tagLesbian SexSharmila: A Very Exciting Woman

Sharmila: A Very Exciting Woman


I met her for the first time at a Jewelers shop. Her expensive buying, her orthodox dress and most importantly her looks caught my attention. Her skin colour is something one has to see to believe. It’s something between Ivory and Gold, with tinges of pink. She is quite tall (5’ 8”), on the heavy side but quite well proportioned - 36c- 32- 40, I guess.

As we both waited for a fairly long time for our orders to get ready, she started talking to me. Soon we became friendly and she invited me to her house. She told me that she lives in a large house and feels lonely, as she has no children. She insisted that I come to her house in the morning and spend the whole day with her. While I agreed to let her know a date later, she rang me up after a couple of days. At her insistence I agreed to visit her the next day. She asked me again to come in the morning, even before my bath and spend the whole day to see how she spends her day.

I reached her place around 11.00 in the morning. She greeted me with delight and showed her impatience by telling me that I was rather late. She looked very pretty as she was wearing a gorgeous white Tangail sari (worn in traditional Bengali style i.e. with the pallu going the other way round i.e. from right at the bottom to left at the top) and a red blouse. Her sari was tied rather low exposing a large part of her very fair belly with a sexy curve and her deepset belly button. She was wearing a lot of jewellery at that hour.

She lives in a very large house built in Zamindari style with a large separate self- contained floor all to herself and her husband. The main building had a hall with 100 pillars! As she showed me around the house, I felt as if I was in the Nineteenth century.

After we settled down in her lounge and talked for some time, she told me that though it’s a taboo in the family she enjoys drinking but only when in good company and asked me if I wanted some beer. As I agreed a maid served us beer in lovely Italian glasses. I noticed that the maid was not wearing any blouse. As I could see her legs through her sari she was probably without petticoat also.

Sharmila told me that I should change into something more comfortable and asked the maid to bring a dressing gown. She asked the maid to take me to the dressing room and get me to change my dress. In the dressing room (which was quite large with mirrors of different size), the maid took off my sari and then my blouse. After that she unhesitatingly took off my bra. I was more surprised when she untied my petticoat string. As I had no panty, within minutes I was naked in presence of this unknown woman.

As I was going to pick up the dressing gown to cover my nakedness, she stopped me and brought a wet towel. She wiped my body with the towel, which was ice cold and had a nice cologne smell. As she pressed the towel all over my body I felt nice and refreshed. She took a traditional perfume bottle and poured cologne generously on her palm. She dabbed cologne in my armpits, navel, cleavage, in the thigh joints and finally on my nipples with her fingers. I was spell bound to see how this woman did all this without any hesitation.

Finally she made me put on the gown. It was a silk robe and was sleeveless & very short (up to my mid-thigh). It was very comfortable. The maid said that there are many more like this but her mistress never uses them. Only when the master (her husband) has lady guests in the outhouse these are used. I realised that in this nineteenth century house the life was also running the tradition of that century.

As I came back to the lounge I found Sharmila had already finished one bottle and the second was almost finished. She was inclined in a couch and there were drops of sweat on her face. There was another maid standing beside her. Seeing me Sharmila sat up and told the maid, “ It’s warm, I need to take some of my clothes off”. As the maid took off her blouse and then the bra, I watched her with greedy eyes.

While the blouse was taken off the sari pallu dropped off exposing a lacy black bra which looked gorgeous on her fair skin. Her cleavage was beautiful with a few drops of sweat shining. I noticed that her body had quite a bit of hair with golden / light brown shade. Her armpit was totally unshaved and the hair was so thick that it looked very dark. I had a feast for my eyes, as she did not put the pallu back even as the maid took off the bra. Her breasts were something to look at. They were well shaped, aureoles were golden brown and the pink nipples were amazingly large – like my index finger in width and nearly half an inch long.

At this stage she stood up and loosened the knot of the sari. I was waiting with bated breath to see her undressing fully. But she did not take off the sari. Instead, she untied her petticoat and dropped it on the floor. She fixed her sari knot further lower and I noticed light golden brown hair in the region above the sari border and below her belly button. It looked like extension of her pubic hair.

After she tied the sari properly the maid brought a cold towel and wiped her body. The maid pressed her back with the towel first. Then she pressed the towel on her breasts and belly. In the process the sari moved further down and now the top line of her pubic hair was visible. The maid knelt down and Sharmila stood up to allow the maid to place the towel under the sari on her thighs and buttocks. At the end, she dabbed cologne in the same way she did for me.

With nothing but the sari and jewellery on her beautiful body she looked very sexy and I could feel my juice flowing. As she eased out her body on the couch and sipped her beer (she was already having the third bottle), she asked me if I smoked. I told her that I gave up that habit many years back, but still enjoy smoking when I drink. She confessed that she also smokes stealthily when she drinks and asked the maid to bring cigarettes. She brought a silver tray with a golden cigarette case and a stone studded lighter. The maid put cigarettes in our lips and lighted them.

As we smoked and drank beer, Sharmila told me about her life. She said her hubby indulged a lot in other women and makes love to her only two / three times in a month. She is only thirty-two and is hungry all the time. She used to masturbate but did not enjoy much. A sister-in-law introduced her to womanly sex for the first time. She now brings in lady guests and sometimes, young boys. She enjoys both men and women. She said her maids knew all her secrets. Though they handled her naked body a lot she never used them for sex. She thus made the purpose of her invitation very clear.

I was delighted but did not know how to indicate my willingness for sex with her. I asked her how did she find out if a new lady guest was interested in sex. She said she always asks a lady guest to take bath with her. Since at the time of bath she and the maids are fully naked it’s not very difficult to find out. I smiled at her and asked her if she would also have bath with me! That made my intentions quite clear and she ordered her maids to make preparation for bath for both of us. Two more joined immediately with trays full of soaps, oil, creams, sandalwood paste, etc. There were a lot of herbs and one maid was wet grinding them into a paste.

As I entered the bathroom I was surprised to see the huge size. It was much bigger than a standard bedroom; it was almost a hall and had large skylights and a ceiling fan. It had a large bath tub, which could easily accommodate two. There was a large mirror covering one full wall. There was a wash basin and a toilet. A large divan type cot with a mattress was on one side. There were a few bath stools with leather cushion.

Sharmila came close to me and took off my robe. This time I was standing stark naked in presence of as many as five strangers! Sharmila ordered the maids to give me a massage and said that she will have only partial massage today and supervise my massage herself. I told her that I would like to carry on with my drinks and smoke with the massage. So, I would like to have the massage at my back in standing or sitting position. Sharmila nodded approval and one maid brought another glass of beer and lighted a cigarette for me. Sharmila also took another glass.

The maids then took off their saris. None of them wore blouse or petticoat. I watched these naked women closely –

The youngest one (Maya) was in her early twenties, was short & fat – 38b-34-38. She had a hairless body, absolutely clean armpit and almost no pubic hair. She had a lot of stretch marks on her belly.

Pushpa was in her late twenties or early thirties. She was slim & sexy, 34b(straight & firm)-26-38. She had dense armpit hair and bushy pubic hair but no hair elsewhere. Her dark skin was blemish free and smooth. The boobs were something worth looking at; she had large chocolate coloured cylindrical nipples and a nice navel. I thought I would love to have sex with her.

Kajol was about 35, very dark, 36d- 30-36. Had a small thatch on her pussy but no hair in armpit or anywhere else.

Aroti was the one who had changed me into a gown. She was aged, about 50. She was fair, slim, 34b(soft & pear shaped with squarish nipples)-30-36 and was quite hairy. She had streaks of grey hair on her head. Her armpit was very bushy and her pubic triangle was thick with streaks of grey It was very large, extending to her thighs as well as her lower tummy. Even this one, I thought, was excellent for sex.

After undressing herself, Aroti undressed her mistress, who stood in front of the huge mirror. Wow! What a beauty she was. She did not move from the mirror for quite some time and looked narcissistically at herself. As she was facing the mirror, I had the advantage of seeing both her back and front together. Her conical breasts were firm in shape but looked very soft. Her back was erect with a canal like shape along her spine. Her narrow waist and heavy hips showed a distinct hour glass shape.

She did not take her jewellery off even when she was fully naked. The heavy jewellery gave a sort of cover on her nudity, which heightened her sex appeal. She had heavy bangles, armlets, and a necklace extending on her cleavage. The sexiest thing was a waist chain with a stone-studded pendant, which dangled over her brownish/ golden colour thick pubic triangle. She had light golden hair in her arms, legs & thighs and on the top part of her buttocks. Her hair was waist long and Aroti tied it in a bun. After a few minutes, Sharmila came out of her narcissistic spell and turned round to give me a warm smile.

We sat down on two bath stools and used another for keeping the drinks and the ashtray. Sharmila asked the maids to start the massage. At first, sandal wood paste was put on the face and all over our bodies. No part of the body was left uncovered. We had to stand up from time to time to allow access to all parts of the body. Aroti took particular care to put the paste in the navel, thigh joints, nipples and the parting of the bum cheeks. She saw to it that the paste goes through the armpit hair on the skin and through the pubic hair on the pussy skin.

Next they brought the paste made from the herbs and lightly put it on the face, arms & legs, thighs & buttocks and the belly. The pastes felt cool on the skin. The pastes remained on our bodies for quite some time. After some time, Aroti touched our bodies to check if the paste had dried up. Then large pieces of silk cloth were brought and after dipping them in water they rubbed off the paste from our bodies.

Aroti took a large tin of Italian olive oil and started massaging my legs. Pushpa started on my back. Kajol and Maya started massaging Sharmila. I was expecting (out of the habit developed from my masseuse) Pushpa’s body to touch my back, but that did not happen. I found the massage quite hard on my body. After my arms, legs and back was done Sharmila asked me to stand up. The maids knelt down and did my bum and thighs. Pushpa’s soft hands put a lot of pressure on my buttocks.

I was asked to lie down on the divan on which a large oilcloth was placed. As I lied on my back, Pushpa folded my legs and spread them apart. She came on to the divan and knelt down between my legs. Pushpa started rubbing oil on my belly and Aroti rubbed oil in my armpits.

Sharmila discontinued her massage and disposed off Kajol and Maya. As they picked up their clothes, they were asked to go home and come back in the evening. Sharmila stood by the side of the divan and watched me. As Pushpa generously poured oil in my belly button and moved her finger in it, I felt nice. Aroti played with my armpit hair and massaged oil on the skin through the hair. As Pushpa moved on to the thigh joints Aroti moved on to the breasts.

As Aroti started pressing my breasts I started feeling horny. As she rubbed my nipples my pleasure heightened. By that time, Pushpa put her hands below my hips and oiled my crack. At this stage, I was horny like mad and was dying for direct sex. My impatience showed as my body was getting restless.

As I knew that the maids would not get into sex like my masseuse I asked Sharmila, who was sipping her beer and was quite drunk by that time, if she would only supervise or would like to give me a massage herself. As if she was waiting for this opportunity, she told the maids to go, finish their bath and wait in the dressing room. Pushpa immediately got up and left. As she was leaving I felt like touching her firm breasts and hairy pussy. But thought better of it. Aroti arranged towels & things and then left.

I invited Sharmila with open arms and she immediately came close to me and put her lips (wet & moist) on mine. As we kissed, she came over to the divan and our bodies were in a tight hug. As her breasts and pubic bush were pressed on me fire burnt inside me. From my lips she slipped down to my breasts. As she sucked my nipples, her hands squeezed my breasts from the sides. She moved sideways and moved her tongue in my armpit hair. She slid further down and whirled her tongue in my belly button. I was ecstatic and cupped her breasts in my hands and pressed them hard. She lied on top of me and moved her breasts all over my body.

Later, she started brushing my body with her bush. She made me turn over & lie on my belly, placed her mouth in the crack and her body was on my back, her pubic bush on my neck. She parted my buttock cheeks and put her tongue in. I could feel her moist tongue well inside my ass hole. As she moved her tongue I shook my hips in pleasure; I was almost in climax.

She turned me over again and placed me with the lower part of my body dangling outside the divan. She spread my thighs apart, knelt on the floor between my legs and put her mouth in my pussy. My clit was swollen and hard. She played with the clit with her tongue and suddenly put her finger deep inside my anus. With that I climaxed like a volcano!

As I recovered from the climax, I saw Sharmila standing in front of the mirror admiring her beauty and the tub was getting filled with water. I noticed that the waist chain had the pendant hanging on her buttocks and the necklace was also turned on her back. She had turned them to avoid hurting me. I got up and walked up to her and stood behind her. I hugged her from behind and we got entangled in a long kiss. As we kissed we got into the tub.

She turned off the tap and turned on the shower. We continued with the kiss as we stood under the cool shower. I explored her body – felt her armpits, breasts & nipples, buttocks & the crack, belly button and her pussy through the bush. Turning off the shower, we soaped each other. As we rinsed the soap with hand shower I did my pet thing. I parted her pussy lips and sprayed water in her pussy. She cried in joy.

At this stage I kissed her in her neck and ears. I started sucking & licking her all over – armpits, breasts & nipples, belly button, and finally I moved on to her asshole. As I whirled my tongue in her anus, I put my fingers in her pussy and moved them fast. In seconds she came with a scream. She lied in the tub for a while and slowly recovered.

She walked to the door and called Aroti and Pushpa. The maids, who were back after their bath but still naked, came in. They dried us with towels. Pushpa dried my hair with a hair drier. As I felt damp in the bush I asked Pushpa to use the drier there. The warm air felt nice. Aroti smiled and did the same on Sharmila. The maids rubbed moisturiser all over our bodies and sprayed perfume. We came out of the bathroom tingling fresh, still without any clothes.

After that hectic round of sex our drunkenness was partly gone. Sharmila asked me if I would like to have lunch. Knowing that the lunch would be heavy I wanted to delay. As I told her so, Sharmila asked Aroti to go to the kitchen and make preparation so that lunch is ready in half an hour. As Aroti left, we went into the bedroom, which was large and had a huge four poster bed. As the AC was on it felt cool and nice. Pushpa came in with us and stood in attendance. Sharmila said she was tired and lied down in bed. I also climbed up on the bed.. Within minutes Sharmila fell asleep. Pushpa had nothing to do and moved around.

As she was standing in front of a full-length mirror, I watched her youthful sexy body in the mirror. She looked rather attractive both from front and back. As she raised her hands to set her hair she looked really sexy. As she turned a little I could see her breasts from the side; they were very straight and she looked like a sculpture. Her dense and soft armpit hair appealed to me a lot and I started feeling horny. Her nipples were cylindrical and good in size. While watching her nipples I felt they were showing signs of ‘hard on’.

As Sharmila was fast asleep I thought of giving this sexy maid a try. I asked her to put some cream on my body. She started on my belly and played her fingers in my belly button. Her hands slowly moved up to my breasts and softly moved around my nipples. She also moved her hands downwards and went up to my pubic hairline and then came back. I casually held her and off & on touched her armpit hair

To encourage her to be active, I took a little cream on my fingers and put them on her nipples and said, “ Do like this “. She promptly took the hint and started on my nipples. I did not remove my fingers from her nipples, which were quite erect. As her hand was moving very fast on my breasts and nipples, I felt very horny and in an impulse drew her close. I kissed her soft lips and our tongues played hard with each other. I drew her head on my breasts, and she moved her face over it.

She brought a cloth and wiped my nipples clean of cream. She sucked my nipples real nice. I sat up and spreading my legs put her head between my legs. As she sucked my pussy, I pulled her up on to the bed. I placed my hands in her armpit and played with her real thick hair. I moved my hands on her breasts, which were firm and nice. I twisted her nipples, which grew bigger between my fingers. I took my hands lower and felt her smooth belly and the deep belly button.

I moved my hands further down and felt her pussy hair. Gradually I reached her pussy lips and felt the moistness. Slowly I inserted my fingers and reached her clit, which was swollen. She was still at my pussy and I was feeling the current of passion flowing through my body. She was moving her tongue faster and I kept pace with my fingers. By this time both of us were jerking our hips, as we were cumming. I used the fingers of my other hand to part her crack and inserted my finger. With that we both came together.

We both collapsed on each other’s body, she between my legs and I on her back. As we recovered, Pushpa hugged me and gave me a kiss. I was afraid that with the movement created by us Sharmila may wake up. But was relieved to see that she was still asleep. Pushpa got down from the bed, came back with a wash cloth and cleaned me up. As she was lighting a cigarette for me, she whispered in my ears to say that I must not tell her mistress about this. In reply I gave her a reassuring pat on her breasts.

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