Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 07


She forced a smile to her face & forced herself to touch her visitor on the shoulder. He looked up in surprised, eyes skittering down from hers to fix once more on her cleavage.

"Sorry about that, thanks for waiting," her own gaze moved to the large ceramic urn that had been put on her mantle... she didn't remember when. She'd left the poker chip in a drawer of her dresser, & reminded herself to put it where it belonged later. She returned her attention to her guest. He seemed unable to find anything to say, though he was still staring at her. Hiding her anxiety, she held out a hand, "Shall we go someplace more... comfortable?" He nearly bounced out of the sofa. She shivered, horrified at what she was about to do, & amazed that the young man could be so excited at the prospect of being with her. It was flattering.

She led him into the bedroom, unnecessarily worrying he would balk at the rumpled bed. When she turned to face him, she found he was already hurrying out of his clothes. She started to ask if he wanted help, but realized that before she'd finish he would be done. But he stopped, still wearing the black dress socks & a pair of once white briefs. She realized he was hard, & in the next moment nearly giggled. She felt herself relax.... there was nothing to worry about here. Still, she felt nervous as she stepped close to him, putting a hand on his bare chest.

"Uhm, did you have anything special in mind?" the young TA gawked at her as if she were speaking a foreign language. He managed to shake his head. She stepped back, "Well maybe you'd like me to strip for you?" He managed a nod. She gently pushed him back onto the bed, then began to sway to the sound of the music still throbbing in the other room. Touching his chest & then his knees as she turned & bent before him, she paused, stripping off her T shirt while facing away from him, & tossing it toward the bathroom. When she turned back, she saw his eyes had been fixed on the new tattoo, but they promptly refocused on the glittering ring now adorning her breast.

Feeling deliciously wanton, she ran her hands up her sides , then out, cupping her breast, until she caught her nipples. She managed not to wince at the pain of the pierced teat, letting it fall & running her free hand back down her belly over her panties. His eyes never left her pierced nipple. She turned away again, then back, having pivoted between his splayed thighs. She almost giggled at the way he looked up at her, enraptured.

"Are you ready?" she asked lowering her voice in what she hoped was a seductive manner. He nodded immediately. "You don't want me to take these off first?" she shimmied her hips, hooking her thumbs into the elastic waistband. He managed to shrug. She smiled. "Eager beaver... I like that," she licked her lips for emphasis.

Anxious to have it done with, she moved up over the young man, pushing him back onto his back on her bed. She tickled her fingers over his erection.

"But you don't have these off, yet..." He jumped as if electrified, then worked to push his underwear down. She shifted, giving him room, & then leaned over, opening the drawer of the nightstand. She grabbed a condom, pausing as she started to move back over her visitor... The condom in her hand was a 'Maxum'... one look at the erection jutting up from his groin, ready for use, & she knew a smaller condom, was necessary. She was relieved to see his eyes remained glued to her pierced nipple... he hadn't noticed her faux pas. Dropping the condom back into the drawer, she rummaged through, amazed at the number of condoms Shaun & Dave had dumped into it, finally reaching the plastic container with random Trojan condoms. She caught hold of the 1st that she could, sitting up again, hoping not to have spoiled the mood.

She needn't have worried. She held the plastic square up.

"Dave explained... you have to wear this?" The young man nodded, blushing. She giggled, running the nails of her free hand down his torso to his groin, "Don't worry, big boy, I'll take care of this." She suddenly found herself considering slurping at his erection... how would he taste? "Would you like me to suck your cock, first?" she heard herself ask. The young man nodded, then put a trembling hand on her wrist.

"W-wait," he managed, blushing more fiercely, "I might... You'd better not... I just want to do it." She nodded.

"OK... this time," she hoped Dave would want her to encourage him to help the Brothers out again... at least if she had to be with him he wasn't big enough to hurt her, & he wouldn't be a stranger after this time... She tore the plastic package open with her teeth, then deftly rolled the condom onto his erection, ignoring the extra latex rolls that remained when it hit the base of his cock. Nodding, she moved farther up his thighs, lifting her pelvis & catching his erection in one hand, bringing it to her crotch. She pouted playfully. "Oh my," she batted her eyes, amazed he wasn't seeing it was all an act, "I got so excited I forgot to take these off," she looked down her body at the panties, "Can you help me out? Pull them aside, baby... I'll do the rest." His fingers were trembling as he caught hold of the edge, pulling them aside as she'd done not an hour before. Nodding, she twitched her hips, then settled, holding the tip of his latex clad erection against her still wet labia. She was glad she'd been so excited when her 1st visitor was there... she hadn't considered that applying some KY might be a good idea.

It didn't matter, though. As Sharon lowered her hips, the young man's cock pushed easily into her sex. Before she expected, her bottom came to rest on his thighs. It barely felt like he was inside of her. But Dave's words echoed in her ears.

"Yesssss!" she groaned, holding herself against him, then leaning forward, pressing her bare breasts against him. She began to rotate her hips, pumping up & down slightly-- afraid he'd slip out. She moaned again on the 3rd or 4th down stroke. Still working her hips, she reared up, "Suck my titties!" she gasped, "God, you feel good inside of me." The TA's hands had caught her hips as she was swaying & rising & falling. He lifted his head, dutifully licking at both her nipples, focusing of course, on the tender pierced side. She murmured, mussing his hair with one hand. "You like my jewelry?" she cooed, "It keeps me ready to go... isn't that great? Mmmm..." & she feigned a shiver, pressing herself against him again, trying not to wince at the discomfort his clumsy effort on her nipple was causing. He was unable to answer.

She kept rocking over him for a few moments, then asked if he wanted to be on top. He simply shook his head, eyes becoming glazed as she finished the question with another moan of seeming pleasure. "OK," she gasped, dipping her head & pumping at him more fervently, "But I'm close baby... you've got me so close... God that's good... so good... I'm gonna... I'm gonna... Oh God, I'm gonna cum..." She tried to make her body tremble as she went still, pressed full against his hips. "Oh, oh oh... so good... so good..." He'd caught her hips more firmly, & she felt him go rigid beneath her. He gasped as he came, & a few moments later his spent cock slipped out of her.

Sighing theatrically, she rolled to the side, cupping a hand over her groin as if it ached, & quickly readjusting her panties, covering her neatly trimmed seam. She resisted the urge to get the T shirt, making a mental note to leave the shirt on the bed the next time. She paused, horrified that she could so calmly consider the possibility that there would be a 'next time.' Her guest was still panting, recovering from his release, the condom drooping against one thigh.

"Did you like that, lover?" she asked, huskily, smiling when he managed an enthusiastic nod. "Good... I did, too... That was amazing. Now I'll be able to sleep," she stretched pointedly, knowing without looking that his eyes were again glued to her pierced nipple. "Well, if you need to clean up you can use the bathroom, but it's about time for me to get to sleep... have to get to class tomorrow, you know." He nodded, looking away & apologizing for taking her time as he got up & staggered into the bathroom. She heard him take some toilet paper. Then he peed. The toilet flushed, & he emerged a moment later, covered again by the grayish white briefs.

Sharon had taken the time to put on yet another T-shirt, & was lying on the bed once more as if ready for sleep. She yawned & got up from the bed.

"Thanks again, lover... Let me help," & she gathered his clothes, handing them to the seemingly dazed young man. When he was dressed, she hopped up, pausing out of fear he'd see she wasn't tired at all. She led him by the hand to the front door, then turned & gave him a peck on the cheek, thanking him again before ushering him onto the porch, remaining herself inside. "I hope I'll see you again," she started, then giggled, "I mean outside of class." He bobbed his head, stammering that he'd see what he could do, then turned & hurried back to his car.

Sharon closed the door, once again leaning against the wood surface. She was relieved it was over, & pleased that it hadn't taken very long... It really hadn't taken any effort. Only once she was in the shower did the fact that she'd just willingly had sex with a young man who wasn't a member of the frat hit... & even then the absurdity that sex with the BZ brothers was OK didn't register. She blushed, realizing she hadn't even learned the young man's name. She tried to remember from the class, but there was nothing... She'd rarely been to class since she'd slept with Shaun. Drying off, she told herself she'd get up the next morning for her classes, torn between hoping Shaun or Dave would call her & hoping she would be forgotten so she could simply go to class & then back to her family.

The thought of her family brought a wave of shame & guilt to the front. Sharon ran out of the bathroom, flopping onto the bed & crying quietly for a time, as she wondered if she'd ever be able to go home again, with the changes she'd allowed to be made. Would Chris recognize that she'd been with anyone else? What would he say about the tattoos & piercings. She shivered, praying he wouldn't kick her out, & wondering what she would do if he did. When sleep wouldn't come, she got up, wandering into the kitchen. There was more beer than food in the fridge. She selected a single serving bottle of champagne... Asti, & sat down, watching the news channel as she drank straight from the bottle. Still wide awake, she glanced at the bong, considering whether some weed might help.

Decided, she went about putting some of the marijuana into the bong, then lit it & took several hits, still watching the news. She frowned, after a minute. She felt better... almost tired. But the news was so depressing. Stretching out, still barely dressed in the thin T & panties, she figured out how to change the television to the DVD. The movie of her having sex was still in the player, & within a minute of starting it again, the entrapped housewife was masturbating, no longer concerned with what she'd done that night, or with what would happen with her family, or with how the movie had been put together. She fell asleep not in the bed, but on the couch, with the image of her writhing beneath a series of lovers playing long after she'd passed out.



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