tagGroup SexSharon's Surprise Ch. 03

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 03


About a week later when I arrived home I found a phone message on the machine. It was Bob. How he got my number I have no idea, but I called him back at the number he left. It was his office phone at the school district we both work for.

"Hello Bob," I said. "I guess I really know how you got my number."

"I looked you up in your personnel file over at Central Office," he said, "I didn't even know your name, so I asked Tony. That's alright isn't it?"

"No Bob, it isn't," I said. "For obvious reasons I need, as do Tony and Marijean, to lead a very discrete life. People are so judgmental and you and I both know that if the wrong people found out about our lifestyle we could lose our jobs."

"Well, perhaps I'm one of those wrong people," was all that he said.

A chill ran over my body as I heard his words. "Listen Bob, this is not the sort of thing we should be discussing on the phone," I said.

"Great, then you are open to meeting me somewhere," he said.

"Ok, yes, I'll meet you somewhere, but send an e-mail from your home to my e-mail with the details, too much talk in the office might be trouble," I said and gave him my e-mail address.

"Goodbye," I said.

"Goodbye for now," he said.

I immediately called Marijean. "He is going to make trouble for us, I am sure of it," I screamed into the phone when she answered.

"Who," she said?

"Bob," I said. "He works in Central Office and is going to get us both fired."

"Calm down," Marijean said, "did he say that?"

"No, he called me and left a message. I called back to the number he left and it is his office at Central Office," I said. "I told him I wasn't ok with him calling because we have to be careful about who knows what. That judgmental people could get us fired. Then he said that he may be one of those people. What a fucking jerk."

"Ok, so what else did you discuss," Marijean asked?

"Nothing, I told him his office phone was not a good way to discuss this and gave him my e-mail address and told him to contact me from his personal e-mail," I said.

"I just got off the phone with him and am worried about what he can do to us," I said.

"Relax, we can make a stink for him as well, and we need to let him know that," Marijean said. "When he contact you let me know."

A couple of hours later I checked my e-mail and had a message from Bob. "Meet me on Zoo Road, Saturday afternoon at 2. Wear as little as possible," was all it read.

I called Marijean and read the e-mail to her. "Why Zoo Road, I wonder," she said. "Do you feel safe going by yourself?"

I didn't tell her that Bob and I had been to Zoo Road about a year earlier. "I think so," I said, "I don't think he wants to harm me, just try a bit of black mail."

"Are you going," Marijean asked?

"Do I have any choice," I said.

The week went a bit slowly. I was still apprehensive as to what Bob might do or say that could lead to some sort of repercussions for Marijean, Tony and myself with the school district we all worked for. Bob had, in the past, shown himself to be somewhat of a sexist boor, thinking he was pretty hot stuff that could get fucked with a few crude remarks, but that was another story.

When Saturday finally did arrive I was less apprehensive, but wasn't looking forward to seeing Bob on Zoo Road. I figured I'd wear the exact same outfit I was wearing when he first saw me and take it from there.

I found the same white blouse and black skirt I was wearing when we had our afternoon encounter and headed to Zoo Road. Zoo Road is the old road that used to house the city zoo before it moved to another location in the late 1940s. It was now a circular road that wound through a little used park in the northern part of the city. It was relatively unused, except for people who either cruised the area for sex or went there for sex. It was one of the worst kept secrets of the area.

I drove about half way up Zoo Road before I saw Bob's convertible parked off the road at the spot we stopped at before. He was sitting in the car as I pulled up. He signaled for me to come to his car.

As I got out of my car I unbuttoned most of the buttons on my blouse. I walked over to his car and leaned down to show him my cleavage.

"You do have great tits," he said jokingly.

"Thanks, but that is not what we're here for," I said. "What is your plan?"

"Plan, I don't have a plan," Bob said. "Please get in the car so we can talk."

I walked around and got into the car. "Listen, Bob, we need to talk," I said. "I have the feeling you might plan on making things difficult for me because of my lifestyle. I am afraid that you are going to get me fired if I don't do certain things. Well, I just want to let you know that if anything like that happens, I will say that you coerced me. Are you willing to take that chance?"

"You don't have to do that," I said. "We had an interesting time last summer right here. You made some crude remark and I was planning on teaching you a lesson. Things got a bit out of hand and I got more turned on than I had planned. I enjoyed getting fucked by you here. Your cock is beautiful, big, long and thick. And you know how to please a woman, not to mention that your orgasm is intense and the volume you ejaculate is more than any man I have ever been with before. I could tell that you enjoyed fucking me."

"But," I went on, "I have sex with people who I want to have sex with. Not with someone who can get me fired because I lead a non-traditional sexual life style. Never has my sex life ever entered into my professional life as a teacher."

"So, if you are going to make trouble for me, then do your thing, but I will embarrass you as much as you embarrass me," I said.

Bob looked somewhat shocked, "Where did you get the idea that I was going to black mail you," he asked. "I wanted to see if I could convince you to let me become a part of your circle. I really enjoyed fucking you over the weekend. I haven't been able to stop thinking about you since our adventure last summer. When I saw you at Tony's party, I wasn't sure if you really did not recognize me or if you were just being discrete in front of your husband and friends." "As the night progressed I realized that you were who you are and I wanted to be a part of that. You are the most exciting woman I've ever known."

I noticed that he was getting a bulge in his pants while talking to me.

"Ok, so what do we do now," I said?

"We could always fuck," he said.

"Clever," I said.

"No seriously," he said. "I'm getting a hard-on just having you near me. And I have a condom." "And my cock is getting hard having you sitting there with those gorgeous tits only covered by that very sexy bra."

"I did notice that beautiful bulge in your pants," I said. "Suppose he can come out and play?"

"Right after your tits come out," he said.

"Ok, I guess I mistrusted you for no reason," I said.

I knelt on his car seat and slipped off my already mostly unbuttoned blouse. Bob smiled as I reached behind my back and unhooked the lace bra I was wearing. I slipped the bra off and arched my back to show him my tits.

I lifted myself up a bit and reached for the zipper on my shirt. I pulled it down quickly and rolled back onto the seat as I slipped the skirt off. I sat with my back against his car door wearing only a lacy thong and my heels.

"Your turn," I said.

Bob needed no encouragement as he quickly slid off his shorts to reveal his beautiful un-circumcised cock. It was already hard and pointing straight up. When he had his shorts off he moved his car seat all the way back.

I stuck my foot out and had Bob pull off my shoe, first one foot then the other. I then moved over to straddle his lap, my knees on either side of him on the seat. His hands immediately went to my tits and he cupped them eagerly. I sensed my nipples harden as I felt the warmth of his hands.

I reached between my legs and took Bob's cock in my hand. It was hot and very hard. I pushed his cock against his belly and slowly lowered myself so that my pussy was grinding along his shaft. I felt Bob's hand on my hips as I slid against his cock. The only thing between my pussy and his beautiful prick was the thin material of my thong. I could feel the heat of his cock on my swollen cunt lips.

"Damn, you are hot," Bob said. "You may be a perfect woman, beauty, brains, and I think you like sex as much or more than guys do."

I leaned into him and kissed him deeply as I continued grinding against his cock. I could feel the material of my thong moving to the side to expose my hot, swollen cunt lips.

I pulled back from him and looked into his eyes and said, "Your cock is so hard and hot. It feels so good."

I lifted slightly and felt the head of Bob's cock start to enter me. I stopped grinding and lifted myself more so I was lowering myself down his beautiful thick shaft. "Oh God, Bob, your cock feels so good inside me," was all I could say as I lowered myself to completely engulf his prick with my cunt.

I arched my back and relished the sensation of this thick cock deep inside me. I moaned as his shaft slowly filled my vagina and stretched me to accommodate the thickness of his prick. "I love the feel of your cock in me," I said as I tried to squeeze this shaft with my cunt muscles.

I moaned loudly as I felt the first wave of an intense orgasm sweep over me. Just having Bob's cock inside me was making me come, and more intensely than he had ever made me come before. My body was racked with pleasure. "Yes, yes, yes, oh Bob, oh Bob," I screamed.

Bob didn't move he sat very still and I pushed my chest into him and bent down to kiss him again. The sensation of my head nipples against his chest and the passion with which he returned my kiss extended my orgasmic pleasure. I just kept coming and coming for what seemed like forever.

A few minutes later, the last spasm of my orgasm subsided. I raised myself up off of Bob's cock, still rock hard but now glistening from my natural lubrication. I collapsed into the passenger's seat and looked over at him.

"What is there about you that I just find so exciting," I said? "No one has ever made me come that intensely before."

Bob looked disappointed. "Guess I won't be needing the condom anymore," he said.

"Nope you won't," I said. "Still have the blanket in the trunk?"

Bob got quickly out of the car and opened his trunk to retrieve the blanket. He spread it out near the car and then came back to open the door for me. He took my hand and helped me out and walked me to the blanket.

I lay down on the blanket and then realized that I had somewhere lost my thong in heat of our passionate embrace. "What is it with you and my underwear," I asked, "seems like every time we are together I go home without panties."

I lay back on the blanket and smiled up at Bob. I slowly spread my legs. I love the way Bob and men in general, respond when I show them my shaved pussy.

"Like," I said as his eyes went directly to my cunt.

"Like," he said, "it is as pretty to look at as it is to fuck."

He knelt between my legs on the blanket and moved forward toward me, his slick cock in his hand.

For a few seconds he guided the head of his cock up and down over my swollen cunt lips. He put his hand on my belly and slowly pushed his prick into my pussy. I raised my hips slightly to allow him easy penetration.

"Hold on there Bob," I said.

"What now," he said?

"I'm not going to have you fuck me while you still have your shirt on," I said. "Oh yea, and where is that condom you said you had?

He quickly stripped off his shirt, and said, "It's in the car, what me to get it?"

"Well, I guess there is no need for it now," I said, "it's not like we don't know each other."

Bob started fucking me slowly but deeply with each thrust. He pushed himself deep into me and withdrew completely with each thrust.

"Ooh, I like that," I said to him, "I love the feel of your cock pushing itself into my cunt. Stretch my cunt baby, stretch it wide."

Bob needed no encouragement and started fucking me harder and quicker. I tingled inside each time his prick filled my vagina completely anticipating the huge load he was going to fill me with.

"Fuck me, fuck me Bob," I screamed.

After about 4 or 5 minutes I felt Bob's breathing change, I could tell he was getting closer and closer with each thrust to his orgasm. I clamped my vagina as tight as I could around his shaft with each thrust. He was pumping me deep and hard. I felt his ball sack slap against my ass with each deep thrust.

Moments later Bob shouted, "Oh fuck yea," as he pushed his prick as far into me as he could and I felt a massive gush of his warm sperm fill my cunt. He stopped thrusting and remained still as his dick throbbed again and again. With each throb of his prick I felt more and more of his come fill my pussy.

I couldn't contain the volume of his come no matter how tight I clamped onto his prick and soon felt his warm come oozing out of me around his shaft and down along the crack of my ass. Throb after throb of his cock continued to pump his sperm deep inside my vagina.

When I felt his throbbing subside I felt his cock deflate as slip out of me. His cock was covered with his come and my natural lubrication as he pulled out and rolled over next to me on the blanket. We lay there for at least 10 or 15 minutes, both of us reliving the experience.

"I think I liked it better when the guy was watching us," I said, "You remember that don't you?"

"Thanks," he said, "I'll see what I can do for the next time."

"Speaking of which," Bob said, "we have a long weekend coming next month. Perhaps you'd like to spend the weekend on my boat at the Thousand Island Club? We could leave Thursday night and get back Sunday afternoon."

"And my husband," I said?

"He can come along too," Bob said, "He can watch if that excites you."

"Ok, lots of questions if we do come up for the weekend," I said. "Where do we stay, what do we need to bring, etc.?"

"There is room for 5 to sleep on the boat," Bob said, "You don't need to bring anything, except that great body of yours and the sexual adventuresome spirit that I know and love, and something to wear while we are out on the boat, and perhaps something to wear if we go out for dinner one or more nights."

"You can show off all you like, nobody up there knows you and I know a few little secluded coves were we can anchor if you want to sun bathe or fuck. Ever get fucked on the deck of a boat?"

"Not yet," I said with a smile, "Not yet."

To be continued...

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