tagInterracial LoveSharon Goes Back to School Ch. 09

Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 09


Sharon Goes Back to School

original story: Scipio

story continuation by RogueAlan

Foreword: To those who have enjoyed Sharon's story, I'm glad. To those who don't, for whatever reason, that's fine... I hope you find something here you do like. That said, the barbed complaints a few have left... not constructive criticism, mind you, is a waste of time. Specifically, to the anonymous reader I'll call 'Puke,' don't worry about my karma... if you truly think reading or writing this story is a step toward child molestation, I'd suggest you stay far away from the entire LitErotica site. It's FICTION... It's not meant to be realistic. So if you don't like it, go away. But don't bother being nasty... henceforth negative comments will be thoroughly ignored. To the rest of you... Enjoy! RA


Chapter 9: the Big Bash

When the alarm rang, Sharon groaned, slapping at it blindly until she found the snooze button. In the silence that followed, she rolled onto her back, tugging a pillow over her head. Sleep would not return, though, & she momentarily looked to the nightstand. 10AM, but it felt like 6. She groaned again for effect, then staggered to the bathroom, ignoring her reflection as she collapsed onto the toilet to relieve her bladder. She mentally reviewed the day's schedule... Class at 11 & 2, lab at 3:30, & then the party at the BZ house.

Thinking of the party reminded Sharon she had been miffed at Shaun the night before; she thought he was going to visit or at least call. Instead, she'd done her duty as a BZ Sister. It never occurred to the addled white housewife that she was turning tricks, or that the 'help' she was providing the fraternity could destroy her marriage & family. Before she dressed, she checked her cell phone-- again. No missed calls. Pouting to herself, she threw together a quick breakfast: granola bar and a Minute Maid orange juice/ Asti mimosa. She chose the now, routine BZ halter & shorty T over BZ running shorts, then threw one of the new pair of sweats on over, glad that it was getting cool out, so she could wear the extra layer.

As had become her habit, she walked the short distance onto the campus, enjoying people watching & being part of the hustle of college lift. Her classes went well; no one pointed or whispered. Nobody demanded a very public display of affection. None of her instructors lectured her about appearance or behavior. She welcomed the lab assistant's help in the afternoon lab, aware that he was helping all of the female students more, and flattered by the attention. Between classes, instead of eating she walked to the rec center & did cardio for nearly an hour; it had been hard to keep up with her exercises, & Sharon worried that she had to do more than the other freshmen to keep up.

As the day passed, she found herself looking around more & more without seeing any of the BZ Brothers. She was puzzled, but resolved not to call the house. By the end of her lab, though,she was more than a little anxious; she did not know when to arrive or how to dress or what would be expected of her. When her phone broke into the loud hip hop music as she made her way across the campus, she checked the screen before answering, & was relieved to see it was Kelly. She put the phone to her ear.

"Hey, Sister!" she gushed, "I'm so glad you called. Do you know what to expect tonight?" The younger woman giggled.

"Nope. I was hoping you would. None of the others will tell me anything."

"Others?" Kelly sounded surprised.

"Yeah," she paused, "You know, silly-- our BZ Sisters." Sharon nodded, but admitted.

"I, uh... I haven't met anyone else, yet." Suddenly she wondered if she had done something wrong. Kellly seemed to pick up on that.

"Well, of course you haven't, silly... I've only met 2 of the new BZ Sisters because we're in the same dorm. I think we get to meet the more senior sisters, tonight." Sharon smiled in relief.

"Oh, good. For a moment I thought... Nevermind." She looked around, suddenly anxious for evening to arrive, "What are you going to wear?" Kelly giggled.

"Whatever it is I don't think I'll be in it for very long. I was thinking I'd, wear a BZ swimsuit."

"But it's kind of cold." That elicited another giggle.

"Well, that kind of makes the suit look better, if you know what I mean." Sharon absently reached up, touching the hoodie over her nipple ring. "Should we pick you up?" Kelly was generously offering to include Sharon with the other new girls. Sharon had lots of questions, but decided to wait to ask until she saw her friend.

"Sure. When should I be ready?" Kelly wasn't sure, but thinking about it gave her another idea.

"Hey, have you got any..." she suddenly seemed more self-conscious about talking on the phone, ''Could you host a little pre-party party?"

"Sure," Sharon almost giggled at knowing what Kelly meant, and at being able to play hostess, "Come by whenever you're ready."

"Great. We'll see you in a little bit." Putting her phone away, Sharon hurried to get home & get ready for her friends.

The apartment was small and sparsely furnished. Sharon hadn't stopped to consider she'd barely spent time inside except to sleep and study. She had no idea what was on the various DVD's scattered over the mantle beside the bong & around the player. She reasoned they weren't obvious, & smiled, pleased there was really nothing she needed to clean. She pulled the comforter up over the rumpled sheets on the bed, checked the floors, picking up the odd discarded clothes & an empty condom wrapper. She checked the fridge, making sure there was something to drink. She fretted that she really didn't have much food, but knew there wasn't time to get to the grocery store. .

She's stripped down & was about to jump in the shower when the doorbell rang. Grabbing her robe, she dashed to the front room. She was still getting the tie closed when she opened the door. She squealed with Kelly & the younger woman leapt into Sharon's open arms. They hugged & laughed, Sharon heedless that her breasts were nearly exposed by the spinning movement. Kelly let go long enough to drag the other women into the embrace as everyone laughed for several seconds before the door was closed.

Sharon smiled as Kelly introduced her to Melissa, a tall brunette with light gray eyes. Sharon was jealous of the younger woman's obviously toned physique, but Melissa was friendly & they were soon talking about how each had gotten to college.

Kathy was move voluptuous, but still wasn't even plump... she was merely shorter with an hourglass figure. A spray of freckles dusted her alabaster skin, but the girl's bright red hair was her most striking feature. More quiet then the other girls, she still smiled & listened, occassionally offering some opinion or point as the others talked & laughed.

Kelly made a beeline for the bong & the box of weed. Sharon was surprised Kelly knew & said so. The other girls laughed & Melissa asked Sharon where she'd gotten her 'stash.' Sharon frowned for a minute, then shrugged & admitted it had to have been Shaun or Dave.

"There you go, silly," Kelly teased, "We all have one like it... as well as the bong, &," she eyed the discs lying around, "& some mementos of our exploits." She shook her head as the others looked at the scattered discs. Melissa began picking them up, searching momentarily until she'd found a binder Sharon had never seen . The brunette sat down & began to slip the DVD's into empty sleeves.

"Wow," Kathy said as Kelly loaded the bong, "I thought I had been a bit of a slut... You're amazing, Sharon!" Again Sharon was puzzled. Kelly rolled her eyes & pointed at the case Melissa had nearly finished arranging.

"Haven't you watched any of those?" Sharon shook her head.

"No, I've, uh... I've been busy." Kelly laughed.

"No doubt... Those are... well, if they're the same as we have, those are scenes of you doing the deed with the BZ Brothers." Sharon's face went white.

"You're not serious? I've just been leaving them lie around?" She shivered, wondering what would've happened if one of her guests had wanted to watch one. The thought of her family visiting never entered her mind. Kelly waved away her concern. "I thought Dave's camera was just... I don't know what I thought," she sighed, "They said they weren't keeping them..." Melissa shook her head.

"Oh, they keep them all right... What better way to remember past conquests! That's why we get copies, so we can enjoy watching them... If I'm not out with someone I watch at least one a night," she winked lasciviously at Sharon, "Sort of helps me to scratch that itch, you know?" Kathy giggled at that. Kelly asked if Sharon had anything to drink & Sharon explained she had milk, OJ, & Asti. The girls cheered, Kelly & Kathy opting for straight champagne, while Melissa chose to mix a mimosa, adding a splash of OJ.

Kelly had gotten the bong going, & Sharon sat down beside the pert red head with her own bottle. Soon enough the girls were giggling absently. All but Kathy were on their 2nd or 3rd drinks... the redhead was the 'designated driver.' Instead, she took to hits on the bong each time it reached her.

Sharon laughed with the others as they told stories about how Shaun or Dave or other BZ Brothers had enjoyed them. Kelly had been screwed in the tunnel to the football field during practice. Melissa had blown 3 Brothers while they were speaking to the rest of theirk class in front of a podium in which she'd hidden. She'd also 'helped' the BZ Bowling team out by distracting their competition, bowling in high heels, Daisy Duke shorts, & a cut-off T shirt. Afterwards, she laughed that she'd 'really gotten a strike.' Kathy blushed as she told them she'd been the subject of 'art night' at the Frat, with several members doing sketches of her in various poses-- naked-- after which they'd done additional work as she & the various budding artists assumed 'more erotic' positions. Sharon asked how they'd drawn pictures when they were moving & Kathy giggled that they held still while Polaroids were, taken... then they'd screw like rabbits as the others went to work. She'd done a pose with each of the Brothers who was at the class, as well as the Professor who had allowed it.

Melissa & Kelly had both done a professor & a couple TA's. Kelly laughed that she'd never imagined college would be so much fun or as easy as it'd been. Kathy asked Sharon about her most exciting sex, & instead of admitting having Dave inside of her in her own home or waking with Shaun beside her in bed, she told them about being with Tom in the study hall the day before, knowing people could look in the door & see what was happening.

Thoroughly lit, the girls got around to comparing tattoos & piercings... agreeing that surprisingly the piercings hadn't hurt. The others giggled when Sharon worried aloud how her husband would react. Kathy nearly fell over at that before sputtering that she'd bet Sharon's husband would think it was hot, that his wive was acting like a young college co-ed. Sharon smiled, sure that the redhead was right.

Like Kelly had said she'd decided, the others were in 2 piece bikinis for the party. It'd made showing their various body decorations in a drunken, X-rated show & tell, easy so that by that time everyone was 1/2 naked. Melissa suggested they watch a video to 'get ready for the party;' the way she'd been watching Sharon had left the housewife flustered but aroused, & she'd found herself remembering the exchange with the make-up girl the day she'd helped Shaun with his photo shoot.

Checking the clock on the wall, though, Kathy announced that they should get going. Sharon threw on the heels that were inside the door & trooped out to the Jeep Wrangler Kathy drove. The frat wasn't far, but they were 1/2 way there before Sharon realized, watching the others adjust their suits, she was in just her robe. Melissa was in the back beside her & when Sharon groaned that she was almost naked, the pretty brunette put a manicured hand on Sharon's thigh, assuring her they'd all be naked in short order. The married student giggled & leaned close, asking her new friend if she thought the Brothers would ask for a girl on girl show during the party. Melissa obviously liked that thought, leaning forward & giving Sharon a brief but passionate kiss in answer. Someone driving past honked & the women fell to giggling like naughty children.

The festivities were already underway when they arrived. Various brothers cheered the women's arrival. Each had a drink in hand by the time they were inside, & they laughed away the groping hands, anxious to see what lay in store. One of the senior brothers explained the women were to mingle, serving drinks & snacks, explaining they were helping at a frat event where school administration would be visiting, supposedly on a surprise basis. Once the watchdogs were satisfied & had left, the real party would begin.

Sharon dutifully carried a bucket of iced sodas & sports drinks around, blushing as expected at the many compliments & making ineffectual efforts to keep the brothers from peeking under her robe. She shrugged when approached by an older man who asked why she was there, explaining she was a BZ Sister & so had volunteered to help... she was expected to do so. The man eyed her, gaze roaming over her body. After glancing at the other server nearest them, he pointed out she wasn't dressed as the other girls. Sharon shrugged again & explained she hadn't earned her BZ Sister suit, yet, so had to work in her robe. That led to the inevitable 'what year are you question,' which led to a 'how did you get interested in the BZ Fraternity. Sharon was becoming flustered, but was saved when a confident young black woman sauntered up & to them,

"Sister pledge Sharon?" she said sternly, "You know better than to monopolize the guests' time. BZ Sisters are to be seen, not spoken to." Sharon was shocked, but managed to look appropriately contrite. She noticed the administrator wasn't explaining that he had instigated their conversation. Maybe he'd forgotten, since the woman, she wore a gold name tag on the string above her right breast that read 'Joyce' was barely contained by her bikini. Her nipples.... & their piercings, were readily apparent. The school official seemed unable to take his eyes off of them, until he abruptly realized he'd been staring & began stammering her name repeatedly, as if he had been looking at the nametag. "Sharon, I'm sure the guys in the game room could use a drink..." Joyce went on, & then she turned, weaving her arm into the official's & deftly leading him in the opposite direction, asking loudly if the man had brought his swimsuit since the hot tub was officially open.

Sharon was tempted to slip up to Shaun's room in hopes he had some marijuana, but knew better than to do anything that might get the fraternity in trouble. She was relieved when another woman in a BZ bikini motioned for her to go into the kitchen.

She found Kelly and Melissa working at filling water balloons. There were several other girls working as well, spreading them out on trays. Sharon didn't recognize anyone else. They were giggling & going on about a wet T-shirt contest. Sharon wondered why she felt disappointed when the girl who had called for her to come help explained that the BZ Sisters were going to be the entertainment for the frat & their guests. She knew she should be relieved she wouldn't be the target of administrators throwing the party favors at her robe. She found she was jealous thinking Kelly, Melissa, & Kathy would get to tease the BZ Brothers, until she realized they weren't 'Full Sisters' yet, & were just helping with preparations like she was.

A few minutes later, Sharon & the other 'pledges' were moving through the crowd outside, passing out the balloons. She found a place to watch, still holding a tray with extra ammunition, & watched with the gathered party-goers as Joyce and a dozen other young women pranced out from the back of the house. They did several brief cheers for the school & the Frat, & then when they were finished, arranged in poses across the front yard, one of the Brothers on the 2nd floor shouted & everyone began to throw the prepared balloons. The Sisters in their black bikinis with the white BZ lettering squealed & ran & laughed as within seconds they were all soaking wet. It was a sexy parody of a wet T-shirt contest, without a single 'wardrobe malfunction.' When the last balloon had landed, the girls blew kisses to the crowd, then ran back, jumping into the hot tub.

Sharon glanced at the clock as everyone moved back inside; she & the others had been mingling & serving drinks & snakcs for nearly 4 hours. She didn't know it, but there wouldn't be a change for several hours more... The Brothers seemed content lounging about playing video games, watching movies & recordings of past games. She & the other pledge Sisters had no real break, & she was flagging when she realized there were fewer people around. Moments later she answered the call for the 'sister pledges' to begin cleaning up.

The party had been going more than 7 hours... It was after midnight, & she found herself pouting at the thought everything was finishing up. She managed to smile & thank the various guests she saw leaving, including the administrators who had been evaluating the frat. Sharon busied herself picking up empty glasses & straightening things, like the other girls, telling herself it was worth it to be part of the other parties...

By 1AM it was just BZ Brothers a few remaining Sisters, & the pledge Sisters. Shaun had appeared, telling Sharon & Kelly to go into the rec room to take a break. All of the pledge sisters seemed to be there, watching some recent chick flick on the big plasma screen. Sharon asked around, but none of the girls knew any more than she did. She found herself looking at the others... She counted 12 girls, of all shapes & hair color. The only thing they shared was an obvious attractiveness. Sharon shivered, pleased to be included in their number. She touched her pierced nipple through the robe, acutely aware the women shared other things. She wondered again why Shaun & the others were including her with so many more beautiful young women.

She wondered about Joyce & the other Sisters who'd all been wearing black bikinis... the only bikinis she'd seen were white or various day-glo colors. Just then, a tall blonde still wearing her black bikini finally sauntered into the room, closing the door behind her.

"Welcome, pledges!" she said, "It won't be long now before the real party gets underway. You did well tonight... the frat will have no problem keeping it's charter." The girls talked & laughed in relief & anticipation. Kelly cheered & hugged Sharon. "To celebrate, the Brothers wanted to let everyone meet... This way you'll know you're not out on campus alone." Sharon nodded, relieved she wasn't the only one putting out for BZ Brothers between classes. From the looks she saw on other faces she wasn't the only one thinking that. The blonde waved to the covered bar & the girls squealed, finding a variety of mixed drinks iced & ready to enjoy.

At the Sister's insistence, the girls began to enjoy themselves, having only watched others partying through the night. In no time Sharon & the others had lost count of the number of shots & drinks they'd swallowed, laughing & toasting one another & playing stupid games with the dialogue on the TV.

"As you all know," their apparent chaperone began after the movie ended, "Being a BZ Sister means doing some... unique things," the blonde paused suggestively, "& of course it also means enjoying some wonderful perks!" She smiled at the embarrassed murmurs that followed. "Membership if strictly voluntary," she continued, the lie so practiced it came off of her tongue easily, "But few of us choose to quit before graduation... Some of us will find ways to keep serving BZ after graduation." Sharon almost cupped her crotch, she was so wet at the memories her Sister's speech was stirring. She blinked, amazed at how aroused she was, never considering what might have been in the drinks. After all, each of the pledges seemed as excited.

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