tagLesbian SexSharon's First Taste

Sharon's First Taste


Sharon made the final touches to her makeup and slipped into a pair of comfortable heals. She was excited, but still a little apprehensive. She had not been on a girl's night out in years, but when Tina had suggested, then insisted that she join the girls on one of their regular Saturday night outings, she was unable to come up with any more plausible excuses as to why she couldn't possibly go. She was surprised when Mark, her husband of fifteen years, approved and encouraged the idea. Normally she didn't go anywhere without him. With the kids tucked safely into bed, and Mark engrossed in a television program, it was time for her to go.

She took a few deep breaths and a final look in the mirror. She didn't look to bad for a woman of 35, even to her critical eye.

Tina beeped the horn to announce her arrival and Sharon headed for the door. A quick kiss and a "have a good time Love" from Mark, and she was stepping into Tina's car. She felt like a teenager on a first date. Tina giggled at her friend's nervousness. They had been best of friends for years, been through countless trials and tribulations together, but this was the first time they had been out like this since before Sharon was married.

They arrived at the restaurant with plenty of time to spare, so they took a seat at the bar and ordered a drink. Tina ordered a Bloody Mary, and Sharon was about to order a soda, but thought better of it, opting for sweet white wine instead. Tina was quick to point out two men at the other end of the bar, and the fact that one was supporting a rather large bulge in his pants. Sharon giggled and blushed when the men nodded hello and smiled at them, but was very relieved when they were informed their table was ready. All thought dinner Tina talked of the men in her life, and how she teased them. Picking out men and couples in the room and making Sharon blush with descriptions of what it would be like to have her wicked ways with them.

With entrées and main meal finished, Tina announced she had something else organized for desert. By this time, Sharon was quite tipsy, and in the mood for something a little more outrageous. Suspecting Tina had something a little on the wild side planed for her, they left the restaurant and headed for the nightclub. The place was packed. Sharon felt a little over dressed compared to many of the women here, but was determined not to let that bother her. She was going to have a good time no matter what. Tina grabbed her hand and headed for the dance floor. With so many people dancing, it was almost impossible to move with any grace, but the atmosphere was more intoxicating than the wine, and Sharon was quickly swept up in the momentum. Tina danced a little closer, laughing and rubbing her body seductively against Sharon, bumping into her breasts, and rubbing up against her ass.

To Sharon's surprise, she found the contact thrilling, daring to return a steamy look, and a concealed fondle to her wild and wicked friend. As they danced, and touched, Sharon felt her heat rising, scaring and thrilling her at the same time. Tina stepped behind her, running her hands up the back of her thighs, squeezing the cheeks of her ass, sliding around her waist, and cupping her breasts in full view off all on the dance floor, but no one seemed to notice, and Sharon ceased to care. Rubbing her ass against Tina's groin as Tina massaged and fondled her ample breasts. She could feel Tina's hot breath on her neck, nibbling and sucking her ear. She turned her head, and her friends hot mouth found hers, locking her lips in a hot, wet kiss. Probing between her lips with a slender tongue. Exploring every cavity her mouth had to offer. She could smell her perfume, her sweat, and her arousal. As they danced, their bodies moved in perfect time with one another. Sliding and grinding against one another, Sharon became more and more absorbed in the thrilling sensations she and her friend were experiencing.

She was almost disappointed when Tina suggested they make their way to the bar for a drink. Her mouth was dry, but her pussy was soaked. By pure luck they found a table in the corner of the bar and relaxed into their chairs. A large breasted, under dressed waitress took their order and hurried off towards the bar, leaving the two women hot and intense. Sharon was a little startled when Tina began stroking her thigh, but she quickly relaxed, spreading her legs a little, making the way a little easier for Tina's searching fingers. A sudden thrill swept through her as probing fingers began the stroke her swollen wet lips through her cotton panties. Rubbing and pressing harder against her concealed clit, Tina knew exactly what she was doing, and Sharon had no intention of stopping her. Sliding her fingers around the edge of the elastic, Tina began to probe and explore deeper into Sharon's wet pussy. Parting her lips with her fingertips, sliding the length of her middle finger inside her hot wanting hole, then bringing it back to tease and torment Sharon's throbbing clit. A soft moan escaped Sharon's lips, and Tina knew exactly what to do next. It was time for desert.

As soon as the drinks arrived, Tina picked them up and gave Sharon a wicked look, telling her to hurry or desert would get cold. Sharon followed Tina through a door that lead to the lobby of a motel, and across to the elevator. She took her drink from Tina's hand and didn't pause till the glass was empty. Her head swam, and her mind raced as they stepped into the elevator. The doors closed and Tina pressed her body up against her, kissing her hot mouth with hungry lips, rubbing her hot pussy through her skirt, making her moan aloud with the need to have her desires met.

The door opened all to soon and Tina took her hand, leading her down a corridor and stopping in front of a door marked 307. Sharon's heart was pounding in her chest with the anticipation of what was to come, and needed no enticement to follow Tina into the room. She was a little stunned when she saw the room though. Six pink candles lit the room in a subtle glow, and a soft lavender scent filled the air. The bed was covered in a blanket of rose petals, and a bottle of champagne protruded from a bucket of ice beside the bed. Obviously Tina had set this up, and the thought excited her more.

Moving to stand before her, Tina began to unbutton her blouse. Sharon's flesh burned every time Tina's fingers brushed against her, but Tina was taking her time. The blouse fell to the floor, and Tina traced a line around the edge of Sharon's lace bra with her fingertips, then bent to follow the same path with her tongue, sending a rush through Sharon that brought her close to orgasm. Moving her mouth over Sharon's cleavage in little nibbles and kisses, Tina reaches behind to undo the zip on Sharon's skirt, letting it fall to the floor with the blouse. She slipped her hands down over Sharon's back, and into the back of her panties, squeezing the cheeks of her tight ass. Taking a step back, Tina slipped the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing before Sharon in nothing more than a black silk g-string. Sharon's hungry and curious eyes absorbed every inch of her friend's slender form. The glow from the candles making the tiny droplets of sweat on her breast dance as her heavy breathing made her chest heave. Taking Sharon's shaking fingers in her own, Tina ran them gently over her dark, hard nipples, creating a sensation that covered her flesh in goose bumps.

Sharon's heat and desire overcame her fears as she cupped her friend's firm breasts in her hands. Squeezing gently, loving the feel of the soft flesh under her fingers, she began to explore Tina's body. She wanted to hurry, to have it all at once, but Tina would not allow it. Leading her to the bed, Tina lay Sharon down in the rose petals, telling her that tonight she was going to teach her about pleasures she had only dreamed of. Tonight was her night. Sharon relaxed with her friends soothing yet exciting words, stretching her body out on the bed before her, giving her full access to every part of her supple form. Tina took full advantage of her invitation, leaning over her, pressing her hard nipples against Sharon's, kissing her with a heat and passion Sharon was all to eager to return. Her hand slid down over Sharon's tight stomach and over the front of her already wet panties while she sucked her tongue deep into her mouth. Lifting her knees and parting her legs, Sharon wanted more, and she wanted it now, but Tina was determined to make it last. She pushed the elastic of the panties aside and slipped a finger deep inside Sharon's aching pussy. She worked her finger in and out slowly; rubbing her palm over Sharon's swollen clit as she did. She could feel how ready Sharon was, and she knew exactly what to do next.

Tina began kissing her way down Sharon's face, over her neck, and down her throat. Kissing and nibbling her way down over her bra, using her teeth to unfasten the front latch that kept Sharon's firm breast hidden. Pulling the lace away with her lips, she used the tip of her tongue to lick and probe Sharon's pink, hard nipples. Sucking them between her lips, biting them gently between her top lip and her tongue, then sucking hard, filling her hungry mouth with a breast that cried out for her attention. Slipping another finger into her dripping pussy, she sucked and fingered her friend until she was close to orgasm, then stopped. Sharon moaned in compliant, needing release from the growing sexual tension building rapidly within her.

Tina kissed lower, working her way further and further down Sharon's body, sweating with a heat fueled by a fire from within. She stopped for a moment to lick and tease her navel; the moved quickly to kiss and bite the soft cotton fabric covering Sharon's saturated center. Hooking the sides of the panties in her fingers, she slowly pulled them free of Sharon's body, kissing and licking her way back up her shaking legs, until she reached the treasures she most wanted to dive for. Brushing her nose against the soft fur that covered her delightful mound, she reached out with the tip of her tongue and took her first taste of her friend's sweet love juices. Delicious. Tina was hungry and Sharon was ready to be made a meal of. Tina could not hold back any longer. Pushing three fingers deep inside Sharon's dripping hole, Tina began to lick and suck on her swollen clit. She could feel Sharon building and she added a fourth finger to those she was thrusting in and out of her throbbing pussy.

Sharon cried out as her orgasm erupted. Her pussy pulsing and throbbing, covering Tina's hand in a thick, sweet juice. Taking away her fingers, Tina plunged her tongue into the dripping hole, covering her mouth and face in hot cum, sucking and eating every available drop of the precious juices from her friends purrrrrring pussy. Licking her clean, and savoring the wondrous sensations. Tina moved back up to Sharon's mouth, kissing her hard, pushing her tongue deep into Sharon's mouth, giving her, her first taste of a woman's juices, the first taste of her own juices. Sharon swallowed the sweet cream, loving her first taste, and vowing it would not be her last.

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