tagNonHumanSharing the Past Ch. 03

Sharing the Past Ch. 03



* * * * * *

Ross was scared. Jon had gone very quiet and was just glancing back and forth between Ross and his mother, still in her leopard form in front of them. He hoped and prayed Jon could deal with this, that there relationship was strong enough, but he had no idea how anyone who knew nothing of the Weres would cope with the fact they existed and they had been dating one. He felt the need to get out of there, so Jon would stop staring at the big cat, and maybe he could talk him through this.

"Come for a walk with me Jon. I'll explain as best I can, and some air would do us both good."

Jon followed, still trying to work this all through in his mind and not finding any rational explanation. Stepping over the pile of clothes on the landing just reinforced the fact that the leopard had been Ross's mother, but it still made no sense. He was confused and scared, but as much as he felt that he still found being with Ross was a comfort and he didn't want to be parted.

He found it surprisingly easy to accept that no matter what he could not leave Ross. He loved him and needed him too much, even if he could grow fur and a tail. That he would have to see for himself before he could entirely believe it, but Ross seemed so sure and after what he had already seen he didn't really doubt it. There were so many questions though, he barely knew where to start.

The pair were silent for a long time as they left the house and wandered into the garden and a wooded area behind it, Jon following Ross through the trees as he worked out what to ask first.

"How does this happen? Why?"

Ross smiled at him. "I don't know why or how, to be honest. I was born this way, so were my parents, so was everyone else I've ever met who is Were."

"So there are a lot of you?"

"Quite a few, but I have no idea of numbers. We don't exactly advertise that we are out there. There are stories of course, particularly of werewolves, but it's generally assumed to be science fiction rather than reality. We aren't supposed to tell humans we exist."

Jon was scared of asking his next question, but he knew he had to.

"So what does this mean for us? Can you have a relationship with a human?"

Ross looked at him slightly sadly, taking his hand and holding it tight.

"So long as you can accept what I am, then yes. It doesn't matter what you are, no-one will mind. Plenty of Weres have mated with humans over the years, and in the past that meant being cut off from Were society, but not any more."

That word again. Jon had heard his mother say it earlier, and he needed to know what it meant to them.

"Mate?" he queried.

"Yes. For Weres, there is one person out there who is perfect for them in every way, someone they can't resist, can't be without, desire to the exclusion of all others. When we meet that person we know, and they are ours for life."

Jon was more scared then. Was he really all of that to Ross, or would he be leaving for the one when that person came along? Ross seemed to sense what he was thinking.

"I drugged my cat side Jon, I've never allowed it to have control and let me know, but my mother is sure you're my mate. To be honest, I don't doubt it, the way I feel about you and the way I react to you when we are together. It's almost as though the raw need takes me over in a way I've never felt with anyone else, that my cat side comes to the surface a little."

"That sounds so strange, like you have another personality inside you."

"It's not like that really. The animal side is more primitive and driven by basic instincts -- the need for food, or sex, but it's never without the higher reasoning of being human. I can choose how much or little control I have over the cat, and when I take the herbs like I have been, it's kind of like it's asleep inside me. I don't find myself desperate to change form and run in the woods, or taken over by desire in quite the same way."

"And now you're not taking those drugs...are you going to be different?"

"No baby. It's still me. There might be a few things, but I can control them, and if you want me to I can take the herbs again and it never be an issue."

"What things?" Jon asked.

"Well, with you, it's going to be mostly about sex," Ross replied with a dirty grin. He was still worried, but Jon seemed inquisitive rather than scared and the fact he was still speaking to him was a good sign. "I might be a bit more horny and maybe dominant. Weres like to mark their mates, both with scent and bites, so my cat will want to make sure you smell of me, and I'm more likely to bite you when we have sex. It's kind of a possessive thing, making sure other people know you are taken."

Jon couldn't help the shiver that ran down his spine at the things Ross said, and it certainly wasn't fear. This gorgeous man, cat, whatever the hell he was, wanted him so badly he needed the world to know it, and the idea of Ross being horny and dominant was far from a turn off. Jon needed to know what that would be like.

"Also," Ross continued, "I can purr, in both forms, and the moment you start turning me on it's going to happen. It will make it harder for you to forget what I am when we get intimate. Plus that's likely to be more often, if I get any sort of say in the matter."

"So basically, you're going to want me more, be possessive, take control, and mark me?"

"Probably. I can take the herbs again as soon as I show you. You don't have to be afraid of what I might be like."

Jon stared at his lover, or mate, and wondered if he was really giving that impression or Ross was just scared that was how he would think.

"I'm not afraid of you Ross. I'm your mate."

The relief Ross felt was evident on his face and he pulled Jon into his arms, surprisingly both of them by purring already. He hadn't even felt the antidote kick in yet, but perhaps it was just the beginnings of the drugs wearing off. Jon pulled back from him slightly, looking at him with slight confusion.

"You're turned on just from a hug?"

Ross smiled. "Every time I'm with you. It's how cats express their pleasure, and having you in my arms is one of the best feelings I know."

"I don't think I want you to take those drugs again. I like that you react like that to me. Plus, those other things you described, well, I don't think I'm going to have a problem with any of that."

Jon blushed slightly at his admission, but the fact that he started to hear that purr even louder told him Ross liked what he was saying and he felt the need to tease.

"I'm going to enjoy turning you on even more now I know I get that. It's such a sexy sound, I don't know why."

"It's probably a good thing you think like that, you're going to hear it a lot given what you do to me."

Jon laughed a little, wondering what having sex with the newly liberated Ross was going to be like and loving the idea, although he'd need to see the cat first, he wanted to know everything about his mate. He rather liked that word as well.

It was odd how his brain suddenly changed from thinking about sex to a memory, but it was as though with his new-found knowledge of this other world he was making connections in his mind and immediately aware of something he would never have thought of before now.

"Baby, cats can't growl, can they?"

Ross looked confused, but answered. "No Jon. Purr, yowl, hiss when we are pissed off, but growling we leave to the wolves."

"Those people, the day my truck got stopped. They were Werewolves," he said, suddenly very sure even though he still didn't get all of it or why those men had been in the truck in the first place.

"I didn't see them, but could be. That woman though, I'm pretty sure she was a panther. It's likely the rest of them were Weres."

The fact that Ross wasn't surprised annoyed Jon for a moment.

"You knew that? Why didn't you tell me?"

"How? You had the strangest experience, and then I turn around and suggest we met a Were-panther? You'd have thought I was insane, and to be honest, right then I was rather more focussed on trying to convince you to give us a shot."

"But if she's a panther, how come her brother is a wolf?"

"What are you talking about?"

Ross was far too confused by this line of conversation. It was good that Jon was accepting all of this as real and talking about it quite calmly, but he had no idea what this bit was about. Jon realised he'd got so distracted that first day, and pretty much any moment he'd spent with Ross since then, that he had never told him about the Arcans.

"I saw photos at work of the woman and the guy who pinned me to the side of my truck. He growled at me, so he's a wolf, and you say she's a panther, but they are brother and sister. They are Sam and Tilly Arcan. That's how she got me a job, it's her firm."

Ross looked far more shocked than Jon expected.

"You're working for Tilly Arcan? That's who we met?"

"Yes. Why are you freaking? You should be happy I'm chilling about this. You were the one who knew what she was."

"But not who she was. You're going to have to accept there are things I can't tell you, but I can say the Arcan family is pretty famous in our world. I just wish I'd known I met Tilly Arcan."

"I got pinned to a truck and threatened by a very pissed off Sam Arcan, the fact he's famous doesn't make me feel much better about it."

Ross started to laugh, although he knew he should be more serious. That was the first sign of the antidote working, but it wasn't the greatest moment for that to happen.

"Sorry baby, I'm not laughing at you. I know it doesn't make any sense, but they were doing good, I promise, and they didn't hurt you. They wouldn't."

Jon didn't look all that happy about it, or the way Ross was acting, but there was nothing Ross could do about it right then. He swayed slightly and nuzzled at Jon's arm as his grip tightened to stop him falling.

"We have to talk about this later, the herbs are kicking in and for a few minutes I'm going to seem drunk. I could do with a sit down," he struggled to say through his giggles.

Ross flopped down onto the ground, surrounded by leaves that he felt the urge to play with. He threw a few into the air and watched them fall again, only then realising that Jon was still standing, and staring at him. Even though his head was spinning, a look at his mate stopped thoughts of pretty much anything but Jon, his cat starting to wake up was becoming very interested in the man in front of them and wanted him close.

"Come sit down here," Ross said, patting the ground in front of him and spreading his legs to make it clear where he wanted him.

He started to purr when Jon obeyed immediately and sat, his back to Ross's front. Ross scooted forward so he could press against the body of the man he loved and wrap his arms around him. He was starting to be overwhelmed by the scent and the feel of Jon and nuzzled at his neck, causing a delightful shiver that only increased the urgency his cat side was feeling.

Ross tried to damp it down for a moment, aware of where this was heading and wondering if it was because he had kept his cat under control for so long, or it was just a mate thing. Either way, this was going to get hot and heavy very quickly and he was hard as a rock inside his jeans already. He struggled to control his urges for long enough to explain, and started to talk softly into Jon's ear.

"I'm sorry baby, but I want you so badly right now I'm about to go primal on you. I won't hurt you, I promise, but I'm not sure how much control I'm going to have, you're driving my cat wild. You smell so good, feel so good, taste so good," he finished with a swipe of his tongue over Jon's neck.

Jon gasped at the strange raspy feel of the lick and although he too was turned on he was a little afraid, and he really didn't like the idea of them being out in the open for any of this. That Ross was already running his hands over his body and down to the bulge in his jeans wasn't helping him fight it though. He'd wanted to know what it would be like and this was obviously his opportunity.

"What do I do? You're not going to actually be changed, are you?" he asked nervously.

"Little bits of me, but you'll have to wait to see the cat," Ross murmured, his voice half purr. "I recommend you get naked, now, before I grow claws and rip these clothes off you."

Jon went to move away a little so he could take everything off, but Ross didn't release him from the tight hug.

"You're going to have to manage," he purred. "I can't let you go."

It was difficult to take things off while held in an embrace like that, even without the fact that the purring he could hear and the idea of what was going to happen was making Jon shake with desire, and Ross was licking at his neck again and he felt sharp teeth grazing his skin. He looked down to Ross's hands and saw he hadn't been kidding about the claws, his hands had shortened slightly and his fingers were stubbier and very definitely ending in claws rather than nails.

Jon was dimly aware this should be freaking him out, not turning him on, but all logic had left him by this point. Ross was helping lift his shirt with those paw/hands of his and that came off easily. Jon struggled to undo his jeans given how hard he was, and then had to wriggle to get them down when he wasn't able to get away from his mate. His movements brought him into contact with the hard package Ross was going to give him any moment, and he moaned.

Ross started to strip too, not that he could get any more than his shirt off in that position, but he needed skin on skin badly, to make sure Jon was covered in his scent. He wasn't bothered about walking back to the house naked if necessary, so he used his claws to shred his shirt and get it off that way. He would have loved to do that to Jon but it would have to be another time as he thought Jon would find it embarrassing to meet his mother again without a stitch on.

Jon didn't know what was going to happen now, but all the things Ross had said, he wasn't afraid of it, he was just curious and excited, his body desperate for more touches. Once he was completely stripped he settled back against Ross, laying his head back on his shoulder. He had no idea that it was a submissive posture, baring his neck like that, but a kind of yowl came from Ross at the sight of his mate's naked body spread out against and in front of him, available and offered to him for whatever he wanted.

He was still fighting his cat for some control of this coupling, wanting to be sure Jon would enjoy it as much as he knew he would, but the fact his mate was passive and waiting, apparently unafraid and obviously erect and needing him too, made him relax. He could smell Jon's scent and his arousal even stronger now that his enhanced senses were taking over, and he could wait no longer.

He moved and lay Jon back in the leaves, taking a moment to appreciate the beauty while he removed the last of his clothes and his erection sprang free. Jon's eyes were glued to him and although they took in the hard cock, it was mostly on his face. Ross didn't know it for sure, but his eyes had changed, the blue brighter, pupils smaller and his gaze was blazing with lust, making Jon squirm with the intensity of it. Even the sight of the sharp teeth Ross now sported was making Jon harder, he knew they wouldn't be used to hurt him.

Ross settled down beside his mate with a loud purr, entwining their legs and pulling Jon into a passionate kiss that he gladly returned. It was kind of odd though, the mouth and tongue felt different and there were very definitely teeth that Ross didn't normally have, but he didn't care, he needed this man/cat so badly. He shifted his position, spreading his legs in an open invitation, but it took a surprisingly long time for Ross to do anything other than explore his mouth. Jon sighed happily when the kiss broke, purely because the licks and kisses he then got were working their way down his body to his aching rod.

Jon tasted so good, Ross was still finding his head was reeling with the sensations. He knew some of his cat had come to the fore during their couplings before, but now it was unconstrained he felt the raw need so much more intensely. Thankfully his cat was just as keen to learn Jon's taste and explore his body as he was, but he was moving south far more quickly than usual, needing to taste the more intimate flavours.

His tongue far longer and more flexible than in his entirely human form, he licked and played with Jon's cock and balls to cries of pleasure. The taste of precum was addictive and he wanted more, but he also needed a release for his own cock and to be buried inside his mate and that desire was winning out. He stopped licking to a moan of disappointment and started to turn Jon over.

"Hands and knees baby," he whispered, pleased that Jon immediately did as was asked. He knew that his mate was seriously aroused by their play so far, and he also knew that he was about to get the rimming of his life. Ross licked his lips at the thought, waiting for Jon to settle in position and purring appreciatively at the view of Jon waiting for him, legs already spread, panting and ready to be mounted. That would come soon, but first...

Jon actually screamed as he felt the rough tongue that had started teasing around his hole slide inside him and head straight for the spot that caused lights to flash behind his eyes and his locked elbows almost to collapse. The pleasure was beyond anything he'd ever experienced, and a few more taps to his prostate had him spilling his load onto the dry leaves on the ground beneath him.

Ross, or rather his cat side as that had definitely won the argument about how they were going to ravish their mate, took that as his cue to slide inside Jon. He was tight and there was a groan, but it didn't sound like pain. Ross had done his best to lubricate and open his mate under the circumstances and having just come he was as relaxed as he could be.

He was intending to wait a moment even though his cat wanted to take its mate hard and fast, but Jon pushed back towards him and then pulled away slightly, starting a fucking motion that shattered the last of his control and he thrust forward, hearing a gasp as the force pushed the breath out of Jon. The raw need of the cat took over entirely then and he fucked hard and fast, noting that Jon was still meeting him in his thrusts, but holding tight to his hips anyway in case he tried to escape.

It was too intense to last very long, but he tried to hold out, the feelings washing over him were too good to let go, but he also wanted to mark his mate. He lay over Jon's body to get more of his scent on him, knowing his skin was sweating and it would be more intense. Like that he could hear Jon's soft moans as he thrust and that nearly tipped him over the edge by itself.

"Bite me," Jon moaned softly. "Mark me as yours."

Ross yowled and did as asked, covering the mark he had only made a few days before that had faded to almost nothing with a fresh one showing his far sharper teeth. This time he did draw a tiny bit of blood and he licked his lips at that other taste of his mate. The cry Jon made at the bite was him coming, scattering his seed over the leaves again, and when his channel started to tighten around Ross he came too, pushing his release as far into his mate as he could.

* * * * * *

Jon was wondering what had just happened, he was floating on a cloud somewhere for quite a while before he started to recover and come back down to earth. If that was a taste of what Ross could be like, he was never taking those herbs again, even if Jon didn't survive it. What a way to go! He became aware that he had collapsed and was now somehow lying on his back.

He was exhausted and sore but in the best possible ways, and there was a heavy weight panting on his chest. He knew it was Ross and although he couldn't open his eyes right then he reached a shaky arm up to stroke his mate, running his hand over the soft...fur? His eyes shot open and he confirmed what he had just felt, it was fur, a pale amber, almost white in places with dark spots, beautiful, and the blue eyes in the cats face staring down at him looking happy as it started to purr.

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