tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 04-06

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 04-06


Character by Scipio
Contributed by Rogue Alan

Thanks to Scipio for getting this started... for fans of Sharon, trust me, there's more to come... If you DON'T like it, remember, it's FICTIOIN... IMAGINARY... it's supposed to be over the top & exaggerated. Don't read it if you don't like it, but don't whine or bitch or complain... I won't be listening.

Chapter 4: Wednesday

Sharon blinked groggily, dimly aware of someone shaking her firmly. She raised a hand, intent on stopping her husband.

"Cut it out, Chris..." the forearm her fingers closed around was much thicker than her husband's. She blinked in surprise & momentary anxiety, sitting up & moving away from the stranger as her brain began to work again. She looked up at the young black man leering down at her naked body.

Sharon Sobel groaned quietly as her automatic movement provided pointed reminders of what she had done the night before. The housewife & mother had allowed... she considered the question... six strange men to use her however they chose; six black men; & all of it on film. Even as she felt a rush of shame & guilt at behaving so wantonly, there was an undeniable tickle of desire as she remembered the way she had felt, submitting to them completely. & afterwards... Back at her apartment near the campus where she had started taking courses, the other young man who had been regularly enjoying her body had treated her to yet another new sexual experience. Shaun had choked her repeatedly as he fucked her. The memory of that climax was enough to trigger new arousal.

Not bothering to look for the sheet or to try to hide her body, she wiped absently at the spray of dried jism flaking on her abdomen as she looked at Dave expectantly. He gestured toward her closet.

"Damn you sleep heavy, girl. Now get dressed... we got some errands to run today." Sharon got up beside him, fully expecting him to grope her as she moved around the bed to the closet. She was a little surprised when Dave just followed her until he was at the door to her bedroom.

"What time is it?" she had noticed it was still dark outside the open bedroom window.

"Dunno," Dave shrugged, then smiled, "If it was a little earlier it'd be playtime. But we gotta get on the road. You know, places to go, people to see, an all that." He turned & sauntered into the front room. Sharon's brow furrowed as she processed what he had said.

"But I can't," she started, "I have classes today. Two this morning..." she paused, remembering her schedule, "& another after lunch."

"Skip 'em" she heard from the front room as she reached for the closet pull.

"There might be a quiz..." She had not missed a class yet... could not imagine skipping, having never done so, even in high school. Dave's voice held a note of warning.

"I'm pretty sure you're not refusing to do this," he started, then went on when she did not answer, "You gotta have faith, my sweet little bitch. You take care of us; we take care of you. Now move that ass, 'less you want your neighbors to see us leave..." Sharon grimaced at that. Her double life was protected by the long drive to the home she shared with her husband, but if neighbors knew & Chris or the kids visited... She threw the closet open.

& paused in amazement. Where there had been carefully arranged outfits, the rods held barely ten assorted skirts, blouses, T's, & dresses. 6" platform clogs she had barely been able to walk in a couple weeks before and 'tame' 4" pumps were the only shoes. With growing trepidation, Sharon opened her lingerie drawer. The new pieces she had bought the past weekend remained, & a handful of lacy bottoms & two shamelessly small thongs panties. The rest-what she usually wore-were gone. The next drawer, where she had unpacked her bras, held only a single thin white silk 'modesty' bra. In the drawer below there was only a single pair of hose.

Sharon opened her mouth to ask Dave what had happened, then closed it. No sense antagonizing her... boyfriend? She selected the least outrageous outfit, a miniskirt that stopped 5" above her knees, & one of the ZB Bitch strappy T's. She had not seen it before, black fabric with white & red letters in contrast to the white shirts she had been given before. Slipping on the lower heels, she stepped into the front room, wondering what Dave had in store for her. He was sitting on the couch, watching a porno on her DVD player, the bong smoking in his hands. He looked over his shoulder at her & waved her over with the plastic tube.

"Nice, babe," he leered at her, "C'mon over & take a hit." Sharon wanted to protest, but made no effort to do so. She sat down beside him & took a lungful of the potent smoke, holding it in for as long as she could. Dave nodded at her, motioning for her to repeat it. He slipped a hand beneath her skirt, fingers moving easily beneath the edge of the thong panties she had selected, rubbing teasingly over her sex. Sharon shivered, her body responding. He got up, saying, "Do a couple more hits. It's the perfect pick-me-up in the morning." As she did what he had told her, he walked into the kitchen, opening cupboards & the refrigerator.

Sharon sucked another lungful of the filtered smoke into her lungs, eyes roaming to the flickering image on her television. She coughed in surprise when she realized it was a shifting angle of her from the night before, whorishly taking a cock in her mouth & her pussy at the same time. The tingle Dave had started between her legs blossomed, even as she was horrified at the knowledge her depraved activities were on the disc spinning beneath her TV. She put a hand between he legs, pressing against her moist sex as she exhaled a cloud of smoke. She turned her head toward the kitchen.

"Dave? When did you... I mean how is this on... uhm, Why is this..."

"The loop?" Dave asked, carrying 2 plastic football glasses toward the couch.

"U-huh," Sharon managed before obediently taking another bong hit. Dave set the glasses on the end table beside him & threw an arm around her, casually groping her unfettered breast through the thin T-shirt.

"Hell, I thought you'd like a souvenir of last night's little party," Dave lied with practiced ease. The disc was just one of the early mixes they were working on putting together to sell on the websites. She'd provided footage for 'tame' strip tease vids, a lesbo vid, & a pair of long running sex vids, as well as a series of shorts spliced in with bits from her prior 'shows.' Sharon shifted uncomfortably but made no effort to get away from him as he kneaded her swollen nipple with two fingers. He smiled, knowing even this was being caught on the tiny camera he had set in the plant on top of the television while their unsuspecting housewife slut was asleep. He toyed with skipping the 'insurance' but decided it was not worth the risk so soon in the semester. There was too much they had planned for Mrs. Sharon Sobel to risk screwing it up now.

"I, uh... well, that's nice... I see you can tell it get me hot," Sharon shivered as his fingers continued to build her excitement, her nipples poking visibly against the thin material. "But I can't... I mean if anyone saw this... I shouldn't take the chance." Dave shrugged.

"Hell, I can keep them for you if you want. Or maybe we can get you a lock box while we're out today."

"I'd love to, Dave," Sharon answered, "But I'm serious... I really should be in class. That's why I came here..."

"Oh, but I think you want to cum here, don't you," Dave teased, rubbing the fingers of his free hand down her moist seam, pressing the narrow band of her thong between her outer labia & eliciting a visible shiver from the blonde housewife. "So we'll just do what Shaun wanted. & I'm serious about not worrying: we have it covered."

"How, I don't understand?"

"I have brothers in every department & almost every class on campus. & if we don't have someone who can fix things, we know someone who can. Just consider it handled."

"But I'll miss the notes... I mean, I won't know it for the tests." Dave shook his head.

"For a smart babe you can be so slow... Let me tell you again," he smiled, "I'll use small words. You don't have to go to class. You don't have to take tests. You'll pass. You'll graduate. You'll have fun." '& you'll make us lots of money,' he did not add. Sharon nodded, more from forgetting what they were talking about than out of agreement. From the look in her eyes Dave could tell she was flying. He had her take another hit before snuffing it out & leading her down the walk to her Range Rover. She did not even notice the spinners that had been added, replacing the factory wheels. Dave helped her into the passenger seat, then retrieved the drinks before locking up the apartment. He made a point of handing Sharon the keys, then pulled away from the curb, enjoying the plush, responsive SUV. They were on the highway as the sun peeked over the horizon behind them.

They made the trip to Sharon's home city in under an hour. As soon as he they were on the highway had he had the cruise set on 68, Dave lifted one of the glasses out of the center cup holder & passed it to Sharon.

"Have a drink, babe." Sharon sniffed at the reddish liquid.

"What is it?" she sipped at the drink, wrinkling her nose, "There's alcohol in it."

"Yep. What's that they say? Hair o' the dog that bit you. It's like the tea you liked last night... a little will do you good. Go on, drink up... it's not much booze." He watched out of the corner of his eye as she began to drink it steadily. Dave was not sure exactly what the mix was, but it was not the booze she should have worried about. One of the reasons the BZ always had a ready stable of 'willing whores' was that Shaun's cousin had provided the basketball player with his 'recipe.' They used the special mix of Ecstasy or meth & Rohypnol or Xanax to enhance arousal & sexual response while lowering inhibitions & increasing 'suggestibility.' Before his cousin was caught in some fancy sting, he'd run professional stables of call girls across the US.

The Beta Zeta frat had no such goals. They wanted only enough girls to assure anyone who was interested could get what Dave called 'quality pussy,' & enough money to fund their party lifestyle. When they had first started, it had been all freshman girls they had targeted. But the next semester they had sought out new challenges. BZ Bitches now included cheerleaders, volleyball players, swimmers, nursing students, grad students, assistant teachers, & even a couple professors. Sharon Sobel was the first married woman they had knowingly targeted. & she was the oldest by more than a decade. But Dave had to admit he agreed with Shaun & his cousin: Banging married white chicks was the shit.

& it did not really take much, whoever they wanted. A little booze. A little weed. A touch of the drugs, & the women would put out like raging nymphomaniacs. & after that, most of the time they were... well, they were hooked on black cock. Those that weren't usually were after a half dozen additional 'treatments.' & by then, even if they did not want it, they could not say no, thanks to a liberal collection of video & photographic evidence that they were 'asking for it.' Considering how hot the women were on E, Dave would've been willing to keep them on it indefinitely, but Shaun argued that they had all the pussy they wanted even without it, so it cost them less doing it as they were. & he pointed out that the girls they knew who knowingly used E for 'better sex' always seemed to be the ones who got hopelessly hooked. & the meth-heads Dave had used before they had the BZ Bitch 'sister program' in place hadn't seemed to enjoy sex very much... & they had not been particularly good at doing it, either.

So Dave stayed with the system. Sharon's drink had about 1/4 of the E tab she had taken that first Friday night, & barely any of the Rope. But he had another dose ready in the second glass, since they had a full day of... training, as he liked to call it. Not that this bitch needed training, the show she had put on with some of the guys in Lex Steele's gang had been enough they already had a 'buyer' when they were through with her. The nifty solution to 'old' girls in the BZ Bitch stable early on had been to farm them to other BZ chapters, but even without the 'secret ingredient' in the drugs, their brothers were doing well at developing their own 'outlets' as Shaun liked to call them. But New York & California were always looking for 'new skin,' & in the wake of the nationally covered 'housewife whore' prostitute ring there was a new push for older, 'married' porn stars. So when they got tired of Sharon, they already had a place to send her, & at a solid profit.

Bobbing his head to the heavy rap beat, Dave glanced at Sharon. Her eyes were even glassier than they had been walking out of her apartment. He'd been lifting the glass out of the cup holder whenever she set it down, encouraging her to drink, & she'd finished her 20 ounce 'dose' in just over half that time. He reached over & began to rub her sex over the thong panties, & when she made no effort to stop him, beneath them. In answer she sighed, spreading her legs & offering herself to him. Dave alternated between her wet sex & her swollen nipples, & within a couple minutes she was moaning & trembling. Judging she was close to an orgasm, he stopped, reaching down to unzip his jeans.

"Think I need some attention now, babe," he said. Sharon already had one of her hands between her legs, tweaking her throbbing clit. She slipped out of the shoulder harness & without hesitation put her head in his lap, licking, & then eagerly sucking at his cock. Dave used one hand to control her pace, enjoying again how skilled the white wife had become at oral sex in so short a time. He needed to hold off for a little longer...

Taking the appropriate exit, he wound his way through the city away from the commercial strip & into the southern residential zone. The houses became larger & fancier. They were not to gated drives or estates when he found the number he was looking for. Pulling into the drive, he stopped in front of the garage, lowering the camcorder he had picked up from the dash. Having filmed the mailbox, drive, & house front & side, he panned down to the bobbing head in his lap. He pulled her free of his throbbing cock.

"Do you want this, my bitch?" he growled, shifting his hips to slap her cheeks with his cock. She nodded, whining as he let go of her hair. Her mouth plunged back onto his cock as she sucked at him hungrily. She whined again as he pulled her hand away from her sex. Her carefully manicured nails pinched at her nipples through her shirt & she thrashed as he slipped 2 fingers into her dripping sex. He matched the tempo of her bobbing head until he felt the tremor of her climax start. He stopped, & she thrust her hips at his withdrawing hand, murmuring her displeasure around his cock.

Fixing the camera on the flexible arm they had bolted to the inside of the Rover's driver side A spar, Dave checked the view with the reversible LCD screen before lifting her mouth off of his cock once again.

"I didn't hear you before, my slutty little bitch. Do you want this?" Sharon nodded jerkily as he let go, showing no 'coercion.'

"I want it. Give me your cum, baby. Fuck me with your fingers... Let me cum."

"Would you rather fuck me, cunt?" Sharon spasmed visibly as he asked. She nodded, not looking up at him.

"Oh yes, daddy... let me fuck you... Fuck me with your big cock."

"You want my black meat?"

"Yesss!" she was frigging herself again, "I want it... Give me your big black cock." Dave smiled. It was perfect. He unbuckled, then shut off the car before catching the camcorder & flicking the quick release plate.

"Good, my little bitch. Let's go do that." Sharon sat up, fingers scrabbling at the seatbelt buckle for a moment before she froze, her eyes going wide. They were parked in her driveway.

"Oh God," she murmured, but her fingers were still working her pussy as she looked at him, eyes wide with terror. "I can't."

"Sure you can," Dave assured her, using the fob to unlock her door. She shook her head.

"My family!" He waited but she seemed to be trying to make herself invisible sitting in the front seat, her body so hot her fingers were still at work.

"That's all you're worried about?" She nodded & Dave laughed, "Don't worry... the kids are in school. Your hubby's at work... we have the place all to ourselves." Sharon shook her head frantically, one trembling hand reaching for the keys where he had left them in the ignition.

"Flora," she gasped, eyes jumping from window to window.

"Flora?" Dave asked, worried about what that could mean. This was definitely NOT something Shaun had planned out, & the idea of screwing it up made Dave sick to his stomach.

"Our housekeeper," Sharon managed. "She stays here." Dave paused, uncertain if starting the car might compound the problem... so long as no one had seen them, he could have her duck down & then back out. "She only goes out for groceries & to visit her mother & sister each week."

"The same time each week?" he asked, praying for a bit of luck. Sharon nodded, still split between looking at the windows & hiding her face.

"Tuesday or Wednesday morning, I think," Sharon managed. Dave thought about it for a moment. The car was not quiet, so the fact that no one had looked out yet was reassuring. He reached up & pressed the door openers. Both doublewide doors went up, revealing 4 empty slots. Sharon gave a coughing laugh, "She's gone." She looked at him, "We should go..."

"How long do they visit?" Dave started the car, as if agreeing with the anxious blonde.

"All morning... she comes back after lunch." Dave checked the dash clock: 8:40. He put the car in gear, pulling forward into the garage & closing the door behind them. Sharon clutched at his arm. "What are you doing?"

"Feel that?" Dave teased, reaching down to tweak her rock hard nipples, "Have you ever been so aroused? C'mon, you know you want it. You want my cock, don't you. & you know we have time..." Sharon shook her head, but she could not meet his eyes. Dave grabbed the keys from the ignition & bounded to the door into the house. He turned the knob, finding it unlocked as he had expected. An alarm warbled as he pushed the door open. Sharon stared at him & the doorway in obvious horror. "Better get that," he warned, shrugging, "I don't know the code... figure they'll call the police or your hubby in another 20 seconds..."

Sharon scrambled out of the passenger seat, not caring how she looked for his camcorder as she rushed to put in the alarm code. Dave noted it for future use, then moved behind the drugged, helpless housewife, forcing her into her home. He took care to lock the door behind him, then had her rearm the alarm system. By then she had calmed a bit, since no one had come in to the kitchen where they were standing. Dave decided not to risk letting the arousal she had been feeling wane. Catching her waist, he spun her to face him, pulling her against his semi-erect cock, still jutting from his jeans. Sharon trembled in his grip, offering no resistance. He stepped forward, holding her close until her ass was pressed against the kitchen island. He pushed the camera away on the granite countertop, leaving it fully panned & recording.

Dave nuzzled against the shorter woman's neck, hands roaming over her breasts & down over her flat belly. Sharon moaned, pressing her breast against his groping hand & spreading her legs, welcoming his touch as he lifted her miniskirt. He pulled the thong aside, thrusting 2 fingers into her steaming box. He thrust once, then again before pulling out.

"You want it, don't you, bitch? You want my cock right here, right now." Sharon nodded, biting her lip.

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