Sharon's Surprise Ch. 01


The hand holding his cock against his belly had a firm grasp on his shaft and slowly stroked it. I sucked one of his balls to my lips and tried to get it into my mouth, but it was too big. I had to go back to licking his sack.

After a few minutes of licking his balls, I lowered his cock shaft to my mouth and eagerly engulfed it with my warm, we mouth. Bob's hands went immediately to my head and held it as I sucked eagerly at his prick. Bob started fucking my mouth eagerly.

After several minutes I pulled away from Bob and moved to the bed. I lie on my back and slowly spread my legs. Bob moved quickly to follow me and kneeled on the bed between my legs. He reached out and tugged on my thong to expose my cunt. As before, Bob was too eager and his grasp caused my thong to break as he pulled it from me. I glared at him, but lifted my hips to allow the torn garment to slide from body.

He ran his hand up my leg and slowly stroked my moist cunt with his fingers which opened excitedly to his touch. His fingers travelled up and down along my moist slit for a few moments.

I looked up at him as he grasped his cock in his hand and moved toward my pussy. He pulled his fingers from my cunt and placed one hand on my belly as he ran the head of his cock along my slit. Quickly he inserted himself fully into my moist, hot cunt, all the way to his balls with one stroke. When he reached full penetration he stopped for a few seconds. Quickly he pulled his dick most all the way out of me before pushing himself deeply into me again. This time when he reached full penetration, he started fucking me eagerly. I let him give me several deep strokes.

"Stop Bob, stop. Damn it, stop," I shouted. "I told you that you need to wear a condom, now pull it out and put one on."

He stopped stroking but didn't immediately withdraw his cock from my cunt. He looked at me quizzically.

"Take it out now," I said.

"But," Bob started.

"No buts," I said before he could say anything else.

Slowly I felt him withdraw. His cock was slick with my natural lubrication and glistened in the light of the bedroom.

Bob got off the bed, went to the nightstand, selected a condom and put it on reluctantly. "Ok," he said?

"Yes, sir, thank you," I said as he moved back to the bed.

Again he kneeled between my legs and slid the head of his cock over my tingling cunt lips. As quickly as he had before, he inserted his prick into my cunt with one full thrust. I lifted my hips off the bed to allow him full penetration and so that Tony could watch his cock disappear into me eager cunt.

Bob's cock stretched my cunt with each deep thrust and I felt his balls slapping against my stretched pussy with each thrust. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Tony was standing closer to the bed watching Bob fuck me deeply.

With each thrust of Bob's cock I felt my excitement increase, now knowing that Tony was watching added to my excitement. I felt my cunt lips flush with the heat of excitement and felt the length of Bob's shaft slide against my clit with each stroke.

I was feeling myself getting closer and closer to my orgasm. Each deep eager thrust brought me closer. I whispered to Bob, "Oh God, your cock feels wonderful, keep fucking me." "Don't stop when I start coming, please don't stop."

He grunted something to me and kept eagerly fucking me deeply.

Moments later I felt the first wave of pleasure wash over my entire body. The electricity of the pleasure caused my every nerve ending to tingle as I spasmed with intense pleasure. "Fuck me, fuck me, don't stop, keep fucking my cunt. God I love this," I screamed.

Bob slowed his pace a little, but I could still feel the fullness of his prick entering and filling my cunt as I enjoyed my orgasm. I lay there as the pleasure subsided and Bob continued to fuck.

"Ok, slow down now," I whispered to Bob. "I want you to pull it all the way out and then put it back in a few times."

He slowed his pace and deliciously pulled his cock completely from my pussy and then slowly reinserted himself back into my cunt.

I reached down to grasp his shaft with my hand, seemingly to guide his cock back into my eager pussy. On about the second or third time he slid his cock out of me, I grasped his cock firmly and moved my hand forward to slide the condom off his big prick. Looking into his eyes I could see the look of anticipation sweep over him as I then re-grasped his cock and guided him into my eager opening.

Bob moaned in pleasure as he again filled my cunt with his cock. I squeezed his cock tightly with my vaginal muscles with each deep thrust of his print. He moaned with pleasure and started fucking me deeply and rapidly. His balls slapped roughly against my swollen cunt lips and ass with each deep forceful stroke.

Bob was enjoying fucking me bareback and he eagerly increased the speed with which he fucked me.

Each deep stroke elicited a grunt from Bob as his cock completely penetrated me. "Yea baby, yea baby, fuck me. Fuck me, fill my cunt with your jism," I whimpered loudly.

After a few more minutes of Bob's eager fucking I felt his cock throb and expand within my moist cunt. Seconds later I felt the first jet of his sperm shoot into me. He pushed himself deep into me and screamed, "Oh fuck yea," as he shot jet after jet of sperm deep inside me.

I could feel his rapid heartbeat through the convulsing veins of his cock as he lay deep within me and emptied his balls. I clamped tight around his throbbing shaft with my cunt to contain his massive load of sperm. His volume was too much and his sperm oozed around his shaft and trickled out of my cunt and down along the crack of my ass. He continued to shoot into me for several more moments.

When I felt the gush of his sperm subside I lay there with my arms around him until his cock shrank and slipped from my well fucked pussy.

"Wow, what a fucking that was," I said. "Do you always cum that much?"

"Only when I am excited by the possibility of fucking a woman like you," Bob said. "What was your name again," he said teasingly.

Bob rolled over and lay next to me on the bed. I saw that Tony was standing and watching our every move.

"That was so fucking hot," Tony said. "Never seen anything like that."

"So, Tony, you want to fuck me now or shall we go check and see what your wife and my husband are doing," I said?

"Do you really care about what they are doing right now," Tony asked? "I want to fuck you."

Bob got off the bed and Tony got on and knelt between my legs. Watching Bob and I fuck had kept his dick hard and ready.

"Do I need a condom," Tony asked?

"Seems a little late at this point, but it's your choice," I said.

Tony moved quickly and moved to a position between my legs and I raised my hips to offer my cunt to him. He, like Bob, inserted his cock fully on the first stroke. His cock head was wide and hard and I could feel his cock pushing more of Bob's cum out of my cunt.

"Oh fuck this is tight," Tony said, "nothing like Marijean's cunt."

As a reward I grasped his cock with my cunt and clamped down as tight as I could around his shaft. His cock head was huge and stretched me wider that Bob's cock, almost to the point of being uncomfortable. "Marijean was right, he does have a big cock," I thought to myself.

Tony wasn't as skillful a fuck as Bob, his efforts felt a little clumsy, but his cock filled my cunt completely and it felt wonderful.

"Yea baby, stretch me with that beautiful prick," I said to Tony as he pushed his cock in and out of me.

Tony needed little encouragement, he fucked me with gusto for several minutes. "I have wanted some of this pussy since the first time I saw you," he moaned.

"Fuck, you are hot and wet, I love this cunt," Tony moaned with almost every deep thrust.

Suddenly Tony pulled his cock out of me, "Quick, roll over, I want to fuck you doggie style," he said.

I turned over and got on my hands and knees in front of Tony, I reached back to guide his slick dick into my cunt. He pushed himself deep into me, so deep that I felt his balls slop against my lower belly. Again, I clenched my muscles around his thick cock and felt myself grunt as he slapped his cock in and out of my pussy.

Tony may not have been as skillful a fuck as Bob, but he did have incredible stamina. He must have fucked me eagerly for several minutes before I finally felt his cock getting hotter and hotter.

Finally I felt his cock and balls twitch as he pushed himself deep into my vagina and felt the warm gush of his sperm deep inside me.

Tony, like Bob, pushed himself deep into me as he pumped jet after jet of sperm into my vagina. Like Bob, Tony's volume was too much for me to contain and soon I felt the warmth of his jism running down my thighs.

His cock was buried deep inside me as he emptied every drop from his balls deep inside me. After several moments I felt the last spurt and felt his cock shrink and slip from my pussy.

"That was quite a performance honey," I heard Marijean say, "wish you would fuck me like that."

We all turned to the doorway and saw Marijean and my husband standing there watching. They were both nude and my husband's cock was limp and glistened from what I took to be a combination of his sperm and her natural lubrication.

"You missed a great show Sharon," Marijean said.

"She put on a pretty fucking great show in here," I heard Bob say.

To be continued...

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