tagGroup SexSharon Ch. 4

Sharon Ch. 4


Well it appears that my sister Sally is really enjoying her new found hobby of screwing. After Sharon and I did her cherry in she just started to enjoy the entire idea of adult fun and would join me in my bed in the evenings often. She really enjoyed sharing sex with Sharon also. We were a threesome anytime. Sally would just join in when ever Sharon and I were together and the entire situation was a joy for me also.

It was very pleasing sexually to enjoy two horny women at the same time. After a date with George Sally would come home and be hot to trot and want me to finish her off. During the early summer evenings in our pool Sharon would go skinny dipping and Sally would join in and the entire situation would culminate in my screwing both of them starting with Sally, who always seemed to be the most aggressive. During one of our couplings on the patio along side the pool Sally asked Sharon if she would show her boyfriend George the fun of screwing and get him relaxed so he would do her when they were together. Sharon told her sure, and I said now wait a minute how do I fit into this. Well the girls put together a plan to get George and it is as follows.

On the particular Friday evening Sally had George over for a swim. The plan was that Sally would get him to have some fun in the pool skinny dipping. When here it goes George was in the pool and Sally worked him up to a large boner and Sally said she had to go to the bathroom. Sally left George in the pool with this large boner and went to the changing room.

Sharon came out of the house with her bathing suit on and just jumped into the pool with George. She went over to George in the deep end and said hello and George looked like he wanted to croak. Sharon said I see you and Sally were having some fun do you mind if I join? At that George just said sheepishly no. Well Sharon took off her bathing suit and went over to George who was still hard and grabbed his boner with her hand. George jumped and Sharon wrapped her body around him and kissed his neck while she put her legs around him. His boner was pushed up against her stomach.

Sharon whispered in his ear, "Let me show you how to enjoy that boner you have between your legs." George did not respond - he just stayed still. Sharon with one quick stroke pierced her pussy with George's cock and George just started to shake from the excitement. Sharon continued to stroke George with her legs locked around him and he pussy grabbing his boner on each stoke.

Well, Sally came out of the change room and jumped into the water and swims to the coupling pair. Sally says, "George I see you like to skinny dip with Sharon."

With that statement, Sharon groaned with an orgasm and started to pump and tuck her pussy more on George's shaft. Sharon had a bear hug on George and he was stuck in more ways then one. Sally touched George's balls and his pumping shaft as it rode Sharon into the second cum Sharon was getting.

In about one minute George said, "I am ready to cum," and groaned. He said it again and, "Sharon I need to pull out before I knock you up with my cum."

Sharon responded, "Keep pumping and give the cum to me. I am on the pill and won't get knocked up." Sally put her arms around the pumping pair and wrapped her legs around George from behind and George finished his release into Sharon and the girls giggles with the pumping of his orgasm and squirting of his cum.

The three stayed hugging for about 1 or 2 minutes after George and Sharon were completed and Sally said to George, "I hope you enjoy that I loved watching and hugging you both while you came."

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