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Sharing Time


There was obviously sexual tension between Dwayne and I. I met him at work. We talked a lot and when others were around we caught glances from one another that said, "why don't they just go away."

We had a lot of free time because we were in timeshare sales. Most of the day we sat around waiting for a "Tour" to come through. There were thirty sales reps and only three tours a day. Each tour had only five to fifteen potential customers. So if you weren't in the rotation, then you sat and waited for your turn to pitch to the customers.

Dwayne is an extremely sexy bronzed beauty. His dark skin is clear of any blemishes. As you already know, I love men with baldheads and Dwayne shaves his. I just wanted to have him between my legs and licking my juicy pussy while my hands played on top of his head.

Often I thought of coaxing him into the private elevator that ran only between the lobby and the second floor. I wanted to turn it off between the first and second floor and let him have his way with me.

One afternoon I took my camera to work to take some pictures of the city from the top of the resort where we worked. In the morning, Dwayne and I were sitting outside and I took a couple of pictures of him. Sort of a memento just in case I never saw him again. I knew I wouldn’t be working there long.

He and I had talked about my lifestyle and he loved my breasts. I teased him every chance I got and I occasionally would let him read a few pages of a story I was working on. He would usually laugh after he read it so that others sitting around wouldn't know that he had just been reading erotica that got him turned on.

I believe we both secretly wished that everyone would just stay inside so we could play our little sex games in our minds if nowhere else. I was out for a few days because of car problems. When I returned to work he was very happy that I had returned and wanted to know why I had not been there.

After I explained what had happened, he wanted to know if I had plans after work and if I would join him and a few others for drinks afterwards. I told him I would like to do so. However, by the time I finished pitching to my last customers, it was seven o'clock in the evening and everyone had gone.

I was disappointed, but I grabbed my stuff and drove home alone. I spent the evening, thinking about Dwayne and how that night would have been had we been able to hook up. I ended up masturbating to orgasm and then falling to sleep.

I never mentioned Dwayne to James. I just wasn't ready to do so and I didn't want him whining and begging me to do something about him.

Dwayne and I had exchanged email addresses so that I could send him a story. So we had been in touch with one another at home. About a week after the invitation to go have drinks, I lost my job. I was upset because Dwayne had taken an off site assignment and I had no way of letting him know I was gone and he didn't have anything but an email address to contact me.

Since I felt I would never see him again, I decided to tell James about this beautiful bronzed man I had met and how he turned me on. I showed him the picture I had taken and he said, "No wonder you want him. I want to see you with him too! I know he'll be a great Bull!"

I smiled and agreed then told him, "I don't know if I'll ever see him again, though and I don't know if I can get hold of him."

"Didn't you say you had his email address?" he asked.

"Yeah, but I don't want to chase him," I told James.

After dinner I went to check my emails and I called to James. "Come here, quick!" I cried.

He came running into the bedroom where we kept the computer and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Look at this," I said, as I opened the email one more time.

Hello stranger,

I guess it was a little too much for you at work. I hope you find the time to keep in touch. I was really looking forward to hooking up with you to do some very naughty things.

until then bye,


When James finished reading it he looked up at me with a large grin on his face. My eyes just couldn't avoid glancing down between his legs and his little cocklett was pushing against his boxers.

"Write him back now!" he pleaded.

So I did.


Just because I no longer work there doesn't mean we can't hook up to play. Without a car it was difficult to get there and since I didn't make that last sell, they terminated me. Would you do me a favor, though? I left my books in the lounge under the table by the refrigerator. Would you please give them to Bernie for me so that I will get the commission that is due me? My cell number is 896-407-9402. Give me a call about getting together. I think that would be enjoyable.

Once I hit the send key I became excited once again. My pussy filled with juices and I went to the bed, spread my legs and said, "Come lick me, I'm so excited that he wrote and that he misses me."

James crawled onto the bed and his magical tongue licked my clit and fucked my pussy while I lay there daydreaming about Dwayne's cock stroking in and out of my wetness. His fingers reached up and pinched my left nipple and I exploded with passion. He stuck his fingers into my cunt while he massaged my clit and my legs drew up so that I could open them wider and he could really take me over the top.

"Oh, god YES! Fuck me good, Dwayne. I want that big cock in my pussy. I want you to take me to places I've never been. Fuck me Dwayne, fuck me good!" I cried. The louder the faster James' tongue went in and out of my sugarwalls.

I cam so hard that I nearly sat up from the convulsions of pleasure. James shot his little dicklett all over my pussy and then licked it up.

He moaned as he tasted his seed. Licking all around my pussy and down over my ass to catch what was dripping towards the bed. He became hard again and he begged me, "Please, Ma'am, will you please pull on my useless cock so I may spray on your breast? I would love to lick Master Dwayne's sperm off your hard cum covered mounds! Pleazzzzzz Mistress", he pleaded.

Without saying a word I squirted lubricant on his tiny shaft then wrapped my hand around his small dicklett. Firmly and slowly, I moved my hand up and down. I licked my lips and ran my tongue over its diminutive head and tasted the precum there.

"Thank you Mistress, you do me such a big favor tonight. I want to take care of you and make sure that Master Dwayne will give you more pleasure than you can imagine. I cannot wait until he replies to your email," he said between deep breaths just before his cum shot up onto my breasts.

The yellowish-white fluid covered my mounds and dripped to my tummy. I continued rubbing his cocklett wanting to get every drop of his bud. A few of the dorps slid down to my pussy and onto my clit.

Once he had recovered his culmination, he smiled then licked his lips. "Now, I shall lick Master Dwayne's sperm off your body, Ma'am!"

His hot tongue touched my erect nipples and a burst of energy shot to my clit. I closed my eyes, "Mmmmmmmmm," I moaned aloud. "Lick me good. Make me cum again!"

I lay back on the pillows he had provided for my comfort. I spread my legs and he spent the next hour and a half licking every inch of my body giving me three explosive orgasms. All of this by using just his tongue.

I lay back exhausted even though I had done nothing but enjoy the expertise of his lingua.

James donned a large smile and his chin was dripping juices, his and mine. He wiped it with the back of his hand. Leaning down, he kissed me then crawled off he bed.

His bare feet slapped the hard wood floors as he pattered to the bath and turned the water on. Returning, he reached for my hand and led me to the bath. He held my arm as I stepped in then left the room while I soaked in the steamy water.

I closed my eyes and leaned back on my bath pillow. I daydreamed more of Dwayne's cock sliding in and out of me while I struggled to hold on to his sweat laden skin. His mouth kissing mine, our bodies dancing in perfect step, as he fucked me like I had never been fucked before.

These images danced in my head as I soaked in the hot tub. I dozed and my dreams showed his perfect body slamming against mine as I cried out for him to give me all that he had.

I jumped as James' hand touched mine. The water had gone cold I had been there so long. My wrinkled fingers and feet reminded me of my childhood. Fortunately, as usual, James had a warmed towel to wrap me in as he helped me out of the chilly water.

"I'm hungry," I told him as he spun me around to surround me in the warmth of the towel.

"Yes, I know," he gave me a devilish grin as he helped me guide my feet into slippers. "Dinner is on the table."

I took a deep breath and smelled the aromas drifting through the house. I could smell beef and broccoli maybe some baked potatoes. My mouth began to water. I detoured to the bedroom and threw a cotton dress over my clean body then joined him in the dining room.

As James placed food on my plate I took a quick swig of tea and thanked him for reading my mind. Once he had piled my food on the dish, I dove in like a wild dog who hadn't had meal in a week. I was embarrassed of my animal instincts.

James laughed, "When's the last time you ate?" he asked.

"Breakfast," I said with my mouth full of baked potato, small chunks escaping from my lips.

"I'm going to have to put you on a writing schedule just so you eat right!" he fussed at me as I continued to shove food into my mouth.

Finally, I slowed down and started to enjoy the flavors of the meal. The roast was tender and melted on my tongue. The butter on the baked potato was BUTTER, not that fake stuff. Fresh steamed broccoli that crunched as I bit into it. "Mmmmm, it's wonderful!" I complimented him.

"Yes, Ma'am, it is, isn't it?" he beamed.

After we ate and I was content once again, I went to the computer and James cleaned the kitchen. The phone rang around eight-thirty.

"Ma'am, it is for you, I believe it may be Dwayne," I heard James call to me.

My heart started beating fast as I walked to the phone. I took a deep breath and my pussy got wet just with anticipation.

"Hello?" I said softly.

"Hey, it's Dwayne," the voice came strong over the line.

"Hi, how are you tonight?" I asked.

"Good, I was wondering if you were busy tonight? I wanted to come over and enjoy you," he said in a sexy voice.

"No, we're not busy at all. We just finished dinner and James is cleaning the kitchen and I'm just looking at mail," I assured him.

I can probably be there in about a half-hour, is that good for you?" he asked.

My heart quickened its beat and the fluids started flowing once again. Only this time it was the real thing just like that butter was tonight.

"That sounds good," I said, trying to remain calm and sound like it was no big deal.

"Great!" he said and I gave him directions to our home.

Hanging up the phone, I called to James to come.

"Yes, Ma'am?" he said as he entered the room.

"We have a half hour to get ready for him. What should I wear?" I cried, panic in my voice.

James calmly walked into the closet and pulled out a sexy black lace dress, a pair of thigh high black stockings and four-inch black stilettos. He walked to me, took off the cotton dress I had put on earlier and dressed me. He didn't bother putting any underwear on me.

He then sat me down on the stool in front of the vanity and brushed my long hair. Long strands of red silk fell to my shoulders. He handed me my makeup and I painted my face. The last touch was a silver necklace and matching earrings to make me shine.

"You are beautiful my Lady, and Dwayne is going to fall to your feet when he arrives," he said as the doorbell rang.

I remained sitting and James went to answer the door. "Yes, this is the right place," I heard James say.

"Would you like a drink, a beer, wine, mixed drink?" he asked.

I heard Dwayne's familiar voice for the first time. "Yeah, that would be great, got any Vodka?" he asked.

"Yes, sir; what would you like in that, sir?" James asked.

"Lime juice and simple syrup if you have it, man," he said.

"We've got it, sir," James assured him. I heard the ice clinking against the glass as James prepared the drink.

I was standing in the door of the bedroom, out of sight. As James went into the kitchen, he turned to me, smiled then licked his lips. I giggled as Dwayne walked around the living room.

Within minutes, James returned with the drinks. He handed one to our guest then came in the bedroom and gave mine to me. I took a sip, "Mmmm good!" I said.

He then handed Dwayne his. "Mmmmm this IS good, you been a bartender?" Dwayne asked.

"Yeah, for a short while, sir," James answered.

I was getting nervous. I heard Dwayne mention my name.

"She should be out soon, sir," James replied.

I took that as my cue to walk toward the kitchen. As I stepped out of the hallway, I saw him standing there… that light brown man that had occupied my thoughts for weeks. I put on a nervous smile and said, "Dwayne, I thought I heard the doorbell," and walked up to him and kissed him on the mouth.

His tongue played with mine and it felt as if we had been kissing for years.

"Mmmmm, that's nice," I moaned as our lips separated and James handed me another drink.

I take it you've met James?" I asked rhetorically.

"Yeah, he even fixed me a drink," Dwayne said as he held up his glass.

I turned to James and said, "Good boy," then took Dwayne by the arm and led him to the bedroom. Running ahead of us, James turned the sheets down and lowered the lights. He sat on the floor.

Upon entering the room, I sat on the edge of the bed. James knelt before me and took off my stilettos. Then he helped me lay back on the bed. Instantly the Schwing factor appeared in Dwayne's pants.

"You are more beautiful than I had imagined," he said as he unconsciously licked his lips. His fingers went to the buttons on his shirt and he pushed them out of their holes.

James assisted him by untying his shoestrings. Without seeming to think about it, Dwayne stepped out of his expensive shoes. James then slipped the socks off his feet as Dwayne crawled onto the bed. He had not taken his eyes off me.

His prick was easily ten inches with a girth of at least seven inches. The site of it made me lick my lips. My mind reeled and I wanted to touch it.

Dwayne leaned over me and his mouth found mine. Instantly his tongue plunged deep into mine his kiss passionate and rough. I felt his stiff member pressing against my belly. Juices spewed into my pussy in expectation of his arrival.

His hands tested the contours of my body. Lightly they danced over my full breasts. They found their tips of the and gently squeezed the nipples starting a fire deep in my being. He ran his fingers in and out of the valley between the mounds and then around the base of each tit. Back to the valley he took his fingers and started the downward path.

Arriving at my belly button, Dwayne inserted his finger a tickle emanated from that point in all directions. The warmth flowed over me. It gave me a sort of calming affect. The muscles in my body just relaxed. I felt my pussy getting wet.

His mouth then traveled to that point. I lifted my heard to see what was happening. He placed his tongue in that little hole and flicked a switch I didn't know that I had.

"Mmmm," I moaned catching James' attention. He raised up on his knees to watch what Dwayne was doing to me.

My nipples quickly became hard and the fluids in my cunt spewed furiously. I could feel the tingling of my pussy and I wanted to reach to her and calm her. But I couldn't find my way around Dwayne's exploring.

I tried to relax and let him take me where he intended. It was difficult since I wanted him desperately.

When he reached the top of my shaved Vee, he raised his head and looked into my eyes with a smile on his face. Then the very tip of his tongue, like the point of a pencil, drew an imaginary line across the top of it.

Like a child learning to write the letter, his tongue slanted down to the point, which was my clit now wakened, and paused once again. There his pencil wrote a little story on the head of my sensitive sex organ before advancing. Upon completion, it continued to travel the last leg of the letter. I gave him an A+.

Slipping between my legs, his fingers now felt the wetness that had built up from his touches. He ran a long dark finger into the slit. He pulled it out; looked at it, smelled it then stuck it in his mouth. I then realized he was memorizing my body.

I glanced over at James. He seemed mesmerized with Dwayne's methodical exploration of my body. I smiled then turned my attention back to the pleasures this man's explorations were bestowing on my body.

Dwayne now lay on his stomach between my legs. His tongue lightly ran the length of my liquid slit slowly. When it found the orifice that would allow entrance, he ran it in and out. Just the tip played this game.

After a short time, he moved further up and the experienced lingua skated across my now hard female dick. I closed my eyes to better enjoy the pleasures of his experienced mouth.

I felt his fingers reach and squeeze the nipple of my left breast. I wondered, 'did I tell him how that excited me?' I couldn't remember if I had.

I took a deep breath and tried desperately to relax. I was so excited that I was afraid I was going to explode with every touch of his. I wanted to last until he at least placed that long, hard cock into my moist pussy.

I looked once again at James poised on the side watching everything that Dwayne was so doing. His hand was moving up and down. I knew he was masturbating. But my mind was too occupied with the pleasures being bestowed on me.

"Sissy, crawl up here and get this big thing hard as steel!" I heard Dwayne tell James.

Opening my eyes, I saw Dwayne move his legs over the side of the bed and spread them open. James crawled between them and took the half-hard cock into his mouth. I noticed that its girth stretched James' lips.

Slowly, James ran his mouth up and down the length of the thick shaft. Dwayne's hand firmly placed on the back of his head. Each time James would pull back, Dwayne would apply pressure forcing his mouth deep on the cock.

When his dick had reached his desired size, Dwayne pushed James backward with his foot, then crawled back between my legs.

I lifted my head to watch that magnificent prick as it broke the plane of my body and slipped into the dark recesses of my body. There was a slight burning as it broke though the opening and caused little rifts in my skin.

I bit my lip and closed my eyes. Then it was there. I could feel the tightness and thickness as he pushed then pulled and his body connected with mine. I opened my eyes and looked into his as his rhythm found its pace and my cunt made room for him.

James crawled onto the bed behind Dwayne. By this time, he was so into fucking me that he didn't notice. I saw him kneel between his splayed legs, lick his lips and lay on his stomach. Then I felt Dwayne's rhythm falter, if only for a second, as James sucked his thick balls into his mouth.

He was intense as his cock played in my pussy. He looked into my eyes and I smiled at him. He bent down and kissed me hard, his tongue fucking my mouth as his cock my pussy. Fire stuck my entire body and I thought I would spontaneously combust.

Dwayne fucked me slowly for a short while, then his pace quickened and I thought that I would soon feel warmth of his thick cum splash against the back of my pussy. I responded to his movements excited that he would fill me with his seed.

Time, however, continued to pass without his release. Sweat started dripping from his forehead and his breath became shallow. His body continued its motion like a well-tuned machine. He was not ready to feed me yet.

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