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Shark and Minnows


This is a story submitted for the Summer Lovin Story Contest so please vote if you like it. It shares a story of friends who's playful flirting turns into a new experience for one couple. Hope you enjoy.


It was one of the hottest summers on record and for the small town in central Illinois, that meant July temperatures in the mid to upper nineties was the norm. There were only two escapes from the heat; the air conditioned indoors or a pool and cool drinks. One evening, after a local band had provided some musical entertainment in the parking lot of a local bar and hotel, a group of friends were discussing what to do next. None of them at 10:30, was ready to call it a night.

After several suggestions, none of which provided any relief from the oppressive heat, Kendra suggested that they move the party poolside. Her husband Landon had recently completed a privacy fence surrounding their new pool and patio area. In addition to cooling waters they also had a freshly stocked fridge full of ice cold beer. The rest of the group unanimously agreed and 10 minutes later the three cars carrying the friends were turning into the quiet and secluded neighborhood.

Natalie and her husband Cade were the first to enter the patio area. Landon and Kendra had parked in the drive while they had driven directly around the back of the house near the patio entrance. The final friend, Jessica, followed shortly thereafter. By the time Landon and Kendra emerged from the house with a cooler of beverages, their three guests were undressing, anxious for the refreshing waters with the nights earlier drinking and darkness removing some of their fear of exposure.

In this situation, darkness was relative. The moon was nearly full and even from across the patio, Landon could see the dark circles and stiffened nipples tipping Natalie's pert breasts when she removed her bra. Even her dark thin landing strip was visible leading down between her thighs. Natalie made some efforts to conceal her private parts while undressing, but Jessica made no such attempt. She turned toward Landon when he came out of the house, now wearing only panties. The moonlight provided a great view of her near nakedness and Landon had no trouble identifying her "B" breasts with small pink areolas and erect eraser sized nipples which, in their excited state, suggested much colder temperatures. Jessica gave Landon an intense, suggestive stare as she slowly peeled down her panties revealing the complete absence of any pubic hair that would obscure her womanhood.

Landon and Kendra undressed as Jessica slipped into the waters with Natalie and Cade. Cades interest in Kendra undressing was obvious. She didn't need to see his stare because she could feel it penetrating her desires coaxing her to undress slowly with deliberate, teasing movements. Cade studied Kendra's body. She had the largest breasts in the group tipped with large pink areolas and nearly a full inch of erect nipple, yet maintained a petite figure. Feigning modesty she quartered away from Cade and bent over removing her skirt and panties. Rather than securing modesty, this position actually offered Cade an unobstructed view of her full perfect ass, a great side shot of her free hanging tits and even a glimpse of her most intimate feature. As she climbed into the pool Cade thought he could see a glimmer of wet excitement between her legs, and he was right.

The stares from the guys were obvious, but each of the women had also made secret efforts to view the guy's equipment, and since the guys made no efforts to conceal themselves, they saw every thickening inch.

In the pool drinking continued and the conversation became more intense and erotic. The groups conversation had often turned sexual, but now it was more exciting since they were all completely nude. The pool was 12x24 and 4 foot deep providing comfortable space but also the opportunity to get a little closer.

Considerate of Jessica's recent change in marital status the group decided to break up the couples and play a game of shark and minnows. Nude night sharks and minnows has some specialized rules designed to facilitate playful touching. All the players must keep their eyes shut while the shark blindly searches for the minnows. If the shark finds a minnow, they must correctly identify who they've captured just by touch. Minnows try to avoid being touched, again without peeking.

A game of rock, paper scissors determined Natalie would be the first shark. Everyone closed their eyes and scattered in different directions while Nat spun five times.

Kendra's hand found the side of the pool and she began to move quietly along the edge using her other hand to feel in front of her. It wasn't long before she bumped into another player. It was obviously one of the guys, but she wasn't sure who since both had similar builds. As she moved past him she allowed her hand to slide down the mystery man and playfully graze the member between his legs.

Cade, curious which woman had reached between his legs, reached out to find a large exposed breast. With a gentle squeeze slipping into playful nipple pinch, he gained the only clue he needed to identify its owner.

On the other end of the pool Jessica had cornered Landon and teasingly massaged his cock bringing it to life before Natalie found and correctly identified him. Landon spun 5 times and then laid in wait, acting as if he were a minnow. Finally a minnow grazed him, the feel of her skin identified her as a woman. Reaching out he brought her closer, letting his hands wander across her petite body. Much to Jessica's disappointment, Landon was able to identify her correctly without touching any of her parts that were tingling with anticipation.

The touches grew more intimate during the game. The women's grazing touches lingered longer and became slow sensuous strokes, keeping both guys fully aroused. The guys exploited every opportunity as shark or minnow to caress breasts and lightly roll excited nipples between their fingers. Bodies brushed against one another, sliding intimate parts ever nearer. The game was only loosely being played, but everyone kept their eyes closed.

The alcohol continued to flow and boundaries faded. Kendra felt a cock brush up against the back of her leg and two hands reach around to cup her breasts. With her right hand she guided the unknown mans hand down between her opening legs. She held his hand on the heat between her legs, wanting more. Uncontrollably she slowly coaxed his finger inside her aching pussy and reacted to his touch with a soft, deep erotic moan. His finger slid slowly in and out and she rocked to meet each sensuous thrust. Kendra backed toward him and finally felt his stiffness rest on her ass. She knew this wasn't her husband's touch, but convinced herself it could be, knowing the truth actually excited her.

While Cades finger was deep inside Kendra, Landon's mouth was busy engulfing one of Jessica's nipples. Natalie had taken a position behind Landon, her stiff nipples pressed against his back and her hands stroking his painfully swollen cock. Natalie knew another woman was directly in front of Landon and used her hands to guide his fullness toward the other woman. She ran the tip of his swollen cock up and down the opening to Jessica's begging pussy. With each pass she opened more until it engulfed the head of his cock into her warmth.

Recently divorced, it had been many months since Jessica's womanly needs had been satisfied by anything other than her own hand. But, Landon feared the game was getting out of control and announced a bathroom break which shorted the sexual tension in the pool. Cade and Natalie decided it was time to call it a night and headed for home. As the three remaining were drying off, Jessica admitted that she was too drunk to drive and asked if she could spend the night. They all agreed it was a good idea and walked into the house still unclothed.

Landon went to the bedroom and waited for Kendra to return from helping Jessica get settled into the guest bedroom. He waited longer than he thought necessary before going to investigate the delay.

Quietly he approached the guest room which was open, lit only by the moonlight shining through the window. Peering inside he saw the two women kissing, with the tender passion only two women could share. Unnoticed he continued to watch as their hands gently explored each other's bodies, patiently caressing their entirety, not rushing, slowly building the courage to touch each other as lovers.

Jessica was the first to first gently massage and then slip her finger into the other woman. As she did, their kiss broke and they looked knowingly in each other's eyes. Kendra met her gaze with a satisfying moan and kissed her neck and down her breast before taking the fullness of Jessica's excited nipple into her mouth.

Kendra had often fantasized about, but had never been with another woman. Her tongue toyed with the stiff nipple and almost instinctively she penetrated Jessica's wetness with her finger. Both women were moaning and their bodies were writhing in pleasure. Landon wanted to join but could not bring himself to interrupt this erotic fantasy unfolding before his eyes. He watched them remove moist fingers and reposition themselves, scissoring their legs so that their hot wet pussies rested on one another.

Slowly they moved their hips, rubbing pussy against pussy. The gentle grinding was intermixed with tender kisses and stiffened nipples rolled between strange fingers. Landon recognized the excitement building in the women and watched in awe as each leaned back and increased the intensity of their erotic grind. Their excited moans, coupled with heavy breathing and wet sounds as the lips of their wet pussies bucked against one another continued until both Kendra and Jessica climaxed simultaneously, waves of shudders sweeping over their bodies until they collapsed in each other's arms.

Landon retreated to his bedroom and laid down, replaying each of the nights events in his mind when he saw Kendra come into the room her still naked body glowing in the moon light. Without a word she approached him and lowered her dripping pussy onto his shaft. Very slowly she slid his cock inside her, deeper with each stroke. He could tell she was a bit tighter after her orgasm with Jessica, but her wetness still accepted him without much resistance. The vision of his wife fucking Jessica flooded his memory and he exploded inside her quickly.

Kendra slid off Landon's cock, but as he tried to sit up she pushed him down. That's when he noticed that Jessica had been standing in the doorway and now was approaching him. She placed her head between his legs and slowly took his waning cock into her mouth. She cleaned his cock with expert attention and it soon the swelling between his legs returned. When he was fully erect Jessica's attentions turned to Landon's wife. Kendra leaned back on the bed and opened her legs as Jessica began to place small kisses up the inside of her thighs before gently penetrating the warmth wetness of her pussy. Kendra met Landon's eyes as he watched Jessica suck his cum from the depth of his wife. He saw the lust, pleasure, desire and permission in her eyes. Cautiously Landon approached Jessica from behind.

Jessica was soaking wet and Landon traced the opening to her pussy with the tip of his cock. Inch by inch he slid inside her warmth, tight both from a recent orgasm and from the months of inactivity. Gently, in and out he slid, reaching deeper with each stroke, accompanied by Jessica's soft moans until he plunged his last length inside her releasing a loud whimper of pleasure. As he slowly fucked Jessica, he saw the pleasure building in his wife as she ran her hands through Jessica's auburn hair. Jessica tenderly kissed, licked, sucked and nibbled Kendra's craving pussy between each of her own satisfying moans.

Erotic sounds filled the room from both women. Jessica had moved one hand up to play with Kendra's full breasts whose nipples, in their excited state straining for attention and reached between her own legs with her free hand to rub her clit as Landon's cock moved inside her.

Kendra erupted into another orgasm, pulling Jessica's face deeper into her wetness her body shaking in ecstacy. Jessica gently kissed Kendra's pussy as her orgasm subsided then braced herself against the bed.

Landon grabbed Jessica's hips and began to increase his the depth and intensity of his thrusts. Kendra sat up and kissed her husband as he plowed is cock ever deeper into her friend, whos moans were turning to screams of pleasure. Jessica arched her back and impaled her pussy against each blow and every inch of the swollen cock until she convulsed in her own shuddering climax. Kissing his wife while her friend's pussy spasmed around his throbbing member sent Landon into orgasm; sputtering bursts of hot cum inside this strange pussy.

Satisfied the three collapsed onto the bed, Landon's cock still inside Jessica's quivering pussy. In their exhaustion, they slowly faded into a dark, drunken erotic dream...

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