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I've been married over fifteen years to my wife Gay, love her very much, and have a good sex life with her. But even before we were married, I was a typical boyfriend and would become very jealous when she paid attention to other guys or they hit on her in my presence--and Gay was quite the flirt so this happened frequently. I even hated the idea of her having a sex life before me and never wanted to talk about that part of her history.

I met Gay in high school and we ran in the same crowd although we didn't date. I guess I always had a thing for her and would keep my eye on her at school events and parties. Several times I watched her slip away into a bedroom with her boyfriend of the time Tom--who incidentally was a pretty good friend of mine--and not emerge for an hour or so. I knew what was going on in there--there was a lot of talk in our school that Gay was very sexual (Tom was just one of many guys she had dated in high school) and when I ask him, he would tell me what a great fuck she was and how her BJ's were "to die for". These stories always made me both angry and jealous--even though we were not in a relationship at the time.

Once I followed them in my car to a lovers' lane where kids from our school parked. I watched from a distance as they got into the backseat and then crept up to the car to watch and listen as they made love. I could see and hear them through the open rear window and both enjoyed and hated the sight of their entwined, naked bodies as she first sucked him off and then took his cock in her pussy. She was very excited, maybe even insatiable, and he pounded her for ten minutes or so--both were moaning loudly with pleasure--before he erupted in her cunt and collapsed in exhaustion. When they finally drove off, I noticed no condoms had been discarded and this confirmed my understanding that she was on the pill and always insisted her lovers ejaculate in her unprotected pussy.

I started dating Gay in our Freshman year of college. While I was not a virgin, my sexual experience was somewhat limited--certainly when compared to Gay's--and she taught me much of what I know about pleasing a woman and how to get her off. She was very interested in sex and, while I was monogamous, I suspected several times that she had gone outside our relationship. While these suspicions made me angry and extremely jealous, I never confronted her as I didn't want to risk losing her.

We married just after our graduation and moved to Chicago, half way across the country. I expected to settle into a comfortable married life with lots of monogamous sex and was delighted that Gay continued to suggest we "push the envelope" sexually. She remained aggressive and very open sexually and over time introduced me to many new ideas and activities to keep our sex life hot.

About ten years into our marriage, she started telling me stories of her past sex life pre-me. I was very surprised to see how much I liked and looked forward to these stories during our love-making--they never failed to give me a raging hard on and a great orgasm--in spite of, or even perhaps because of, my feelings of jealousy.

About two years ago, she started talking about having sex with other people as a way to keep things fresh and hot. I was concerned and we carefully considered the plusses and minuses, and finally decided our marriage was strong enough to withstand the potential jealousy. Also, we decided we could separate "sex" from "love-making"--sex was for our time with others, love-making was just for us.

Our first outing came when Pete, a college friend of mine came to visit for the weekend. Gay found him "hot" and decided he was the one with whom to start. I knew he would be interested as he'd told me before how attractive he thought my wife was, and she broached the subject with him over cocktails. As I had expected, he was definitely interested and immediately sat down with Gay and started kissing and fondling her.

Things progressed pretty quickly and soon we were all naked in a free-for-all in the living room. I watched her suck him without much jealousy and then slid in from behind to do her doggy-style--I actually was very excited by what I saw. Then when he quickly entered her after I had shot my load, I felt only a minor and temporary pang of jealousy. Quickly I saw how my wife and he were enjoying each other and my happiness for them took over my emotions. As I knew Pete well, I did not insist that he wear a condom and he added his semen to mine in her pussy in short order.

Afterwards we collapsed in a heap on the carpet and Pete remarked how slippery and sexy her cunt had felt when it was full of my seed. We rested until my wife was ready for more. I soon found her pussy in my face and surprised myself when I started licking her pussy and eating our combined love juices--my first creampie! What a turn on that was!

I was quickly hard again and Pete and I fucked my wife until we were all too sore to continue. Since then, we have brought him into our bed several other times, have had two other MFM's, and have swung with some close friends. We always play together and with people we know and trust so we can be sure they will be discreet and can avoid the "condom question" as she still loves the feeling of many men cumming inside her pussy.

Each time we bring another person or couple to our bed I now feel happy and experience little remorse or jealousy. Why? Well I think it's because I enjoy seeing other men aroused and enjoying my wife and seeing her get sexual pleasure that I alone could not give her. Also, we are secure in our relationship together and I don't get jealous if the other man has a larger penis, fucks her harder or lasts longer.

I'd love to hear reactions to this story and how others feel who have experienced spouse sharing--please, serious input only to the email address in my profile.

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