Sharing the Past Ch. 01


"That was incredible. I wish we hadn't waited so long to find out how good this is."

Jon agreed, but now wasn't the time to discuss how they had been feeling, it was a time to act on those feelings and make love.

"I don't know if I'll cope with anything more intense than that! What do you want to do now?"

Ross grinned and Jon could almost see the thoughts in the man's head. At least he wasn't going to have to wait long for more of Ross and he couldn't be happier about that.

"Your choice baby. I made you wait far too long for this, so whatever you want is yours. I'm yours."

Jon tried to make it a joke, but he did really wonder what Ross had done before.

"So I can have your arse if I want?"

"Absolutely," Ross replied, not even a moments hesitation. "Is that what you want? It's been a while so you'll have to take your time."

Jon was surprised, but he blushed asking for what he actually did want.

"I just wanted to know if that was an option, but no, I'd much rather be on the receiving end. It's been a while for me too though."

"I'll take good care of you baby, I promise."

A shudder went through Jon just at the thought of having Ross inside him, and he grabbed some lube from his bedside table and pressed it into his lover's hand, keen to get this started. Ross's eyes sparkled and he smiled at his lover, wanting this too but happy to take it slower, even though his dick was pretty much totally revived just as the thought of being with Jon in that way.

"We'll get to that babe. Roll over first, I want to taste you."

Jon blushed again, but he did as asked, knowing what was coming and already trembling in anticipation. The feel of hands on his cheeks, spreading and kneading them, made him moan and spread his legs to receive more attention. The first tiny flick of a tongue across his hole caused him to shudder and cry out, and then Ross was no longer teasing, he was licking and kissing, his tongue around and dipping inside, making Jon wriggle with delight and desperate for more. He'd missed having someone else touch him so much, but having the man doing it be Ross was his dearest wish come true.

He was trying to form the words and beg for more when he felt a lubed finger slide inside him. It felt so good but that wasn't enough either. Immediately he was pushing back against it, silently asking for more fingers to open him for what he really needed, moaning his delight when he felt his request granted. He was taking them easily, so turned on by being with the man he had loved for so long.

Ross teased and twisted his digits in the hot channel, exciting himself with the sight of what he was doing, the thought of what was to come, and the sounds and movements of Jon obviously loving every moment of it. He took plenty of time over it, not wanting their first coupling to be too uncomfortable for Jon, wanting it to be perfect in every way. It took Jon starting to beg, managing to form a few fairly indistinct words, to get him to stop and lube himself as he turned Jon over.

The sight that greeted him swelled both his heart and his cock. Jon was panting, eyes glazed, his cock hard and starting to leak and in every way that he could seeming to Ross to be desperate to be filled, the two joined in the most intimate they could be and the seal on their new relationship. Ross felt primal urges rising, the need to claim his lover and mark him inside and out.

Pushing back the frantic desires forming in his brain, Ross tried to keep things slow, sliding his cock into the tight heat and finding himself overwhelmed with the sensation of being inside Jon. This was it, the place he was supposed to be, and he knew that with every part of his being. With a long groan he found himself fully embedded in his love, opening his eyes to see Jon looking back at him which made him lean down to claim a kiss that soon became many kisses.

Jon's mind too was reeling, lost in the passion of the kisses and the feel of Ross inside him, occasionally twitching and making his body shudder. He wanted more though and had to move to get it, he needed to be fucked and claimed and as wonderful as the being filled was, it was nowhere near enough. Ross shot back from his lips to moan when he started to move as best he could, trying to fuck himself on the cock within him.

Ross's eyes gleamed for a second before he started to thrust, giving both of them what they were after. Jon cried out at the sensation, begging for more, desperate for harder and faster thrusts to bring him to completion of something he had dreamed about for so long. It was intense but still seemed to him that they were making love, no matter how hard their bodies slammed together.

Both of them wanted it to last but they couldn't slow it down or stop now they had finally got together. There would be other times, but this one was nearly over. The sounds of their pants and cries were loud in the room but neither cared, they couldn't control it. Jon felt the warmth spreading through his body, his muscles tensing, and knew he was going to come soon. Desperate to be aware of Ross within him when he too shot he clenched and released his muscles, trying to milk the cock of its seed.

Ross felt the movement of the sheath around him and it was too much for him to hold back. Every moment inside Jon felt precious but it was too good for him to stop from coming. He groaned long and loud, unable to form Jon's name as he slammed home one final time and shot into the warmth of his lover, feeling cum spreading between their bodies as well.

Immediately they shifted closer, entwining limbs and exchanging the softest of kisses as they recovered from the exertions of passion. Although sweaty and panting neither one of them wanted to move away from the heat of the other or the feeling of being in the arms of the one they loved. The first sounds they made were moans of disappointment when Ross softened too much and slid out of Jon's body, but it allowed Ross to roll them over and have Jon on top of him for a while, stroking across his back and down onto his firm cheeks where he had just been sliding into him.

Jon relished being laid on the comfiest and sexiest pillow he'd ever had, his arms still keeping hold of his lover. That had been better than he could ever have dreamed, and Ross loved him. How could today have been any more strange or wonderful than that? Shifting slightly he could feel the planes of muscle beneath him and the way he was held so tenderly by a man with such strength made him feel so warm and loved he nestled into Ross, letting his mind drift and falling to sleep.

They slept together like that for hours, waking only to make love again and clean up afterwards, spending the whole night wrapped in the others embrace since neither wanted to let go. It was the culmination of something they had both wanted but thought would never happen, and Jon particularly held onto Ross sure in case this was all a dream and he was going to wake up alone like he had done so often. Feeling that warm body against his each time he stirred made it all real and helped him believe.

When they did wake properly it was late morning, the two having woken too many times during the night to get up early. Jon smiled at his lover as Ross shook the sleep from his mind, his thoughts immediately filling with memories of the night before and how amazing that had been.

"Morning gorgeous," he said, smiling. "You look pretty with bedhead!"

Jon pulled a mock frown. "Don't start insulting me first thing in the morning. Besides which, you've looked better too. It's just a good thing I know why you look like you've been molested half the night!"

"Mmm. I want to do some more molesting right now," Ross purred.

"Breakfast first? I'm starving. Plus, I need to ring about that job. It's got to be better than getting attacked while out driving, if the guy even exists or will have heard of me."

"You should trust her. She was right about us, wasn't she. I know it's a bit bizarre babe, but I think everything will work out just fine."

* * * * * *

After breakfast Jon dialled the number he had been given, still thinking this was probably some sort of wind-up, but Ross there holding his hand for support helped no end. He smiled at Ross, hearing the phone ring and trying not to distract himself with thoughts of what the two of them could be doing right then. Being able to kiss and touch Ross whenever he wanted was wonderful, and he knew the other man loved it too, because just as many kisses and touches were initiated by him.

"Arcan Construction, Matt speaking," came a voice as the call was connected.

It shocked Jon into silence for a moment, and he gathered his thoughts, not making a very coherent response.

"Um, this is Jon Jones. You don't know me, but I was given your number to ask about a holiday job."

"Yes, I know about you. Can you start on Monday? Meet me in the foyer of our office in town at 8.30. I've got a meeting at 9, but it will give me long enough to get you settled in."

"Just like that?" Jon asked in disbelief.

He heard laughter on the other end of the phone.

"She wasn't sure you'd even call, but yes, just like that. See you Monday."

* * * * * *

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