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Author's Note: This one is dedicated to goodhusband.



Putting the last of the grocery bags on the counter, Suzanne set her handbag down and collapsed into a chair. It was hot out!

She savored the cool of the kitchen as she slipped her sandals off; then she quickly sorted through the groceries and got the things that needed refrigeration into the fridge.

Leaving the rest, she headed down the hall, savoring the feel of the cool thick carpeting under her bare toes. Rich's car was in the garage, so he obviously hadn't gone off to play golf today. He'd been asleep when she left an hour earlier, but his dirty dishes in the sink meant he'd gotten up and eaten breakfast already.

Suzanne heard an unfamiliar sound as she approached the open door of Rich's study. It almost sounded like crying? She took a step inside and was astonished--frozen--by what she saw.

Her husband was sitting in his desk chair and he was crying violently, his face in his hands, his shoulders heaving with his sobs. On the computer screen in front of him she saw a photo of the face of an attractive dark-haired woman, a man's large erect penis stuck deep in her mouth. The woman was wearing a sleep mask but Suzanne instantly recognized herself: the small birthmark on her right cheek was clearly visible in the photo.

She gasped, disbelieving. Before her brain could even begin to process what had happened, Rich lifted his head to look at her. His eyes were red and his face was streaked with tears.

"How could you?" he said quietly, almost whispering, his anguish apparent in every syllable. "Suzanne, how could you?"

********************** **********************


They'd met, actually, while Suzanne was still married to her first husband. Arnie had taken her along to rent a bulldozer--he had plans for a backyard pool and wanted to do the digging himself, save some money. Rich had been the manager of the heavy-equipment rental facility.

They hadn't done much more than smile at one another and exchange a few polite sentences, but Rich remembered her. He approached her, a little shyly, in a Starbucks nearly five years later.

"I'm sorry to disturb you," he said with a hesitant smile, his coffee cup in his hand, "but is your name Suzanne?"

She looked up and felt sure she knew him, though she had no idea from where. "Yes, but I'm afraid I don't ..."

He said, "no reason you should, actually. Your husband rented a bulldozer from my store--it must be several years ago now. We met then."

They looked at each other, assessing. Rich thought she looked fantastic: more mature, shapely, with beautiful dark eyes and an intelligent face. He also noticed that she wasn't wearing a wedding ring.

Suzanne started to remember, a little. Rich was older, but he was tall and strong-looking and had a lovely smile.

"Ex-husband, actually," she said. "We ... well, let's just say we never got that pool built."

"I'm sorry," he said, not feeling sorry at all. Then she smiled and said, "would you like to join me?"

"If I'm not intruding ..." He sat down and they started to talk. About nothing much, at first. Heavy machinery, then her job at an insurance agency. Baseball--it turned out they were both Cub fans though they lived in southern Ohio.

They talked for nearly two hours. Rich asked her out to dinner that weekend and she accepted. On their fourth date she asked him to stay over in her apartment, and they made love pretty much all weekend. Three months later he asked her to marry him; eight months after that, just before Labor Day, they were married.


The age difference was an issue--for Rich more than for Suzanne. He brought it up several times while they were dating, and they had a long talk about it a couple of weeks before he surprised her with a ring. (Though she wasn't really all that surprised.)

That day at the Starbucks she had been 29, and Rich about to turn 42. He worried about it in his own head, and knew he had to discuss it with her.

"Honey, if we were to ... well, if we were together for a long time--"

Suzanne was sitting on his lap, on his couch. She kissed him and said, "why Rich, I can't POSSIBLY imagine what you might be talking about!"

Grinning, he said, "wise guy! It's just that, well--look, I'm nearly 13 years older. That doesn't seem to bother you now, but in the future it might.

"I'm going to get old first, going to slow down first, not be as energetic as you are. You're such a fireball, and ..."

He stopped talking because he found a tongue in his mouth that wasn't his. They kissed passionately, and before long he was on top of her in the bedroom, riding her hard, Suzanne's legs pulled back up and pressed against his waist, and she was gasping and moaning beneath him.

It was a fast, exciting fuck, and when it was over and they'd caught their breath she said, "are you going to stop wanting to do that to me, five or ten or twenty years from now?"

"No baby, never--" And before he could continue she kissed him again and said, "then there's nothing to worry about."

Rich sat up and took her in his arms. "It's not that simple, Suze. I'm always going to want you--but my sex drive is going to go down, sooner or later, no matter what I do. My dick isn't going to be as hard, and it's not going to be inside you as often.

"What happens when I'm 70, say, and you're a beautiful, horny 57-year old who's still drawing men like flies to honey?"

Suzanne knew he was serious, knew she couldn't tease him out of this. "Rich, I love you. I love you in bed--in fact I adore you in bed--but I love you out of bed too. Everybody slows down. It doesn't mean we won't be able to cuddle and kiss, and snuggle up together--and even fuck from time to time.

"Besides," she said, grinning now, "haven't you ever heard of Viagra? I'll start saving my pennies now and buy you a lifetime supply!"

Rich laughed, and that was the end of their discussion. His private worries didn't disappear, but they didn't stop him from going out and getting her the ring.


Now they'd been a happily married couple for more than eight years. Rich was 51, the prosperous and successful owner-manager of his own company. He was thicker through the body than he'd been in his twenties, but still a big, strong, fit man. He worked out in the gym regularly, he played golf most weekends and tennis from time to time, and in general felt he was holding up pretty damn well for his age.

At 38 Suzanne was a beauty. Her figure still drew lots of attention, for her large breasts and her shapely hips and ass. She wore her dark hair straight down over her shoulders, and the long dangling earrings she favored set off her face and drew attention to her lovely eyes.

They'd never had kids--in fact her inability to bear children had contributed to the end of her first marriage, though mainly that had been about her asshole husband's inability to keep his dick in his pants. But they had enough nephews and nieces to get their fill of kids, and Rich and Suzanne enjoyed their privacy and the flexibility of being able to drive up to Chicago, or even to fly off for a weekend in New York, on short notice.

They loved each other, they trusted and respected each other; and they had fun together. Suzanne thought Rich was the kindest, most thoughtful man she'd ever known--even including her late father, whom she had adored. It was a good marriage. And their sex life?

If you'd gotten her under oath Suzanne would have said, "it's pretty good. Fine, really. We still do it about once or twice a week, and we both enjoy it. I guess I miss the excitement of those hard, intense, pile-driving fucks we had a lot of back when we were dating; we don't seem to do that more than a few times a year anymore. Frankly, Rich is older and he doesn't get as hard, or as fierce, as he used to get." Then she'd shrug and say, "I guess that's to be expected. It's still fine, though."

And she might blush a little and say, "and when we play our fantasy games--that's still a lot of fun. Maybe the most fun, 'cause he gets so turned-on then!"

If he'd had his hand on a Bible, Rich would have said, "I still really love sex with Suzanne, and her body still turns me on a lot. We probably average a little more than once a week, and I wish it was more. In my head I maybe want it every other day--but to tell the truth, the dick doesn't pop up as often as it used to, and when it does it doesn't get as hard.

"I'd definitely like some more oral. Suzanne knows that, but she's just not that into it--either way. She lets me lick her when I insist, but she'd rather just fuck. And as for blowjobs, I get them a couple of times a year if I ask really nice. I think she feels guilty about it, but they're just not her thing."

Then he'd smile, a little sheepishly. "In the last couple of years we've done some fantasy playing, and that's been really fun. We don't do it all the time, but when we do it really spices things up, you know? It's a little embarrassing, some of it ... But I guess, hell, we're married, we're both adults, we're not hurting anyone."

The games had started perhaps three years earlier, after Rich accidentally left a website open on his computer and Suzanne happened to see it. Like every man--certainly most of them--he looked at pornography from time to time. Maybe Suzanne was having her period and he was feeling horny; or she'd gone to bed early; or he knew, in the way that every husband who pays attention knows, that on a particular night the chances of sex with his wife were between slim and none--actually closer to none.

So like millions of other guys Rich had poked around on the web and found some sites that got a rise out of him. His favorite was called AdultAmateurAction.com; it was a site where ordinary people posted photos and videos of themselves having sex. Fucking, blowjobs, pussy-eating, anal sex, and occasionally weirder stuff with vegetables or pissing.

What amazed him was that so many of the couples posting were no more attractive than average. There were some true hotties, of both sexes, but it was mainly regular-looking people, from their 20s to their 70s, with all the wrinkles, the flabby thighs, the oversized bellies and the droopy tits that you'd expect.

None of this bothered Rich at all. Sure, he preferred the hot women to the ones built like NFL defensive linemen, but it was all good. Kind of cool, actually, to see unattractive people being so unselfconscious about fucking in front of a camera.

After a few times visiting the site, Rich began to notice what particularly turned him on. It was cheating wives, secretly fucking other guys; or wives openly cuckolding their husbands, fucking other men while the husbands waited at home or even stood in the same room holding the camera.

It was strange, and disturbing to him, the way he reacted. Rich knew that fucking was fucking, to some extent--everybody was shoving the same body part in and out of the few possible openings. When he was watching some woman bounce on top of a guy, moaning while he pulled on her tits, what did it matter that she was with her lover rather than with her husband? He wouldn't even have known the difference if the caption beneath the video hadn't said "Wife cucking her husband" or something like that.

But it did matter to him, a lot. Many of the sex videos were at least mildly arousing, but the ones where wives were screwing men other than their husbands got him much more turned-on. Sometimes watching those led Rich to come all over himself far sooner than he'd intended, his planned 15-20 minute session of stroking reduced to just a couple of minutes.

This embarrassed him and confused him; but it didn't stop him from continuing to look at those videos. Privately, of course--Suzanne didn't know a thing about it. Until the night he forgot to clear the browser before going to bed.


On a Saturday afternoon Suzanne had needed Rich's pen-knife to open a package, and as she reached into his desk drawer she bumped his computer's mouse and the screen came to life. She stared. It was a shot of a man standing, leaning back against a wall naked, his head thrown back and his eyes closed. On her knees in front of him, a voluptuous blonde with really large tits had his cock all the way down her throat. The caption read, "She deepthroats her boyfriend while I'm away on business!"

She wasn't the least surprised to find porn on Rich's computer, though it amused her that he'd neglected to log off the site--after all, she occasionally used his computer for shopping or email. She sat down and went back through his browser history, looking at what he'd been looking at the night before, and her package was soon completely forgotten.

When Rich came home from his golf game, around 5:30, he was greeted by Suzanne wearing nothing but one of his wife beaters. She pushed the door shut behind him and pulled him into a long, sloppy kiss, pressing her big breasts into his chest.

"Baby, I hope you're not too hungry because I need something right now...." She dragged an amazed Rich by the hand into the bedroom, pushed him down on the bed and yanked his clothes off, all the time kissing and stroking his body.

"I need to be FUCKED!" she murmured into his ear, and pulled him down on top of her. He wasted no time pushing his hard-on into her, finding that she was already soaking wet. She moaned and pulled on his hips and ass as he rode her; it was a hard, intense fuck that lasted no longer than 4-5 minutes, ending with big orgasms for both of them.

"Wow!" he said to her a few minutes later, kissing her hair as they lay twined together. "I don't know what that was all about, honey, but I'd like a copy of the recipe!"

She laughed, and licked his nipple. She'd been wondering what she would tell him--whether to tell him anything--but she was feeling happy, sexy, and relaxed, so she plunged ahead.

"Well, big guy, I stumbled over something that got me a bit, uh, worked-up. As you noticed!" She kissed him.

"I didn't look on purpose, honest. But I went to get your pen-knife and there on your screen--"

He tensed up, almost involuntarily, looking down at her anxiously.

"Shh," she said, "it's fine, really. Everybody looks at porn; I wasn't surprised, and I wasn't upset. But as I looked at what you'd been looking at, I ..."

She sat up to look at him, holding his hand. "You don't mind my asking about it, do you honey? You seem to be seriously into wives who cuckold or cheat on their husbands."

Rich looked away, feeling himself blushing.

"I don't know, Suze, it's .... I don't ....

"Listen," he said, very seriously. "It's all just fantasy. I would never want you to have sex with another man, ever. I don't even know why I look at that stuff. It's just ...."

He broke off, shaking his head, and she squeezed his hand gently, giving him a smile that meant, "I love you, and you can trust me."

"It's just that there's something about a wife with another guy that, I don't know, gets me going. Watching a wife fucking her husband, no big deal--but watching a wife fuck her lover, either behind the husband's back or even if he knows about it--it turns me on. It's so humiliating to think about, the husband either knowingly or unknowingly letting another man pleasure the woman he loves, the woman who's pledged herself to him alone."

His face was uncertain, confused. "I don't know what this means--what's wrong with me. I mean, I--"

"Baby." She kissed him, putting her arms around his neck. "This is such a common fantasy--I've read and heard about it everywhere. Lots of men seem to get turned-on by the idea of wife-sharing, or even wives having affairs. There's not a thing wrong with you.

"And I want to tell you, looking through some of those videos really turned ME on too--as I guess you noticed!" She grinned at him. "I just loved that housewife in her twenties being fucked from behind by the 58-year old neighbor--that one was really hot!"

"Can we try something?" she said. He nodded, hesitantly, and she continued, "just lie back."

She began to caress his body, starting with his chest, with long strokes of both hands. "I'm a wife," she said, "and I'm SO bad. I'm here with my lover, in his bed, while my husband is at work." She saw Rich's flaccid cock give a noticeable twitch, so she went on.

"I love my husband, but you turn me on so much, lover--I've just got to have you again!" Her hands had reached Rich's thighs and his cock, which was growing fast, and she began to play with it.

"There's something about cheating on him that's SO damn hot! I've got to--"

She plunged her mouth down over his erection, sucking enthusiastically, and Rich groaned. Within a few minutes she had him hard and throbbing between her lips, and she sat back.

"Now, baby," she said, climbing over him. "Fill me with your big hard cock while my husband is out there making his living. Make me your cheating slut!"

Rich pulled her down on top of him, pushing his cock in her as deep as it would go. Grabbing her shoulders he pulled her face down to his, and they kissed deeply while Suzanne started rotating her hips. In no time they were plunging, thrusting, kissing, and groaning, both of them on fire.

Rich held her tight and rolled over on top of her, pressing Suzanne's knees back to her chest and plunging even deeper inside her heated cunt. "Ah, ah ..." she moaned, humping back at him.

"C'mon, baby, do me--make me forget all about my poor husband!" With a low growl, Rich fucked her even harder, thrusting with all his force, making the bed crash rhythmically against the wall. He lasted only another half-minute before coming inside Suzanne as hard as he ever had, crying out, pushing in so deep she thought he'd hit her tonsils from the inside.

It was an amazing fuck. They collapsed together, breathing hard, still holding one another tight.

After a few minutes Suzanne realized Rich wasn't looking at her. "Honey, are you okay?"

He sat up, putting his feet on the floor, facing away from her.

"Honey?" She stroked his back.

"Suze, I'm ... I guess I'm just embarrassed."

She sat up and put her arms around his shoulders from behind, pressing herself against his broad back. "Don't be. DON'T be. That was amazing. I loved it!"

He turned back to her, full of dismay. "What's wrong with me? Do I want you to cuckold me, to cheat on me? Hell no--I would go insane if you fucked someone else! And yet the idea of it ...

"What we just did excited me so much it scares me to death."

Still holding him, her cheek against his back, she said softly, "that's why they call it a fantasy, baby. Everyone has them. I love it so much that you let me play that one with you."

"Really?" He turned around to face her, looking dubious.

"Really. That was so much fun!" She kissed him. "And maybe next time we can try one of mine."

Rich's eyebrows went up, and he said, "you have fantasies too?"

"Uh-huh--sexy ones. How about we go make dinner and have some wine and I'll tell you about a couple of them?"


For a few months after that, their sex-life shifted into high gear. Almost every week they played some kind of game. Suzanne suggested several different ones: the high-school principal with the student caught cheating, the speeding driver and the policeman, the lonely woman on a business trip being picked up by a stranger in a bar. All of them were fun.

But Rich's favorites were always about a wife and her lover. Sometimes HE was the lover, and Suzanne crooned to him about how much better he was at sex than her husband; but much more often she was the wife who had just come home from her boyfriend's bed, and was now letting her husband have her.

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