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Sharon Goes Back to School


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Sharon Sobel lived in a large house with her husband and two children. She married right out of high school and loved her family more than she could say. Money was no concern as her husband had become quite successful in his field. It was decided early on that Sharon would stay at home to be with their young children while the food was put on the table her husband Chris. Early on this kept her quite busy, however, for the last few years the family has hired a housekeeper to take on the brunt of the work. Between this fact and the kids being more and more involved with school and sports, Sharon has had to find things to keep her occupied. Working out, laying by the pool, shopping and decorating, but, as much as she loved these activities she needed something else to put energy into.

Always wondering how she would have turned out with the benefit of a college education, Sharon decided that getting a degree might make her a more intellectual person. Approaching Chris with her request was not a challenge at all. In fact not much were these days, as he just wanted to be left alone to concentrate on work. Deep down it bothered her that he showed little interest, but she did appreciate that fact that he worked so hard to provide for them. She also used this excuse for that fact that they never seemed to make love any more, reasoning that all relationships turned out that way due to work. Being interested in acting and art history classes the closest school was quite for away, however, the drive seemed easy enough when she went to have a look at the campus. So, with the not very interested support of her husband Sharon decided to start taking classes this fall semester. She decided to double her efforts at the gym and in the mall to make sure she did not stick out too much from all the younger students. The extra working out did not seem to make that much of a difference to Sharon's body. Truth be known the reason for this was that she was already in very good shape and would have not problem fitting in with the other girls. She bought a new wardrobe and as far as she knew was ready to go back to school.

The first day was rather confusing, the campus was so busy and there seemed to be no good directions on how to get around. This was a far cry from the class bells she remembered in high school. Also, Sharon noticed that her new wardrobe was a lot more conservative than what the other girls were wearing, but she chalked this up to the fact that she was older and married. Deep down she was upset however that none of the young guys seemed to pay her much attention compared to a lot of the girls. If she only knew that a lot of the guys were too intimidated to approach her, most of them assuming she was a grad student or teachers aid. Her dick-hardening figure was noticed by a lot of guys, even though hidden by her rather conservative clothes. Having married so early and then spent so much time with the family, Sharon was a little unaware that her blonde 36DD-27-33 body was the kind a lot of guys jerked off to. Having big breasts ran in her family and was a source of annoyance for Sharon as a kid. It was a big shock to her when her breasts stayed on size bigger after her twins were born. Being from a religious and very proper family she was taught to never use her appearance to attract men.

After a while the heavy flirting that went on got more and more of her attention and definitely led her to checking out a lot of the young guys around campus. Of course she thought this was natural curiosity having never been in university before. About three weeks into her semester, Sharon was growing rather tired of the commute. She had not calculated for one thing when thinking about the drive to and from campus...traffic. She was now spending twice the time she thought she would in that car and it was really annoying for her. If only she had a place near school where she could stay a few nights during the week. With the kids being so busy at sports and school, combined with the fact that the housekeeper did all the work anyway. She felt like she was just coming home to go to sleep anyway, all the activity with her family was on the weekends. Sharon knew that her kids would not mind, as they were not really seeing her during the week anyway. There were lots of apartments available so she asked her husband what he thought about her renting a place. As usual, so long as he could do his work in peace he was fine with it. He never considered Sharon this sharpest knife in the drawer anyway, and this school thing he saw as just a folly that she would lose interest in. As long as the housekeeper took care of the place and the kids, he saw it as little more than being able to watch what he wanted on TV before bed.

Within a few days she had rented a furnished apartment only a few blocks from the school. The complex was the best around, with a pool, gym/sauna and hot tub. She enjoyed the first day she could walk to class! Passing by frat houses she noticed a lot of guys hanging out in the front looking at people who passed by. She was a little bit giddy that they were looking and smiling at her. She caught herself staring at one frat house in particular, as it had a basketball court in the front. A group of guys were playing basketball with their shirts off and listening to loud rap music. One of the young men Sharon thought she recognized from her Sociology class and she quickly looked away when they noticed her. Having never really known a black guy, Sharon was surprised at how funny she felt while looking at their hard bodies. She could not get that images out of her mind all through her next class and found herself squeezing her thighs together! Why was she not able to control her thoughts regarding the black students?

Her next class that afternoon was Sociology and she was surprised at how much she enjoyed the environment and all the interesting topics. As she was leaving the class that day she took a few steps backwards while reading the projector screen. She backed into someone and for a second she thought she felt a palm grab her ass. Of course this could not be the case and it was her clumsy fault anyway. One of her papers dropped to the floor and she went down one knee to pick it up. As she was rising she started to turn around and froze as she looked up into the face of the Black frat boy that she had seen earlier playing basketball. She stuttered out "Uh e,e, excuse me" while looking up at his black face. Shaun Grant was a 6'4" 19 year old who had gone to the school on a basketball scholarship. He had been eyeing this preppy blonde for about two weeks now. His frat brother Dave who was also in the class had told him she was checking them out earlier in the day. He could tell she was a little nervous and probably not used to being around black people. Noticing her walking backwards at the end of class Shaun took a deliberate few steps out of the way and took the chance of feeling how firm her ass was when she bumped into him. Seeing how hot this girl was Shaun got even more excited when he saw the rather large diamond on her finger.

Sharon had made a speedy exit after her encounter with Shaun. Why had he only smiled at her when she excused herself for being clumsy? Not to say a word seemed rather rude on his part. And what was that feeling on her ass when she bumped into him? There is no way a person would do that kind of thing on purpose right? Sharon dismissed it as a mix up on her part and walked home, choosing to go a different route than that morning. That night in bed Sharon could not fall asleep at all. She found herself unconsciously rubbing her thighs together until finally she realized that her pussy was dripping wet. Her right hand was inching down into her panties and her left hand began to pinch her left nipple. Before she knew it she was roughly frigging her clit and squeezing both her breasts. Her breasts were very sensitive and she was always a little annoyed that her husband did not pay them more attention. It was not until after she made herself climax that Sharon realized she was thinking about the black boys she had seen earlier while walking to school. Deciding not to think about the issue she fell right asleep.

The next week the Sociology professor announced they would be doing a group project. Shaun saw this as the perfect way to get to spend time with the married blonde. After class Shaun went up to one of the teachers assistants that he knew from the school gym. Being friendly with Shaun the TA had no problem with putting together a group of Shaun's choice. The next day in class the groups were announced and sure enough it was Shaun, his bro Dave, Sharon and a young girl named Kelly. At the end of class the student were told to meet up and exchange info in preparation for the group project that would require a lot of out of class work. Sharon felt her heart skip several beats when she realized who was in her group. Introductions were made and Sharon did not know what to do. She could barely make eye contact with either of the black students at first. Dave Kelly suggested they meet later to go over some ideas and get to know each other. Shaun and Dave could not do this because they had a fraternity event to attend. So, the two girls decided to go grab a bite and chat for a while.

Walking on campus with Kelly was what Sharon had always imagined what college would be like. Boys would say hi to them as they rode by on their bikes or skateboards. Sharon noticed that Kelly seemed to know a lot of guys so she asked her how come? Kelly said she knew most of them because she was in a sorority and they were in fraternities. Kelly was a very cute girl with long brown hair, freckles and rather large breasts for being so skinny. It was not hard for Sharon to see why so many guys liked her. She wore a short jean skirt and a tank top that was cut very low in the front giving her a lot of cleavage. A contrast to Sharon's black pants and button up blouse. Sharon started to think that if she showed of some cleavage then maybe. No, that was just silly she thought to herself as they walked along.

Kelly suggested they go get a beer, as it was still a bit early for dinner. Never much of a drinker during the day, Sharon was a little apprehensive at first, but she figured what the heck and said yes. Having beers at one of the school bars was a lot more fun than Sharon thought it would be. The sun was shining and lots of guys had their shirts off while they were drinking. Kelly noticed that Sharon was looking at guys and they started to giggle about some of the cute eye candy they saw around the bar. Sharon thought this was just fine as it was harmless girl talk. When Kelly said that she thought the guys in their group were cute and she was excited about the selection Sharon almost spit some of her beer. "Uh, yeah, I did not really notice" is all she could stammer out.

The girls left to have dinner and ended up getting kind of sloshed on some wine. Kelly was 19 but had a fake ID so it was no problem for them to drink. Feeling very relaxed after the wine Sharon blurted out that she had thought about it and she did think Shaun was hot. Kelly laughed and said that is what she suspected.

"How can you not like that body" Kelly said and Sharon just gave a soft "mmm hmm" in reply. In her drunken head Sharon was thinking what he must look like naked. Having trouble imagining his penis, as she had never really seen a black man's unit before. Sharon and Kelly talked about a lot of things while they continued to drink. Sharon went into the fact that she felt out of touch with all the younger kids and was concerned about not fitting in. Kelly was shocked to find out how old Sharon was along with the fact that she had two children.

The next night Kelly called up Sharon and asked what she was doing?

"Oh nothing, just reading" Sharon replied.

"Good, Shaun just called me and he wants to know if we should meet and talk about our project"

Sharon stuttered her reply saying that she guessed it was okay. "Great see you at Joe's coffee in an hour" Kelly said and hung up. In an hour it would be 9:00 and that seemed kinda late for Sharon, but, she did not want them to think she was some fuddy duddy that could not go out late. Once they all got to the coffee shop and started talking about the project, Sharon again found her thought drifting off to the two black guys bodies. It was difficult for her to look at them and make normal sentences. After about 30 minutes Shaun's cell phone rang and he excused himself. He came back and said there was something he had to take care of at home and would they mind moving things over to his place for some more discussion. Kelly and Dave chimed in saying that was fine. Sharon feeling awkward inside and not thinking it very appropriate only stammered out a yes after a few seconds. She really wanted these kids to like her!

A few minutes later they turned a corner and started walking towards the frat house. Right then is when Sharon remembered that was where she saw Shaun playing basketball and it did not occur to her that he lived there. In her mind she was panicked and wanted to make up an excuse to leave. Not realizing it she was actually excited about seeing the inside of a frat house. There was music coming from the large living room and a bunch of black guys were sitting around drinking beer and watching the game on TV.

"Don't worry, the conference room is in the back and you can not hear this from there" Shaun said as he showed them the way.

The entered the large conference room with pictures on the wall of fraternity class members along with a large crest of the house. Dave came forward with a few pieces of paper for the girls to sign. Sharon thought they looked like contracts? Dave explained that the girls need to sign these liability waivers for insurance reason while in the house. It seemed normal enough and the girls signed several packets of paper that Dave put in from of them.

One side of the room had a full bar and when she saw Kelly asked if she could make everyone some drinks? The guys gave an enthusiastic response but Sharon on the other hand meekly said it was getting a bit late.

"Come on what's the harm in having a drink while we think" Kelly said. She knew it was not really right for her to be sitting hear drinking with these people, but, Kelly was doing it so she figured why not. Kelly came back with seven and sevens for the four of them.

Sharon was not used to hard liquor and it burned her throat a little bit. Shaun and Dave downed theirs pretty fast and Kelly was doing the same. Not wanting to be out of place Sharon took some large gulps of her drink. They got a few things down on paper and before she realized it Kelly had made them all new drinks. Dave made a toast to the success of their project and before she new it the second drink was gone also. Sharon was starting to feel a little tipsy, as she was not accustomed to the booze.

Kelly started to ask Shaun about basketball and Sharon got all perked up at that moment. Shaun suggested they go down stair and watch a tape of him playing on the big screen. Kelly thought those guys were down there but, Shaun said he knew they were going to a bar and he heard them leave.

The four of them moved to the living room and Shaun popped in a tape. He told them how he hurt his knee last season and could not play anymore for the school. Sharon and Kelly both felt sorry for him. As he was talking to the girls Dave appeared with another drink and said that they should make a toast to Shaun's knee getting better.

"What is this" Sharon asked? "Oh, its surfer on acid and I made it cause it's a girl drink with not much alcohol. Dave replied. Kelly said that she loved them and they all drank up. The drink did taste really good and Sharon liked it. Little did Sharon know that the drink is actually filled with a lot of alcohol. As they sat watching TV and talking another round of drinks appeared and Kelly suggested they play a drinking game.

Sharon had never done this, but before she could even answer Kelly had grabbed her hand and pulled her up to the table. Some how or other a few minutes into the game and Jaeger shots appeared on the table. Sharon had never had a knack for cards and she seemed to loose almost every time. Being the second one to take a shot she felt that backing down was not an option or they would make fun of her.

The shot make her feel like she was on fire! The game seemed to go so fast and Sharon had barely any idea what was going on. If she was won she would not know until they told her. Sharon had forgotten about time and was starting to laugh out of control at the two guys jokes. She did not even notice when Shaun or Dave would playfully touch her knee or arm.

Dave said that they should go outside and smoke. Sharon used to smoke when she was younger and did not see the harm in having a cigarette. Dave made some more drinks and brought the bottle with them to a table outside. Shaun lit a cigarette and passed it to Kelly after her took some drags from it. Kelly then smoked and passed it to Sharon, who, just at that moment had realized that they were smoking pot. With the joint in hand Sharon felt awkward and thought maybe it was time to go. Looking at their faces she did not have the guts to excuse herself and she took a little puff.

The three others laughed at her and told her to do it for real. Shaun assured her that it was not very strong and she would barely feel it. So, Sharon took a deep drag of the weed and coughed for at least a minute. They all got a big laugh out of it. Any feelings of awkwardness that Sharon may have been feeling melted away at this point. In a few more minutes and a few more deep drags for Sharon the large joint was done. Sharon then blurted out that she was high and had never smoked weed like that before. "Oh, well we need to do a celebration shot for that" Dave said. Without any fuss Sharon took the shot glass and downed the ice-cold liquid. Shaun said they should come inside for something. They all followed upstairs and ended up in Shaun's rather large bedroom. The bed was up in a loft and there were chair and couches for people to sit on. "If you have not smoked weed like that before then you have to try this" Shaun said. "I am not sure" was all Sharon could get out. "What is it?" she asked. "It's a bong of course" came Shaun's reply. Shaun showed her how to use it and the next thing she knew it was pressed to her lips. "Suck suck suck" came Shaun's order. She sucked as hard as she could and the next thing she knew a torrent of smoke filled her lungs.

"Say cheese" Dave said as he was holding up a camera. Kelly gave a big smile and all Sharon had time to do was move her eyes to look a the camera, while her lips were still pressed to the bong. Kelly excused herself to the bathroom and Sharon was coughing out of control. Shaun said to her "here drink this, it will help." He passed her a surfer on acid, which she downed right away as Dave was taking another picture.

Kelly came back in the room and asked Dave if that was a hot tub in the back? "It sure is and I love that damn thing," he said. "Oh, lets go in, can we, can we?" Kelly asked. Shaun replied "Sure, not a problem, we can miss class tomorrow, lets stay up late and tell some good stories in the relaxing hot tub!" Sharon was now really blitzed out of her head and she muttered to Kelly about not having a bathing suit. The guys over heard and said that you could wear your underwear. Kelly assured her that is was totally normal and people do it all the time.

The guys went ahead to get things running and Kelly asked Sharon to stay with her cause she did not want to be alone. In her intoxicated state she thought that the girl needed her help and reasoned that her underwear was just like a bathing suit anyway.

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