tagFetishSharing Secret Ch. 1

Sharing Secret Ch. 1


Sally had stripped in front of me again. She took great fun in doing so as she I was too embarrassed to do the same. Sally was my roommate at College. She had returned from exercising downstairs and stripped to take a shower.

It wasn't so late but I crawled onto the bed, under the sheet, and slipped my skirt and control girdle off. And with the sound of the running water assuring me that Sally was in the shower, I began to masturbate. My eyes closed, I imagined her stripping for me in a slow dance and then sinking to her knees to suck my cock.

Yes, that's right, my cock. And no, I'm not a guy.

Now you know my secret. I'm a hermaphrodite. And I dreamt of finding a lover like Sally and fuck her till she screamed for me to stop. My curled hand slid up and down the shaft, around the large head, down between my legs to play with a small pussy opening. I had no testicles but produced a rich jism just the same. Ah, Sally, you who have such a nice tight ass, I'd love to stick my cock between…

"What are you doing?"

My eyes flew open! My heart stopped beating. Sally was standing halfway through the room, the shower still running behind her. Damn it! Why didn't she stop the water?!

"You look like you are jerking off?"

I turned onto my side, away from her, trying to calm my erection down. "No I wasn't!" Red faced, stupid answer.

Sally ran over and yanked the sheet off. Too late for me to grab it. I tucked my knees up, my bare ass exposed.

"Nice tush sister!" sally said playfully.

"Leave me alone!"

"What's the matter? All of us masturbate Shannon, it's no biggy."

"It is for me!"

"Why, because you were imagining me?"

I gulped and looked over my shoulder at her, still hiding myself.

"Its okay sweetie, I've been dreaming about you too. I'm what they call bisexual. But I bet you are what they call a virgin."

She was teasing me. Sally put a leg up onto the bed. "Look Shannon, look at me. Don't you want to touch me? Don't you want to kiss me?" She knelt up onto the bed and slowly lowered her face down to my still half-turned head. Our lips barely met when she sat back, "What the hell is that?!"

"Oh God, Sally, I'm sorry, please don't tell, please don't say anything."

"What, that you use a strapon? Maybe you're not as much a virgin as I thought!"

"Well, actually I am, and um, it's not a strapon."


I slowly rolled onto my back, my hands now able to conceal my shrunken cock. "Sally, you've got to promise not to tell anyone. Please Sally or I'll just die! I will, I'll kill myself!"

"Easy, easy girl, what the fuck are you talking about?"

I slowly lifted my hands; I watched Sally's face. I almost cried when she jumped off the bed but she came slowly back, inspecting me, crawling lower and looking between my legs.

"Oh my God…."

"Please Sally, swear it!"

"Sure, sure. You're a hermaphrodite!"


"Does it work?"

"Oh for fuck sake, of course it works!"

"I mean, do you pee out of it? Do you cum out of it? Do you have a cunt too?"

"Yes, yes, yes and I have an anus too!"

Sally scowled at me but continued her inspection. "And you were stroking yourself while I was showering?"


"Does it get big?"

"Actually yes, almost 9 inches."

"Jesus!" Sally leaned closer. Her fresh washed scent was driving me mad, I wanted to touch her, my hand on her naked shoulder, her back, over her round ass. Maybe I twitched while thinking of her, my cock growing slightly. Sally looked down into my eyes. "What were you thinking about when I was showering?'

I swallowed, "You."

Sally sat back on her heels, her small breasts perfect orbs, the nipples tiny and pink. She began to touch herself, making the nipples erect, her thin fingers sliding over belly. "Masturbate for me Shannon."

I stared at her but I knew I was going to, my penis was hardening again. I began to slowly drag my nails over the bumpy surface, teasing myself. My cock danced and jumped, enlarging time.

'Oh God Shannon, it's huge!"

One of her hands disappeared between her legs; I could see her wrist moving back and forth. I looked at her face, now flushed with heat, staring at my cock as I stroked it. We matched our rhythms until we were really into it.

"Oh fuck Shannon, I'm going to cum. Can you cum? Let me see you cum baby!"

My fingers tightened, my stroke hard, the sensation of impending eruption building in my body. And Sally finally shivered and cried out with delight. Her wet hand came out from between her legs, slowly reached out and laid itself on my enlarged cock. She just began to stroke me when…

"Oh God Sally, I never dreamed of you ever wanting to touch me. Oh God, here I cum!"

My milk white fluid shot out at incredible velocity, hitting the pillow beside my head, across my shoulder and down onto my right breast. Sally squealed with delight and surprise. And just as I was cresting the pain and pleasure of orgasm, she leaned forward and swallowed the head, sucking and bobbing down onto it, milking me dry.

I had another micro orgasm just seeing her hair spilling down onto my belly, the sensation of my cock head in her mouth.

"It tastes different." She finally sat back onto her legs, her hand stroking and squeezing my receding shaft softly. "God, you cum a lot! More than some guys I know. We better get you cleaned up."

Sally dragged me out from the bed, took hold of my hand and led me to the still running shower. Thank goodness it wasn't peak bathroom time or it would have been cold from sharing with all the other facilities in the building.

Sally was to become my secret lover, sharing my hidden secret with no one. Well, almost no one.

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