tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShattered Dreams Ch. 05

Shattered Dreams Ch. 05


I am sorry it is taking so long for me to get chapters done and posted on this site but I have some commitments in real life and writing must take second place at the moment. But do not despair, I am trying to find time to finish this series as well as Ren's series.

And thanks to all the people who take the time to vote or leave comments on my submissions.


Adam was still awake when he heard the knocking on the front door of his flat. He got up off the bed reluctantly and after a quick glance to ensure Janey was still asleep he headed for the door leaving the TV on.

Robby was on the other side of the door when Adam swung it open and he looked past Adam expecting to see his sister.

"Where's Janey?" Robby asked.

"She's asleep - come on in." Adam said as he stepped aside.

Robby looked around the flat seeing the lack of furniture then turned suspicious eyes on Adam.

"Janey's in my room. Don't worry, she's right as rain." Adam said as he led the way.

Robby hurried after him not sure what he would find. He stopped in the doorway and took in the sight in the room.

A king sized bed faced the wall nearest the door, along that wall stood a tv cabinet complete with TV, dvd player and vcr player. Some program was showing on the tv but what held Robby's attention was his youngest sister Janey.

Janey lay curled up on her side in the bed, the covers tucked in around her shoulders. Pillows formed a barrier down the middle of the bed that she was facing. The imprint of his body where Adam had been reclined showed on top of the blankets and in the pillow leant against the headboard.

From where he stood Robby could see that Janey was sound asleep and clearly quite comfortable.

"I'll wake her up for you," Adam said as he approached the bed and squatted beside the bed near Janey. "Hey Janey. You going to wake up? Janey?" he coaxed softly.

Only when she rolled towards his voice and opened her eyes did he rest his hand lightly on her upper arm.

"Robby's here. Come on, wake up properly." Adam coaxed gently.

Janey blinked sleepily then yawned as she stretched her arms up over her head and arched her body as she stretched slowly.

"You awake yet Janey?" Robby asked and Janey let out a startled gasp as she scurried to sit up in a hurry.

"You scared me!" She protested as she brushed her fringe back out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry. Are you ready to head back to my place now?" Robby asked.

"Okay." Janey agreed and once again yawned.

"Well get out of Adam's bed. I'm sure he's just as tired," Robby said as he turned away.

Janey looked from Robby's retreating back to Adam's face. Adam merely gave her a grin and held his hand out so she could take it if she needed any help getting out of the blankets.

"Thank you for letting me stay here so I wouldn't be by myself," Janey said quietly to Adam.

"Anytime you want to come visit me feel free to," Adam told her as she swung her legs off the bed and stood up. He picked her jacket up off of the floor where it had fallen and handed it to her. Janey smiled at him as she walked past him and followed her brother to the front door, pulling her jacket on as she went.

"Janey, do you want to come over for dinner tomorrow night and afterwards we could go to one of the video hire shops and get a movie that you like?" Adam asked as Janey followed Robby outside.

Janey paused a second then glanced over her shoulder with a shy smile, "Yes I'd like that, thanks."

"Tomorrow afternoon then," Adam said.

"Come on Janey, before you get cold," Robby said. He turned his head to look at his friend, "Thanks for tonight."

Adam watched as Robby and Janey disappeared into Robby's flat. He had enjoyed the time with Janey even when she had fallen asleep watching the second movie he had put on for them. Feeling lonely he turned and went back inside his flat shutting the door after himself, he headed into his room and removed the pillows from the centre of the bed. He used the remote control to turn off the TV, switched the light off and undressed before climbing into bed.

As he lay awake staring at the ceiling he recalled how Janey had looked curled up asleep in his bed. His body grew hard as he thought about what it would be like to be able to touch her when she was in bed with him. He groaned and rolled over to punch his pillow several times before closing his eyes and trying to force all thoughts of her from his mind; but the faint scent of her shampoo lingered on the pillow she had used and he was finally forced to toss it off the bed.

* * * * *

Robby was just about to take his lunch break when the fax came through in his department. He didn't bother to go and get it out of the machine, as there were four other detectives that used the fax machine beside him. It wasn't until one of the other detectives dropped the printed sheet on his desk that he looked up.

"You might want to take a look at it," Detective Frank Saunders said as he watched Robby pull the paper in front of him.

Robby reread the piece of paper several times to make sure he was reading it correctly. A huge smile spread across his face.

"Good news I take it," Frank said when he saw the grin on Robby's face.

"Sure is!" Robby said enthusiastically.

Frank walked away leaving Robby alone at his desk.

Robby picked up his phone and dialled an outside line so he could talk to his parents; he knew that they would be just as happy as him to hear the news.

"Hallo, Jim Wilkinson speaking," Jim said as he finally answered the phone.

"Hi Dad, it's Rob. I got some great news for the family. I thought that you and Mum might like to hear right away. There has been several arrests made today on Janey's case and the guys arrested had passed on information concerning the where abouts of the others wanted for questioning," Robby said happily.

"Was it the bastard who abducted Janey?" Jim asked hopefully.

"No but the two arrested told police exactly where the guy is believed to be staying, right down to a description of what he usually wears and what the house looks like, where he parks his bike," Robby said. "And they gave the last known where abouts of the guys that roughed Janey up when she was trying to get home."

"Hopefully there will be more good news later today or tomorrow," came Jim's strong voice over the phone.

"Certainly looks like they're closing in on them now. The guy who sent me the information wouldn't have mentioned the leads if he didn't believe they would pan out," Robby said as he leant back in his chair, a feeling of satisfaction flowing over him. He talked with his father for several more minutes before ending the call and glancing at his watch. He got to his feet and tucked his wallet into his pocket before heading for the door. He passed the duty officer at the front counter on his way out of the building.

"Ernie, I'm off to lunch and then I'll be back for an hour and a half before I knock off for the day for a few hours sleep. I'm relieving McNamara while he spends time with his wife and their new baby," Robby said to the other man.

"McNamara's missus finally had the kid did she? What is it?" Ernie asked with interest.

"A boy. McNamara finally has his son after five daughters," Robby said with a grin before heading out the front door.

Outside the day was warm and sunny and Robby headed for his favourite sandwich bar for lunch. He ordered his usual ham and salad roll, paid for it and waited for the girl behind the counter to finish making it. Taking his roll and drink he wandered outside and into the nearby park. He was just about to throw some bun to the birds sitting on the park bench when he suddenly realised that his working of a night would leave Janey alone in his flat at night, a situation he knew that she would not allow.

Robby headed back towards the police station hoping to catch Adam in his office or somewhere in the station. Once inside the building he tossed his half finished roll into a bin and quickly downed the cold can of lemon squash. He found Adam in the main room of the block of rooms the Sex Crimes team used; he was updating something on one of the whiteboards spaced around the room.

"Adam, can I have a word with you please?" Robby asked as he halted just inside the doorway.

"There a problem?" Adam asked as he turned around to face Robby. He had been expecting a visit from Robby some time during the day concerning the fact that Janey had been in his bed when Robby had arrived the night before.

"Yeah, I was wondering if you could do me a favour over the next few nights," Robby said as he moved into the room.

"Which is?" Adam asked.

"I've been rostered on to cover for McNamara for the next week. His wife had a baby last night. But Janey won't want to stay in my flat alone," Robby said. "Do you think you can stay at my place with her?"

"Yeah, I can bunk down on the lounge," Adam agreed readily.

"At least I have one," Robby said dryly.

Adam shrugged. He didn't tell Robby that the first thing he had done when he got into work that morning was ring up a furniture company and order a second tv cabinet, a lounge and a recliner chair for his living room.

"If it's alright with you I'll need you to pick Janey up from the counselling session this afternoon. I'll be trying to sleep about that time." Robby said.

"What time are you supposed to pick her up?" Adam asked.

"Five pm." Robby said.

"No problems - can do." Adam said and leant back in his chair.

"I got some interesting news earlier," Robby told him.

"You mean about the arrests?" Adam asked.

"You know?" Robby was surprised that Adam had been informed after all he did take himself off the case.

"Yes the arresting officers faxed their reports through to the team here. I might not be on the case any more but I do follow any progress. And by the way, another fax came through about five minutes before you walked in the door. Another arrest on the case. " Robby told him, his voice deep with satisfaction.

"Do you know who has been arrested exactly?" Robby asked.

"Sit down," Adam indicated the chair in front of his desk as he reached for a note pad.

Robby sat down and waited impatiently while Adam flipped through the pages of the note pad until he stopped turning the pages and began reading what he had written.

"The first arrests were made late last night. Andrew John Matthews and Steven Brent Winters. Janey identified them as Matty and Brent. Today's arrest was Wilson James Brown, identified by Janey as Wilson. During his interview he couldn't help boasting how he had managed to get hold of Janey even though a couple of the others were set on protecting her from him. He openly admitted to the charges that had been laid due to Janey's statement."

Robby had looked away as Adam spoke. He could still remember his sister's reaction to the pictures that day she had identified them.

"Is it true leads are being followed up on the others she identified?" Robby asked after several minutes' silence.

"Yeah, young Matthews co-operated with detectives when the solicitor he called in to advise him during questioning advised him to tell all he knew about the others involved. His mate Winters just clammed up refusing to answer any and all questions," Adam informed him.

"So you'll be all right to keep Janey company?" Robby asked. "I hope I won't turn up to find her in your bed again."

"Janey is most welcome to stay with me. We were going to go check out videos and find one Janey likes for me to hire anyway." Adam said as he put his notebook aside. "Well if you don't mind I'm just about to go onto my lunch break."

Robby got to his feet as Adam stood behind the desk and peeled his jacket off the back of his chair.

"You know where the counselling is being held don't you?" Robby asked. "And you'll pick Janey up at 5pm?"

"I'll make a point of being five minutes early," Adam said as he walked around the desk and headed for the door.

"Thanks a lot," Robby said as they parted company outside the door to head in opposite directions.

Back in his office Robby found another email waiting for him on his desk. He read it and recognised it as what would be the arrest that Adam had told him about happening today. The list of prior convictions and warrants out on the guy made Robby angry as he realised that Wilson Brown was a repeat violent sex offender. He put the fax aside without reading the last bit about his admissions during his arrest and questioning.

The next two hours passed quickly and Robby headed back to his flat, set his alarm and tried to catch some sleep before he would go onto night shift.

The Alarm woke Robby at 6:30 and he sat up and looked around sleepily. Realising the time he got to his feet and went through the flat looking for Janey and Adam. Finding no one in the flat he went outside and headed over to Adam's place. He could hear music playing inside the flat and knocked loudly to make sure he was heard.

Adam opened the door and stepped aside so Robby could enter the flat.

"I thought you were going to be staying over at my place," Robby said as he saw Janey standing at the table watching him.

Adam shrugged and motioned towards the new furniture in the living room. An array of packing was scattered around the room. "We were here while this was delivered and we thought you might sleep better without us over there making noise," Adam explained.

Robby glanced over at his sister where she stood silently and shrugged, "Fair enough I suppose."

"I was just about to cook spaghetti and meat balls. You hungry?" Janey asked.

It was then that Robby noticed that his sister was just finishing making meatballs, "Don't mind if I do," he told her.

"Want a cold drink?" Adam asked as he went to the fridge to get himself a can of coke.

"If you've got another one of those I wouldn't mind," Robby answered then accepted the can as Adam passed it to him.

"What about you Janey? Thirsty?" Adam asked.

"Can I have some juice please?" Janey asked as she carried the bowl of prepared meatballs over to the stove.

"Coming right up." Adam said as he got a bottle of juice from the fridge and poured a glass of juice for Janey. He placed her drink on the counter by the stove and then moved back to give her plenty of room to work.

Janey smiled at him shyly as she moved to the stove and began to cook.

"Can I have a quick word with you?" Adam asked Robby quietly as Janey was preoccupied with cooking.

Robby shrugged, "No reason you can't" Robby said as he followed Adam over towards the doorway of his room.

"I haven't said anything to Janey yet but word came through just before I left work that the three men that assaulted her in Melbourne have been arrested and the man she said was the one who had abducted her got arrested along with his mate around lunch time today. The only ones that they don't have yet is the one Janey said bought her the ticket home and his mate," Adam said quietly.

A look of satisfaction came to Robby's face as he glanced towards his sister. "Any leads on either of them?" he asked.

"Apparently the man that was identified as the one who grabbed Janey was only too happy to tell all he knew about the two that haven't been caught yet," Adam said softly.

"What are you two whispering about?" Janey asked as she looked over at them talking quietly by the bedroom door.

"Can you let that cook for a few minutes by itself?" Robby asked quietly.

Janey glanced towards the meatballs she had simmering in broth then back at her brother's sober face. Sensing something serious was about to be said she checked the pasta she had cooking and adjusted the temperature of the hotplates before putting a lid on the meatballs. With nothing left to do she made her way over closer to her brother. Her eyes darted nervously from Robby's face to Adam's face and back again.

"How about we go sit down and try out the new lounge and chair?" Adam asked quietly.

Janey walked over to the living room and sat on one end of the lounge. She glanced at Robby nervously and folded her arms across her ribs.

Robby sat on the lounge not far from his sister and turned as far as possible to face in her direction, glanced at Adam where he had settled himself on the recliner chair and then turned his attention to Janey once more.

"Janey? Do you remember looking at those photos and identifying some men?" Robby asked softly.

Janey gave a jerky nod and glanced towards her brother nervously then glanced towards Adam on her other side.

"Then you made some statements to a pair of female police officer in Byron..." Robby pressed on. "Well there finally have been some arrests made. The police have the three men who attacked you in Melbourne in custody, the man who abducted you, his friend and three of the others you identified have been arrested as well. It won't be much longer before the last two are arrested."

Janey turned stunned eyes on her brother, "They are all getting arrested? All of them? Even the ones who helped me?" She demanded.

"Do you know what Aiding and Abetting after the Fact is?" Robby asked quietly as he glanced towards Adam hoping he would help explain it to Janey.

"Who's been arrested?" Janey demanded as she got to her feet and moved away from the lounge. She stood with her back to the two men. "Or rather who hasn't been arrested?" she demanded as she turned to face her brother.

"The only ones who haven't been caught yet are the one you say got you the ticket home and his friend," Robby told her.

"But there is no reason to arrest them! They helped me! They protected me!" Janey protested frantically.

"Are you saying they never hit you or hurt you in anyway? Never made you do anything you didn't want to do? That they didn't know you were being held there against your will? Neither of them raped you or forced you to let them have sex with them?" Robby asked her.

Janey turned away as memories rushed back to her. Brad telling her the first time that she had no choice in the matter, that she could fight him or just let him touch her and have sex with her. Ren kissing her, caressing her, showing her what her body craved until she gave in to what her body wanted and became a willing partner in the act of sex.

She closed her eyes tightly as she realised others would not see things the way she did.

"You don't understand," Janey whispered softly.

Robby stilled as he heard what his sister had whispered. Fury rushed into his body forcing away caution as his heartbeat thundered in his ears.

"Is one of them likely the father of the kid you're carrying? Is that why you're trying to protect them?" He demanded angrily.

Janey opened her eyes as she heard what her brother had said. She turned around to face his and refute his accusation but he resumed his questions before she could speak.

"Or did you think they were cute and enjoyed having sex with them?" Robby demanded, "Is that the reason you won't do the smart thing and get rid of the baby?"

"Shit!" Adam swore softly as he saw the impact Robby's words had on Janey, the way she flinched and wrapped her arms protectively over her stomache. The meaning of Robby's words hit him as he saw the way she held herself protectively.

"You don't know what you're talking about! You don't know what it was like for me!" Janey protested with pain filled eyes.

"Good God! You fancied one of them, didn't you!" Robby accused.

"It wasn't like that!" Janey protested. She tried to shut her mind to the memory of her body's reaction to even just Ren's presence. She caught sight of the shocked look on Adam's face and then looked at the anger showing clearly on Robby's face. Defeated she turned toward the table where her jumper hung over the back of one of the chairs.

"I want to go home. I just want to go home," She said dejectedly as she pulled her jumper on.

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