Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Fucking Everyone

We had a long talk the next day. We had been too exhausted the night before to discuss our next sexual adventure any further.

"I know it's hard for you, Jim, to think of your wife getting rammed by five guys in one night. But honey, darling, you'll get to watch. You're like me, I know how you are. Remember how much it turned you on to lie right next to my boobs and watch them kiss my nipples? And how you put your face next to my mouth while all those cocks slid in and out? You saw it much better than you could when you did it yourself. It'll be the same with my pussy. You'll experience fucking, and me, in whole new ways. You'll see things you've never seen before, like how the folds of my pussy accommodate a cock, what it looks like from the side and from underneath. And I'll feel all that wonderful life pulsing inside me, one cock after another. Please, Jim, let me do this. Last night it was so exciting when you fucked me in front of them, I almost died. It made private fucking seem like just practice. This is going to be way more intense, I can't imagine how exciting it's going to be."

I couldn't say no. If Sara wants to fuck five men in front of me, I'll go along, because she needs this, and in a way I need it too. "Sara, this is a way bigger step than any of our other ones. I do want to see the things you're describing, and I love you so much that your ecstasy is mine too." I slid close to her and held a tit through her blouse. "But I don't want to lose you, I don't want your sexuality to get dissipated."

"Don't you see, Jim, that was the genius of your original idea, to exhibit me to several men instead of just one. None of them will get exclusive rights to my pussy. I'll be fucking them all, but I'll still make love with you only. I know you know the difference."

I worked on the buttons to her blouse while we continued. "I see that," I said, "but letting a guy slide his cock into your cunt is the ultimate intimacy. You're married to me."

Sara shivered. "That's just the point, my dear clueless husband. Being an exhibitionist doesn't end with just showing some guys my boobs and my ass and my pussy. Exhibition is an act, not a photograph, so fucking our guys will be the ultimate exhibition. You know how strong that urge is in me, to show everything, if the situation's right. We've worked hard to create the right situation, we have men we like and trust, men I can fuck with confidence, men who are appreciative, polite, discreet. And hot."

"You don't have to beg, Sara, I'll go along because I know how much you need this. You're right that I'll get things out of it that I couldn't get any other way. I'll be able to experience your body, and your sexuality too, more than ever before. Damn, you're always right."

I slipped Sara's blouse off, she pulled up her bra and brought my tongue to her bare tits. "Oh, Jim, it's going to be wonderful - it's going to feel so great! See, we're both super-turned-on already, it's so intense just talking about it. Chew on my tits, Jim, bite me hard, I need it hard to go along with these emotions. Maul me."

Always ready to meet demands like those, I bit, I grabbed a nipple in my teeth and pulled until she could see her stretched areola in front of her face, releasing my aggression on her sensitive sexual skin. She moaned, "Oh, five other men have been eating my tits, they've been licking, biting, twisting, but you're the best because you're my man. When they fuck me, and they will fuck me, it'll be the same: huge experience, but different from celebrating - our love."

Sara's phrases were coming in short breaths now; she had found my cock and was squeezing it hard. I threw her down on our couch, where so many men had touched her nakedness; I yanked her panties aside and plunged into the cunt that all our men had touched and licked and fingered. She was tight, my cock was on fire, but it took a lot of hard pounding before that feeling welled up in me. "Fuck me, Jim - fuck me - like our men are - going to fuck me - hard - and fast. Shove it up my - cunt - where they'll shove - theirs."

Already our anticipation of Sara's first extramarital fucks was exciting us beyond anything we had expected. All the naked exhibition and mutual fondling was different from this; those things were sex play, but only play, not the real thing. We both came, Sara screamed where she usually just cries out, our world swirled down into a cock and a cunt, a man and a woman, locked together as one. We submerged in perfect pleasure, perfect union. Time stopped.

When time started again, Sara's skirt was a mess and we were both exhausted and hungry. We cleaned up and pulled out some gourmet Chinese leftovers as though we were a normal couple. The leftovers, though, came from guys who had ejaculated in Sara's mouth and hands the night before. I said, "Well, my adulteress-to-be, we'll have to prepare our party. I'll get a supply of condoms, and we can pick out an erotic outfit for you."

"Um, Jim, we won't need the condoms. I have to fuck bareback, I need to feel the skin of their cocks slide into my moist pussy, I have to feel their cum spurt up inside me. You have no idea what that feels like for a woman. It's the final, ultimate step. Oh god, I'm getting soaked again just talking about it."

I couldn't argue with that, so bareback it was. "Ok, unfaithful one, you'll get to fuck their bare cocks. And I guess we won't need much of an outfit, you'll be naked most of the night."

"I think I'll wear a transparent dress. That's all. But I want everybody to act as though everything is completely normal during dinner, as though I wasn't about to fuck the brains out of everybody in the room. So Jim, call the guys, tell them that, and tell them they can fuck me this time, and not to bring condoms."

We cleaned up our meal and moved to our big couch. Sara was already leaning over, teasing me with her tits. "Jim, get rough with the tits that five men fondled yesterday. Oh, that feels good. Kiss the lips that had four cocks come in them, the lips that grazed the smooooth tips of their cocks and the tongue that licked their stifff shafts."

Sara was rubbing it in, in more ways than one. This kind of talk was her specialty. Being verbal, intelligent and a hopeless show-off has its advantages in erotic stimulation, and all the recent experiences she could describe gave her plenty of ammunition. As I kissed her I felt the lips that had rimmed five cocks the night before, remembering how they had aroused her. They were no longer just lips, but cock-squeezers for five men. Our tongues mingled, tongues that had tasted the cum of other men only the night before.

I made up a new set of place cards, smaller and much simpler than the last ones: "Mr. And Mrs. James Burke request the pleasure of your company for dinner and entertainment at their home. Following dinner, Mrs. Burke will fuck the guests."

The next day Lance called to inform us that he had to skip our party; he was called out of town on business. In our frenzy at the last party we had neglected to check everyone's schedule. I apologized, assuring him that he was still part of our group. He reported that he had considered quitting his job to be there, because he really wanted to fuck Sara, but reason finally reigned. Sara was disappointed, but got on the phone and told him "Maybe it's just as well. I don't know whether I can take five men in one night, or even four. I've never tried it. And I'm sure you'll get lots of other chances to squeeze that nice cock of yours into my nice soft pussy, it'll be great for both of us." I wondered what those other chances would be. She was getting expert at talking dirty - practice makes perfect.

We resolved to abstain from sex for a while before the party, so that we - mostly Sara - would be ready to fuck so much in one night. The resolution was a disaster: We wound up making love more frequently and more heavily than we had since we first got married. All the pleasures of sex were magnified too - not only the carnal fucking, but also the sleepy warmth of love and well-being afterward, when all's right with the world. I found that it took me a long time to cum, but the longer buildup gave me more pleasure, and it gave Sara a better chance to get to a climax. Normally it's hard to get her to climax; it takes a long time. It was only at our parties that she had climaxed readily, and many times in a night, because the stimulation there was just the kind she needed: intense, continuous, and from many directions.

Almost every night after dinner Sara would strip for me, I'd feel her up while she danced, and then we would fuck and fuck and fuck some more. Before our exhibitionistic parties we had usually done it in our bedroom, a routine, but now we might be in the living room, even the kitchen. Once I leaned her naked form over our dining room table, opened her up with my fingers, and entered her from behind. She gasped and held on to the table, her knuckles turning white while her face turned crimson. After a long bout of continuous thrusting she came with a series of convulsions that actually had me worried for a while, until she turned her head and in her quietest, dreamiest voice said "Jim, you're setting my whole body on fire. These are the last few days I'm being faithful, and they're also the best, because we know you're going to share me soon."

With that I came, in a savage thrust, and she convulsed again. Why was the anticipation of my wife committing adultery in front of me turning me on so much? Concentrated lust. I guess I don't understand human nature, even my own.

The day of our party seemed to drag on forever. Neither of us could concentrate on anything. Our marriage, our mutual commitment, was about to suffer its death, and perhaps, perhaps, a rebirth. We discussed what it would be like, what we might feel, how our group of men would react. With great willpower we had been able to abstain the previous day and all day today, so we were both on edge with sexual tension. This was different from our other parties - they were just warm-ups.

Our guests-with-benefits arrived together as they did the last time, bringing several huge bouquets of flowers. They're guaranteed to delight any woman. Sara gushed, "Oh, they're beautiful. I love to sniff the sex organs of other species." She has a way of getting to the heart of things, that woman.

Spike seemed offended, but Sara continued, "Well, flowers are the reproductive organs of plants, and we like to smell them and look at them. They're beautiful because they're connected with sex, with reproduction, with rebirth." That's my wife, the philosopher-slut.

To get things started I invited everyone in and said "Come on in, tonight we're playing hump the hostess." Sara looked devastatingly beautiful in her transparent white dress, the picture of virgin innocence, just a wisp of gauze complementing the curves of her body and erotic jewelry beneath. The thin cloth hung straight down from her tits, so that her boobs bounced and her tit jewelry jingled with each step. The whole dress fluttered with every bounce. Everyone gathered around Sara, complementing her. She was just nervous enough to appear vulnerable, a bit flushed; never had she been more beautiful.

This time we were treated to an Indian meal, even fancier than at our last party. There were candles as well as the flowers, little tabletop heaters to keep the food warm, and a great variety of dishes and sauces. We enjoyed the meal and the fellowship, but no one ate much because we were all anticipating the physical exertions to come. The guys picked up their place cards and got a chuckle, making some indirect comments such as 'well, that's succinct', and 'the entertainment looks... interesting.'. The weather was getting warmer, so we talked about that, and about the food, but everyone's mind was on something else.

The meal, the wine and the atmosphere got us all into a mellow mood; our guys were becoming friends, generous and amiable. They were seeing Sara's nipples in their normal retracted state perhaps for the first time. Without mentioning their coming intimacy, she pointed out that except for Lance, who wasn't present but had been a passing acquaintance years ago, we had only been in contact with our 'guests' for two evenings, about eight hours altogether, so we weren't really that well acquainted. Tom dryly pointed out that although there weren't many hours in our acquaintance, they were very intense ones, concentrated experience. I thought to myself, "She's going to fuck four guys she's only been with for eight hours, practically strangers." From the serious look on her face, I knew Sara was thinking that too, but I also saw her beginning to squirm in her seat, her nipples stiffening, adding new folds to the diaphanous fabric.

The moment of truth couldn't be put off any more. I gave Sara a long look - she was ready, anxious to invite our friends' cocks into her cunt, to end her years of sexual exclusivity with me. Of course I didn't mention any of this to our guys; any man would fuck Sara given the chance, so the guilt was ours, not theirs. While Sara went into the bathroom to clean and lubricate herself, I told our guys that it was time to strip. They were ready in seconds - those conspirators had agreed to wear no-button clothing, and no underwear. There were lots of zippers zipping and snaps snapping. Cheeky devils, but their confidence was justified. They knew that Sara would surrender to them tonight.

I told the guys that Sara's introductory show would be a short warm-up for what was to follow. She emerged from the bathroom looking sweet and innocent in a white towel, tucked in just above the round swell of her breasts. It was supposed to cover her crotch, but didn't quite make it. I announced, "Tonight my wife will surrender to you. She will allow your bare cocks to slide into her cunt, she will feel your cum spurt up inside her." We all knew she wanted this more than anyone, but no one contradicted me. "Sara, the men standing here want to see your naked body - open your towel. Show them the cunt that they are going to fuck. Look at their cocks, Sara, each one of them will be inside you tonight."

She stared at them, then at me, with such a serious look that for a second I wasn't sure she would go through with it, but then she grabbed the towel where it was tucked in and spread her arms wide, getting into exhibition again. The soft curves of her body were outlined against the pure white of her towel in front of four guys. She stood, legs slightly apart, motionless except for a lewd grinding of her hips forward and back, bringing her cunt into view, a preview of fucking. "I'm showing them my naked body again, Jim, my tits, my pussy, everything. They're going to touch me everywhere, and then, ogod, they're all going to fuck me!"

Already Sara'a nipples were pulsating; we could smell her arousal. Dropping the towel she approached her men, moving right up to rub her tits against Rod while she grabbed Tom's and Spike's cocks. Tim moved in behind her, felt up her soft ass, then grabbed her tits and dragged her nipples across Rod's chest. All four or them were enjoying her body at once. Naked men were feeling up my wife again, the beautiful display that excites me so much.

"Sara, you have one cunt, two tits and a mouth. We have four guests. I think something can be worked out." I had her lie on her back on the carpet, legs spread wide, cunt already blooming. Before I could say anything Spike reclined on his belly with his head between her legs to work on her cunt and to tease her emerging clit. Tom and Rod got down on either side to fondle her boobs; They're too large and heavy to hold in one hand, so Tom curved his fingers and squeezed a boob between his palms, which transformed the rounded shape into a cylinder stretching up and out from her body, tipped with a pink dome and a nipple standing straight up. You could see how good it felt for both of them when he squeezed and formed that cylinder with his hands, molding and shaping it. Rod saw this and imitated, fashioning his own boob-tower and licking its nipple.

Tim moved his cock up to Sara's head, but instead of shoving it directly into her mouth he played with her, caressing her with his long cock. He stroked her cheeks with it, then turned her head and played with her ear. Amused, she quipped "I like what I'm hearing." Tim squatted over her head, lowering his soft scrotum onto her eyes and rubbing his cock against her nose and cheeks. "Mm, I like what I'm smelling." Finally he moved to the side and touched the tip of his long shaft to her lips. She took it in; with her head tilted back she could take the whole thing, because once the helmet gets past the back of her throat it can go a long way down.

Tom and Rod tweaked her nipples, pulled and twisted, licked and bit, enjoying that expanse of tit flesh. Sara was being restrained, held open, and attacked at both ends. Spike was caressing her belly while alternating his mouth and fingers on her cunt, licking the whole area vigorously while she tilted her head back to accept Tim's penile prods. I wanted to push her quickly into her sexual haze, the hypnotic submersion in erotic emotion; she was there already. Her hips were bucking and twisting, her nipples were hard, as she reached above her head to grab Tim's ass and pull his cock even further into her mouth.

After a few minutes Sara was breathing hard and the sexual blush on her face and torso was becoming more obvious. She couldn't speak because of the cock in her mouth. Tim had to pull out to avoid coming, so Sara lifted her head to watch the sexual attentions of the other three. She caught Spike's eye; he grabbed her clit in his teeth by its base, pulled up until she could see it, then let it slide between his teeth until it released and jumped back. She jumped too.

I commanded, "Now, Sara, you're naked and aroused, and it's your turn to arouse our guests. Kneel on the floor and take care of their cocks and balls."

I moved the men around Sara in a semicircle, all their cocks hanging within inches of her face, and she went to work on them. She exclaimed, "Wow, wall-to-wall cocks! And they're all going to fuck me."

It was as though Sara was worshipping and admiring rather than just getting them hard. Because Tim was already stiff and slick, she concentrated on the other three. First she gently lifted the balls of the middle guy and caressed his cock with her free hand. She lovingly kissed the tip. Her attentions became more and more enthusiastic, as she sucked and bit on one cock while squeezing two others with her hands. She took the helmets of all of them into her mouth for a good tongue-swirl. In a few minutes they were all stiff, groaning, leaking precum, and stroking Sara's face and hair with their hands and cocks. Since a woman takes longer to arouse but also stays aroused longer, I had arranged for her to get turned on first.

"Sara, four men are ready to screw you." Helping her to her feet, I turned her around facing the dining table and had her bend over it and grab its edges, leaving her head tilted up. I moved to the other end of the table, looking straight at her, cupping her jaw and her soft cheeks in my hands with my elbows resting on the table so that my head would be higher than hers, forcing her to look up at me. I had also set up our mirror so that I could see her crotch, but she couldn't.

"Your cunt is already leaking fluid. Four naked men can see your swollen cuntlips and your pink fuckhole. Your body is ready to fuck. Now each of the four men will shove their cocks into you in turn. You can't stop them. Each man will get ten strokes, once his cock is well-seated inside you, and then withdraw. You are not to look at them, and you will not know who is fucking you. You are to count the strokes out loud. This will establish that you will give yourself to all of them tonight, and they can use you freely." I wanted the first contacts, the precedent-setters, to be impersonal penetrations, pure lust, with no trace of making love.

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