Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 14


The women enjoyed a repeat of the nocturnal skinny dip, Kelly laughing when Sharon hesitated, which quickly spurred the older woman to dive into the water. It was a colder morning-- November in the Midwest gets cold-- but Chris had always insisted on keeping their pool open longer than other people, and had invested in a better heater for the pool, as well as gas heaters spaced along the patio. When Kelly commented she had not expected the pool to be open, Sharon assured her some years they had never closed it down.

As they were toweling off, after a delicious sometimes submerged 69, Kelly gestured at Sharon's mons, asking if she was going to 'get her touch up.' Sharon paused, aware that she had heard that before, but unable to remember when or where. Pouting, she shook her hips, asking if her young female lover didn't like what they'd just done. Kelly laughed, assuring her she had, but pointing out there were some 'stray hairs' she needed to get taken care of.

"Gray hairs?!" Sharon huffed, then laughed at Kelly's response. She knew what the younger woman had said, but enjoyed the response from teasing her. Sharon had resumed using a razor periodically on the few hairs that had grown back. She was still amazed so few were growing, and almost asked Kelly if there was something they had done to so totally inhibit regrowth. She absently stroked her nearly bare mons, wondering aloud how long it would be before she could try another pattern of pubic hair, and pouting about what would happen if Shaun wanted a different design.

Kelly laughed, thinking her lover was teasing her again, and flippantly assuring Sharon the former basketball star would not want something different, and adding they could always get Sharon a merkin if necessary. When Sharon discovered, thanks to her iPhone, what a merkin was, the shocked blonde chased the giggling younger stripper through the house until they reached the basement exercise room where they spent another delicious hour practicing the routines they had been working on, not the least of which was just how far they could go without their simulated sex becoming the real thing.

Both women enjoyed the roast and vegetables Flora had prepared, once everyone was home. Kelly asked why Flora had gone to church on a Monday, and Sharon shrugged, but assured her lover that the little housekeeper went more days then not, adding that at least she did not try to push her views on others. By the time the others were back, the women were cleaned up and ready for another day mall hopping.

Flora had thrown a cornbread hamburger casserole in the oven which everyone enjoyed, talking about what had happened and what was planned for the day and the coming holiday. As was the usual habit, everyone helped to clean the table, and then Scott headed to his room for an afternoon of 'hard core gaming.'

Sharon was a bit relieved when Cathy begged off of shopping with them, citing a return to the nearest mall with her friends. She could tell Kelly was interested in hanging with the younger girls, and made a mental note to ask her daughter to include her friend, knowing they would be doing more shopping around the holiday. Once the pair was in her luxury SUV headed for the highway, Sharon admitted that she was glad she had Kelly along for the first trip of the afternoon. When Kelly asked for more information, the pretty blonde housewife refused to answer, even when Kelly's tickling and teasing threatened to get her off in the driver's seat. Straightening the weaving truck, she headed to the mall Dave had taken her to just a few months before.

As they parked, Kelly looked around, then looked back at her friend, raising an eyebrow.


"Is it that obvious?" Kelly shrugged, intrigued.

"So what are we doing here?" Sharon blushed.

"You said I needed a touch up... This is where... where..." she could not bring herself to finish. Kelly turned up her nose.

"Seriously?" Sharon was relieved her friend had the same visceral reaction to their present location she had... She had spent no small amount of time after that day wondering if she was racist. The mall's façade was a faded brown, the dark smoked glass doors they were approaching somehow seeming dull. There were cracks throughout the asphalt parking lot, some big enough she would have considered using her truck's four wheel drive to navigate.

And while there were other nice cars... nicer cars, with gold rims and pneumatic shocks, she had seen driving in from the highway... the majority of the cars were a dozen years or more older than the vehicles populating the mall they had visited Sunday. And the vehicles had led a much harder life in those years, with mismatched or missing panels, and more dents and dings and rust spots then was usually the case.

People with seemingly nothing better to do were lounging outside the entrance, smoking. Sharon remembered how completely exposed she had felt walking in with Dave the last time... This was little better, even though she was not dressed like a street walker. In truth, both women had chosen short skirts-- a shorter skirt than Sharon would have ever worn before her return to school. The lacy bra she had selected from the few she found acceptable in her drawer at home was partially visible through the thin button front blouse she had chosen, leaving a daring 4 buttons open. The change in her taste was lost on the black hooked co-ed, in part because Kelly was almost an exact match. And it did not matter that every eye was fixed on them, and the knots of people-- men and women apart-- made no effort to seem to be talking about anyone but them; it was no different than walking around on campus.

Both women sighed in relief upon entering the mall. It was not the frigid brightly lit space of the day before... High ceilings were still somehow gloomy, lost in the inadequate light of posts spaced thirty feet apart and only ten feet above the plain, stained cement walk. Despite the darker ambiance, the air was noticeably warmer... was the heat on just because it was November?

Trying to remember where they had gone, Sharon led the way, refusing to look at the people staring at them, doubly glad Kelly was there as well. Both women were acutely aware of the whispers and occasional cat calls that followed in their wake... though more pointed than either usually faced, just a few months as BZ Bitches had already left them immune to such behavior. Smiling, Kelly leaned forward to pointedly lick Sharon's bare neck when a group of particularly obnoxious women were pointing and gossiping.

"Don't sweat the bitch patrol," she whispered, "They just wish they looked half as good." Sharon smiled.

"And got half the cock we enjoy." She blinked, shocked she'd just said that, even as she saw Kelly nodding. She smiled, unable to deny it wasn't true. Of course, the store was closed when they arrived, a little clock indicating the proprietors would be 'back in 15 minutes.' Sharon followed Kelly to the food court where they eyed the impossibly nice photos of various dishes before settling on 'kids size' cones at the ColdStone. As they walked the mall, working on their cones, Sharon pointed out the places Dave had taken her before, hesitating at Hot Topic where they had stopped to speak to the high school student. She did not know why she did not say anything about it to Kelly, and denied that the sudden arousal she felt, searching the store to see if the young man was working... He was barely older than her son, she scolded herself, so she couldn't be excited at the thought of seeing him. She slowed, trying not to look as if she was searching the small shop, and then moved on, guessing he was not working.

Kelly insisted on going into 'Swim Things' where she bought a new string bikini. She insisted Sharon should get a matching suit, which the housewife did, obediently buying the same size that Dave had purchased a few weeks before... a size smaller then she had ever truly worn. Sharon did not argue when Kelly insisted on getting a third suit for Cathy, laughing when her friend assured her she was 'almost the same size' as her daughter. She tried to understand why hearing that had caused a momentary unease, but Kelly's exuberance and the pending visit to the salon kept her from dwelling on it. The clerk was happy to provide the younger woman with a card so they could purchase directly from her any online items they might find, and as they left Kelly insisted the could get some good pieces for their act. Sharon nodded, biting her lip at the mix of emotions... she remained uneasy about the suit she had just bought for her daughter, but could not understand it, and the burble of arousal at how Shaun would react when he saw the new suit threatened to build into real arousal, so the hooked white wife intentionally put the thoughts out of mind.

The overweight black woman was not in evidence on their return, but the diminutive Asian beckoned them into the store's treatment area as if they had been expected. She raised an eyebrow, asking in clipped hard to decipher English if Kelly needed 'touch up' too, reminding Sharon where she had heard the term. She shivered, remembering her initial horror at what the women had done to her, then nearly giggled at how natural it seemed to her now. Kelly had asked if she needed to wait out front. The woman considered, then nodded, offering a gap tooth smile,

"Be good for business, have pretty girl waiting," she said. Dimpling, Kelly left. The woman pointed for Sharon to sit down, then rolled her eyes, sighing when the housewife obeyed. "First the skirt come off... and panties if you have them today." Sharon blushed, but removed the lace low rise panties that matched her bra, setting them atop the skirt on a table that seemed reserved for that purpose. The woman clucked her tongue, "You go too long... may take more retreat... you have to pay for them." Sharon nodded, struggling to appear nonchalant as the woman went to work.

"Oh, that's all right," she answered, watching absently but intently as the woman applied a cool gel in practiced strokes. Sharon realized that there was a tingle that followed the initial cold. The Asian did not reply, picking up a second container and applying a dusting of something dark that seemed to coat her sparse pubic hairs. She wrinkled her nose, seeing how it emphasized her pores. The idea her skin has so many pits was disgusting to the once prude wife.

The older woman brusquely handed Sharon a pair of oversized red plastic glasses. Sharon shook her head, puzzled as the tiny woman clipped similarly colored lenses over her John Lennon style glasses. The little Asian sighed.

"You wear," she insisted, waving the wand she had picked up at the same time, "Strong light. Hurt eyes." Sharon put the glasses on.

"I didn't wear them last time," she pouted. The older woman snorted.

"You wear blinder, last time," her voice sing songed, "You want again?" Sharon started to shake her head no, but realized the woman was teasing her. She put the glasses on, wondering how many other women had worn them. The machine beside the other woman buzzed quietly when she pushed a green button, and after a moment a light went on by her fingers where she held the wand.

Sharon watched in mixed curiosity and anxiety as the pointed tip of the wand was brought deftly to her pubes. The woman seemed to deliberate among she few hairs Sharon could see even without the magnifier the technician was using. Nodding to herself, the Asian advanced the probe until it was almost on Sharon's skin. She touched the stud beside the green light.

SNAP. Sharon gasped, struggling not to jump at the spark of light and the accompanying pain. She remembered there had been stinging before, but this was worse, she was sure.

"Ahhh," she managed, knuckles going white on the arms of the chair. "That hurts." The wizened crone looked up at her with a barely concealed smirk.

"You wait. No move. Numb soon." She looked down and went on with her work, selecting the next hair to blitz. Sharon had to struggle not to cry out at the next use of the wand. The technician gave no notice, quickly eliminating several more before Sharon started to rise.

"God, I can't... that's enough..." Sharon started, amazed there was no blood or smoking burn on her skin. The smaller woman pushed against Sharon's belly with the wand, the pointed tip applying enough pressure she easily forced Sharon back into the chair.

"Sit back. No watch!" she barked, "Numb soon. How you take big black, no take little poke?" Sharon blushed, and leaned back, closing her eyes as the woman paused to apply more gel and carbon. Mercifully, the pain did ease, until the time the woman patted her thigh after more than 20 minutes, Sharon had nearly fallen asleep.

Sitting up, she followed the Asian's lead in removing the glasses. The shop owner flipped the lighting on fully, and Sharon looked down to examine the work. The scattered hairs that had been growing despite her frequent use of a disposable razor were gone. Her pale skin was speckled pink and black. Sharon's momentary horror-- she pictured burned stubs of the hairs jutting from her skin even though it had not looked like that before-- dissipated as the woman deftly swabbed her pubes with a cool wipe, collecting the majority of the carbon powder. The thin layer of Aloe gel that the towel applied quickly soothed the light burn on Sharon's skin. The entrapped housewife shivered, amazed at how much cooler it felt with even the little stubble she had built up having been whisked away.

The beautician clucked, pointing to Sharon's clothes, and the blonde blushed as she remembered she was standing half naked in front of a stranger.

"Hair fine. Work good. No more retouch." She set about cleaning the apparatus with an economy of movement, unerringly tossing the sterile wrapping and used gauze and wipes into a trash can set by the wall. Sharon watched, unsure what she was supposed to do.

"Uhm," she began after a moment, reaching for her handbag, "I don't know how much..."

"Included," the woman barked, "No charge This time." Sharon nodded her understanding.

"Thank you," she said automatically, "How long now before it grows back, then..." The woman stopped, blinking at Sharon until the blonde wondered if something was wrong with the older woman.

"Not grow," the woman shook her head and muttered something in another language. It was Sharon's turn to blink.

"Not for a few months, just like it's been..." The woman's head rocked like the bobble head dolls her son collected.

"No," the woman said when she decided Sharon was not kidding. "You no understand epilation?" Sharon knew friends who did hair removal, but they were forever going back, and as a blonde she had never had reason to consider trying it. She managed to shrug. "You not serious! You here... You have Brazilian V." Sharon nodded, putting a hand against her sex, absently tracing the line of hair that had remained always more prominent than the sparse hairs that had regrown in the months since she had been to the mall. "That all... It always a Brazilian V. No grow no more." And the little woman rolled her eyes again, contemptuously. Sharon found her mouth hanging open. And while she tried to get past the shock of it, she was mentally scolding herself... they had said as much. She would never have more pubic hair... or at least no more pubic hair than already decorated her mons. She bit her lip, but managed to thank the woman before rushing back to the front room where Kelly was paging through the week's 'In Touch.'

Seeing Sharon, the younger woman hopped up and reached for their packages.

"Do I get a peek?" Sharon smiled, but caught the smaller woman's elbow nearly dragging Kelly out to the main walkway.

"I didn't realize," she said as she headed back toward the car.

"Wait, I'm lost," Kelly argued, "What didn't you realize?" Sharon looked around as if the other shoppers knew what they were talking about.

"I didn't know it was permanent."

"Laser epilation? Sure... at least as permanent as anything is..." Kelly seemed honestly puzzled. "That's why it's so great... no constant shaving and trimming and itching." Sharon just nodded, once again amazed at how different her friend and lover's outlook could be. "I mean, some hairs just seem to be stubborn, you know?" Kelly prattled on, "That's why they retreat the areas you want to be clean. I'd never thought of doing it before we became BZ Sisters, but it makes sense... Feels pretty sexy too." Sharon felt herself nod at that... It DID feel sexy when she could feel clothes or air or someone's fingers moving over her bare skin... so close to being inside of her...

She shook her head, scolding herself for daydreaming about sex. They were home on Thanksgiving break, and just two days before she had been thoroughly abused. She told herself to focus on the time she had with her family. The memory of that reminded her she had not applied the salve that she had been given.

"I need to find the restroom," she blurted, looking around.

"Back at the Food Court," Kelly suggested, following the line of sight Sharon had been following, "Why, see someone you want to screw?" Sharon just shook her head. She decided not to say anything about the salve.

"No, I just have to pee." She giggled-- before school she would have been scandalized to say something like that even to her girl friends. Kelly smiled and the pair retraced their steps to the starkly lit tiled hall leading to the mall's public rest rooms, leaving a wake of following eyes.

While Kelly primped in the mirror, Sharon ducked into the stall, scooping a finger of the viscous slightly yellow material out of the bag and applying it to the top of her just-treated seam. As sore as she had been she was amazed at how quickly the greasy ointment had helped. She mentally gauged the amount still in the bag, estimating how long she could make it last... through Christmas if she was careful, but she had the man's number. She decided not to worry about it, she could get more on a trip home if it ran low before then.

She ran her fingers over the slightly tender, reddened skin of her pubes... Permanent. She was relieved Chris seemed to like the look, and wondered if he thought she was shaving daily to maintain it... and if he thought that, wouldn't he wonder why she was doing that when she did not see him except the odd weekend? She shivered at the thought of his finding out. She quickly finished up, tucking the bag deep in her purse, along with her panties, since they had chafed at the recently treated skin. She flushed and went out to wash her hands.

"Wait, I want to see," Kelly pouted. Sharon frowned, but could not help herself, as the younger woman maintained her feigned pout. Biting her lip, the married wife ran a hand down the front of her blouse, catching the hem of her skirt and lifting it to bare her sex for her young lover.

"Mmmmm," Kelly shivered in exaggerated pleasure, "Is that just for me?" Sharon shook her head, fingers dipping lower, palm pinning her skirt in place as she spread her labia,

"Oh, no, baby... I'm a BZ Sister... I have to share this with any Brother who asks." Kelly stepped up to her, eyes dancing with playful arousal.

"I guess I can share you with them." Sharon suppressed a moan as the younger woman closed her fingernails with practiced accuracy on her pierced nipple.

"Ahhh... and my husband," she managed, "You have to share my husband..." Kelly had moved close, meaning to kiss Sharon's neck. She began to giggle.

"You want me to share your husband?" Sharon blinked, then flushed deeper than her quickly building arousal.

"I... no, I meant... I..." Kelly's fingers tracing over her blouse were driving her wild. She wanted to pull her young lover's face down, to bury it in her sex... She stopped, remembering she had just applied the ointment, and still surprised at what she had said.

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