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Sharing with a Friend


This story takes place several months after my last posted story. It had been a great experience sharing my wife sexually with a couple other men so far. It is truly an exciting event to watch my sexy wife in the heat of being fucked, hearing her moans and sexual grunts, seeing the way her body moves and responds while fucking. It's all a bit of sensory overload.

And after those two events we choose to build upon that by including a close friend of ours. And that is what this story comes in.

For a long time Teri and I had been talking about including a friend, or friends, in on sharing her sexually. After much discussion and deliberation we finally decided that our first choice would be my high school buddy, Chris. Chris and I had known each other since our freshman year of high school and still stay in touch and see each other often. He's one of those friends that you told everything to, could hang out with anytime and anyplace. One of those friends you didn't mind hearing him tell you that he thinks your wife is hot and sexy, which he often told me that I was lucky that I married a hot girl. Teri has always thought he is very handsome and they flirt with each other constantly in a friendly, but sexy, manner whenever we are together.

So now that we had decided on whom our first choice of our friends to share her with would be, now we took on the task as to how to make it happen. We decided I would invite him over one night soon to watch a hockey game.

Chris showed up several nights later to hang out and watch a game with us on a night that the kids were pre-arranged to be at a friend's house for a weekend sleepover. At that point he figured it was just a typical night of hanging out with a couple friends and watching a game, he was totally unaware we would have other plans for his visit. So it started innocently enough with Chris joining Teri and I in our family room to watch the game. Chris and I were just dressed in simple cargo shorts and t-shirts. Teri was dressed fairly casual in very tight white semi see thru short sleeve Victoria Secret t-shirt with the word PINK across her chest and a skin tight pair of red Victoria Secret yoga pants with the word PINK across her sexy ass. You could see her red push up bra through the thin material of her t-shirt, but what Chris didn't know at this point, was that she had her favorite red Hankie Pankie lace thong on that evening to finish off her ensemble. Up until this evening I had never told Chris about sharing Teri with other men.

Throughout the first period of the game everything was as it usually was between the three of us when we are together. There was plenty of drinking, plenty of idle chit chat, and lots of sexual innuendos being thrown around. It was in the second period of the game that our conversation began to turn a little raunchier with Chris telling Teri she looked sexy in her yoga outfit with the words PINK across her chest and ass.

"I think girls that dress with big words on their clothes want you to look at their body," Chris says.

"So you're saying Teri wants us to look at her body?" I ask.

Chris hesitates, but then replies, "I'm just saying that if they have these big words right across their tits and ass that they want you to look at their tits and ass."

"So what's wrong with a girl wanting a little attention?" Teri asks Chris.

"Well, it's just the three of us here tonight, so who you looking for attention from?" Chris asks.

Teri gets up from the couch where she is sitting, finishing off her beer and heads to the kitchen to get a fresh one. As she walks by Chris, she drags her finger gently over his arm and shoulder.

"Maybe you sexy," she says coyly.

Chris's head jerks to look over in my direction, his eyebrows raised. "What the hell got into her tonight?" he asks.

I just shrug and smile. "Guess she's feeling a bit horny for you tonight." I reply.

"She's feeling horny for me? What the fuck are you talking about?" Chris asks.

I shrug and reply, "Hey just enjoy it and go along with it, see where it goes."

"See where it goes? Get out of here," he says. "How the hell far could it go? She's your wife, David."

"Well, let's just say that we have gotten into the lifestyle of sharing her. I love to watch her getting screwed. I love hearing her moans and groans while getting laid and watching her reach orgasm. I love just being several feet away watching her in the heat of passion. I have shared her with a few other men to date, and we had mentioned that if we brought a friend into it that we would like it to be you. So I am just saying if you want to get into her panties tonight, then play along with it and see how far it goes."

"Holy shit, David! You are fucking joking, right?" Chris asks out of his initial shock.

"Guess you'll have to see" I simply reply back towards Chris.

And with that our conversation gets interrupted by Teri walking back into the room with some fresh beers for everyone.

"So Chris, let's see if I understand you correctly. If I am wearing this outfit for attention as you say, what area of my body would be attracting the most attention from you? The PINK across my tits? Or the PINK across my ass?" she asks as she turns a bit and sticks her ass out towards Chris.

"Shit Teri something has gotten into you tonight" Chris replies.

"That's not an answer to my question Chris. What would attract more attention from you in this outfit? My tits?" she asks as she grabs a handful of her tits as if presenting them to him. "Or my ass?" again sticking out her ass to him and running her hand along its curves.

Chris looks over at me as if to get permission to answer. I just return his glance with a smirk.

"Honestly I have always had a thing for your tight round ass, so that's what my attention is on" he answers.

"Hmmm, my ass huh? You stare at my ass much before Chris?" she asks.

Chris chuckles, "Yeah Teri I stare at your sexy little ass all the time. Now let's get back to watching the game."

Teri pauses for just a moment before speaking to Chris again. "So you stare at my ass often, huh? You ever imagine what kind of panties I am wearing and what color they are?"

"What?!" Chris blurts out as he turns to look at me.

"Hey man, don't look at me. She's asking you" I tell Chris.

"I don't think I'll answer that one Teri" Chris answers Teri.

"Think I have on a black cotton thong, or maybe some white lacey boy shorts?" she continues to ask.

"Hey, I am not saying anything" Chris replies.

"Or do you think I have on some ugly granny panties?" Teri continues her questioning.

Chris begins chuckling under his breath, "Oh man you are rare form tonight Teri."

Come on just take a guess, can't hurt to just guess what kind of panties I am wearing. Can it?" Teri continues.

"Ok well if I have to guess I would guess that you don't have any panties on because I don't see any panty lines" Chris finally answers.

"Hmm, no panties you think?" as she pulls down the side of her waistband showing off the waistband of her red lacey red thong.

"Ok very nice Teri, I was wrong" Chris says.

"Do you like them?" Teri asks.

"From what I saw, yes. They look very sexy. Now pay attention to the game girl" Chris replies.

"I'll bet you if your team scores in the next 10 minutes, I'll pull down my pants and let you get a really good look of what I guess you would call my sexy little ass in just this red lacey thong" Teri adds.

"Ok, Teri. Sure. You got a bet" Chris replies calling Teri's bluff.

Those words had no more than left his mouth and his team scored!

With that Teri doesn't hesitate one second before standing up and walking over to stand in front of Chris. "Well a bet is a bet" she says.

"That's okay Teri, I knew you were bluffing" Chris replies.

"No, a bet is a bet. And I am a woman of my words" Teri says looking right into Chris's eyes.

"I don't think so Teri, besides David is sitting right over there" Chris says.

"Oh, David doesn't care. In fact he loves to see me show off. And I know by now he had to have mentioned to you that he even shares me sexually with other men of my choice" Teri relies. "Has he told you that he shares me with other men? Has he told you the he loves watching other men just fuck the hell out of me?" she continues.

Chris blushes, "Yeah he mentioned something about that, but I wasn't sure how serious he was about it."

"Then how about you off pull these pants of mine down and see me in this little red thong that I know you are imaging me in right now?" Teri asks with her hip cocked to the side with her hand on waistband of her pants.

Chris looks in my direction as if to seek my approval.

"Go ahead Chris. I told you see where it goes. Have fun man" I told Chris.

"Come on Chris, if you want to see me in them then you have pull my pants down yourself" Teri tell Chris, her finger reaching out under his chin pulling his head up to look her in the eyes.

Chris, giving into his desires and accepting the fortunate situation that he had found himself in, reaches his hands up and hooks his fingers into the waistband of her pants and begins pushing them down and over her ass. With most of her ass and thong now visible right before him, his hands stop for a second to get a handful of her ass and give it a nice squeeze.

"Mmmmm" Teri moans. "You like that ass sweetie?"

"Hell yeah, that is one fine ass" Chris tells Teri. Then he runs his hands down her bare smooth thighs pushing her pants down to below her knees. Teri finishes kicking off her pants onto the floor.

"Holy shit" Chris mumbles under his breath. Teri, standing proudly before him, twisting and turning modeling her ass and thong for him. "You are fucking gorgeous, Teri" he emphatically states.

Teri turning back around to face him says "Glad you think so Chris. Now how would you like to fuck me tonight?"

Chris, startled at her statement, looks over at me.

"Chris, I can't tell you any more than I already have. Enjoy it, go with it. It's okay with me. Enjoy my wife" I tell him.

"See, I told you. He's giving you his permission and I am giving you my permission to take me to bed and fuck my silly. So how about it, you want to fuck me or what?" Teri asks Chris.

"Holy shit I would love to. I just can't believe this is actually happening. I don't think there is a single friend of David's that wouldn't want to fuck you" Chris exclaims.

"Well forget about them, tonight is you chance handsome. I chose you to be the first of our friends to share me with" she says.

"Pinch me I think I am dreaming" Chris jokingly says.

Teri leans into Chris sitting in his chair and places her hand in his lap and grabs hold of his cock and gives it a squeeze. "You aren't dreaming Chris" she whispers into his ear.

And with that she opens her mouth over his as I watch my wife begin to kiss one of my best friends passionately for the first time. I have said it before in my other stories; it is so erotic to watch her in the act of seduction. I don't think there is a man on this earth that she couldn't seduce. Its one thing to actually be the one fucking her, but it is just such an incredibly exciting thing to actually watch her in the action of being fucked and through all the actions of foreplay.

Teri climbs up onto Chris's lap, grinding her lace covered pussy against his clothed lap. She leans back, her hands behind her head as she continues grinding on his lap.

"Holy fuck are you guys for real?" Chris exclaims

Teri slides off her shirt, then undoes her bra throwing onto the floor beside the chair along with her shirt all while she continues her grinding into his crotch. "Touch me and see how real I am" she replies.

"I just fucking can't believe this is happening right now" he says softly pulling Teri into his embrace as they begin French kissing.

Chris's hands are now running along her legs, squeezing her sexy tight ass. He slides his hands up along her side and for the first time he touches her bare breasts, cupping her small perky tits in his palms. Her nipples harden under his touch. His fingers seek out her erect nipples, giving them a gentle pull as he takes on into his mouth sucking on it. Teri's head rocks back feeling his tongue on her nipple for the first time. A gentle moan escapes from her as she enjoys his tongue working on her nipple.

Her hand drops to his lap seeking out his dick still tucked away in his clothes. Her hand giving his bulge squeezes as he enjoys her tits.

"Looks like someone is getting a little excited" Teri whispers to Chris as she continues working on his cock. She begins managing to work his zipper down and then is sliding her hand down into his pants, touch his bare cock for the first time. "Now let's get this big guy out to join this party" she says.

Teri slides off Chris's lap, dropping to her knees in front of him. She starts to pull his shorts down along with his boxers. Once she has his cock free she takes it into her small hands and begins jerking him off. It's not long before she is licking the length of his stiffening shaft, running her tongue along its entire length before engulfing the head of his cock into her warm mouth.

Chris's head jolts back. "Oh sit man, the feels so fucking good. Oh shit, Teri."

Teri moans as she bobs up and down on his cock. Stopping only to catch her breath and lick the sides of his shaft. His cock is now glistening with all her spit covering it.

Chris puts his hands on the back of the head, his fingers intertwined in her hair pushing her mouth deeper onto his cock, causing her to choke every now and then.

"Holy fuck she gives good head David" Chris moans as his heads lies back against the back of his chair. His eyes rolling in the pleasure that Teri is giving to him.

"You are fucking awesome Teri" he tells her. "I'm still not sure why you choose me, but I am so fucking glad you did. You are fucking amazing."

Teri stops her cocksucking and stands in front of Chris. "Let's go to the bedroom to be more comfortable" she says as she extends her hand forward to his. Chris stands from his chair, and Teri turns to leading him to our bedroom.

"You coming to watch honey?" she shouts out to me.

"Fuck yeah. I wouldn't miss it for the world, baby." I reply back to her as she leads Chris to our bedroom, walking in front of us in a sexy manner.

Chris turns to me and says, "Dude, she is so fucking hot! Look at her fucking ass. She has the body of a fucking 20 year old. I can't believe we are doing this."

"No argument from me, enjoy her while I enjoy watching you two" I reply.

As we step into the bedroom Teri continues leading Chris to our bed. She turns and backs up onto the bed, leaning back onto her elbows, her legs tucked up and spread apart giving Chris a full view of her beautiful body clothed only in her red lace thong.

I continue to the chair in the corner of our room to get a great view of the scene I am about to watch unfold before me.

Chris takes a place between her legs at the edge of the bed, his hands running up and down her smooth legs. He is just taking in her beauty. "We thought you had a banging body Teri, but nothing beats seeing it right now before me" Chris tells Teri.

"I hope you don't mind, but I would love to return the favor you paid me out there and I would love to eat your beautiful pussy" Chris tells her.

"You're so sweet Chris. I would love that. I'm yours for the evening. Let's take our time and enjoy each other" she replies.

Chris begins discarding his clothes into a pile at the end of the bed, still keeping his gaze locked onto Teri. He then hooks his thumbs into the waistband of her thong and begins to pull them down. Teri raises her hips to allow him to remove her panties. Teri scoots up the bed a bit further with Chris crawling up between her legs. His hands resting on her knees just giving a slightest bit of a push and her legs sprawl open for him to access her pussy easily to eat. Chris plants tender wet kisses on the inside of her thigh, inching his way up to her pussy. First her right thigh, then her left, then her right again. As he is inches from her sweet shaved pussy she reaches down and opens her pussy up for him, pulling her lips aside so he can kiss the tender pink flesh inside her pussy.

Chris doesn't pass up that invitation and plants first one, then a second, then a third tender kiss to her pink pussy's flesh before taking his tongue and lapping the entire length of her slit.

"Holy shit Teri you're pussy is amazing" he tells her.

"Mmmm, glad you think so sweetie. You feel delightful tasting me" she says as her hands go to his head holding him there, her left leg wrapping around him a bit pulling him into her. Chris just continued to enjoy eating my wife's sweet nectar from her pussy for what must have been the next 5-10 minutes. He was really enjoying himself with Teri encouraging him the whole time as her first orgasm began to build up in her.

"Oh baby that feels so good. Keep doing that, just like that. Yes. Oh god, yes like that baby. Of fuck I'm going to cum baby. Fucking suck on my clit. Yes. Like that. Fuuuuck yes." Teri shouts as she enjoys her first orgasm with Chris.

They both giggle a bit as he climbs up next to her, taking her in his arms and kissing her.

"Oh baby that felt so good." Teri says.

"No complaints from me either" he chuckles. "You sure a hottie in bed, Teri. I always knew you had it in you and I'm glad I got to experience it."

"Oh thanks sweetheart. I love having sex and I am glad I can make you men happy" she replies.

"Well you sure did make me happy" Chris relies.

"Well that was only just the beginning baby. How about I get that sweet cock of yours hard again and we have a good ole fucking grand night?" Teri asks.

Teri doesn't even wait for a reply from Chris and slides her hand down his chest, down his stomach and takes his cock into her hand once again. Sliding down she takes his cock and lays it against his stomach as she licks the underside from his balls to the head of his prick. She is stroking it back to life as she begins to take his balls into her mouth one at a time, pausing only to lick up the length of his shaft inhaling the head of his cock into her mouth and sliding down on it. With this kind of attention it doesn't take long before Teri has his cock standing at full attention.

"Looks like someone is ready to get inside my little pussy" Teri says.

"Shit yeah" Chris exclaims excitingly. "I am so ready to get inside the hot little pussy of yours."

"I want to ride you" she tells Chris and slides up on top of Chris, her legs straddling him. And then reaching down between the two of them takes hold of his cock and raises herself up a bit and aims it at her wet slit. With her other hand bracing on his chest she begins to lower herself onto his cock. Once she has the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy she puts her other hand on his chest as she allows her body to slowly lower herself down onto his cock completely. Her head dropping back, her shoulders and chest arched out as she lets out a grunt enjoying the feeling of his cock beginning to fill her for the first time.

"Oh fuck" Chris exclaims. "Hold it right there, you feel so fucking good on my cock."

Chris's hands run along her legs and up her stomach to her chest, grabbing hold of her perky breasts as she begins to slowly and sensually ride him again. Up and down she rides his cock as her eyes are now locked with his. Her hands clenching his chest as his massage her breasts.

I was enjoying the show she was giving me raising all the way up on his shaft with just the tip of his cock remaining in her, then lowering all the way back down. When she would have him completely in her she would then grind down onto him in a back and forth motion. Her fists digging into his bare chest as she lets out guttural grunts and moans.

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