Sharon Goes Back to School Ch. 14


"Well, I suppose that'd be one way to make sure he can't be too mad about what we're doing..." Kelly was teasing, pressing her body against Sharon's. Sharon's mind locked, need crowding out rational thought about Chris or the ointment or where they were.

"... And then I told that lying dog he could..." The door from the hall opened and two young black women sauntered in, talking to each other. There was an awkward moment as the women came to a stop, still holding the door open, to see the white women almost writhing against each other in front of the sinks. Kelly bit back a laugh, stepping away, as Sharon hurried to smooth her skirt back into place, relieved they had not gone farther, and more grateful that she was facing away from the door and the strangers' gaze. Kelly tossed her hair and sauntered past the women, barely younger than herself. Blushing fiercely, Sharon followed, hearing the one who'd been speaking as they enter say to the other, "Can you believe those skanks were..." before the door closed.

Kelly seemed unworried as they moved back onto the main walk of the mall. Sharon was sure every eye was on her. She knew no one else had seen what they were doing, but somehow it felt as if everyone knew. The fact that the knowledge had her as aroused as what Kelly had been doing to her was lost to her awareness. Kelly steered them through a couple shops, pointing things out that Sharon bought while trying to regain some balance and self-control. Finally they were back to the entrance where they'd come in. Kelly paused, looking around, and smiling at the unwavering attention they were getting.

"I don't think they'll forget us, do you?" Sharon looked around, amazed at seeing every eye focused on she and her friend. She looked at Kelly.

"I hope so," she hissed, "If someone saw me with Chris and said something I'd die." Kelly laughed.

"I doubt you go the same places our admirers do when you're with Chris. Hell, we drove most of an hour to get here." Sharon could not argue with that. "So do you want to leave a real impression?" her friend asked, licking her lips suggestively. Sharon looked around again.

"What are you saying?" Kelly shrugged,

"You've got me all hot and bothered, bringing me here... They may not be BZ, but I bet we could talk a couple of these young studs to take us somewhere..." She laughed at Sharon's expression. "Just kidding, lover. I was thinking more about..." without finishing, she stepped close. Sharon fully expected her young lover to kiss her or fondle her. She wasn't prepared for it when instead the smaller woman caught her hand and pulled, twirling her in place.

Sharon was nearly completely through her spin before she realized the movement had lifted her skirt, baring her naked sex to all those watching them. She gasped, her sex twitching spastically.

"See us live at Snake Eyes!" Kelly sang out, then pushed Sharon through the first door of the mall's weather trap.

"I can't believe you did that!" Sharon gasped, laughing as Kelly caught hold of her hand, the couple dashing out to Sharon's car. She was panting when she closed the door a minute later. Eyeing the fierce pride in Kelly's expression, she leaned across, kissing the younger woman passionately.

"So you liked it," Kelly teased when they finally separated, both still breathless. Embarrassed, Sharon turned her attention to getting the car started. "I could tell," Kelly traced a finger over Sharon's aroused unpierced nipple, "You get off, showing yourself off."

"Not as much as I do getting our BZ Brothers off," Sharon wondered why she had said that. "It's Thanksgiving break, though. I have to focus on Chris."

"So we're just here to tease ourselves?" Kelly pouted, but Sharon wondered if she was really upset. She did not want to admit that she had been thinking the same thing while they were shopping... it would be SO easy to find some stud to help her get off. An image of Donnie, the way he'd smiled as he was taking her in the tattoo studio filled her head. Only the honk of the car in the next lane brought Sharon out of her fantasy; she barely missed sideswiping a big Lincoln Town Car. "Uhm, if you want to get their attention, just flash a tit, babe," Kelly said.

Conversation returned to more normal topics as they headed home. Sharon had to get the last groceries for Flora's feast on Thursday... she was meeting friends the next day for lunch, though the thought of it kept leaving her unusually anxious. She asked if Kelly wanted to join them, but the younger woman scoffed, pointing out that Sharon was hip and sexy and her 'Sister,' but the other 'biddies' would not understand.

"No, I think I'll hang with Cathy tomorrow," Sharon's lover said. Sharon did not argue, still trying to understand why she was worried about the next day's luncheon. "Are we going back to school on Friday then?" Sharon shook her head,

"No, I mean, you can, if you need to, but Scott has a football game on Friday... some new play off arrangement," she turned up her nose, "I worry he'll get hurt, but I want to be there since I've missed all the other games this year."

"OK, football it is," Kelly winked when Sharon looked over at her, "But be careful not to make any bets on the game." Sharon blushed, but laughed with her friend. It seemed like ancient history, even though it had only been a couple days before. She was glad that she had the ointment, certain she would still be walking bowlegged if the BZ Brother had not taken pity on her.

"I think I'll save myself for our Brothers and my husband thank you, very much," She shivered at the thought of her son's friends treating her like she had experienced during the weekend. They were just boys, not at all like the men she was servicing in college...

Once again she made a conscious effort to shove all thoughts of the ZB frat out of her mind. She was home. She was with Chris and the rest of her family.

"Nooo!" Sharon sat up, back arched, eyes wide. She managed to stifle the cry that had awakened her. She blinked, disoriented, looking around the room. It wasn't her apartment bedroom, with the green LED clock, or the low lights of the cubbies where the girls stole naps at Snake Eyes. She recognized the Bose clock radio on Chris' nightstand. She was home. Had it all been a dream?

Her fingers rose to her chest... No, her nipple was pierced-- she was truly going to school, and as surely was a frat's helpless sex toy. She looked down at her sleeping husband, who had been roused slightly by her cry, she noticed. To her relief he shifted, then settled, his breathing falling back to the steady droning snore that was so familiar. She remembered the evening.

She and Kelly... and Catherine when she got back from shopping with her friends, had all laid out by the pool under the heat lamps pretending it was summer until Chris and Scott were back as well. Flora had provided snacks and drinks, and had fixed a delicious stroganoff for dinner. There'd been peach cobbler and ice cream, and then the kids had insisted they watch a rental movie that was 'hilarious.'

Sharon had already had three glasses of wine, so had found following the movie... something about eating with idiots... hard to follow. The others had seemed to enjoy it. Then Chris had said something about 'taking his girl' to bed, which had prompted outcries of 'Gross' and 'Ewww' from the kids, and a smirk from Kelly. Sharon remembered giggling drunkenly, encouraging her husband to ignore their kids and make good on his promise.

She fell back onto the plush pillow, her hand dropping between her legs, teasing at the thin vee of hair above her sex. Chris had smiled when she had done an intentionally halting striptease, asking if that was what they taught in PE at college.

Shaking her head, Sharon had murmured that she had missed Chris, adding that Kelly and the other girls kept talking about what they did for their boyfriends, and adding that since Chris had been so patient and generous that she 'wanted to try it.' Pushing him back on the bed, she had proceeded to straddle his hips, running her nails up his thighs and soft belly, circling his nipples teasingly as she asked if he liked it, then giggling that she could tell. Within moments of her advance, her husband was fully hard, his cock tenting the front of his briefs... Well, at least pushing it out-- the contrast with the true jutting hardness she was too familiar with sprang unbidden to her mind.

Pushing the intrusive memories aside, Sharon continued to tickle, moving ever closer, until she had caught the waistband of his briefs, pulling them down to expose Chris' manhood.

"Oh!" she breathed, "You are amazing. God I've missed you. I play with myself some nights imagining you're there." Chris was breathing rapidly, his hands moving over her head.

"Me too, babe," he managed, then gasped as she kissed the tip of his cock. Sharon kissed up and down his length, going slowly, pausing to pull hair out of her mouth, tilting her head as if she was unsure what to do. "Oh God!" he groaned when she took the tip in her mouth and swirled her tongue over it for a moment.

"Is that good?" she asked, feigning naiveté, wiping her mouth. Chris just nodded, hands tight in her hair. She smiled at him; she could tell he wanted to pull her down onto him the way Shaun did, but her husband was too much of a gentleman. "It isn't bad," she admitted, "I guess it was stupid," she dipped her head, licking seductively up the bottom of his shaft, "That I refused to do it when we were in school."

"Ah!" Chris cock twitched at the teasing movement of her tongue, "It's... It's OK, babe. You've always satisfied me." Sharon smiled up at him.

"I'm glad... You've always been wonderful, too." Before he could ask if she had not always been satisfied, she took a dramatic breath and then let half of his shaft enter her mouth before pausing, bucking her head as if it was difficult to manage. She told herself there was no harm in playing it up, stroking her husband's ego. She loved him and wanted him to be happy. Pausing for another breath, she began to bob up and down on Chris' cock, adding suction irregularly, and slathering her tongue around him clumsily. She paused, biting her lower lip as she looked up, "Should I stop, then?" Chris groaned, shaking his head, pushing his hips up, anxious for her to take him in her mouth again. "Is it better when I lick," she did so with greater skill than she really wanted to display, "Or suck..." and haltingly took half of him in her mouth again, applying a moment's suction before stopping to cough theatrically.

"Suck it," Chris hissed. She hid her smile-- as if there was another choice-- as she began to bob her head, sucking with better force. Chris' hands were balled in her hair.

"God, you're so hard," she murmured, reaching to wank him as she panted like she needed breath, "I'm not sure I can take it all... but I'll try... Kelly calls it... throating. She insists every guy goes wild, but I already feel like I'll throw up." Chris nodded, eyes nearly crossed as her fingers knowingly worked at his erection. He sighed as Sharon returned her attention to his shaft, taking him three fourths of the way, then holding herself against him and clenching her abdomen as if she was retching before easily dropping until her nose was against his pubic hair. She sucked hungrily, then faked a retching noise before backing off.

"I did it!" she paused, "Did you like that?" Chris just nodded. She giggled, "I've left you speechless. It wasn't bad... I think I can do it again if you'd like..." Chris managed another nod. "Tell me if you're going to... you know," Sharon wrinkled her nose, "I can't imagine tasting that..." And worried he might see the lie she dipped her head to swallow him again, sucking hard. He grunted, and she tasted pre-cum. Was he already so close? She bobbed her head up and down... up and down, sucking and relaxing at the same time. His breath caught, and suddenly his hand were clumsily pulling at her lifting away.

Sharon deftly maintained suction to cause a loud 'pop' as she came off of her husband's cock. It twitched, and a heavy bead jumped up, spattering Sharon's neck.

"Ewww!" she pretended to be horrified, pushing the tip away toward his belly as more jism spewed from the purpled crown. "Wow!" she said, honestly impressed when he was spent. Her hand and his lower abdomen were liberally coated with his spend. It wasn't the most that she'd seen, but she didn't remember Chris being such a fountain.

"How 'bout that?" he managed, patting her head awkwardly. "Guess I've still got it."

"Mm-hmmm," Sharon cooed, pausing in her movement up to lay beside him, "Wait... I have to know..." she dipped a long lacquered nail into the pearly jism and brought it to her lips. She wrinkled her nose, "A little salty.. But not bad... I can't believe how stupid I've been. I'm sorry baby, I should have tried that years ago." Chris shook his head, waving a hand as he pulled her up close to him.

"Shhh... Are you kidding? If that's all that I wanted I wouldn't have been so lucky as to have you for my wife. Think of all the things I would've missed... kids, the house, our friends..." He had looked at her sleepily, the boyish smile she had fallen in love with animating his heavier, older face, "Although I'm not going to complain that you've decided to add it to our repertoire." He paused, and closed his eyes long enough that Sharon had thought he might have fallen asleep. "I'm sorry, babe, but I think you've worn me out for tonight... I'll make sure I make it up to you tomorrow." Sharon had made a show of jumping up to clean him up, wrinkling her nose as she used Kleenex to wipe up the worst of it. She had assured him it was fine, knowing that in Chris' mind women rarely wanted sex... Not so long ago she had been that quiet 'good housewife' that he expected.

Sharon had paused, wondering momentarily how she had been so changed. The thought was quickly supplanted by the relief that she had managed to fake him out.

"You know, if I'd known you would learn to try that I would've sent you to college years ago," Chris had teased her. Sharon had giggled.

"Two of my fellow Sisters claim that's why they got their tongues pierced... to really pleasure their boyfriends."

"Hmmm," Chris had murmured, "I'd always wondered what that was about..." A moment later, he had been snoring. Sharon had snuggled against her husband until she was sure he would not wake before she had slipped into the bathroom to enjoy a long shower, masturbating feverishly while fantasizing about being filled by Shaun's big cock. When the memory of Dave taking her in the same bed where she had just tricked her husband arose, she knew she should be ashamed, but for some reason it proved just the trigger she needed to get off, sagging down the tile wall of the shower stall as the pleasure peaked and ebbed.

She had dried off and then had slipped back into bed, drifting quickly to sleep. Sometime later the dream had come.

She had been taking Go's deliciously bent cock from behind, bent over his desk, a delicious dream from which she had actually climaxed a few times when waking while still dreaming. Instead of the usual color, though, she was dreaming in black and white. Before she could puzzle about it, the door of the office opened and Kelly sauntered in-- moving with the sexy hip throw reserved for when they were performing.

"Ready for the set?" dream-Kelly asked. Sharon tried to tell her to wait, but dream-Go's hand pressed at the small of her back, pinning her to the desk as he hammered into her harder, and she managed only a groan of submission as he brought her to the brink of an orgasm.

"She's busy, little bitch." He growled at her, not at all the gregarious flirty employer who kept everyone aware he wanted them and would make sure they enjoyed his having them.

"Fine," dream-Kelly had pouted, "I'll just do the new show I've been working on..." And she had left, the door staying open behind her. In the dream, Sharon found herself wondering why the door was still open, at least until the relentless thrusting of dream-Go's cock brought her off. She had shivered & wailed, humping back against him, begging for him to fuck her.

In the quicksilver way of dreams, she was then on the other side of Go's desk. The big club owner was still hammering into her deliciously. But he was fucking into her more leisurely, and Sharon became aware of the Deejay announcing Kelly's new set. The perfect tempo of 'Porn Star Dancer' began to thump, and the crown went wild. Sharon found herself imagining how Kelly was progressing... working the poles, working the crowd, losing some costume... Repeat. The crowd went wild shortly after the second song, began, Van Halen's 'I'll Wait.' Had she stripped bare? Was she using one of the impressive dildos they had agreed would be a hallmark of their show? Go waited until the next time the crowd cheered before pushing the button on his desk... again the magic of dreams since the button was actually BEHIND the desk, she realized dimly...

The automated drapes lifted, and Sharon gasped as she saw Kelly was prancing suggestively about the stage, a peacock plume jutting behind her firm ass, held in place by a silver hoop that glittered at her hips, the ends at the front seeming to point directly at her glitter accented clean shaven seam. She was not using the pole, though. Instead, she wore a Technicolor version of the nurse's hat, and was prancing around a dentist's chair of some sort. At first, Sharon thought the man in the chair was simply some lucky regular or a hapless groom to be. She watched in surprise as Kelly stopped at the man's waist, and while pumping her plumed ass suggestively at the crowd, she deftly opened her 'patient's' pants, freeing an average but obviously aroused prick.

Sharon found herself focusing on that cock. There was something... Slipping up onto the chair, somehow still moving her body to the music, dream-Kelly put on an imaginary '69' except it was not imaginary... She really was bobbing her head up and down that erection, pausing every few moments to cry out as if receiving the best cunnilingus ever.

There was a pause as the song ended, and for a moment Sharon thought it was a malfunction. The crowd had gone quiet, watching the action, so that as her lover and fellow performer stopped slurping at the pale shaft, looking back at the man who's face was enveloped by her thighs and sex.

"Oh, that's so good, lover," dream-Kelly crooned, eliciting hoots from the audience. "Which do you like better, this..." she dipped her head, swirling her talented pierced tongue over the shaft, "Or this," she paused for effect, then drove her mouth to the root of the swollen cock, cheeks hollowing as she sucked at him. The frenzied but distinctly masculine, hauntingly familiar moan of response was answer enough. The music had kicked in then, 'Teach Me to Doggie.'

"I need that cock inside of me!" Kelly exclaimed, spinning, and pumping her hips, which made the plumage fan the audience as she spread her thighs above Sharon's husband. Sharon's gaze rose to the cunt honey glazed face of her betrothed; his eyes were glazed and there was an almost vacant smile of bliss. She pounded Go's desk, shouting 'No!' as her gaze moved to her lover's obviously wet sex, dancing over her husband's jutting cock. She could not take her eyes away as Kelly hunched lower, dragging her sex down over the tip of Chris' cock before accepting him into her in a single smooth stroke. Chris's head tipped back as his neck and back arched, hips pumping hungrily up at the young co-ed's cunt. Holding herself above him, dream-Kelly was riding Sharon's husband, still dancing from the waist up as the crowd went wild.

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