tagGay MaleShattered Boundaries

Shattered Boundaries


Chapter One - Surrender

I was barely out of my teens when I met Jim. I was drunk, stumbling half naked around a sleazy bathhouse, being chased by horny men who kept grabbing at my ass. Jim however, calmly stood in the doorway of his room and waited for me to come to him.

I cruised by him several times, fascinated by the large bulge beneath his towel. Finally he made his move and coaxed me into his room. Once inside I was shocked to see leather gear and sex toys lined up ready to be used. When I turned to bolt out of the room, Jim dropped his towel. I stopped in my tracks. Jim was a small man but he was hung like of a porn superstar. Later I found out his nick name was "Big Jim."

The shaft of his cock was incredibly thick and beefy, marbled with pulsing veins. His seemingly endless shaft narrowed only slightly before ballooning out to a full strong cock-head, shaped like a torpedo. His cock was so huge it looked like something you might see in the XXXL section of a dildo sex shop.

I had only seen a few hard cocks but by far it was the most impressive cock I had ever seen. I reached out to touch it but Jim stopped me. "On your knees first" he said, adding "And use only your tongue." I willingly dropped to my knees, stuck out my tongue and took my first taste of Jim's massive manhood. I will never forget my excitement as my tongue slowly licked inch after inch up the length of Jim's cock.

I greedily took a second lick then stretched my mouth open wide to attempt to swallow the head of his cock into my hungry mouth. That is when Jim grabbed me by the hair and pulled me off his cock and said, "I said only with your tongue, now you have to be punished!" He slapped me once across the face with his hard cock, then he paused as if to judge my reaction.

He slapped me again only harder, leaving my cheek burning red. I guess my face gave away my emotions, it excited me beyond words to have his huge hulking piece of meat smack me hard across the face. I closed my eyes and waited, longing for the feel of the next hard slap of his cock. "You like that don't you, boy?" he joked.

He yanked me to my feet and wrenched my hands behind my back. He slipped on a pair of leather gloves and began to inspect every inch of my trembling naked body. The feel of his strong leather covered hands gliding across my naked flesh drove me crazy. When his gloved hand ran up the inside of my thigh, my cock jumped. He grabbed me hard by the balls and announced, "If you lost some baby fat, you'd be a hot little leather-boy."

"One more thing. Bend over and grab your ankles ...and don't let go until I tell you." He instructed. I obeyed and a second later he buried his face between my buttocks. His tongue immediately started darting in and out of my rosebud. His gloved hands spread my ass cheeks wide, opening up my hole so he could thrust his tongue deeper and deeper into me. He ate out my ass like a starving man eats his first hot meal.

I moaned repeatedly as he forced his tongue further into my asshole. I began to feel I would either climax or pass out. Then without warning he withdrew his tongue and stabbed a leather covered finger into my asshole. It was all I could do not to scream. I grabbed hard onto my ankles, determined not to disobey Jim's orders as his finger explored deep into my asshole.

"Good boy!" he said withdrawing his finger from my asshole, "You've got a tight hole but I can fix that."

He stood me upright and handed me a pair of black speedos, asking me to put them on. I soon learned Jim had a huge speedo fetish. The speedo fit me tight, my hard cock and balls clearly visible beneath the thin black material. I reached around and discovered a hole cut out of the back of the suit which left my ass exposed. I looked like a slut with my goodies on display but I was so incredibly turned on, I would have done whatever Jim wanted me to do.

Jim returned me to my knees then stuffed his large balls into my mouth and told me not to let them slip from my mouth. Jim then smacked me in the face with his big cock, I could feel my cock grow harder, straining against the confines of the tight speedo.

Jim smacked me again and asked me if I wanted him to stop, I shook my head, no. He smacked me again and told me that if I wanted him to continue, I would first need to surrender myself to his control. I felt confused and humiliated but the more Jim's hard cock smacked me in the face, the faster my heart pounded in my chest, the harder my cock throbbed and the less I could deny my sexually arousal.

He smacked me again and asked, " If you surrender you would belong to me. Do you want to belong to me, boy?" My hard throbbing cock told me the answer. There was only one answer I could give to a man who had only met me minutes before but who already understood me so well. I was very innocent and knew nothing of the BDSM scene but I knew that my life had changed forever. I nodded yes and began my training as Jim's boy that first night in the baths.

To Be Continued in Chapter Two

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