Sharon was the most fantastic woman I had ever met. She was only 5'1", but had the boobs, waist and hips of a playmate and the brains of a Nobel Prize winner. We dated for a year in college and I talked her into moving in with me in our junior year. The money was tight but we made love every night and I was thrilled to have such a wonderful woman sharing my tiny apartment.

After six months of poverty, school and sex, Sharon was happy but missing a few of the basic comforts that she was accustom to. Her cousin Beth lived in the same town and had a good job. Beth's boyfriend Eli, also had a great job and they had just bought a large house together. Shortly after buying the house, Eli's overtime hours were cut back and they suddenly had a difficult time making mortgage payments. Beth and Eli decided to sublet the two extra bedrooms to college students. After a few weeks of interviewing potential tenants, Beth suggested that Sharon and I could move into one of the rooms and pay rent. This would leave the remaining bedroom available as an office and guest room for both couples.

Although I was a bit apprehensive about living with another couple, I was anxious to put Sharon in the beautiful house that I knew she wanted to live in. The modern new house had a high vaulted ceiling with a balcony-hallway overlooking the living room. We basically had our own bedroom and bathroom since Beth and Eli had the master bedroom with a double tub in the room as well as a half-bath. It only cost us a little more per month and suddenly we felt more like adults rather than students.

In contrast to Sharon, Beth is tall with blond hair. Both women are absolutely beautiful and despite my sincere love for Sharon, I could not keep my eyes off of Beth. Within days of moving in, she was waltzing around in little more than underwear. One day I was in the living room watching television when I saw her walk from the main bathroom to her bedroom, topless. My eyes nearly popped out of my head and Sharon gave me a stern-but-playful glare. It wasn't long before all four of us became comfortable walking around with little clothing on.

None of us had set schedules for work so every day seemed to find a different combination of us home. We all got along great, and it was nice always knowing that you had a friend at the house whenever you came home.

One evening while Sharon was at work, I was home watching television with Beth and Eli. It was some slightly romantic HBO original and Beth was cuddled up to Eli on the sofa under a blanket. At one point I noticed Beth's head disappear under the blanket. I tried not to stare but soon I could tell that she was right at Eli's crotch. Through my peripheral vision, I could see her head moving up and down. She was so casual about it and I was instantly erect just thinking about her sweet lips on his cock. Eventually I looked over at Eli and he gave me a knowing smile and just shook his head.

We both just sat there and watched her head bob up and down under to blanket. Eli almost busted out laughing when I had to adjust my raging hard-on. He began showing off by actually grabbing her head through the blanket and guiding her up and down over his cock. At this point, Beth must have known that I was watching. She began to make soft humming noises and I just sat there blatantly staring at one of the most erotic images I had ever witnessed.

As Beth's noises and motions became more and more intense, Eli began tugging at the blanket. My cock was begging for relief but I was worried that if the blanket came off and Beth saw me masturbating, she would freak out. So I controlled myself, adjusted myself again and settled for a good show. Just as Eli got the blanket over her head, Beth regained her composure enough to pull it back into place. I only got a brief glimpse of the back of her head and because of the angle. I didn't get to see her mouth around his cock but my imagination was getting the best of me and I had to have relief. I quickly ran up the stairs. From the balcony overlooking the living room, I had a great vantage point. I quickly removed my jeans and briefs in one quick motion and gave myself shivers with the touch of my own hand. Eli looked up and made a hilarious silent laugh face as soon as he realized what I was doing.

He didn't keep the smile on his face for long. Soon his eyes were rolling upward and I could hear Beth gasping and swallowing. This sent me over the edge and I quickly ran to the bathroom and came in a towel.

It was two days before I had a good "alone moment" where I could tell Sharon about the experience. She was totally shocked and fascinated at the time. She made me tell the entire story twice just in case I left out any minute detail. We made passionate love and I think that both of us were deep in thought about how far this kind of behavior would go. How far did we want it to go?

Within a week, Sharon came to me and told me of a similar incident that she had with Eli and Beth on an evening when I was at work. She was talking to Beth about sex stuff and soon Eli joined in the conversation. They were talking about penises and Beth was trying to explain something about size, girth, length and deviation. She explained how most dicks veer either to the left or right slightly and Sharon was a bit taken back since I am particularly straight. Beth casually asked Eli to remove his member as a visual aid. And he did. Sharon was very embarrassed and after a bunch of laughs, Beth made Sharon take a serious close look at it. He eventually became hard and Sharon had a good close-up view of a very healthy (and very large) cock.

As Sharon told me about this event, I asked her how it made her feel. She was embarrassed again and I correctly accused her of being turned on by the situation. We made love again and this time we talked a lot while I was inside her. I asked her if she was excited seeing his penis. "Did you want to touch it?" "No" "Don't lie"… "Yes" "Did you want it in you?" "Yes". I flooded her with cum and wiped away any trace of guilt I had ever felt concerning my fantasy desires for Beth.

Sharon and I had often talked about our fantasies. Now we had tiny incidents of reality that fueled our fantasies. Obviously Eli and Beth had more experience with sex and we wondered if they secretly were even more adventurous than we had originally supposed.

Whenever we heard them making love in their room, we soon found ourselves in the mood and fucking. I noticed that they often responded the same way. One afternoon Sharon and I had a particularly good session while Beth was home and Eli was out. When we came out of the bedroom Beth teased us about getting on when she didn't have Eli there to satisfy her. I really wanted to offer her my services but I didn't dare.

One early evening we were all in our respective bedrooms banging and both couples got particularly loud. We all knew that the other couple was listening and everyone was excited by the thought. Both Beth and Sharon must have climaxed a dozen times and finally Eli and I finished within seconds of each other. After about a minute of silence from both rooms, Eli pounded on the wall and shouted, "Gatorade anyone?" We all grabbed at least one piece of clothing and scampered into the kitchen. I think we drank two gallons of Gatorade in about five minutes. It became a house joke that we always needed to have plenty of the stuff on hand from then on.

Since moving in, Beth and Eli had often told us that we were welcome to borrow their bedroom anytime since they had a hot tub in it. At first, it was obvious that they were offering to exchange bedrooms for a night. But after a while the offer became, "you're welcome to use the tub if you like." The tub was big enough for two people but small enough that Beth used it quite often. Sharon began to wonder if they were implying that we could use the fancy tub while they were in the room. She wanted to take them up on the offer but was nervous (and excited) about the prospect of Eli walking in on her. This talk also excited me and we often talked about it while we made love.

All of us were getting progressively more open about nudity. One day there was a phone call for Beth while she was soaking in the tub and I was the only other person home. She shouted for me and said that she was expecting a call and would I please answer it and bring her the phone. When I came into the room she was still in the tub and made no effort to cover herself. I couldn't stop myself from close examination of her beautiful bare breasts and she smiled and gave me a flirty wave as she took the phone with her other hand.

Life was good. I couldn't wait to get home every day. Sharon felt pretty much the same way and we rarely went out on the town. When we did go out, we always wanted it to be with Beth and Eli. I had never gotten along so well with roommates before. We were all so comfortable around each other that no one ever had to feel like a third wheel if their partner was away. I even noticed Sharon was becoming more casual about walking around with little clothing on. Eli noticed too. I think that all four of us were excited by the prospects. At first, it was Beth that was particularly free about her body but soon Sharon seemed to be exposing herself so much that I suspected that it was becoming a competition.

At first she would just do little things like walk out of the bedroom while she was still putting on her shirt. Soon it progressed to watching television in the living room in just panties and a t-shirt. Then the shirts became more provocative. She had tight ones, loose ones, transparent and torn ones.

One time Sharon was about to come out of the bedroom in a particularly short pink t-shirt. She didn't know that I could see her and I watched her pause at the door, getting her courage to come out in front of Beth and Eli. The shirt was very old and we could all see through it clearly. To top it off, the shirt had been cut off just inches below the bottom of her boobs, which gave everyone a fantastic view of her perfect ass in a pair of very expensive silk panties. She came downstairs, got a beer and joined the rest of us watching television. Once she had mustered the courage to leave the bedroom, she was completely comfortable staying dressed that way.

Not to be outdone, Beth left at the next commercial and returned wearing a somewhat modest nightgown. On closer inspection, the nightgown was also transparent and she obviously had no panties on at all. We drank and laughed a lot that night. Every time Sharon raised her arms above her shoulders, we had a full view of her naked tits. And whenever Beth walked in front of a light or the television, we could see a silhouette of her entire body. There was so much sexual tension in the air that when we all finally went to bed, the entire house shook. Several times.

After a tough workout once, I mentioned to Beth that I was sore. She highly recommended that I use the jets in their tub for relief. It sounded so good that I decided to try it out. Beth was the only other person there and she was reading in the living room. I grabbed a pile of clean clothes, went to the master bedroom and filled the tub. As soon as I was undressed, I became extremely excited and nervous, wondering if Beth would walk in while I was there, naked in her bedroom. She never did, but the anticipation drove me so crazy that I nearly came without touching myself. I told Sharon about it that evening. I could tell that she wanted the same that combination of fear, embarrassment and sexual excitement.

We tried the tub out together several times in the next few weeks after that. Each time, Beth and Eli respected our privacy. And each time, we were excited and nervous at the thought of them walking in on us. We would get so worked up while in the tub, that we would end up running from their room to ours in nothing but towels, and making passionate love in our bed.

The four of us were all watching television together one night when we all seemed to get horny at the same precise moment. I don't remember if it was the program or what but the room was dark except for the light from the TV. Sharon and I were lying on the floor casually kissing and when I looked up at the sofa, Eli had Beth's shirt off and was gently sucking on a breast. I motioned for Sharon to look and when she did, she seemed to melt. Suddenly I could feel intense heat from her entire body. We would kiss for several seconds and paused to watch them. Each time we returned to kissing, Sharon seemed hotter and bolder. I was about to start undressing her when she surprised me by making the first move. She quickly unbuttoned my jeans and removed my cock.

Eli was frantically moving between Beth's breasts as she flung her head back in ecstasy. Sharon made a quick inspection of what the other couple was doing before she went down on me. As her lips covered me, I must have made an amusing face because when I made eye contact with Beth, she was full of smiles. Eli was laying her down flat as he began removing her panties. He moved slowly and kissed every inch or so. I was disappointed but understanding when Sharon stopped to watch them. I pawed at Sharon's tits through her shirt and she slowly pumped my cock. We watched Eli remove his pants and I think that Sharon was swaying with dizziness when his huge organ popped out of the opening in his boxers. Suddenly she needed one in her mouth. She sucked me with an unfamiliar passion and I knew that it was his cock that she was imagining in her mouth. I couldn't blame her since it was really Beth's bare breasts that had gotten me hard.

Beth grabbed Eli's penis before he could lower his boxers. Instead of taking it directly into her mouth, she proceeded to kiss it all over. Meanwhile, Sharon and I were trying to undress each other. It was difficult because we were constantly stopping to either kiss or watch. When dark scenes came on the television, we couldn't see very well so we would devote our attention to each other. But each time the television got brighter, we would instinctively turn toward Beth and Eli.

After a particularly long series of dark scenes, the room lit up and all four of us were naked. Beth had one leg hanging off of the sofa and Eli was in position to enter her. Sharon quickly rolled over onto her hands and knees and motioned me into a doggie position so that we could both watch the other action. I slid into a very wet pussy just as I watched Eli enter Beth.

Soon we were all pumping away, right in front of each other. Beth was very vocal and she encouraged Eli to look over at us. She was the first one brave enough to say anything. "Isn't she pretty? You like watching her tits swing, don't you?" Eli just smiled and enjoyed the sight of Sharon rocking toward him each time I slammed into her. Soon the talk was between all four of us. Sharon told Beth that she looked beautiful while she was getting fucked. Beth complimented me on my tight abs and perfect cock. It was the same kind of dirty talk that we had done in our bedrooms, but now we were doing it together.

Sharon wanted to change positions so we unhooked and she rolled onto her back. As we moved, we found ourselves several feet closer to the sofa. We were within touching distance of Eli when Sharon propped herself up on her elbows and opened her legs wide directly in front of him. I saw her look directly into his eyes as she touched her wet labia. Then she looked at me and said, "fuck me". As I got into position, I heard Beth say, "Oh, doesn't she have a beautiful pussy". And Eli responded, "yes".

I quickly entered Sharon and was facing away from our friends. Each time I rubbed her breasts, I could hear both Eli and Beth mummer and I could tell that they enjoyed watching her boobs in my hands. Beth commented on how fun it was watching my ass flex as I made love.

The verbal exchanges made the moment so frantic that we all came quickly and violently. Beth and Eli climaxed just before us and before I finished squirting my final throbs into Sharon, I saw Beth's cute butt running up the stairs. Eli was lying in naked recovery on the sofa and said, "Thank you for letting us see that". We both answered, "no, thank you" at the same time. Beth appeared on the balcony with a stack of towels and threw them at the three of us. I wiped up quickly and went to the kitchen and poured Gatorade for everyone.

With the lights coming on one by one, we were all getting even more familiar and comfortable with our naked bodies. I was surprised at how horny Sharon was. Within minutes, she was trying to get me hard again by touching and kissing my cock. This time the lights were on and Beth and Eli were watching every move we made. Just having them there in the room with us made me get hard again faster than usual. Before long Sharon laid back and pulled her ankles up nearly to her shoulders. I massaged her beautiful vagina as Beth and Eli put their noses just inches away from it and observed and praised it. I fucked Sharon again and for the first several minutes, the other couple watched us intently. It was fantastic.

Beth had Eli lay on his back next to us as soon as he was hard again. Then she straddled his hips and slowly pushed him into her cunt. Soon, we could feel the heat from the couple fucking right next to us. Sharon was going so wild that I could feel her hips coming up off of the floor to meet my thrusts. I was pounding so hard, I was afraid that I might hurt Sharon. It was as if she couldn't fuck hard enough. I came long before Eli this time, and we all lost count of Sharon's orgasms before that. Beth seemed to cum less often than Sharon but with more intensity. She was still a three-to-one girl, at least.

We all made love for over four hours. It was almost non-stop and I set my all time record of four ejaculations in one night. I think that Eli did the same but it was hard to tell toward the end. I think that I humped for over an hour straight just before my last orgasm. Even after I was unquestionably finished for the evening, I got hard one more time just watching Beth play with her own tits as Eli fucked her. It was a great night.

That night changed everything. From then on, it seemed perfectly natural for any of us to be naked in front of each other. Sharon never again scolded me again for watching Beth, and I was somewhat turned on by the fact that she was getting her eyes full watching Eli. On weekends, the four of us spent hours romping around the living room wearing nothing at all. I yearned to touch Beth's body, but was always satisfied by Sharon's athletic passion.

The next big step happened a couple of months later. For several days, sexual activity had been particularly high. It seemed like all four of us were making an effort to remain naked most of the time and we teased each other constantly. When Beth and I were alone in a room together, she would often tweek her nipples while staring directly at my penis. This evolved into masturbation a few times but I never climaxed alone with her. Sharon told me of a similar incident once when she was in the house alone with Eli. They apparently got each other so worked up that they each went to their own room to finish up. This was not nudism. It was very erotic and very sexual.

One early morning I came home from a grueling graveyard shift just as it was getting light. I didn't expect anyone to be awake but as I walked into the dimly lit living room, I had a very unexpected surprise. Sharon was flat on her back in the middle of the floor with her legs high in the air. Eli was balls-deep in her pussy and Beth was casually sitting in a chair watching them. I was both shocked and excited. I had suspected that maybe someday we would all feel comfortable enough to swap, but I thought it would happen when all four of us were there. As I walked into the room, Beth stood up and walked over to me. She said, "Don't be mad…are you mad? I talked them into it. I wanted to watch." The situation just seemed so absurd. I had just walked in on my girlfriend fucking her cousin's boyfriend, while she watched. My head was spinning and my cock was hard. "Get undressed, I'll fuck your eyes out as soon as they are finished." We both watched for about two minutes before they both came in a flurry of motion. As they were melting into recovery, Beth reached over and started slowly stroking my member. Sharon eventually recovered enough to notice that I had arrived. "Hi honey. Are you ok with this?" Beth interrupted before I could reply, "He seems fine."

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