tagGroup SexSharon's Third Taste

Sharon's Third Taste


After the greatest shower experience of her life, Sharon had to wonder what would come next. Her best friend, Tina had introduced her to the pleasures of making love with another woman and now she found she could think of little else. Her husband, Mark was at work, and the kids were in school when Tina dropped over with a gift. A vibrator with all the accessories and attachments. Showering together, Tina Shaved Sharon's pussy for her, then made her cum in a heated creamy lather. Now it was time for Sharon's third taste, and this one promised to be delicious.

Tina led Sharon to the bedroom, lying her back on the bed and instructing her to 'wait right there' She returned a few moments later with the vibrator kit, a can of dairy whip, some strawberries and a peach that Sharon had in the refrigerator. Setting the items down on the end of the bed, Tina gave Sharon a wicked grin, and Sharon looked thrilled at the prospects of what was ahead of her.

Sharon was still hot and wet from the shower. Tina could smell her sweet juices and couldn't resist another quick taste. Crawling up the bed and between Sharon's slender legs, she dipped her head, rubbing her face against the newly shaved slit. Sharon spread her legs wide, reaching down with her fingers; she begins to stroke her clit while Tina watched with hungry eyes. She can see the juices starting to flow from her friend's hot hole and mouth waters. Burying her head between Sharon's thighs, she plunged her tongue deep inside her love center, fucking her with her tongue.

Sharon moaned loud, but Tina wasn't going to let her cum. Not yet. Reaching for the toy she told Sharon to get on her hands and knees, doggy style. This was one of Sharon's favorite positions and she was quick to comply. Turning the vibrator on high she began to rub it back and forward against Sharon's sensitive clit, making her squirm and rotate her hips a little. Tina loved the sight of her friend's ass wiggling in the air. She moved the vibrator to her pussy, rubbing it over the opening, covering it in love juice, then gently inserting it into that wanting hole.

Slowly she worked it in and out until there was no more cock to push in. Sharon had the full eight inches of buzzing cock inside her. She arched her back and rocked gently against it. Then Tina did something Sharon had not expected. With out Sharon seeing it, she took a slender vibrator out of the kit and began to tease Sharon's tight hole with it, getting her used to the feel of it, running it around the rim of her tight little hole. Then she covered it in Sharon's own slippery juices and continued teasing and tantalizing her ass until she knew she was ready. Slowly she pushed the cock in a little way; rotating and twisting it, stimulating the sensitive nerves that she knew would bring Sharon to climax.

Sharon moaned loudly at the feel of the object invading her tight ass hole, her body wanting to reject the intrusion, but slowly the muscles relaxed, allowing Tina to push it in a little further. Soon it was all the way in and she began to work it in time with the vibrator in her pussy. Tina leaned forward and nipped Sharon on the cheek of her ass making her squeal and lose some of her concentration on the heated sensations the two vibrators were causing. Tins still didn't want Sharon to orgasm yet.

"So how's it feel to have two cocks fucking you Hon?"

All Sharon could do was moan and Tina laughed.

"That good huh?" she laughed again, enjoying making her friend speechless.

Lying down beside Sharon, she moved herself beneath her so that she could take that tender clit she wanted so badly in her mouth and suck it while she worked the toys in and out. Fucking her friend from every angle. Tina's own hot slit was now right under Sharon's nose. She could smell Tina's hot sex and she longed to taste it. Leaning down she parted Tina's soft pussy lips with the tip of her tongue, getting her first taste of another woman's pussy. At her touch, Tina moaned, sucking harder on her clit and pushing the toys a little faster in and out of her tight holes.

Sharon explored a little further with the tip of her tongue; getting a better taste and quickly finding that she hungered for more. Without any grace or hesitation, she plunged her face between Tina's thighs, licking and slurping up all she could find, she wanted everything at once and Tina was going to let her have it. Sharon pushed her tongue deep inside Tina's hole, wiggling it inside her, pushing it in and out, fucking her with her mouth. Tina reached over and handed Sharon a studded Vibrator and Sharon wasted no time in putting it to use. She sucked it into her mouth, covering it in saliva and Tina's own juices, then turning it on high, began to probe the other woman's opening. Slowly she pushed it inward and upward, seeking out that magical G spot and rubbing it with the head of the solid rubber cock. Sharon watched as the cock slid easily in and out of her friend, fascinated by the way her pussy seem to grab it and pull it back in every time Sharon pulled it out.

The smell of Tina's juices was beckoning to her, and she lowered her head to resume the tender task of face fucking her best friend. Tina began to push the toys in her hands in and out a little faster, sending Sharon wild with heat and lust. Sharon took to Tina's pussy like a woman possessed, licking biting, sucking, pushing the vibrator into her harder and harder. As the passion increased, to did the frenzy, both women trying to completely consume one another until at last they were both consumed by the glory of a mutual orgasm. Their bodies rocked and pulsed together. Their heat melting their bodies into one glorious form. As the wave of completion subsided, they licked each other clean, tasting the sweet honey that flowed from within. They lay together, resting their heads on each other's thighs, letting their bodies come slowly back to earth.

Hearing a deep moan from the end of the bed, Sharon turned to see Mark. He was sitting naked on a chair, his cock rock hard in his hand, stroking it slowly. It was obvious he hadn't cum yet but he must have been close. Sharon gave Tina a sly grin. It seemed her friend had set this day of pleasure up with Mark and it thrilled her to think of them both wanting her. Sharon held up one finger and wiggled it at Mark, inviting him to join them on the bed.

Climbing onto the bed, Mark pushed Sharon down beneath him, kissing her hard and tasting Tina's sweet cum on her lips. Sucking her tongue into his mouth he was amazed at how different Tina's taste was to his own sweet Sharon's. It was different, yet it was still delicious. Tina moved up beside them, her own tongue reaching out and joining in the passionate kiss, then moving lower to suck Sharon's hard dark nipple into her mouth. Mark broke free of Sharon's kiss, moving down to take her other breast between his lips, sucking hard. Sharon's body was on fire with the thrill of being the center of attention. Mark's hand had moved to stroking the clit he knew so well, spreading the juices of her orgasm over her soft pussy lips.

Tina lifted her head and mark met her lips in a hot and lust filled kiss, tasting his wife's lovely honey on the other woman's lips. Having Tina there made him hot, yet it was his wife he truly desired. Kissing his way down her body, his tongue finding it's favorite place to hide, deep within her steamy love hole. Mmmmm yes, there was the taste he loved so much. Sliding his tongue in and out of her, fucking her with his strong mouth, he could feel her body responding, her arousal growing. Reaching for the peach, he squeezed it hard, mashing it between his fingers, dribbling the juice over her smooth snatch. Covering her in the peach pulp, he bent to the task of licking and eating it as it mixed with her own sweet essence.

Tina picked up he can of dairy whip, spraying it in circles around Sharon's breasts, sucking and slurping it up as it melted and ran down her sides. Sharon giggled a little at the new sensations and she wondered what they had planned for the strawberries. Lying back, Tina covered her own delicious twat with the whip cream, pushing a strawberry just inside the opening of her pussy. She straddled Sharon's face, offering her the tasty desert. Sharon groaned in ecstasy as she buried her tongue deep in Tina's creamy hole, fishing for the strawberry, and sucking it into her mouth. She chewed the sweet fruit with her lips still firmly pressed against Tina's pussy, swallowing Tina's cream along with the fruit and dairy whip. She could feel Mark's attention to her pussy changing, feel the strawberries being pushed inside her hot love hole and his tongue diving in to retrieve them

Just when she thought her pleasure could go no higher, Mark slid a finger into her already sensitive ass, moving it in and out with great easy. He added another finger, knowing full well that this would drive her crazy. Sliding a little lower, he replaced his fingers with his tongue. He had never fucked her ass with his tongue before. Pushing it in and out of her ass, tasting her, devouring her. Pulling her out from beneath Tina, he rolled her over onto her hands and knees, Tina climbing around in front of her, spreading her legs wide for Sharon to continue feasting on her delicious desert. Sharon wasted no time in burying her face back in Tina's pussy, feeling Tina wiggling beneath her was turning her one even more.

Without warning Mark pushed his cock deep inside Sharon's hole, filling her in one quick thrust. She cried out with the unsuspected pleasure, lifting her head for a moment before Tina grabbed her hair and forced her mouth back to her throbbing silt. As Sharon sucked and slurped on her friends juicy pleasures, Mark began pounding into her from behind, thrusting hard and deep with a need all of his own, but one he knew would please her greatly. He added his finger to the thrusting, pushing it deep into her ass hole and working it in time with his cock. He knew he couldn't hold out much longer, pounding into her harder and harder, but he would have her cum first. He added a second finger to the one working her ass, and he knew that was all she needed. The muscles of her pussy began to contract and pulse with her rising orgasm.

With three fingers buried deep inside Tina, Sharon was just as determined to make her friend cum. Harder and harder she licked and probed, fucking her with her fingers and face, feeling her getting close and closer. Suddenly Tina cried out, her back arching and her pussy pulsating, her hot juices flowing out over Sharon's fingers and lips. Sharon could take no more, her own body erupting in a seemingly endless wave of pleasure. Mark felt her pussy squeezing him, milking him and his cock burst within her, filling her hot pleasure hole with surge after surge of his smooth male juices.

They fell together on the bed, holding Sharon between them as they all struggled to catch their breaths. Tenderly touching, kissing, sharing the sweet tastes with one another, feeling the aftermath of their united pleasure. Tina and Mark had no real interest in pleasuring each other, but shared the common desire to pleasure Sharon beyond her wildest dreams. Resting dazed in Mark's tender embrace, Sharon watched as Tina climbed from the bed and headed back to the kitchen. There was a wicked giggle and the fridge door closed, Sharon didn't dare think of what tastes Tina had in store for her next.

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