tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 07

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 07


Story idea by Scipio,

Continuation/ contribution by Rogue Alan

Chapter 7: Selling Sharon

Sharon absently wondered if she would recognize the BZ brother who was visiting her... Dave had said most of them had already been inside of her, & she was pleased that such young studs could find her sexy enough to want to have sex again. The frank admission she was about to willingly have sex with a stranger in her own apartment brought a wave of anxiety. Was she supposed to take another of the special pills Dave had shown her now? She shook her head, certain that was not true. & reminded herself her 'visitor' would be wearing a condom after all... She waited another moment, standing between the open door to her room & the front door, knowing she should just ignore it... opening the door was another step away from everything she knew.

But she knew she did not have a choice... she thought about what Dave had told her, then remembered the way he had recorded them having unprotected sex in her marital bed that very morning. She blushed, scolding herself for so willingly cheating with the black frat brother, or for thinking this was any worse. & more ashamed that as she moved to the front door, part of her hoped this visitor would be able to get her off like she'd cum earlier that day...

The bell rang again as she turned the knob, opening the door.

"Bout damn time!" the light skinned BZ brother standing on her stoop groused, moving into the door without awaiting her 'welcoming' him. Sharon stammered an apology as she stumbled back, letting her visitor close the door. He looked at her, a leer forming as his eyes lingered on her chest, her left nipple especially visible with the ring piercing her flesh. "Damn, you are fine!" he crowed, "Show yourself off, bitch... turn around, now..."

Sharon bit her lower lip, relaxing slightly as she obeyed. The anxiety that he'd be angry & aggressive eased as he whistled appreciatively.

"You wanna party a little bit tonight?" he asked. She nodded, suddenly shy. "What's that, girl?"

"Y-yes... I want to party with you tonight," she licked her lips & shifted her hips suggestively. He chuckled.

"Damn, you really do like the black snake, eh?" His eyes moved toward the kitchen. "Got anything to drink?" She nodded, expecting he would get it. "Damn, bitch... gonna make me serve myself?" She nearly squeaked as she rushed to get him a drink, bringing a choice of three of the various liquor bottles & a Corona from the fridge. He selected the Corona, flopping onto her couch as he took a drink. He sighed appreciatively, then eyed the hesitant coed knowingly. "You are new at this, ain't you?" he did not wait for her response, "I got me a nice beer... got a freebie evening with a hottie BZ MILF... an you gonna make me do all the work?" Sharon moved close, dropping to her knees in front of him. He shook his head, snorting derisively. "Naw, you still don' got it... I wan' a show, my little BZ Bitch... I'm gonna finish this beer & get ready to go watching you shake that fine white ass... dance for me." Sharon almost mentioned that he wasn't her only visitor, but didn't want to say anything to make him angry.

Without considering that not 2 weeks before she'd never have considered dancing like a slut, much less living the role, Sharon Sobel, married white mother began to shimmy her hips, dancing in the small space between the coffee table & the sofa where her visitor was watching. He nodded, then sat back as she kept it up, turning & bending at the waist to tease him with her ass before bending her knees, turning again to lean forward as if ready to suck on his big cock... She licked her lips, eyes fixed on his crotch as she stood again, going up onto her tiptoes to tighten her calves before pivoting away from him once more.

"Oh yeah," her visitor encouraged, using a remote she didn't remember to turn on her stereo. A heavy Hip Hop beat began to pulse in the room. She found the rhythm, pumping her pelvis suggestively before returning to the seductive twitch & roll of her hips. Eyes closing, she stayed with the tempo, hands roaming over her body, fingers gently tweaking her ever rigid left nipple. Knowing what he expected, she slipped the tight shelf T over her head a moment later, then turned again, letting him see her barely hidden breasts. After kneading her breasts through the bra for a moment, she slipped the thin cotton halter off, turning as she did so before teasingly offering the first glimpse of her nipples. He whistled at the sight of the glittering ring in her left nipple.

Sharon lifted & groped her bared breasts, dancing before him for another moment, aware of the swollen bulge in his pants. & aware as well of the insistent tingle between her legs... the need to feel him inside of her... thrusting. Hips matching the movement she felt in her mind, Sharon bent at the waist again, thighs flexing rhythmically as she teasingly pushed her shorts to her ankles.

"Damn, that's it!" the Brother said, standing up behind her. He'd unzipped while enjoying the show the old hottie was putting on. He slapped her nearly naked ass with his erection before dipping it between her thighs, slapping up against her sex. "You want this, bitch?" he teased, moving until his swollen tip as at her seam, pushing through the gaping slit in her panties. The little slut groaned & nodded, pushing back at him for a moment. He slapped her ass, "I want a little oral lovin' first, slut." he demanded. Sharon rubbed her sex against him again, then obediently turned, dropping to her knees & catching his shaft in her left hand, guiding his erection into her mouth. "Yeahhh..." he sighed as she immediately began to suck at his tip, head bobbing as she took several inches inside. He reached down, petting her highlighted hair, urging her on. She was a great cocksucker, he had to admit, as she took his entire length without apparent difficulty. It wasn't long before he was going to cum, he realized, & he wanted another shot at her tight pussy... while it was still tight.

"Whoa, little cocksucker," he urged, pulling her off of his shaft with a loud slurping noise, "Can't get too far ahead of ourselves here... I only get one throw, right?" She wiped her mouth, looking up at him from her knees but nodding hesitantly. She could guess what he meant. "Well that's a fine cock suckin' mouth, but I ain't gonna waste my ride in yo' mouth!" he snorted. "Get up... Show off that fine ass again." Sharon obediently rose, close between her guest's spread knees. She turned, bending at the waist, showing herself off. She shimmied suggestively, nearly moaning when she felt him stand behind her.

"Oh yeah, bitch, you are fine," he moaned, himself as he pressed his raging cock down the seam of her ass. Sharon sighed, tilting her bottom to take him into her sex. He smiled, stroking deep, then catching her hips & holding himself buried. He felt her sex twitching hungrily around him. Dave had been right... get the little slut going & she wouldn't even demand he suit up... but that was part of his job... to remind her she had to use her brain at least a little bit... it was a job he was happy to fill. Holding her in place, he thrust into her steadily for a moment, then went still fully-- easily-- buried in her cunt. "Ahhhh," he feigned orgasm, which was the reminder for the helplessly compromised housewife.

"God, wait!" she managed, slipping forward off of his long cock.

"What up, baby?" he teased, stepping after her, keeping the swollen tip of his shaft between her labia.

"C-condom," she managed, moving through the door into her bedroom. He followed, ready to finish the deed on her bed... He imagined her remembering their activities when her night's work was done. She seemed embarrassed to have him in her bedroom, but didn't waste time, digging a condom out of the drawer by her bed, & deftly slipping it onto his shaft. He was glad for the delay... he could enjoy the hot white co-ed a little longer. He'd moved close behind as she'd selected the condom, looming over her naked body as she leaned back over her bed. It was an easy push to get her onto her back, legs already spread, welcoming his renewed attention. The BZ brother moved over the aroused white housewife, & slipped easily into her once again. The way she writhed & sighed he guessed would've gotten some of his fellows off... he was sure it'd finish the poor sap she'd see in a while. All of which was part of Dave's plan... to get the slut unconsciously comparing wimpy white cock to her 'BZ Brothers.' Not that he was really thinking about it... it just felt too damn good fucking this hot mama.

Sharon hadn't bothered to strip off the panties but it didn't matter... it hadn't been any trouble getting her stud inside of her. She brought her knees up, meeting the young stud's thrusts, aware of her need & the rise to climax. She caught his ass in her hands, glad for the condom so he wouldn't have to pull out when he came... God it felt good, she admitted... this was so amazing...

"You ready, slut?" he panted over her after another minute, his steady pumping having suddenly become disjointed. She nodded, unable to answer in words. He leered down at her. "You likin' this, don't you?" Another nod. Her eyes flickered closed. & then she began to shiver visibly. Feeling the tremors around his thrusting cock, Dave's frat brother groaned & held himself against her as he came as well. When both were spent, he thrust more gently in & out for a moment, then slipped out of her, smiling appreciatively at her moan of protest, fingers going to work on her just fucked seam. "Did Dave tell you how to take care of us when we're done?" he asked, wondering how the older woman would react to what he was going to tell her. She shook her head, propping herself up on one elbow. He eyed the shine of the nipple ring... Damn, she was hot. He caught the edge of the condom & slid it off of his flagging cock.

"Got to clean us up, baby," he waved his cum smeared erection, keeping his expression neutral as Sharon dutifully rose up & slurped at his spent member. "Now that's a special just for us Brothers," he cautioned, "The rest can clean themselves up later, right?" She nodded, apparently not really considering what he was saying. "S'all right, slut," he praised, pushing her back away. She nodded, then got up & moved to her dresser, searching for a top to don. "Whoa, now little BZ Bitch," he shook his head, "You ain't done, yet." She turned in surprise. "You got to take care of this, too," he waved the used condom. Her brow furrowed. He smiled at her, "Can't have this laying around full of my jizz... never know if some skank will use it to trap me into paying for her bastard." Sharon was shocked, but guessed that could happen... He held it out. "It's another service just to help out your 'Brothers,' you know... slurp it down... then you can throw it in the trashcan." Which Dave had made sure was an open wicker arrangement so the growing number of used prophylactics would be plain to their new conquest.

Blushing at what she was expected to do, Sharon took the slimy condom from her guest's hand, upending it & at his demand thrusting her tongue up into the latex sheath when his jism stopped dripping out, 'getting it all' as he taunted her. It tasted bitter, & the rubber taste wasn't pleasant, but Sharon didn't stop to wonder why she'd done it. When he pointed at the waste can she tossed it, & was immediately swept up into a passionate kiss so she couldn't see that the end stayed draped over the rim of the can. He maneuvered her out of the bedroom, still nearly naked, & grabbed his pants before he let her go, positioned again in front of the couch.

"Damn, but that was fine... I hope I'll see you at the House this weekend." Sharon shrugged.

"I haven't heard what I'm doing this weekend." He nodded, not bothering to tell her.

"Well, I'd better get going," he smiled, eyeing her still naked chest... she was holding the T shirt she'd selected, the earlier shirt forgotten in a puddle on the floor. "But damn, are the new decorations fine." Waving casually at her, he went out her door, leaving it open, ignoring the squeak of surprise as the semi-nude housewife coed jumped up to close it behind him. Whistling happy he sauntered down the walk to his tooled out Civic. He saw the beater Subaru turn the corner as he pulled away from the curb, he smiled to himself. He'd run it close, but hadn't pushed her about the timing... learning to manage her tricks was a lesson for another time. He wanted to hurry back to the House, though. It'd be a kick seeing her respond to her next visitor.


Sharon was still leaning against the inside of her door, considering what had just happened. She wondered if any of her neighbors had seen... how could they miss her visitors? She resolved to have Kelly visit soon, & made a note to ask Shaun about the other 'little sisters.' Looking down, she realized she'd need another shower. She'd turned down the overload stereo with the remote that had been left on the sofa, & still holding the clean T shirt, she'd started for the bedroom when there was a knock on the door.

She stopped short, surprised that her 2nd visitor arriving so quickly. She checked the clock, not that the time mattered. She hesitated, wondering if she would be in more trouble answering 1/2 naked and obviously sweating from having just finished fucking, or making her guest wait while she cleaned up. The knock repeated. Sighing, she threw the T-shirt on, hoping she didn't look too... too used, the thought made her shudder, even as a flicker of arousal quivered in her belly.

Running her fingers through her hair, Sharon opened the door, finding her gaze about 3 inches over top of her guest's head; her short, very nervous, very white guest. She paused, surprised. The young man on the stoop looked familiar but she couldn't place him. He looked at her expectantly, but she couldn't think of anything to say...

"Uhm, can I help you?" she finally asked as the young man looked around anxiously.

"I, uh... Dave sent me," the man murmured, trying unsuccessfully to look Sharon in the eyes, instead staring at her cleavage. She shook her head... It had to be a mistake. She looked past his shoulder, expecting to see some of the Brothers laughing at their joke, but there was no one. It reminded her that her neighbors might look out & see her... barely dressed with yet another strange young man on her doorstep. She automatically stepped back, letting him inside.

"Uhm, I don't... I mean, I have to make a call," she glanced at the kitchen, then the television, waving at the sofa & the remote, "I'll just be a minute. Make yourself at home."

"Oh," the guy looked crestfallen... he couldn't seem to stop staring at her. "OK, but..." He held up a poker chip. She'd seen them at the House, but didn't know what they were, "I mean, I guess I hadn't... I mean, Dave said... I mean.... I helped him out, you know-- covered for the lab credits & the quiz..." Sharon nodded, remembering that she'd seen him in the psych class, helping with the handouts... He was the professor's Teaching Assistant. She blushed, remembering Dave had briefly explained that they would 'owe' someone. She realized with a sinking sensation she was supposed to be the reward.

She took the chip that the stranger held out. It was jet black, with thin white lighting bolts on the outer ring, & a white line silhouette of a naked woman... more lewdly positioned than the symbol on trucker's mud flaps. Holding it, she went into her bedroom and picked up the phone. After a momentary hesitation, she dialed Dave's number.

When it was picked up, she heard the thumping beat of music similar to what was still playing in her front room. She heard a feminine voice giggle, & there were other voices in the background.

"Yo!" she thought it sounded like Dave, but she wasn't sure.

"Uhm, Dave?" she hesitated, "I have a visitor... I mean... I'm not sure..." she swallowed what she was going to say. There was a pause, then it got more quiet & she could hear Dave's voice more easily.

"Sharon? That you, bitch?"

"Yes," she answered reflexively, "I just finished with your brother, and..."

"Damn, the boy just finished?" Dave sounded surprised, "He knows you got other appointments. He's gonna cause a problem if he can't get that nut off faster."

"N-no, it's not... I mean... Well, I have another visitor..." she swallowed.


"Well," she wondered what to say, "He's... he's not in the frat." Dave waited.


"Well, I just thought... I mean, I'm not a slut... I just... I just for you & Shaun & the other BZ's..." Dave laughed like she'd just told a joke.

"Oh, I see... Well, remember that favor I explained?" She nodded forgetting he couldn't see her. He didn't wait for an answer, though, "This is one way you help us out... Today you helped yourself out, too, ya know," he snickered suggestively as she flushed at the memory of what they'd done during the day, "I guess I should've been more specific," he was, going on , "Did he have something for you?" She looked at the chip.

"Yes... a poker chip."

"We call it a poke her chip," Dave corrected her with a laugh, "We give those out as a marker when someone helps us out... They can turn it in to any of our BZ Sisters for a roll in the hay. One cum, with a condom. No freaky shit. There's a funny ceramic container on the mantle... think of it as your BZ piggy bank... You hang on to the chips, then turn them back in & we'll... well, let's just say we make sure you're rewarded for helping out."

"Do I have to..." she'd started to ask about slurping the condom out when her visitor finished, but remembered what the first visitor of the night had said... that was for BZ only. "Uhm, never mind."

"Good, girl," Dave praised, then added, "What's he doing?" She didn't need to know he & the rest of the crew, with some of the longer term BZ Sisters, had been watching her on the Frat's big screen TV through the little cameras he'd put throughout her apartment.

"Oh, he's in the front room... I told him to make himself at home." Dave chuckled.

"Better watch that, babe... if h gets into your weed you may have to really work to get him off," he paused, smiling cruelly, "Then again, if he watches that DVD I was eyeing this morning he might cum before you touch him." Sharon gasped remembering the video of her & the other BZ Brothers Dave had been watching on her player that morning. She wondered if his seeing that really would get him off faster... maybe she should show it to him. She still heard other voices in the background, & a girlish voice had just asked Dave if 'she could do anything else for him.' She didn't understand what Dave answered.

"Where are you?" she asked without thinking about it; without considering that she felt jealous at the thought of another girl being with Dave.

"I'm at the House, bitch," Dave answered.

"Oh," she paused, "I thought I heard another girl... I could come over when I'm done with... when I finish here."

"Naw, you just take care of business & get cleaned up & get some rest. We'll party this weekend, I promise. Oh, & Sharon?" she hoped he would tell her he'd had a great day...


"I know it's not gonna be like you're getting off with the little geek, but if you... you know, make him think he's your Adonis... well, that usually gets 'em off quicker."

"Oh, OK," Sharon hung up, looking at herself in the mirror... she thought she looked completely ragged, but her visitor clearly hadn't considered complaining. Setting her chin, she went back into the front room, determined to get through with this quickly...


She paused momentarily upon exiting the bedroom. Her visitor seemed unaware of the bong sitting on the coffee table. The television was on, but it was tuned to a news channel, she noted with relief. She understood what Dave had meant about his seeing her having sex on video, but the thought of anyone except Dave & Shaun seeing that left her feeling unsettled.

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