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Sharing The Wife While On Vacation


Two years ago my wife and I went to Sandals Royal Bahamian. One afternoon we got tipsy by the pool. When we were getting dressed for dinner I convinced my buzzed wife not to wear her panties under her little sun dress. After dinner and some bar hopping my wife was drunk.

It was about 11:00 p.m. When we were heading back to our villa. My wife was staggering so much that I sat her on a park bench along the path. About this time along comes a nice English man who was staying at the resort. He was laughing at my predicament. We talked for a bit, as we chatted I noticed him eyeing my wives legs as her skirt had hiked up quite a but. He joked that if there ever was a night that I wanted to have my way with her...tonight would be the night.

Even my drunken wife laughed about that. The English man said that he was heading to the towel hut to get towels for the morning swim and to beat the early morning rush. He wished me luck and my wife a speedy recovery. I told him that we may be here when you come back...heck I may even let her sleep out here. As the English man headed around the corner I hatched a plan. I took my one of my wife's legs and placed them up on the bench and raised her skirt so that her shaved pussy was totally visible. My wife drunkenly asked what I was doing, I told her to wait and see. Five minutes later along comes our English vacationer with a handful of towels.

He stopped and started talking to me, suddenly he stammered "My god your wife does not have any knickers." I tried to play it cool and asked "what do you think of the shave job"

He replied "bloody marvelous." My wife who I thought had passed out lifted her head and ask if he liked what he saw and then to get the point across, she spread her legs apart further. The English man looked around quickly for signs of any other traffic on the foot path and asked me if he could touch my wife. I smiled and nodded yes. He reached down and touched my wife's pussy and commented on how wet she was. I reached down to feel and my wife was the wettest I have ever felt her.

The English man was afraid that his wife would come looking for him so we took my wife off the beaten path and she proceeded to get on her knees and start giving our friend a blowjob. The English man said that he was close to cumming and wanted to know if her could fuck her. I told me yes and informed her that she likes it hard. He put my wife on all fours and lifted the back of her sundress . I could visibly see how wet my wife was just before he stuck his cock into her. He started fucking her hard and telling her what a hot little slut she was.

All my wife could do is whimper fuck me harder as she slammed her ass back at him. I told my wife to squeeze her pussy around him, when she did that he let out a grunt rammed him dick into her as far as it would go. My wife started moaning "oh yea give me that cum" and I knew our English friend was filling up my wife. Our friend thanked us and said that he had better get back to his wife and he assured us discretion and I assured him the same.

I got my wife as presentable as possible and took her back to the villa. The next day she was very hung over. I asked her if she remembered the previous night and she "said" she did not. I saw our English friend and his wife around the resort several times but we just smiled at each other and waived. He kept his word and was discreet.


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