tagGroup SexSharon's Surprise Ch. 02

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 02


"That was quite a performance honey," I heard Marijean say to Tony, "wish you would fuck me like that."

We all turned to the doorway and saw Marijean and my husband standing there watching. They were both nude and my husband's cock was limp and glistened from what I took to be a combination of his sperm and her natural lubrication.

"You missed a great show Sharon," Marijean said.

"She put on a pretty fucking great show in here," I heard Bob say.

I lay there on the bed as Tony moved off the bed. I had rolled over and was lying on my back. I noticed that the guys and Marijean were all looking at me so I slowly opened my legs to show them my cunt.

"Damn," Marijean said, "even your cunt is prettier than mine."

Marianne then moved past the guys and joined me on the bed. She knelt and reached out her hand. She ran them up to my breasts and then down to my vagina. Her hand pushed my legs even wider apart and her fingers caressed my still swollen cunt lips. My body tingles as I felt her fingers part my lips and open me to her touch. Her fingers glided over my moist vagina and then I felt her penetrate me with one finger. She pushed one finger deep into my cunt and slowly withdrew it.

She pulled her finger from me and said, "Sharon has been a naughty girl." She moved her finger to her mouth and licked it clean. "Oh yes, Sharon has been a very naughty girl. This tastes just like my husband's cum, but there is another taste that I don't recognize." "Sharon, have you fucked both of these guys?"

Before I could say anything Marijean moved and lowered her mouth to my cunt and ran her tongue over my vagina. She reached out with her hand and opened my lips and lapped eagerly at my clit. A couple of her fingers probed my pussy as she eagerly licked me. Slowly I felt her start to finger fuck my cunt while her tongue ran over and over my clit.

I had never had a woman lick my pussy. I could tell that Marijean had done this before. She skillfully licked and probed my vagina for several minutes and I felt myself getting more and more excited.

As she licked and stroked me, I suddenly felt the first wave of pleasure course through my body. I was coming! It was different than any orgasm I had had before, closer to the sensation I feel when I make myself come. Very different than any orgasm I have experienced with my male lovers.

My body spasmed violently as Marijean continued her attention to my vagina. I felt my cunt constrict tightly around her fingers. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through my body. For what seemed like and endless period of time I was pleasured completely.

After a few moments the waves ceased and I opened my eyes and looked around. The guys were standing near the bed completely entranced my Marijean's actions and my orgasm. All of their cocks were starting to stir to life from the erotic spectacle Marijean and I had supplied.

Just then Marijean got up off the bed. "I'm tired and I am going to bed," she said. "You've all probably had too much to drink and it's late so why don't you all stay here tonight?" "Come on Tony, I'm too tired, and probably too drunk, to do anything else now." "Good night all."

With that Marijean tottered down the hall to her bedroom.

"I'll let you folks figure out the arrangements," Tony said, "I've got to go."

Bob and my husband looked at each other and then to me on the bed. "I'm pretty tired as well," I said, "can we just go to sleep?"

I got up and went to the guest bathroom and took a quick shower. I toweled myself off after the shower and found a toothbrush to brush my teeth with and then went back to the bedroom. I got in bed with my husband on one side of me and Bob on the other. We soon all drifted off to sleep.

Several hours later I heard a noise and stirred awake. I noticed that my husband was gone and figured he must be in the shower because I could feel someone still in bed with me. I assumed it was Bob and that he was still asleep.

A few moments later I felt Bob move closer to me. His hands went around my body and cupped my breasts. I then felt his cock against my ass. It was hard and hot and he had substantial "morning wood." He glided his cock across my cunt lips.

I pretended to still be asleep, but I could feel my vagina tingle at the feel of his hot cock against me. Slowly he slid his shaft along my slit. He continued for a few minutes and I got more and more excited.

At one point, I lifted my leg slightly so his cock head could partially part my lips. He needed no encouragement as I felt his cock head enter me, pushing my lips open. I put my hand back against him to stop him from penetrating me further. I could feel the heat of his cock just inside me.

We lay there for a few minutes, his thick, un-circumcised cock felt good inside me. I turned my head to him and whispered, "Not now, take it out." I could sense his disappointment as I felt his cock slip from me. I moved forward a bit on the bed, but Bob's hands still cupped my breasts.

Moments later I again felt Bob's cock sliding along my pussy. His cock head found my opening and easily penetrated me again. This time Bob pushed himself a bit further into me. Again, I pushed my hand back against him to prevent any deeper penetration. "No Bob, not now," I said again. This time instead of withdrawing, he laid there motionless with his cock about half way into me.

I let him stay in me for a couple of minutes, then I moved away again and I moaned softly as his hot, thick cock again slowly slipped from my pussy.

Again, Bob slid his cock along my slit and his cock slowly penetrated me. As before, he pushed himself into me slowly. This time I felt the entire length of his prick fill me. I was excited by the sensation of his penetration and moaned again as his cock stretched my vagina. This time I pushed back against him so I could take his entire cock. We lay there for several minutes, Bob didn't move in and out, but lay there enjoying my caressing his shaft with the muscles of my cunt.

After several minutes of lying together, I felt Bob start to pull his cock from me. I moaned softly, "Please, please Bob, leave it in," as it slipped further and further out. He pulled himself almost all the way out of me and I tightened down as tight as I could around his cockhead, to my relief I then felt his start to push himself back into my cunt.

For several more minutes Bob slowly fucked me from behind. I heard him moan softly as my cunt enveloped his dick with each slow thrust. His hands cupped my breasts and I felt my nipples harden and tingle as my excitement built.

After what must have been fifteen minutes of Bob's cock teasing and pleasuring me I felt my orgasm building deep within my cunt. One or two thrusts later, I was over the edge and pleasure waves engulfed me completely.

After my first or second spasm of pleasure Bob pushed himself deeply into my cunt and I felt his thick cock throb and felt a jet of sperm shoot deep in me. He pushed himself as far into me as he could as his cock throbbed with each jet of sperm.

Again, his volume was more than I could contain, and I soon felt his hot jism oozing out of my cunt around the shaft of his cock. His hands gripped my tits tightly as he moaned with each twitch of his prick.

We lay there until Bob's cock slipped from my cunt. He rolled over onto his back and I rolled over to face him. I moved down to his glistening cock and took it in my hand. It was slippery from his come and my natural lubrication. I smiled at him and moved down closer to his cock and began licking his come from his cock. I engulfed his cock and tasted the combination of his sperm and my lubrication. I licked and sucked at him for a few moments until his cock was licked clean. I lay with my head on his belly near his limp cock.

A few minutes later I heard Marijean in the hallway. "Ok, time to get up lazy bones," she said as she strode into the bedroom. "Oh, I see we had an interesting morning. Did you two do the nasty again?"

"We have a nice breakfast downstairs if you are interested," Marijean said. "I noticed a lot of clothes downstairs in the living room, so I guess it can be a clothing optional breakfast if you'd like."

"We'll be right down," I said. "Have you seen my husband?"

"Yes he is downstairs already," Marijean said. "He walked right past you two this morning and you didn't even notice. I'll get the details later Sharon."

Bob and I got up and went into the bathroom. I washed up quickly while Bob showered. I kept watching as he soaped up that beautiful un-circumcised cock of his. Even flaccid it was longer than my husband's and Tony's. Bob's cock didn't seem to get longer when he was aroused, but thicker. Cocks are certainly amazing things.

A few minutes later we were downstairs, as I entered the kitchen I saw that Marijean, Tony and my husband were all dressed.

Bob and I were still nude. "I thought this was a clothing optional breakfast," I said, "you didn't tell me that you guys had gotten dressed."

"Honey, if I had a body like yours, I'd probably be nude most of the time," Marijean said.

"Thank you, but I feel a bit silly with all you folks dressed and Bob and I au natural," I said.

We had a quick breakfast and then I went to the living room to get my cloths. Once we were dressed I found my husband and we said good-bye to Marijean, Tony, and Bob.

On the ride home I asked my husband, "So, how good a fuck is Marijean?"

"Pretty good, but what she lacks in finesse, she more than makes up for in the volume department," he said, "she is a very loud moaner when she is fucking." "I thought you might have heard her last night."

"Nope, we made a bit of noise ourselves," I teased. "Tony is a pretty good fuck. Do you know how Tony knows Bob," I asked?

"Nope," he said, "I tough someone mentioned he worked with Tony."

"I wonder if he teaches with Tony, or has some other position," I said. "I'll have to ask Marijean."

"Yea, just out of idol curiosity, I'm sure," my husband teased. "I saw you folks this morning. You aren't fooling me; he slipped you some cock this morning while I was showering. He was still in you when I went downstairs."

"I'll admit it, he is a pretty good fuck, and that un-circumcised cock felt so different than the other guys I have had," I said. "Why is that I wonder."

"I have no idea," my husband said, "but you were certainly enjoying his attention. Did he come?"

"You know many guys who have fucked me that didn't come," I teased?

"Nope," my husband said. "Strange that you didn't make him use a condom though, you usually make new guys wear one."

"We started with one earlier, but I got so excited that I pulled it off of him and let him finish inside me," I said. "He even asked before he came if I wanted him to pull out and come on me. I was so fucking excited I didn't even bother to respond and soon he was filling me so by then it was a bit late."

"You are such a slut, and I love it," my husband said.

"If you only knew," I thought to myself.

Ok, I admit it, I never told my husband about my "adventure" with Bob on Zoo Road last summer.

Now all I had to do was to keep him from finding out about it.

The next day I saw Marijean at school and I asked, "So how does Tony know that Bob guy?"

"Oh, Bob is one of the administrators at Tony's school," she said.

"Are we sure we can trust him to keep our secrets," I asked?

"I certainly hope so," Marijean said, "it is the first time he's been to one of our parties. He certainly enjoyed having you around."

"Well, if he isn't discrete we may be in trouble," I said.

"We have as much on him as he has on us," she said.

"We'll see," I said.

To be continued...

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