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Sharing Suzanne with Her Husband


Another true story, this time one of my more unique experiences in fucking another man's wife. Because this time, unlike the others, it was with his full permission. Here's how it happened...

It started a bunch of years ago, back when I was cruising random sites and discovering my tastes in porn. I was in my late 20's, and pretty sexually experienced by then, but it seemed like I was always finding new and exciting niches when it came to getting my rocks off.

This one particular day I was on one of those "hotwife" sites. It was fascinating. I'd never understood why a guy would want someone else to fuck his wife, but I had to admit the idea intrigued me. Especially if, somehow, I could be the 'other' guy. I started imagining how cool it would be to just be granted permission... to have a guy just spread his wife's legs for you and invite you in. The idea intrigued me so much that I started surfing the "personals" section of one particular hotwife website, not so much really 'looking', but just to see how people went about even asking for such a thing.

Turns out that in life, timing is everything. On that particular day I saw a recent ad that happened located in the same State I was living in. I clicked it, only to find that the person who placed the ad lived just a few hours west of me. Up until that point I'd been reading about people on the other side of the country, but this? This opened the door to exciting new possibilies.

The ad was from a woman. I don't remember the exact wording but it went something like this:


It turned me on. I'm still not sure why. I guess it was the ease at which this girl was looking to get laid. She had a husband, so she wasn't looking for a relationship. Just sex... with maybe a little bit of romance mixed in.

And she lived only three hours away.

Creating a brand new address, I decided to send this girl an email. Even if I wasn't going to meet up with her, I wanted to know why. Why did her husband want her to date? Was it her idea, or his? How far would the date go? And above all else, how could he be okay with his wife getting fucked by another man?

But instead of bombarding her with all those questions, I kept it simple. I told her a little about myself, explained that I lived nearby, and that found her ad very intriguing. I also enclosed a strictly innocent, fully-clothed photo of myself, in case she was interested.

She wrote back right away. Her name was "Suzanne" (that's the name she used, not her real name of course) and she'd been married ten years. She'd dated her husband right out of high school - he was her first and only boyfriend, lover... everything. She explained that she was curious about other men, having never been with or even seen another man naked, but that her husband had dated many girls before her. So essentially she was looking "to date", and had been given her husband's permission as long as she gave him full disclosure on everything that happened. Suzanne also explained that this was the first time she'd ever done anything remotely like this, and that I was the first person to respond to the ad. In truth, she was nervous. Her email finished by telling me I was "very cute", and she liked how tall and broad-shouldered I was in the photo.

I told Suzanne that she must have a *very* cool husband to be so open minded, and that given her limited experience, I could completely understand her curiosity about dating/being with other people. Since she hadn't sent a photo back, I asked for one. She was reluctant. I told her it was only fair, since she already knew what I looked like. Finally she sent me a pic with her face blurred out. Suzanne was seated at a wedding, wearing a blue dress. She was very petite - small, blonde, with long hair and a nice figure. Facially, I couldn't tell anything about what she looked like at all.

We went back and forth through email for a day or two, small talk at first. Despite what she was asking for in her ad, Suzanne was very shy. We talked about life, about work (she was an elementary school teacher - something that really turned me on), and about our likes and dislikes. She also infomed me that her husband was reading every single email we sent to each other, and he even typed the words "Hi Dave!" at the bottom of one of them.

Strange? Yeah. But still, kind of exciting. I continued emailing and even flirting with Suzanne, asking what our "date" would be like if we ever went out on one. She went on to describe the more romantic aspects of dinner, maybe going to a bar or club - all very innocent stuff. We both liked skiing as well, so she described a "ski date" where we'd meet on the slopes and ski all day while we got to know each other.

It all sounded good to me, but Suzanne hadn't mentioned sex. Maybe her husband didn't want her screwing other guys. Maybe they were just looking for someone to take her out, show her a good time, and be more of a friend than a boyfriend. But just when I was having my doubts, Suzanne wrote: "And then after skiing, we'd get a room at the lodge together."

Sweet. I started asking her about the lodge. About what we'd do after skiing. She started with giving each other a backrub, then maybe hitting the hot tub to sooth our sore muscles. And then, very shyly, she added: "and well... you can take it from there."

Yes, I told her. I sure could. Slowly I started describing what we would do in the hotel room after the hot tub. Suzanne responded in turn. A very hot sexual scenario started unfolding, in full view of her husband who was reading every one of our emails. Talk about fuckin' bizarre. Each day we'd talk more about the things we'd do to each other. Each email would get more sexual. Suzanne's ideal date ended with me fucking her all night, and then sending her home - used and discheveled - to her husband the next morning. I told her the whole thing sounded great to me, and with ski season around the corner, I was all for it.

Then, abruptly, Suzanne stopped writing. I don't know if she got spooked or her husband did, but something was definitely wrong. I sent her one more email asking if everything was okay, but got no response. After two weeks of not hearing from her, I assumed one or both of them chickened out. Either that, or they were just playing up a fantasy - one they never really intended to make a reality.

As much as it sucked I let it go, convincing myself it was a stupid idea to begin with. Then, one day right before Thanksgiving, there was a note from her in my inbox: "Give me your phone number, I want to call you."

I shot her my number. Ten minutes later my phone rang, and I was physically talking to Suzanne for the first time. Her voice was tiny and cute. She explained that her husband *had* gotten spooked, but that she had worked it out with him. She really did want to meet up. She said she felt safe with me, and we'd developed a rapport she thought would be ideal for seeing each other face-to-face. I asked if her husband was really okay with it (or she was just saying that) and suddenly a man's voice piped in: "Yeah, I'm cool with it bro."

Talk about awkward. Here I am on the phone with a couple, and I'm trying to fuck the guy's wife. Or she's trying to fuck me. Whichever.

Anyway, her husband says "bye" and hangs up, leaving us alone to talk. Suzanne explains that the skiing date scenario we'd so carefully constructed is totally out the window.

"I'm sorry if this is a problem," she said, "but he kinda wants to be there the first time we meet."

"Your husband?"

"Yes. He wants to be there, to make sure everything's okay."

"Sure, I can understand that," I replied, thinking about how awkward it would be if he was just 'there'.

"And..." Suzanne stumbled, struggling for the words, "And he wants it to be, you know, sort of a threesome. The first time, anyway."

"Okay," I say, getting interested.

"But he wanted me to make absolutely sure you knew there would be 'no gay stuff'. Just you guys and me, if you know what I mean."

I laughed. "Not a problem," I told her. "Tell him I'm actually happy he said that."

"Good," Suzanne said, genuinely relieved. She laughed nervously.

"I've also done that before," I told her. "Once. With my friend and his semi-girlfriend. It was pretty cool."

"Oh!" she said, sounding very surprised. "Did you? How? What did you do?"

Very briefly, I explained about the only group sex experience I'd ever had: a MMF threesome. A friend of mine had been fucking a girl he worked with - a real hot slut to be honest - and she'd wanted to hang out with him one night. Since he was already hanging out with me, he told her she'd have to come over and fuck the both of us if she wanted to see him. She called his bluff, and it turned out to be one of the hottest nights of sex I ever had.

"No gay stuff at all," I said, laughing. "Just me and him taking turns on her."

"You... took turns?" Suzanne asked, flustered. "What about at the same time?"

"Yeah we did that too," I said. "But we took breaks in between. Where we'd both fuck her solo."

I could tell just by her breathing that Suzanne was getting excited. I kinda wished her husband had been on the phone for this part of the call.

"Are you turned on?" I asked her.

"Yeah," she said. "Very."


Suzanne went on to explain that her husband would be working out the details, and that they'd email me. I told her no problem. We said our goodbyes, and I hoped it wouldn't be the last I heard from her. At this point I was pretty invested, and was really looking forward to fucking her.

The email came the next day. They asked if I could meet them on the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, which was that very week. They'd rent a room at a hotel, pretty far out of town, and I would meet them there. It was actually a little further away for me, but I agreed, knowing it would be worth the drive. They were also VERY discreet, to the point where they were almost paranoid about running into anyone they knew. I never got actual names, or even the exact town where they lived - only the county. But that was fine. They wanted to remain as anonymous as possible, so they could disappear whenever they wanted - something I completely appreciated and understood.

Saturday came. Waking bright and early, I drove the three and a half hours to the hotel - one of the higher-end hotels in a famous chain. This was back when we all had beepers, and cellphones were still a luxury. Halfway there, as planned, they paged me the room number. When I arrived, I used one of the courtesy phones in the hotel lobby to dial the room.

Almost every story like this is the same: the husband or couple meets the guy in the hotel bar and has a drink with him to make sure all is well before going up to the room. But not this time. "Jon" welcomed me on the phone and told me to come right up. Five floors later, I was knocking nervously at the door.

A guy opened it. A normal looking, clean-cut, genuinely nice guy. He ushered me into their room, a fairly large suite with a couch, chairs, and a queen-sized bed. After shaking hands and introducing ourselves Jon offered me a beer from a small cooler he'd brought with him. I accepted, taking a long pull of the cold liquid to calm my nerves. We were the only two people in the room, but I could see that the bathroom light was on.

We made small talk about the ride, the weather, the holiday that just passed. Let me tell you how strange it is to discuss football with a guy whose wife you're about to fuck. Even so, we both began to relax. We hit it off, so to speak, in so far as two guys who just met each other can really get along.

"Suzanne will be out in a minute," he said finally. "She's slipping into something, well, you know..."

I smiled and nodded. Grabbed another beer. I was limiting myself to no more than that.

Finally I heard the heavy click of the bathroom door. Slowly, hesitantly, Suzanne stepped out. I was instantly relieved to see how pretty she was. She had a small face that matched her tiny frame, with striking blue eyes and an adorable triangular chin. She looked beautiful and bashful at the same time as she walked into the room wearing nothing but a black babydoll nightie with red lace trim. It was outrageous. Here's a girl I've never even met... walking out in lingiere between me and her husband, who are both about to fuck her. It was surreal.

"Hi," she said to me, waving her fingers meekly. Not wanting to just wave back, I stepped in and kissed her on the cheek while giving her a friendly hug. Yeah, it was weird. But it was better than a handshake or a wave.

"I'm going to shower," said Jon suddenly. "You guys can get to know each other."

Jon kissed his wife on the way into the bathroom as if he were kissing her on the way out the door for work. It was so nonchalant, so casual. The door closed behind him, leaving Suzanne and I alone in the room. Both sets of curtains had been drawn, leaving the room lit dimly by only a single wall lamp on the opposite side.

For a moment we just looked at each other. My eyes devoured her body, especially in the lingiere she so sexily filled out. Suzanne cast her eyes sheepishly downward, asking how my ride was. I told her it was great and well worth it. I also told her she looked beautiful, which only caused her to blush a deeper shade of red. I could tell how this was going to go, and how awkward it would be if all we did was just continue the small talk. Jon had left us here to break the ice while he was gone. It was up to me to make a move; already I could hear the shower running.

I stepped into Suzanne, took her chin in my hand, and kissed her. I was relieved to find her kissing me back. My arms went around her, my hands gliding over the soft skin of her arms and exposed back. She smelled like strawberries. Suzanne began kissing me harder, her tongue finding its way into my mouth. Her own arms went around my shoulders and she stood on her toes to reach me.

We continued kissing, our hands exploring, just enjoying each other's bodies pressed up against one another. The shower stopped and the door opened once again. All at once I pulled back, suddenly nervous to be kissing this woman in front of her husband. Yeah, he wanted me to fuck her... but maybe kissing her was off limits. Maybe it was too personal. We had nothing in the way of ground rules, and I began regretting not going into greater detail with him, or even her, as to what they wanted to happen. Jon emerged, naked except for a towel. I looked at him expectantly.

Luckily, all was good. Jon did nothing but grin and make a sarcastic comment about how we still had the same amount of clothes on as when he left to shower. He pushed Suzanne gently to the bed where she sat obediently. Her nightgown rode high up on both legs, showing off a pair of beautiful, creamy thighs.

"Let me show you something," Jon told me. He motioned to his waistband, and Suzanne removed the towel. His cock popped free, and she took it instantly into her mouth. He leaned back and groaned, closing his eyes as she began blowing him.

By this point I felt awkwardly overdressed. I stripped down to my boxers, not taking my eyes away from the very erotic scene unfolding in front of me. For a few awesome seconds, Suzanne's eyes rolled upward to meet mine. She continued blowing her husband, not missing a single beat, but staring right at me with her sexy blue eyes.

Not sure what to do next I stepped closer, until I was standing very near to Jon. He tapped Suzanne's arm and she reached upward, grabbing a big handful of my stiffening cock. She rubbed it through my boxers, her other hand wrapped around her husband's dick while she sucked and licked it. The she stopped, pulled my boxers down with both hands, and moved her mouth onto my cock.

Jon watched as his wife took the first strange dick into her mouth, ever. We were similiar in size, both thick, both hard as a rock. But I wasn't here to compare. I was here to fuck Suzanne, and right now her lips were pressed tight against my shaft while, with one hand, she guided it in and out of her mouth. I touched her face as her pretty little eyes looked up, first at me, then at her husband. He smiled down approvingly.

The whole "take turns sucking cock" thing was something I'd seen in dozens of movies, but had yet to experience. Let me tell you it's very cool. Nothing beats watching a girl give you a hot, wet blowjob... but having her jerk you off while she blows the guy standing next to you is a close second. Suzanne went on sucking us like this for a while, getting more and more excited as she allowed herself to let go. Soon she was making sucking and popping noises, and even cute little grunts. It was awesome.

Jon took the lead again. Pulling her upward he kissed her, and then lifting the babydoll nightie, began sucking her tits. I stepped behind Suzanne, my hands around her waist, my wet, rock-hard cock pressed into the soft valley between her beautiful ass cheeks. As she ground back against me, I kissed her neck. Jon alternated kissing and licking her nipples. She was going absolutely wild and began making the most amazing sounds, although softly, as if someone might hear what we were doing and stop us.

I pulled my hands downward, forcing them between her legs. Suzanne bent her knees slightly to give me greater access. My fingers soon found her trim, hairless pussy, which was totally slick with her own juices. I slowly and gently pushed my middle finger between her folds, parting her pretty little slit, gliding it silkily into her warm hole. I applied pressure until she bucked back against my hand, driving my finger deeper into her beautiful pink pussy with every move she made.

Eventually Suzanne lay back on the bed. Jon positioned himself between his wife's legs and began eating her out. She really seemed to get off on this. As she grabbed the back of his head with both hands, I climbed onto the bed and began kissing her neck and tits. Jon looked up and watched as I played with his wife's breasts, alternately sucking the hard little nipples on each side. In the meantime Suzanne was bucking and grinding against her husband's face, smearing it with her wetness.

As I watched Jon stood up. Kneeling between his wife's legs, he entered her. Suzanne whimpered into my ear as he bottomed out in her pussy. Then, lifting her knees up, I watched as she surrendered to just being fucked. The bed rolled back and forth with their movement, Jon's cock sliding in and out with every thrust. They must've locked eyes at one point, because he made a nodding motion toward me that Suzanne understood. She reached for my cock again, stroking it as she guided it toward her face. A moment later I was kneeling beside her head and she was once again sucking me hungrily into her mouth.

It was pretty unreal. Suzanne's body was small and tight, her belly taut and sexy as she was stretched between two lovers. Jon continued to fuck her with long, controlled strokes. I knelt with my hand on the back of her head, guiding her through the motions as she sucked me off. This went on for a few minutes before Jon stopped and reached behind him to a nearby night table.

"You fuck her now," he said, handing me a condom.

I wasted no time in tearing the package open. As I did Jon leaned forward, face to face with his wife, still buried balls-deep in Suzanne's juicy pussy.

"Do you want him to fuck you?" he asked her.

She didn't answer. Suzanne only groaned, head back, eyes closed. Placing a hand on the side of her face, he forced her to look at him.

"Should he fuck you?" he repeated. "Is that what you want?"

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