tagLoving WivesSharing Sherry with Friends Pt. 02

Sharing Sherry with Friends Pt. 02

byThe Big Bopper©

Sherry and Mike are about to embark on their first swapping experience, having chosen close friends Cathy and Brian for this initial adventure.


Over the next 10 days, our sex was the best that it had been for years, we were both living in an air of intense anticipation. Since mutually deciding that we would embark on a partner swap with another couple -- our closest friends -- so excited were we that we fucked like rabbits every night. Even finding ways to cope right through Sherry's period, like fucking while standing in the shower to wash away any mess. However, on the Thursday night before the Saturday that we were to have Cathy and Brian over for dinner and sex, Sherry issued a sudden ultimatum after dinner. "No sex tonight Mike, nor tomorrow night either ... no morning glories too! My vagina is now closed until Saturday."

"What, what on earth are you talking about, you can't do that, not now!"

"Yes I can, and I am. Darling, our sex life has been at a constant peak, and that's good, since having lunch with Cathy ... it's like our marriage has got our spark back and we haven't even done it with them yet. But with all the sex we've had the past week, I thought that to make this Saturday night special, we should all abstain till then, no bodily contact and no cumming until Saturday night ... so that means you can't masturbate either. I called Cathy and she said she totally supports it, they're going to do the same. By the weekend, all four of us will be so eager for it. If we didn't do this, Saturday could have felt like any other night, only with different partners. But now I think it will be extra special"

I was disappointed at first, but the more I considered it, the more sense it made.

A lot more planning went into this particular Saturday than for our usual run-of-the-mill dinner parties. There was still the food and wine to select but we also needed to have crisp clean sheets in both the master bedroom and the guestroom since we didn't yet have a plan for how this would work. Would all of us be comfortable going in together in one bed or would we each take our new partner to different rooms?

If we did do it alongside each other, would the closeness heap more pressure on we guys to be good? Before the night, I talked to Brian, and Sherry to Cathy, and the consensus was that nothing beyond the main course should be planned. We would all just let it evolve as naturally as possible. The only certainty was that I would be laying down with Cathy and my Sherry would be with Brian, so I would at last get to have my fantasy fulfilled.

I showered early, dressing casually in shirt and slacks, socks and shoes. I left my gorgeous wife to shower and dress in private while I went to the living room for the final tidy-up and some quiet time to think about what was about to happen in our marriage. Nothing had been said between Sherry and I on what she might wear, so I was waiting with nearly as much anticipation as I expect Brian would have.

When she at last appeared in the doorway to the living room just before our guests were due to arrive, Sherry took my breath away. I hadn't seen this dress before, so she must have gone out to buy something special for the occasion. It was sleek and black and there wasn't a lot of it, she oozed sex appeal in it. She twirled around for me in a special preview, it was cut low in front, revealing a lot of cleavage. I could spot just a glimpse of her bra beneath. That was obviously push-up because I can't recall ever seeing the slopes of her breasts that prominent before. I felt extremely casual in her presence.

Then, posing for me in the middle of the living room, a few feet in front of where I sat, she dropped her hands onto her thighs, dragging the front of the dress upward, revealing that the black hosiery was in fact a pair of stockings ... no pantyhose for this night. Attached to the top black band around the stockings were suspenders -- two in front and two at the back, revealed when she turned a complete 360 for me -- drawn taut against her upper thighs from an unseen and new garter belt around her waist, all of it black. Very sexy!

I stood up and bridged the gap between us, wrapping my left arm around her shoulder, my right hand dropping down between her thighs. Her dress still raised high, I touched my fingers to the tiny scrap of material that were her panties, "My God, you're wet already honey."

"Yes!" she whispered, "I went back for the bath towel thinking maybe I didn't dry myself well enough, but honey I'm so turned on it just keeps coming, my juices keep flowing like it's a tap that I can't turn off. Oh my God Mike, I am so horny tonight ... maybe it wasn't such a good idea to abstain from sex these past two nights. Mike, do you think it's awful or even disrespectful to you that I'm so turned on, should I be more discreet?"

"No, it's the same for me too honey, feel this." I pulled her hand down to grasp the front of my trousers and she gasped when she felt how hard I was already.

"Oh my God, you said you would be, didn't you? You told me that you'd have an erection all night, how long have you been like that?"

"About an hour or so. I try to think of other things but my mind keeps coming back to what's likely to happen tonight for me with Cathy and for you with Brian so it won't go down. Must be the anticipation honey."

I was correct about the sexual tension in the air ... it was abundantly present from the moment I opened the front door to greet Cathy and Brian. Sherry came to the door with me -- that was different for a start. Normally at our dinner parties, only one of us goes to the door to greet our guests. And instead of a perfunctory peck-on-the-cheek, Cathy stepped forward close to me face-to-face, her lips there and slightly parted, leaving no doubt that she expected to be really kissed straight up, obligating me to fold my arms around her. Her mouth opened the moment our lips met, her tongue teasingly present, licking my lips, waiting for me to reciprocate.

This was to set the tone for the evening, ensuring we were in for a different sort of night. I slipped my tongue between her lips sensuously and we tongue wrestled in and out of each other's mouths for what seemed an inordinately long time, so completely caught up in our moment that I was unaware if our spouses alongside us were similarly involved. I would be embarrassed if when our overtly sexual kiss ended, we would turn to find Sherry and Brian had simply kissed chastely -- as is usual -- and were patiently waiting for us to finish. But to my relief, and you could say delight, my wife and Brian had greeted each other in a similar vein. Sherry's lips were instantly puffy from her equally arousing kiss at the front door and she was in his arms, her own hand draped affectionately over his shoulder. They were already standing there watching us with what looked like avid fascination so they must have finished their kiss first.

"Hmm, what a nice start, this promises to be a very interesting evening," Cathy suggested, winking at the others but not remaining within my arms as our spouses were doing, brushing by me to enter our home. I stood back for Sherry and Brian to follow Cathy and I in turn followed the others into our living room, paying close attention to and even comparing the arses of the two women as their bums moved suggestively in their equally skimpy dresses with each high-heeled step.

Had the two of them consulted each other on what each intended to wear? Cathy looked a million bucks in a red dress made of some shiny material -- hey, I'm not into women's fashion, what do you want? That's the best description I can muster up. It seductively clung to her body, although not overly short, the hem coming to just above the knees. But it was cut very low in front with a deep vee that dropped well below the lower curve of her breasts, confirming no bra. Her red dress was cut low at the sides so that if you missed the display of smooth slopes of boobs in front, you could catch the outer edges whenever she moved her arms. I couldn't detect a pantie-line around her arse as she walked ahead of me, I guessed there may not be much else but her curvaceous body underneath the dress. Cathy's figure was great for a 40-year-old, her breasts a touch bigger than Sherry's ... hips bigger too! To think I was destined to have this woman within hours. My cock twitched positively.

I offered pre-dinner drinks all around and by the time I poured and came to deliver them, the others had chosen where to sit, all three electing to cram up on the sofa, Brian between the two beautiful women. I handed around the drinks and retired to a single chair opposite the sofa. From there I could admire four very feminine long legs, Cathy's were bare and my wife's encased in black stockings ... a nice contrast.

Best to break the ice with a deserved compliment, "Cathy you always look great, but tonight especially dazzling, one would think it must be a special occasion."

"Well Mike, when you and Sherry came up with this great idea, it gave me a reason to shop and find something really special for a night like this," she replied, spinning her head to look at her two companions on the sofa and laughing, "your wife has knocked herself out too, I hope you told her how good she looks too."

"Yes he has," cut in Sherry to reassure our guests.

"Yes Mike, they both look a million bucks," contributed the more laid-back Brian, "I can tell you that Cathy and I are looking forward to this night. Well done for coming up with the idea." Then, turning to Sherry and placing his hand on her stockinged knee, he added, "I have never seen this gorgeous woman looking so scrumptious, I think I could just eat you."

"Ooh, that sounds exciting, I do like to be eaten."

With conversation quickly setting the tone for the evening, Cathy joined in, "Well Sherry, you've come to the right man when it comes to eating, my man is a master at it. My God, can you believe this you guys, how are we going to manage to keep a lid on this until after dinner? I have to say it now, and I don't care if it's not right for a woman to say this in mixed company, but my cunt is running like a fucking river."

"Thanks for sharing that with us honey, especially drawing on your colourful choice of words," admonished her husband, "we can always rely on you to get the party started politely."

"Well darling, what do you want me to call it? Our friends and you should know me well enough by now ... I always come straight to the point, tell it how it is. Might as well let Mike here know how he'll find me when he gets me naked."

I thought I spotted my wife cringe at hearing Cathy talk of me getting her naked and I wondered if the cold reality of what we were all about to do had suddenly hit Sherry. Or maybe it was her reaction to her best friend's crude language.

"Okay, but let's take it slowly Cathy," continued Brian to his wife, "best to have it simmer for a while, not boil over. I am sure that Sherry and Mike have prepared a lovely dinner and we need to do justice to that before anything else develops."

Alright you two, no bickering tonight," I cautioned, "we should only express good thoughts. Now, we've despatched Bradley to his grandparents for the night, so we trust you two are able to stay over, just in case we carry on until morning?"

"Of course," responded Cathy, "from the moment Sherry invited us, we always assumed that we'd be sleeping over. I haven't brought a bag, don't need much ... only my purse and there's only lipstick and lube in that."

"Cathy, that's all good."

"Have you guys worked out the bed or beds plural plan yet Mike?"

"Err, we haven't actually worked that part out yet, we've put clean sheets on the beds in both our bedroom and the guestroom, so we'll just see how everyone thinks when the times comes."

"Oh Mike," continued Cathy, "you are always such an organised person, I can't believe that you'd let all this wild abandoned sex happen without a game plan."

"I better check the dinner," my wife suggested and struggled to get up out of the sofa in her short and skimpy black dress. She seemed to be all legs and I got a flash of her stocking tops and the garters attached as she scrambled up out of the low sofa. I was so high on arousal that even getting a flash from under my own wife's dress was exciting, particularly when it was a given that I was destined to have the other woman here tonight ... no questions asked.

While Sherry was busy in the kitchen, Brian tried to counter his wife's unbridled libido by introducing a non-sexual tone into the pre-dinner conversation, sort of standard dinner party chatter as distinct from his wife's overtly sexual comments. As Brian and I chatted randomly, Cathy struggled up out of the sofa, much the same way as my wife had. Again, she too was all legs and I wasn't even subtle as I watched her intently, being treated to glimpses of large expanses of bare skin since she wore no hosiery at all. Every summer, Cathy is a regular visitor to our home so I regularly see her lounging by our pool in bikinis, yet the flash of bare inner thighs revealed from beneath a skimpy dress is always highly arousing to a man.

She walked across to the bar and helped herself to a top-up of her drink, then obviously bored by the neutral conversation, she bypassed the sofa, coming directly over to my single-seater chair, and dropping down heavily onto my lap. She felt good there, her arse warm and shapely, and she would have felt my erection the moment her bum cheeks landed. She wasted no time in grinding around against its shape. So this is how a lap dance feels.

Her husband's voice droned on, something about local politicians, as Cathy eased forward from my lap, perching her cheeks on each of my thighs. She turned her head to look back at me. then reached her hand around behind her to grasp the hard shape of my erection within my trousers, straightening it into a north-south direction. Continuing to ignore her husband's ramble, and keeping her back to me, she eased her arse back into my lap. I saw why she had straightened the direction of my cock. She wriggled her arse some more, purposely seating the split of her arse cheeks along the hard ridge in my trousers that was my cock.

"Oh my God," she gasped, her shriek cutting off her husband's boring words mid-sentence.

"What ... what is it sweetheart?" her husband sounding alarmed to hear his wife's sudden outburst, leaning forward on the sofa.

Cathy, looking across to her husband, put on a feigned expression of shock, "Brian, Mike is so fucking hard already," then turning back around to face me, "good God, isn't Sherry looking after you enough?"

Sherry made a timely return from the kitchen, carrying a plate of hors d'oeuvres to offer around, "What's happening, what don't I look after?"

I noted the look of surprise on my wife's face when she spotted her friend Cathy sitting in my lap, her back to me, but sitting in such a way that the others would have no doubt as to what she would be feeling against her arse. How the situation in this room had altered in the couple of minutes that it had taken my wife to check on the dinner.

"Your man has such a big boner ... my God Sherry, you should feed him more sex," then turning to her husband, "I'm sorry Brian, I don't want to sound disrespectful to you, but the way this cock feels against my arse, I think Mike might out-size you."

"Ignore her Sherry," Brian overruled, easing back into the sofa again and turning to address me too, "I'm sorry Mike, I'm afraid the excitement of all this has gone to my darling wife's head, she's acting quite insane tonight. I hope her demeanour doesn't spoil the night for everyone."

"I hardly think she's going to do that Brian," was my defence of the man's wife.

Cathy squirmed around some more in my lap, her clothed arse cheek rubbing up and down seductively against the length of my hard-on. Her head turned around again, "Mike, I'm sure you don't mind me having some fun with you about your impressive erection ... all I ask is you don't cum prematurely on my lovely shiny new red dress."

So she too had gone out and bought something special to look good for me, just as my Sherry had done for Brian. Were the wives stealing my nearly lifelong fantasy by making it their own?

Sherry jumped into the conversation to defend me, "Cathy, one thing you can be assured of, my Mike won't ever cum prematurely."

"Oh, that's good to know!" Cathy's sweet arse felt good wedged all around my solid erection, ensuring that there was no way it would wilt anytime soon. I so wanted to reach my hands around to begin touching her ample breasts, there was no shortage of access points in this dress. But after offering the pre-dinner snacks, Sherry had sat back down on the sofa alongside Brian and in spite of all our plans for the night, fondling Cathy's breasts would seem inappropriate this early in the evening.

Despite the lead set by Cathy, our spouses were more content to retain a dignified distance for now ... the unwritten rules for tonight had suggested none of us seek to bring on the inevitable until we had all enjoyed our 3-course dinner. It was only Cathy that seemed like she couldn't wait.

Somehow, the light dinner party conversation resumed until Sherry announced that we should all proceed into the dining room. Our dinner parties usually had six at our rectangular table. So with only four around the table, we left the ends empty ... Sherry had set the placings for she and Brian to sit on one side with Cathy and I opposite, male opposite female so that the conversation didn't separate into male-male and female-female.

Sherry's entrée was well accepted, as was the first bottle of wine that was nearly empty before we served the main course. I took a turn out in the kitchen to finish off the preparation of the main. I heard the door swing behind me and assumed that my wife was coming in from the dining room to lend a hand with serving.

"Can you get the ginger out honey," I called over my shoulder.

The feminine voice that answered wasn't the one I expected, "I have no ginger down there darling, unlike your lovely redhaired wife ... I'll have you know I'm a natural blonde, although hairless where it matters, as you will soon see. I hope you like it, I endured a special wax just for you yesterday. And you men surely have heard how painful that can be for us women ... oh, the things we do to impress."

I was immediately nervous because Cathy wasn't following the script tonight ... she was a loose cannon. For all I knew she might get down on her knees here in the kitchen and blow me before I could get the main meal onto the plates. "Now Cathy, just behave, at least until after dessert, will you?"

I felt her press those full breasts -- unsecured by a bra -- into my back and her hand reached around and again firmly grasped the shape of my hard-on. "Oh Mike, this feels so good, I just love touching it. And you're still hard ... I was worried that you were so turned on, you might have come out here to wank off by now."

"No way Cathy, I'm saving everything I've got for you. Have been since Thursday as it turns out."

Her head pressed up against the side of mine from behind and I felt her tongue licking the inside of my ear, then her sensuous voice whispering, "You won't be disappointed lover, I've saved up some special treats to give you tonight."

I sort of brushed her hot body away from me, "Cath, I've got to get this served, I promise I'll give you my full attention in about an hour or so."

She hung around in spite of my rebuff, "Are you excited Mike, Sherry says this has been your fantasy all along? Besides, I knew see wouldn't dream up this plan by herself."

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