tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 08

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 08


Original Story/ Character: Scipio

Story Continuation: RogueAlan

Chapter 8: Study Hall

Sharon blinked awake, surprised to find she'd gone to sleep on the couch. The stale scent of weed hung in the room, & she found the bong on, its side on the coffee table beside her, an empty single serving bottle of Asti beside it. The television was on, but the movie that was in the player had stopped playing. She groaned as she sat up, stretching a stiff neck & back, mad at herself for failing to go to bed. God, she winced, she was so sore... she couldn't believe how much her body ached... It felt like she'd worked every muscle. As she spread her legs for support & started to get up, the ache between her legs made her pause.

She shivered as the events of the day before came back. She glanced down; even through the fabric of the BZ Bitch T-shirt the nipple ring was obvious. She tried to remember... had she showered? She had. Had she eaten? She wasn't sure. She was certainly hungry. She got up, absently righting the bong, her eyes moving as she set it on one end of the mantle to the urn at the other end. Before she forgot, she retrieved the poker chip, putting it through the slot in the top of the urn lid, & hearing it clank when it bounced&& in the otherwise empty vessel. She went into the kitchen, finding no orange juice or apple juice... only a ½ empty ½ gallon of milk & a variety of beers, along with more of the small Asti bottle. Shrugging, she chose one of the latter, twisting the gold foil & screw cap off, then rummaging through the pantry & cabinets...

She realized she needed to get to the grocery store... the only thing she could find to eat was grape pop-tarts. Not bothering to put them in the toaster, she went back into the front room, turned the television off, & then went to get dressed for class.

A glance at the clock threw her into high gear... She had only 10 minutes to get everything together & to get halfway across the campus. She pawed through her drawers, grabbing out panties, & kicking the pair she'd been wearing toward the closet, stripping off the T-shirt as well.

She paused upon pulling the panties up, surprised to realize they were crotchless in front, the thong back tucking between her cheeks. She went back, finding no more suitable underwear... sure there were other thongs without the crotchless opening, but nothing like she usually wore to school... or to go home. she stopped searching, aware she had no time to waste. She pulled on the first pair of shorts she found... short shorts, like runners wear, she realized right away, but again, a brief search of her drawer demonstrated no more suitable clothing. She wasn't surprised to find the bra drawer was empty, & reluctantly selected her shirt, a deep pink 'Princess' T with the BZ logo on front & back.

After a hesitation, she stripped the shirt off, putting a halter style white BZ T on beneath it... at least she wasn't on complete display, she told herself, glancing in the mirror. She'd taken a moment to apply deodorant & foundation, but had no time for more. Embarrassed at the mess her hair was in, she grabbed a NY Yankees baseball cap that had somehow appeared in her closet, then grabbed her backpack—untouched since the last time she'd been to class—& hurried out the door, still munching the last of the pop-tart. The Asti left her with a little buzz, easing the anxiety she would've otherwise felt at going out in public dressed as she was.

She wasn't really aware of the open stares from every guy she passed. She barely noticed the glares of many of the prettier co-eds; she wasn't trying to be provocative or to distract their boyfriends... didn't really know she was doing it. She was glad it wasn't cold, since she had so little clothing on.

Of course, the classes were air conditioned. Even before she'd taken a seat, near the back so fewer people would see her, the gooseflesh was prominent on her bare arms & legs. She rubbed at her arms, embarrassed at the realization not only the pierced nipples, but both were fully visible against the fabric of her shirts. Looking around, it seemed guys had noticed her little display, which made her blush, but at the same time, she felt a tickle between her legs, & was proud of the fact that she could get such a reaction.

She tried to concentrate on the lecture. The speaker stumbled a couple times, & whenever she'd look up from her notes, she'd find the balding man was staring at her as he searched for his point. At least being cold kept her from getting sleepy. She hadn't seen anyone she knew going, into the Economics 101 course, but she that was all right; she expected to see Shaun, Kelly, & Dave at the Psych course later in the day.

Class had managed to become monotonous & Sharon was checking her watch to see when they could leave when the bell rang. Like most of the others she jumped up, turning to return her binder to the backpack, not noting the dozens of eyes that fixed on her ass in the tight shorts-- a spectacle no guy sitting below her missed. She joined the crush of students headed for the door farthest from the building's entrance... there was a shorter line on that side. She was considering stopping at the Union to get some school logo sweats when someone caught her elbow in the poorly lit hall outside the class. She turned, finding a stranger smiling at her.

"Damn, you make it easy to stay up in class," the young black man leered at her. Sharon blushed & smiled nervously.

"Thanks," she managed, blushing at the idea he'd been watching her to stay awake in class, "It can be pretty boring." He laughed at that, ignoring the flow of people around them. He still had her elbow, keeping her from moving to her next class.

"You're one of my sisters, eh?" Sharon nodded, noticing the BZ logo on his ball cap as he looked down at her. He smiled, "Glad you advertise." She was puzzled until she realized he was looking at her shirt. "You know what you got to do, then?" She frowned,

"Uh... I'm not sure..." he pulled her across the hall to a recess for a closed classroom door.

"Pretty but dumb," he muttered, pointing with his free hand down at his crotch, "The job of a BZ bitch is to keep us happy, right?" Sharon nodded, alarm growing at what she thought he was suggesting. "Well, then?" he turned using his body to shield her from the light filtering through the double glass door to the outside at the end of the hall. People were passing them, paying no attention. "I got class, bitch, so get to it." Sharon nodded, then shook her head.

"Uhm, but I don't have a condom," she murmured. He laughed.

"Damn, you still that new?" He unzipped, "You a BZ Bitch. You do what we say, when we say. If you did get me to use a condom in your mouth you know what you have to do when I'm done, don't you?" Sharon blushed but nodded once. The young man chuckled, "So no reason for us to bother with a condom, is there?" Sharon shook her head, unable to look up into his eyes... In fact, her eyes were riveted to his open fly, the edge of his cock visible. He wiggled his hips suggestively, his cock flopping into the open. Without thinking about it, Sharon reached out & caught hold of him. Feeling him in her hand, Sharon was shocked at the pang of arousal she felt. She started to bend at the waist, then paused, realizing she'd be more obvious like that. Without really considering what she was doing, the married white co-ed dropped to her knees before the BZ brother. Still gripping the base of his cock in her petite hand, she slurped his semi-erect shaft into her mouth & began to suck at him fervently, bobbing her heard.

"Oh yeah," the strange frat brother groaned loudly enough to, attract attention from some passing students. He tilted his head back, catching hold of her hair with his hand, moving it out of the way, exposing her to anyone beside them in the hall. "Do it, bitch... Show me how much you love my black cock." Sharon worked at him harder, shivering in growing excitement as he grew hard in her mouth. His hand closed over the back of her head a moment later, & he more vigorously fucked her face against his groin. Sharon no longer remembered where they were... her entire focus was the swollen flesh she was pleasuring. She heard his breathing, surprised herself by knowing the way he was panting... the way he felt in her mouth, that he was about to cum.

She'd assumed he would pump his load straight into her stomach. Instead, he pulled out as he started to shoot, painting her tongue & face with heavy ropes of jism. Sharon groaned, trying to catch it in her mouth. She'd unconsciously dipped the fingers of her free hand between her legs, inside the edge of her tight shorts to frig her clit & work her wet slit. The Brother finished his climax, wiped himself on her cheek, then patted her head in thanks.

"Good little BZ Bitch," he praised, then unceremoniously turned & sauntered off as he tucked himself in. Sharon was left kneeling in the shallow cut out of the closed door, one hand buried in her sex, face smeared with semen. She squeaked at her situation, leaping to her feet & trying to cover her face as she dashed into the ladies room at the end of the hall. She didn't see the Brother she'd just sucked off slap hands with Dave, who'd caught the whole scene from her leaving class on the camcorder. Dave waited, but didn't bother wasting tape, as he watched to see what Sharon would do.

Inside the bathroom, the married white student stared at herself in the mirror, the reflection almost a stranger, to her, & yet more familiar than the face she remembered seeing home with her family. She wiped away the shiny smears of jism at the corners of her mouth, using her fingers instead of towels, mindful of what she'd been told the night before... She blushed when she realized she was licking her wet fingers clean instead of washing them off, & quickly turned the faucet on, eyes moving between the clock over the sinks & the bathroom door. She blushed at the thought of someone coming into the bathroom & seeing her in her state.

As she reached for towels to dry her hands, she was acutely aware that she was still excited. She paused, considering slipping into one of the stalls to masturbate. As a hand dropped to her crotch, pressing her aroused sex through the thin fabric, she glanced at the clock again. Seeing the time, she stopped thinking about taking the time for getting herself off, in order to rush to her next class. As she ran down the hall, her pack slapping steadily against the top of her ass, she didn't even notice the way every guy eyed her as she passed, or the way most of the girls turned up their nose, incensed at the appearance of the obvious slut.

Panting from exertion, still more than a little aroused at what she'd just done outside of her last class, Sharon tried not to attract too much attention as she settled into a seat near the back of her next class, English. The instructor, a woman not much older than she, frowned at her even though the bell hadn't rung & other students were coming in behind Sharon. Sharon glanced away from the other woman's stern gaze, wondering what she had done... class hadn't started yet, after all.

As embarrassing as the teacher's reaction had been, the awareness that she was still wet... still horny, was enough that Sharon looked around, hoping to see a BZ brother in the class. She didn't see anyone. She smiled nervously, realizing every guy in the room was staring at her openly. She absently wiped at her mouth, making sure there was no remaining evidence of what she'd done, & pointedly tried to ignore the fire between her legs.

Class was boring. She found her mind wandering to what she'd just done... to what she'd done the day before with Dave. Midway through the period, the instructor mentioned the husband in the story the class had been discussing... a story Sharon had read long ago but had not taken time to reread. At that mention, the thought of her own husband & family again intruded on the hapless student's conscience. She pulled self-consciously at, her shorts, horrified that she was out in public dressed like... a slut.

She glanced around, relieved to see that most of the class were paying attention to the professor or their notes... a couple openly sleeping. Sharon resolved to spend more time in class & less time interacting with the BZ fraternity. She'd already done much more than she should, she knew. By the end of class, the arousal she'd been fighting was long cold. When the bell rang, she leapt up with the other students, hurrying to pack her things in the backpack. She was intent on getting back to her apartment to find more appropriate clothing; already she knew she should practice how she would hide her new... decorations from her family.

She almost missed the voice of the professor calling her name as she hurried up the steps toward the exit. When the woman's slightly scratchy voice repeated her name more forcefully, Sharon stopped & turned. The woman was staring at her steadily. Sharon swallowed, but reversed course & hurried down to the lectern.

"Y-yes?" she asked.

"I see you've undergone quite the... transformation since class began," the woman's expression made it obvious what she thought of Sharon's clothing. Sharon shrugged.

"Well, yes... I mean not really. I've made some new friends, true enough." Up close, she realized the woman was younger than she was. Her haughty attitude of superiority had left the nervous housewife with the impression the other woman was older. "That's part of what college is for isn't it?" The woman sniffed, lifting her hand, showing off a gaudy oversized diamond ring.

"And what would your husband say about your new... friends?" she almost sneered. Sharon's breath caught. It took a moment for her to find her voice.

"I don't know what you're insinuating," she said, becoming angry as she answered, "Is there anything wrong with the work I've done in your class?" As she spoke, she was relieved to be confident that all of the work she had turned in for this class was her own. The woman pursed her lips. She inhaled, then shook her head.

"Just see that you remember who you are," she paused, "It's terribly easy to get lost here, away from home." Sharon felt her cheeks burning.

"Thank you, but I already know that... I'm not a child," she answered angrily, "I appreciate your concern." The professor considered saying more for another moment, then dug into her bag. She held out a gilt printed card.

"I hope you're right. I read your admission essay, Sharon," she looked into Sharon's eyes for a moment,

"I've been anxious to see what you can do with some instruction. Take this card. If anything happens & you need me, day or night, just call. My numbers are on that card." Confused, Sharon took the card, mumbled her thanks, & stumbled up the steps, wondering what the other woman expected of her.

Neither woman realized the entire exchange had been captured on digital memory via the school's extensive audio-visual suite. A wealthy alumnus had provided the university with funds to place state of the art computerized systems in the biggest classroom of each building. The BZ brothers had been quick to capitalize on the central storage arrangement the system employed. It was not uncommon for instructors to have their teaching assistants vet a test before it was given, & more than one exam had been blown up without having to resort to more direct means of getting the answers.

As the fraternity's A/V guru, Dave had seen to it that a room with no fewer than 20 LCD monitors rotating the dozens of cameras was monitored each day at the frat. They had also co-opted the security cameras, scattered around the campus, & had piggy backed on existing wiring to provide some less than legal vantages that had brought their chapter more than a little income over the 3 years since a serious effort at catching 'up-skirt' & similar porn for internet sales had begun. The dozens of camera feeds couldn't all be recorded, so they kept a pledge on watch in a carefully hidden 'security nook' in the frat house, rotating the duty once rush was complete. Seen initially as boring busy work all of the brothers had quickly agreed that electronic voyeurism had definite advantages; they knew the campus dealers, thugs, & sluts, as well as which TA's & even professors had... weaknesses. & weaknesses were what the BZ frat excelled at leveraging.

Dave actually spent little time in the warren of computers & monitors at the frat, preferring to use dedicated camcorders & mikes for his recordings. But he'd received a call the moment Sharon's instructor cum mentor had called on her after class. As per his instructions, the pledge on eye duty had been keeping special attention on their new 'sister.' She'd been seen almost constantly since she'd set foot on campus.

Dave kept a mental list of the professors & administrators, who were 'targets;' individuals who had accidentally or intentionally interfered with frat business, or who could help the brothers out. He hadn't known that the bitch teaching English Lit had more than a passing interest in his new sister. Once again, Sharon was going to prove to be invaluable to the BZ. At his instructions, the pledge flicked a switch, & the direct-able camera at the back of the room zoomed in, the professor's own mike capturing what was said. Dave didn't have video, but the sound was piped through to his Blackberry. By the end of the conversation he was smiling broadly, but not pleasantly. A plan was already beginning to form...

Sharon nearly ran out of the English building, angry & embarrassed at what her professor had said. Nancy Eller had been one of the main reasons Sharon had chosen the state university over the private college back home. She sniffed, mentally berating the frigid bitch for making such insinuations... even if they were true. She took a breath, trying to calm down, telling herself that Professor Eller was just interested in helping her; the woman clearly just didn't understand what it was like, being a BZ Sister.

Trying to ignore the cold, making her nipples hard against the thin fabric of her T-shirt, Sharon hurried toward the Union, intent on doing some reading. She had time before her last class of the day, & having missed so much class already she was intent on catching up in, her free time. Even so, her eyes wandered as she crossed the campus. She ignored the stares of the boys she passed; she wondered if she might find a Brother to help her get off so she could focus more easily. None of the BZ Frat seemed to be around. She even considered trying to entice a couple of the big guys who were obviously on the school's football team to 'workout' with her, smiling at the mental image that filled her head. She didn't act, though... it felt too much like cheating, even daydreaming about it. She briefly wondered why it wasn't cheating doing whatever the BZ Brothers wanted, but shrugged, reminding herself that was the duty of a frat's 'little sisters.' & Shaun & Dave weren't strangers, either... they were looking out for her.

Hugging her arms around her chest, Sharon smiled at the thought, ducking through the glass backdoors of the Union. She'd meant to get some coffee, but seeing the bookstore, she was reminded what she was wearing & hurried down the stairs to pick up some sweats. More comfortable in an oversized black fleece hoodie & matching pants, Sharon went up to the cafeteria, bought a large coffee, & crossed the hall, wandering into the study hall. Students were sprawled against the pillars & over plush chairs. Others talked over their work spread out on the library tables, while a few hunched over their work at the 'private' desks lining the room. She saw that most of the study rooms... separated from the main hall by tall glass doors, were in use.

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