tagLesbian SexSharon & Laura Ch. 03

Sharon & Laura Ch. 03


"Right Mr. Nisbet, if you'd just like to rinse." Mr. Nisbet was sure his frozen lip was touching the cup but found the pink liquid running down his white shirt. She giggled as he tried to gargle with a tongue that refused to do what it was told.

He sat up and smiled at his pretty dentist. Sharon was 28 years old. With brown shoulder length hair and a lovely smile, 5 feet 4" in her cotton socks. At this point in time she was living and working in the Scottish capital but her accent was from another place. She almost sang when she spoke. Ireland was her birthplace and she was able to talk in the Gaelic - a language spoken by thousands throughout her island and Scotland's highlands. As Mr Nisbet said his goodbyes she looked at her watch. It was nearly 5pm. She buzzed through to the reception and was told that her last appointment had just been cancelled. That was good, she had had a hard day - one where every problem that could happen did. She was late getting started - the alarm hadn't gone off, or she hadn't heard it. The car was running on fumes and she wondered if it would get her through the bridges to work. The rain poured down and the top of Arthur's seat would have been a bad spot for the tourists today.

Then she remembered. She was expecting company in about half an hour. A smile came to her face.

"You can go on home if you like Clare, I'll lock up." Clare smiled and nodded. She switched over the phone to the answering machine, turned off the computer, picked up her bag and said goodbye. Sharon was now all alone in the surgery. She locked the door and put off the outside lights. She had a little office next to her room where she kept some clothes. It was handy to have stuff there in case she went out after work, it was a long way back to her place. She wanted to look nice, looking at her watch again she had about twenty minutes.

In the office she closed the door and opened the buttons and took off her white coat. She had a good body; she knew it. The cycling was good for her legs and buttocks and the rock climbing she did kept the rest of her in trim. She was wearing a white bra, lacy and pretty but the briefs she had grabbed in the first light of day were rather shabby looking. She looked in the small drawer and found what she hoped was there. A brand new white satin g-string. She had bought it from Debenhams weeks ago but not got round to wearing it. Tonight would be perfect. It still had the label on it, "to fit 36 hips." She put it down and took off the old offending pants and shoved them in a bag with her overcoat. The label was cut off and she climbed into the thong. It sat well on her hips and lay flat across her crotch. Turning round she loved the look, the satin rising out from between her cheeks, the little triangle of material at the small of her back. She thought it was sexy and hoped her lover would agree. She took the white ribbed top off the hanger and slipped it over her head, smoothing it down her belly. It had short sleeves and reached her hip bones. A navy skirt, mid thigh in length, was pulled on and she put on her navy sandals.

The hair got a little brush and a little make up completed the transformation. Ten to five. She looked out the window and saw her partner walking on the other side of the road smiling at a very attractive girl on a bicycle. The girl smiled back as she watched Sharon's lover cross the street in front of her. "The little flirt!" she said out loud as she smiled and went to unlock the door. Sharon opened the door and was greeted by a warm smile. "She wanted you!" said Sharon.

"Oh the little honey on the bike? Hmmm maybe, do you blame her?" was the reply.

"Not at all." Sharon put her arms around the warm neck and kissed those cherry red lips.

"Hmm, that was nice." said Laura as she put her arms around Sharon's waist, drew her in close and returned the kiss. Sharon opened her lips as Laura's tongue flicked in her mouth. Laura dropped her hands to Sharon's bottom and squeezed her buttocks gently.

"Hmmm I needed that. Had a good day?" asked Sharon

"No, I was late for my last viewing and then the office called me on the mobile to inform me that they'd forgotten it had been cancelled. How about you?"

"Always exciting in this place, fillings, root canals; did a mould for a full set of teeth today - it doesn't get much more exciting than this..."

They were still embraced staring into each others eyes. They had been together for some time now, having met at a mutual friend's birthdat party.

Well as you're talking dentist speak I think I cracked my tooth today, on a bloody biscuit of all things. It hurt like hell at the time. Would you take a look?"

"Have you got an appointment?"

"Don't I get special dispensation? I'll make it worth your while," she grinned.

"Well in that case you'd better come through." She locked the door and led Laura to her surgery room and put the overhead light on. Laura stood at the door waiting as it blinked to life. She was thirty years old, 5'7" with shoulder length light brown hair, a pretty woman, slim, 36-26-34 very well dressed in a two piece suit. "Come on then, lie down and lets have a look."

She took off the jacket revealing a plain silk crew neck sleeveless top. It hugged the curve of her breasts and disappeared into her skirt. Laura climbed up onto the chair which was in the upright, sitting position, her head wedged between the headrests. Sharon leaned over and kissed her again and pressed the foot pedal to make the chair recline. She kissed Laura all the way down, Laura touching her face. Sharon sat on a high stool by the right of Laura and if she moved a little could see up her skirt. "The guys must love this place, I can see right up your skirt!"

"I don't wear this usually remember - might be an idea though, to get them to stop cancelling their appointments!"

"Hmmm you'd be too busy with legs like that." Laura reached across and slid her hand up Sharon's inside thigh.

"Look do you want me to look at your tooth?" she teased. Laura opened her mouth as Sharon wielded those tiny steel tools. She poked and prodded a while. "Looks fine to me, I'll keep an eye on it though, tell me if it gets sore, I'd hate you to be in pain."

"Oh a little tiny bit of pain isn't so bad huh?" said Laura. She slipped her hand back up between Sharon's legs, stroking her thigh. Sharon opened her legs as wide as the skirt would allow. Laura leaned over and ran her fingers until they touched her pussy lips through the material. Sharon let out a little sigh.

"Nice?" she asked.

"Hmmm, nice," she whispered back.

Laura continued to stroke her with the back of her fingers, Sharon enjoying the sensations deep within. Laura lifted her legs on the chair, raised her bottom and pulled up her skirt, the black stockings stopping about two thirds up her thigh, the white flesh stark in contrast to the sheer nylon that stayed in place thanks to the elasticated non-slip band. Sharon leaned over, hitching up her skirt a little and began stroking Laura's flesh. She had on a pair of black silk knickers with a lace trim.

Sharon stood up next to the chair put her hand up her blouse and gently pinched a nipple through her bra. Laura lifted her top to let Sharon undo the fastener at the front, 'She has great tits,' thought Sharon as she took a breast in each hand and slowly massaged them. Her thumb and forefinger of each hand rolled the nipples till they stiffened. She leaned over and nibbled on one side.

Laura felt a bolt of pleasure from the nipple to her crotch and grabbed Sharon's breast firm beneath the top. Sharon's attention turned to stroking and massaging Laura's thighs, from inside, close to the seat round the top and down the outside. Laura put her hands above her head, her nipples pointing through the silk and closed her eyes. She then touched her along the front of her knickers then slipped her left hand down inside the front, feeling the hair as she went down nearer her pussy. They both liked to keep their hair in trim, neat but natural.

Laura let out a contented moan and opened her legs. She was beginning to get a little wetter. Sharon leaned over, her face between Laura's thighs and kissed her there, tracing her tongue between the knickers and the stocking. Laura moved her hips as the sensations grew stronger, Sharon's fingers probing gently but deeper. Laura put her hand on Sharon's head and ran her fingers through her hair.

Sharon withdrew her hand and gripped both sides of Laura's knickers, pulling them down over her knees and off completely, letting them fall on the floor. Laura looked at Sharon, they were both hot for each other. She spun round and stood up off the chair. Took hold of the bottom of Sharon's top and lifted it over her head.

Both girls were breathing heavily now as urgency took hold. Laura unzipped her skirt, it fell to the floor, took off her own blouse then helped Sharon off with her skirt. The thong made an impression. "Wow, that looks hot!" laura said as she grabbed Sharon's behind and pulled their hips together, kissing passionately, hungrily, while Laura removed Sharon's bra.

Sharon's breasts were firm and perfectly shaped, slightly larger than Laura's own, with nipples pointing up desperate for attention. Laura kissed her nipples and bit hard in the heat of the moment. Sharon let out a wail, it hurt but it was sweet pain. She was left in her thong and Laura in her hold-up stockings. Laura bent over and peeled the thong away from Sharon's body, kissing her mound as she knelt in front of her. Sharon threw back her head, put a leg up on the reclined chair and gripped the overhead lamp as Laura licked her lips, biting gently slipping her tongue inside her, circling her clitoris. Her pussy felt on fire as blood swelled in her labia.

Laura stood up and forced her tongue into Sharon's willing mouth - she could taste her own sex, that familiar smell mixed with Laura's saliva. She manoeuvred Laura back onto the chair and moved to the foot allowing herself access to her lovers pussy, she climbed onto the chair and licked her from the knee right up inside her thigh to her wet lips. Laura raised her legs higher lifting her pussy off the chair. Sharon held her thighs just below the buttocks as she sank her face into her crotch.

Laura gasped as Sharon licked her slit, running her tongue along every millimetre of skin. She stopped when she found her swollen bud, flicking it, circling it, Laura begging for more. Sharon knew how to make her come. She pushed her mouth firmly over her clitoris and massaged it between her tongue and her top teeth.

Laura began to moan and ride Sharon's mouth. Laura's hands clamped on the back of her head; Sharon nearly lost her breath as Laura let out a long moan, savouring her orgasm, bucking still against Sharon's face.

Sharon gave one last long lick then climbed upon the chair, straddling between Laura's legs, positioning her pussy on top of Laura's with her arm behind Laura's left knee. The other leg up her back. Sharon held Laura's leg up high and began to grind her pussy against her girlfriend's.

They had both created a lot of lubrication as she slid over her lover's lips. She found her rhythm quickly, closed her eyes and held on tightly to Laura's leg. Laura loved it when she did this. Sharon totally lost herself here.

Laura loved to watch Sharon's face as she woke her orgasm. Sharon began to screw up her eyes. Laura found her pace and helped her by gyrating her hips. Her mouth opened and closed, her tongue between her teeth. She began to accelerate pushing harder against Laura's body. At last she let out a long primal growl as she slammed her crotch against Laura's aching pussy.

She collapsed on top of Laura, the pair of them gasping for air, their hearts hammering in their chests. The room was still and the smell of lust and sex was in the air. They held each other for a while, stroking and kissing each other till their pulses and breathing returned to normal.

They both got dressed feeling sleepy, smiling and giggling at each other as the sensation of fulfilment washed through their minds. Sharon tidied up as best she could but wondered how she would feel the next day back at work. Probably, smiling to herself she thought, waiting for Laura's next check up.

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