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Sharing the Same Husband


"Paula," I called, not quite shouting.

She turned towards the sound of my voice, a smile blossoming as she saw me sitting on the bench in the courtyard of the Inn. She began walking in my direction.

"Paula you looked even younger than ever," I said, wondering briefly if I was laying it on too thickly for an encounter with my ex-wife. However, it was true. Paula certainly had never dressed like this when we were married, either.

She was wearing a halter top, which was barely two triangles of sheer knit fabric tented out by her perpetually stiff nipples, and a thong. At this exclusive adult only resort, she was not the only woman dressed that way, but likely the oldest by a good twenty years or so. The absence of visible tan lines suggested she either had been here a while, sunning on the nude or topless designated beaches, or had laid under lamps with nudity in mind.

I was a bit surprised that I felt a flush of jealousy. We had been divorced for six years, ever since we learned that I could not have kids. We had fought so bitterly over whether to try artificial insemination that all of the trust and love had melted away. Paula had one daughter from her earlier marriage, and the prospect of a son had seemed important to both of us. A quick divorce was supposed to free her up to remarry and try again. We had parted without bitterness, just sadness.

She seemed pleased to see me. She came over to me and shocked me by bending over to kiss me lightly on the lips before saying, "Well you are just about the last person I expected to encounter here."


"This Club seems more the type of place for a man who gets his jollies off and hopes that the woman passes out so that he can leave before she wakes up."

I admired how her breasts filled the halter top to overflowing. I was surprised again to find that my cock was swelling from the sight of her tits. I realized that my condition was likely apparent, even though I was wearing surfer shorts. If I had any sense, I would just have answered her question and kept up the casual conversation. Except when it came to Paula, I never had been sensible. "Nice tits," I said. "They look new. Got a rich sugar daddy to pay for them?"

"No. I never did find Mr. Right. So after a few Mr. Wrongs, I concentrated on being the best person I could be, or become. I read a lot about how bigger breasts helped self-esteem, so I saved up my own pennies and treated myself. They aren't even new, only new to you. I've had them about a year now."

She chuckled, making them quiver like jello inches in front of my eyes.

"Though it is their maiden voyage on vacation," she added.

"Are you here alone?" I asked.

"Why are you asking? Are you?" she replied, batting the question back.

"I asked first," remembering a rule from our married days.

"No, I'm not alone. I'm here with Bernice." Her daughter. I didn't know whether I was relieved that she wasn't here with a man, or disappointed. Bernice had never liked me, so if there was any chance of 'old times sake' sex, that might interfere. I smiled, remembering that the sex had always been great, even in the last days when we were packing to split up.

"What about you. I lost track after you moved away. Did you remarry? Is your wife here? Or someone else?"

"Yes I remarried. My wife is around here somewhere, but I lost track of her."

Paula laughed even louder. As I appreciated how that jiggled her chest, she said, "So that means you are being a naughty boy, sitting here looking for someone else, to pass the time."

I had often suggested swinging or swapping to Paula while we had been married, even proposing that as a way to get her pregnant, but she had been too conservative. She correctly assumed that I had not changed my stripes, and was still always at least thinking about a little on the side.

"This wife is a lot like you were, Paula. I am allowed to look but not touch. And right now, I sure am enjoying the view of you."

She blushed. "I hope that didn't make you uncomfortable," I said, enjoying how the red travelled into the cavern of her surgically enhanced chest.

"Don't fret. Everything they said about confidence after the surgery was right on." she laughed. "Not only do I feel comfortable, but I appreciate the compliment. With all of these twenty year old hard bodies strutting their stuff, it makes an old lady feel great."

"They have nothing that's better than what you have, Paula."

Again, she laughed hard enough to wake the dead. "I can tell by the tent in your shorts that you sincerely mean what you say. Too bad your wife is so much like how I used to be."


"After six years of being single, I have discovered the joy of fucking for fucking's sake. I am not the prude you used to be married to."

I stammered in response, trying to suggest that my wife was likely on an all day excursion, though, honestly, I had slept off a hang over, she had left early in the morning, and I really had no clue where she was. But the words would not come out. After all these years of fidelity, maybe I was all talk and no action.

Instantly, I resolved to figure out before the end of the weekend that simple truth about myself. I would confront temptation, and if I did not embrace it, I would know that I was totally pussy whipped.

Paula laughed at my discomfort. "Too slow," she said, twirling away and walking past me towards the bar.

I stood up and strolled towards the cabana I was sharing with my wife. As I approached, I was surprised to hear noises from within. She had apparently already arrived back. I congratulated myself on not inviting Paula to visit right away. Perhaps I was instinctively wary, not chicken. I smiled at that concept.

My satisfaction was short lived though. The window of the cabana was open and from inside I heard the unmistakable sounds of passion. Rather than going through the door, I decided to pause outside. Slowly, I peeped up over the window sill.

I was relieved to see that my wife was alone. She was lying naked on the bed, her skin shiny with sweat. I watched as her hand grazed down her golden tanned belly, following the soft curve of her abdomen across and through her neatly trimmed blonde pubic hair. I was spell bound. Paula had described her former self as 'prudish', but if anything, my second wife, Kim, was more uptight. I had never seen her masturbate. She claimed she never did. Except now I watched her fingers reaching down and pulling her swollen labia apart, making room for her thumb to tickle her engorged clit. From the easy motions, I was certain this was not the first time she had done this.

As I drank in every inch of her succulent body, a wicked grin crossed her face. She slowly worked two fingers inside the recesses of her pussy. I knew from our foreplay how much she loved fingerfucking. Before long, she was thrusting her fist like a cock, opening her gash wide, her hand rubbing against her tender flesh as she started rotating her wrist, driving her rigid fingers deep inside herself. She began groaning; apparently lost in the moment, consumed by whatever fantasies were playing out in her mind.

I stood silently, my already enlarged cock screaming up at me, wanting relief. First Paula and now Kim. I was excited beyond measure. The tiny part of my brain still working rationally wondered how Kim dared to do this when she did not know when I would return. It dawned on me that perhaps she wanted me to walk in on her. I figured that if that was her plan, I ought to oblige.

No sooner had I started around towards the door when I saw another person approach our cabana from the other direction. I stopped, looking around the corner. The day of surprises continued. Paula was the last person I expected to see joining Kim, and yet, there she was, still in the bikini, carrying a large straw purse or tote bag.

I retreated, listening again, though ducked too low to see much.

"I guess it didn't work?" Kim said.

"He got really excited, but he's still as much of a wimp now as when I was married to him. Just too chicken to go for the gusto."

"Leave it to you, you said. Now what?"

"You might think that even if he didn't know that you were curious about a guy and two gals threesome, he might have tried for me and Bernice."

"I think from all he's told me about Bernice that he would figure that she would just ruin his shot at you."

"Bernice was just sixteen when we split. Most men might guess that a woman changes a lot between then and twenty-two. Not that I know how she would react if he made a pass. I bet she would still turn him down."

"Even if you were not around?"

"I think maybe she'd be more likely to play with me around for support. I saw how Bernice was looking at my body this morning, and know she listened to me masturbate last night when she was pretending to be asleep. I think my little girl would be happy to have her Mom guide her through an older man experience."

Kim laughed the same sluttish growl which Paula had used with me. "Life is a voyage aboard many ships, and Bernice may crew a few before she's done."

As Kim spoke, I gather my courage to peer over the sill again. Paula was standing close to Kim.

"I am sorry I interrupted with bad news." Paula said.

"It felt so good that I know it wouldn't have taken long for me to cum. I am so glad that after Stan fell asleep, I came down to the bar. It was such a coincidence meeting you, and realizing only after we decided to be friends that we shared the same husband."

"And that we both were prudes with him, but that I had a head start breaking out of my shell."

This caused Kim to laugh girlishly. "I must have been really drunk, to let you talk me into sneaking over to your room early today for a masturbation lesson after Bernice left to go sailing."

"We both know that Stan sleeps late when he has a hang over."

"I bet he wondered where I was."

"Just enough not to want to bring me back here."

"What if he had wanted to go back to your room, and I was still there?"

"We could have realized that fmf fantasy of yours. Though why you wouldn't start by trying a little girl on girl puzzles me."

Kim gasped. "Maybe because you never asked. I did love how you squeezed my butt. I almost came right then. I didn't think that you would have wanted to – with me," she said. "I'm just a – married woman – a Mom, on an escape from my kids with their wicked stepfather."

Kim's voice trailed off as she said that last part. After a pause, she continued. "Have you done it with women before?"

"Many times, before Stan and after, never while we were married though. I tell you, for those years, I missed the gentle touch of a lover who knew just how to break down my resistance by bringing one hand up behind me to stroke my ass, pulling the cheeks open playing along my crack while her other hand stroked my belly down to my pussy, both of us getting wet, then teasing my asshole, brushing against the opening, stopping just before pushing her finger inside."

Suddenly Paula stopped talking. Kim was quivering with apprehension and excitement. She fell back onto the bed as if uncertain what she really wanted to do, but clearly overcome with the intensity of the images Paula was painting. "You are so sexy," Kim told Paula.

Then Kim spread her legs wide open and again began caressing her own clit, but this time showing off to Paula, even though it was something she had never offered to do for me. Paula stepped close to the bed, standing between Kim's open knees. "Let me taste you."

Without the courtesy of a kiss first, Paula gently pushed Kim back onto the bed and fell beside her. Kim reached out, not speaking, and caressed the curve of Paula's naked ass, as Paula slid a finger down Kim's tummy, slowly rubbing in circles, going ever lower until her fingers reached Kim's wetness. Kim murmured with surprised pleasure as Paula's fingers explored her. Kim leaned over to kiss Paula, offering her tongue as she moved back against Paula's fingers.

"Don't stop. I need to come so badly," Kim begged.

They continued this caress for several minutes until Paula pulled her fingers out and offered Kim a taste of her own her juices. As she sucked Paula's fingers with the same joy she usually brought to sucking my cock, Kim grabbed Paula's ass with both hands, squeezing the tight toned flesh between her fingers.

Kim pushed the halter open, freeing Paula's breasts. Kim slid across Paula's body, boldly rubbing her slit across Paula's erect nipples.

"Do you want my body?" Kim asked, in a teasing girlish voice.

Paula rolled away, causing Kim to pout out loud. I ducked briefly, standing again just in time to see that Paula had produced a realistic looking vibrator out of her tote. Kim gasped as Paula, without waiting for discussion, rammed the toy deep inside Kim's pussy.

Paula grabbed Kim's hair and buried my wife's face in her cleavage.

"That's it, fuck, yes, don't stop," Paula cried.

She kept inexorably thrusting the vibrator inside of Kim. Waves of energy seemed to flow from one woman to the other.

"Fuck yes, I'm going to come," Kim shouted, thrashing wildly, her hips jumping up off the bed as Paula worked the fake cock steadily, and began kissing Kim's nipples.

I watched, slowly realizing that they might enjoy it if I joined in. I hurried around the building and quietly opened the door. They were so into their activity that at first they did not notice me. Kim was squatting on the bed, not moving, as Paula worked the vibrator deep inside her. Kim slid her fingers into Paula, extracting a coating of moisture. She rubbed her wet fingers over Paula's nipples, tensing as the toy drove deeper into her and sent electric shocks up her spine. She looked like she was struggling to stay calm.

"Don't you two look sexy," I said.

Kim was startled, and lifted herself up, tightening her abs as if trying to push the vibrator out of her pussy. Paula calmed Kim by smiling, cooing gently and stroking Kim's hair. Then Paula twisted to grin up at me.

"You have a beautiful wife again, Stan. I hope you don't mind sharing her with me."

"Well, we are almost still family." I answered. "Though I am not sure which of you is the more attractive."

Paula laughed. "I don't think it matters anyway. Speaking of family, wait until you see Bernice. She's grown into such a gorgeous creature that she puts both Kim and I to shame."

I realized that my hand, with a mind of its own, had dropped to my crotch. I gave my aroused cock a good squeeze. All of my uncertainty was melting away.

Paula giggled and pointed out my condition to Kim. "I think Stan ought to wait until we get you at least one more good climax, don't you?" she asked, sealing Kim's agreement with a passionate kiss.

Kim looked me in the eye as Paula suckled Kim's teats. "Do you like watching my reactions to my lover, as I adjust to her attentions, sharing her fantasies? Do you like how her hand cups my boob loosely as she fucks me with the toy?"

Kim then gasped for a deep breath as the vibrator sunk deeper into her, pushing deeper than my cock possible could, likely deeper than any cock had ever gone. My cock was as stiff as a railroad spike. I wet my lips before I spoke.

"I heard you talking earlier," I said, my voice quivering with excitement.

Paula's head was buried in Kim's chest and at first I thought Kim was too busy coming to speak.

"What – what did you think about what you heard?" Her voice was shallow as she panted.

"It made me want to fuck you from behind," I admitted.

"Wow," Kim gasped, "I would love to feel your cock deep inside my ass while Paula licks on my tits."

Now it was my turn to be shocked again. Kim never liked anal sex. This vacation really was making walls tumble down. I jumped onto the bed behind my wife as my ex-wife licked down her body and started tonguing her clit, just above where the giant vibrator was humming in Kim's cunt.

Kim groaned as my rock hard cock pressed against the sensitive ring around the opening of her ass. Paula's fingers had not prepared her for this. "Don't tense up," Paula advised. "Take it slowly," she said, looking at me.

Paula slid up, stopping her pussy lapping for the moment. "It will only hurt if you brace for it. If you relax, you'll just feel a little discomfort."

Before Kim could have second thoughts, Paula reached back and grabbed my shaft, shoving my fat throbbing meat gently but firmly into Kim's ass. I pulled back part way and then pumped deeper once or twice more to ease the shock, but Kim still shouted as I sank my tool deep insider her. I could feel the seed surging up, wanting to flood out of my balls as my precum lubricated my passage. Paula resumed licking Kim's clit, pressing down with her tongue so I felt the flickering motion in counterpoint rhythm with the vibrator.

Kim's muscles twitched in response to my cock throbbing deep inside of her, as if milking my cock with her ass. Her cries grew louder and she started tugging at Paula's hair, screaming, "Oh, Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd, I've never.......commmmmme...so...haaaaaaaaaaaard."

This caused her to slam her ass back against my body. The force almost tipped me over the edge, but I resisted, delaying the thrill of pumping my load into my wife's ass for the first time. I held Kim as we both rode the waves of her orgasm. My hands slid naturally up and cupped her breasts, her erect nipples trapped in my fingertips. Soon, Paula's lips were lapping at those points, licking in between my fingers, pushing Kim into a fresh climax.

Kim kept humping back against me as Paula switched the tempo from her fierce orgasm inducing attack to a gentler soothing laving of Kim's chest, working up to softly kiss Kim's neck and shoulder, nuzzling their heads together.

They ended up lips licking in a deep kiss, which was no longer the hungry passion of foreplay, more the lingering exploration which initiates a long relationship. As their tongues explored, Kim's hips slowed, gradually barely beating back against my meat. My cock was still deep inside her ass, and was still hard. It seemed wrong though to interrupt the two women sharing their emotions. However, being a guy, I did the wrong thing.

Since Kim's tits were still cupped in my hands, I gave them a playful squeeze. Well, actually, more like a rough kneading than a tease. Kim screamed; her dreamy enjoyment of Sapphic bliss interrupted by the reminder that she still had a stiff cock up her ass.

Fortunately, my lucky day allotment was not yet exhausted. Before Kim could wheel around, ripping my swollen member and slap me, Paula laughed and said, "Poor Stan, still like a little boy after all these years, anxious for his orgasm."

This calmed Kim, who still said, "You should be next, Paula, Stan has had both of us before. He can wait his turn."

"Do you want his sperm bursting into your bowel?" Paula asked.

"Not really. I'd rather he slid out and just watched us for a bit."

I took the hint and eased my hardness out of Kim gradually, as she slid into Paula's embrace. They cuddled together briefly, as if rebuilding their energy for more passion. I lay back, slowly stroking my shaft, fingers alternately teasing the tender underside of the helmet and then going down to tickle my balls.

Kim's hands began exploring Paula's back, trilling up and down her spine like a clarinet player. Paula giggled at first, but this quickly became moaning. Paula rolled over onto her back and cupped her own breast in her hands shoving them up towards Kim. "I think I need a little time on the topless beach to get rid of these triangle lines."

"Better to target the tasty bits," Kim laughed, lowering her lips to Paula's erect left nipple.

I watched Kim's hair swing as she alternated between Paula's breasts, sucking on each in turn. As she worked, I admired the curves of each woman, unique and yet similar. Paula full figured and top-heavy, Kim lithe and petite. Just what a guy might ask for at the Wife Store if he wanted a contrasting pair.

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