tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShattered Dreams Ch. 06

Shattered Dreams Ch. 06


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* * * * * * * *

Janey had been watching the movie for nearly an hour before she started to feel the return of her appetite. She glanced towards Adam but he was quite wrapped up in the movie. After a few minutes she cleared her throat nervously and glanced at him.

"Something wrong?" Adam asked gently.

"I'm starting to feel hungry now," Janey answered faintly.

Adam got to his feet and went to the stove to dish up some of the food still sitting on the stove; he slipped the plate of food into the microwave to reheat before carrying it back to Janey.

"Try to eat as much as possible. You'll feel better once you have some solid food in your stomach," Adam said as he sat down not far from her.

Janey tried a meatball gingerly. Finding it to her liking she chewed hungrily and swallowed before reaching with her fork for another one. "Adam?" She queried softly.


"What is that Aiding and Betting thing Robby was talking about?" Janey asked quietly without looking his way.

"Basically it means helping, or not doing anything to stop someone. Some of the men will be charged with Aiding and Abetting after the kidnapping. It means they did nothing to help you get away from the man who abducted you," Adam explained.

"Hawk, his name is Hawk," Janey said faintly.

"By not doing anything to get you back home they were inadvertently helping Hawk," Adam explained.

Janey put the fork down on the side of the plate as her stomach rolled in protest. "I can't eat anymore," Janey said softly.

Adam had been watching her eat and while she had eaten some food there was just as much left on her plate "That's fine. You ate some," Adam said as he took her plate and carried it back to the stove. Quickly he put the untouched leftovers in the fridge and the dirty plates on the sink.

Janey glanced at him and watched as he cleaned up the kitchenette before turning around to see her looking his way.

"Want a drink?" he asked.

"None for me thank you," Janey whispered faintly.

"Mind if I have a beer?" Adam asked as he pulled a cold bottle of beer from the fridge.

Janey shrugged, "It doesn't bother me."

Adam sat back down beside her, stretched out comfortably and opened his drink. He took a deep drink then sighed with pleasure as he rested his arm along the back of the lounge towards Janey.

Janey glanced towards him aware of his arm lying on the back of the lounge, of him sitting on the lounge with her instead of in the recliner chair. She turned her attention back to the tv and after a few minutes she glanced at him again.

"Is something wrong?" Adam asked quietly.

"I'm fine," Janey mumbled as she hunched her shoulders slightly and fixed her attention on the tv.

She felt the need for human contact but was too uncertain of herself to say anything to Adam or move closer to him. She chanced another quick glance at him and looked away quickly when she caught him looking at her. She heard him moving on the lounge and then she felt the lounge dip slightly as he moved to sit beside her. Then she felt the warmth radiating from his body as he settled comfortably. After a few minutes she tensed but he merely laid his arm on the back of the lounge near her head without touching her.

Adam felt Janey flinch when he finally put his arm around her shoulders but she flinched into him instead of away from him and quickly settled against his side. When he had finished his drink he put the empty bottle on the floor at his feet, settled back comfortably and pulled Janey against his side a bit more firmly. He felt her move slightly then snuggle into his side and rest her head against him.

"Comfortable?" Adam asked after a few minutes.

"Mmmm," Janey murmured contentedly. She lifted her head to find Adam watching her and when he lowered his head she closed her eyes and accepted the kiss he brushed lightly over her lips.

Adam felt her lips part beneath his but forced himself to keep the kiss light as he brushed his lips backwards and forwards across hers.

Janey moaned softly in disappointment as his lips left hers and she opened her eyes reluctantly to look up at him.

"We will just take it slowly," Adam told her huskily as he gazed at her softly parted lips before turning his attention back to the tv.

Janey snuggled closer into his side and turned her head to watch tv. The warmth of his body next to hers felt good and she sat there quite relaxed. Gradually her eyes drifted closed as she fell asleep cuddled against his side.

Adam moved slightly and felt Janey's body follow him as he leant to the side; he turned his head to look down at her and discovered that she was asleep. Gently he eased her away from him and she woke abruptly as cool air hit her side.

Janey sat up and looked around dazedly as Adam held her steady, "What?" she asked sleepily.

"I need to go to the toilet," Adam said softly. He was reluctant to move her away from him; her body felt so nice snuggled up against his side.

"Oh," Janey said as she sat up moving away from him. She blinked sleepily and watched him head for the toilet. She was wide-awake when he returned shortly and she smiled almost shyly when he sat down beside her once again.

"Do you want to go to bed? You can use my bed and I'll sleep out here on the lounge. Don't worry it folds down into a daybed," Adam told her quietly.

"I wouldn't mind watching this movie. I'm sorry about falling asleep before. It's just that I seem to fall asleep all the time at the moment," Janey said somewhat embarrassed.

"I'll take it as a compliment that you seemed to feel comfortable enough to fall asleep when you cuddle up to me," Adam said sounding quite pleased.

"Actually I do feel safe around you," Janey admitted as she glanced at him then ducked her head shyly when he turned her head to look her way.

"Good. You should feel safe," Adam said, his voice thick with satisfaction.

Janey tilted her head back to look at him and he slowly lowered his head giving her time to refuse his kiss if she wanted. She turned her face to the side slightly to give him unhindered access to her lips and sighed softly at the first light brush of his mouth on hers.

Adam kissed Janey lightly, resisting the temptation to deepen the kiss until she boldly traced his lips with the tip of her tongue and slipped it between his lips as he opened his mouth to her.

Janey was breathing heavily when Adam finally broke off the kiss and she opened her eyes reluctantly to look at him. He was watching her through eyes heavy lidded with passion and when she ran the tip of her tongue over her sensitive lips she heard his breath catch harshly.

Adam lowered his head and kissed her once again only this time there was nothing tentative about it as he explored her mouth. He moved his lips across her cheek to just beneath her ear before nibbling his way down the side of her neck. He heard her sigh of pleasure as his hand cupped her breast and massaged her breast as he sucked gently at the skin where her neck joined her shoulder.

Impatiently Janey slid her hands down his chest to undo the buttons on his shirt so she could smooth her hands across his chest while he explored the soft skin of her neck. Slowly she traced her fingertips over the muscles in his shoulders and upper arms and tilted her head to the side as his lips trailed up her neck to nibble on her earlobe.

Adam lifted Janey to sit her astride his lap facing him then lowered his head to kiss her lips hungrily.

Janey moaned softly against his mouth as she moved restlessly against him. She gasped in protest as Adam raised his head abruptly.

"I'm sorry," Adam gasped as he looked down into her dazed eyes." I didn't mean to hurt you or scare you," he said softly as he raised one hand to brush her hair back off her face.

"You stopped!" Janey protested softly as she leant forward to rest her head against his shoulder. This brought her breasts into contact with his torso once again and she groaned as she moved against him restlessly.

"You okay?" Adam asked with concern at her groan and Janey raised her head to look at him.

"I'm not okay. You got me all wet and now you stop!" Janey protested as she squirmed on his lap. Feeling the hard ridge in the crotch of his jeans against her inner thigh she stilled as she met his gaze with knowing eyes. Janey smiled softly as she moved so that she straddled his lap closer to his body and the hard ridge of his erection rested against the empty throbbing ache between her legs. Slowly she began moving against him, feeling the length of him rubbing against the denim that covered her swollen moist sex.

"Oh God," Adam groaned as he grasped her hips meaning to hold her still, but his arms had a mind of their own as he guided her movements against him.

Janey could feel the growing moisture between her thighs and trembled with the frustration of the sensations their movements caused.

"We should stop," Adam said as he raised one hand to clasp the back of Janey's neck and pull her head toward him for his kiss.

Janey moaned in pleasure against his mouth and reached down between them to cup him through his jeans.

"Fuck!" Adam swore into her mouth as she stroked him and Janey chuckled against his mouth as she revelled in her power. "That's it!" he exclaimed as he eased her off of his lap and got to his feet. He picked her up in his arms and carried her to his room where he laid her gently on his bed.

Janey looked up into his face, she couldn't see his expression as the light was behind him and his face was in shadow. But Janey felt no fear only arousal and she smiled up at him as he leant over her. She felt his hands at her waist as he searched for the hem of her shirt. She sat up so she could pull the edge of her shirt from the waistband of her jeans and pull the shirt off over her head.

Adam found the fastenings of her jeans and he hesitated as he tried to see the expression on her face.

"It's okay," Janey said softly in reassurance when he hesitated.

"You sure?"

"Yes," She whispered softly and lifted her hips up off the bed as he tried to ease her jeans down her body.

Adam dropped her clothes within easy reach then turned his attention to shedding his own shirt and jeans. He glanced at Janey in time to see her drop her bra over the edge of the bed and then he climbed onto the bed with her. He stretched out beside her and looked down into her face but his shadow fell across her, covering all expression on her face.

Janey felt the feather light caress of his hand on her cheek before his lips brushed over hers gently, she opened her mouth beneath his and sucked his tongue into her mouth when it slipped past her teeth.

"If you want me to stop just say so," Adam said then nibbled her earlobe. He worked his way down her neck, across her collarbone then down her chest until his lips brushed a nipple. He felt the jerk of her body and raised his head fearing he had moved too fast for her. "Is this ok? Does it feel good?" he asked huskily.

"Please keep going," Janey said as she arched her body towards his. She gasped as his lips closed around her nipple and he suckled gently at her breast. Pleasure swamped her as he took turns sucking and licking first one nipple then the other. She wasn't aware of his hand as it stroked a path down over her ribcage and stomach before coming to rest cupping her mound through her knickers.

Adam felt Janey tense and clamp her legs together as his hand came to rest on the damp fabric between her thighs. She trembled a moment then opened her legs with a soft sigh. He shifted his attention from the hard pebble of her nipple that was in his mouth to the other breast and he felt that nipple pucker as he swirled his tongue around it before sucking it into his mouth firmly.

Janey opened her legs wider as his fingers found their way under the damp material that covered her mound. She bit her bottom lip as his fingers slid between her slick folds and brushed against the hard nub of her clit before finding the slick entrance of her passage.

Adam lifted his head and moved up to kiss Janey hungrily as he slid two fingers backwards and forwards over her slit, he worked his way up to find the firm nubbin of her clit and circled it with his fingers as she moaned into his mouth and grasped at his shoulder and upper arm. He moved his fingers back down to where the wetness was seeping from her body and slid two fingers into her passage then began moving them in and out as he began to finger fuck her.

Janey thrust against his hand and she moaned her pleasure into his mouth. Shortly he lifted his head and she made little whimpers of pleasure as his hand continued its movement. He smiled faintly at the uninhibited sounds of pleasure that came from her as he continued his ministrations.

Adam glanced around; he spotted his bedside drawers and knew he had condoms in there. Slowly he eased his fingers from her passage and began to push her knickers down off of her hips. She lifted her hips to help him and waited soundlessly as he removed his boxers and reached for a condom. Quickly he rolled it onto himself and then he moved up and over her body positioning himself between her thighs.

Janey opened her thighs wide she felt his erection brush against her slick flesh and his hand was down there between their bodies as he guided his rigid cock to her slit. Then he was pushing into her and Janey gasped as he thrust up into her tense body. The discomfort was only slight and soon faded as he began moving eagerly. She wrapped her legs around his hips and began moving in rhythm with him.

Adam groaned then took her lips in a hard kiss as he pushed into her with slow hard thrusts. He trailed his lips down across her cheek and began nuzzling against her neck as he continued to move.

Janey arched her neck back and she felt his lips trailing across her skin. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the sensations as he thrust into her body, pulled out until only the head of his cock was still inside her and then thrust in hard until his balls slapped against her arse.

Adam groaned against Janey's neck as he fucked in hard steady thrusts. He could feel the muscles inside her passage gripping him with each withdrawal and then again each time he pushed back inside her. Gradually the pressure began building up inside of him and he began moving faster. He turned his face away from her neck and reached down to grasp her hips as he began to increase his pace.

Janey pulled her legs higher as she began moving more urgently with his urgings. She hooked her heels behind the small of his back and moved against him eagerly.

Adam gritted his teeth as he felt his pleasure building with a tingle in his balls before releasing with a rush up through his cock only to be caught in the condom he wore. He slumped against her and felt her frustrated movements beneath him. After a few moments he managed to roll off of her.

"I'm sorry. I'll make it up to you." Adam promised as he reached down between her thighs to the slick, warm passage where he had been moments before. He slid his fingers between her slick folds and entered her body with two fingers. He heard her gasp of pleasure as his thumb found her clit and he began working his hand. He could feel the beginning of ripples of her inner muscles as he worked his hand and then the muscles gripped his fingers tightly as she came on his hand. She clamped her thighs together tightly unmindful of the fact his hand was still there and Adam listened to her as her breathing steadied and her body began to relax.

Janey felt Adam withdraw his fingers from her passage and then slip from the bed.

"I'll be back in a moment." Adam whispered softly.

Janey rolled onto her side with her back to him and listened as he walked from the room and moved around the flat. Soon she heard the toilet flush and knew that he had dealt with the used condom. His body was warm as he climbed into bed behind her and cuddled her close. She murmured faintly as if asleep and allowed him to cuddle her against his chest.

Long after Adam had fallen asleep Janey lay in his arms wide-awake. While she certainly had not expected fireworks or to feel the earth move, she had expected to feel something more than just physical release.

* * * * *

Janey awoke the next morning to the feel of a warm hard body; a thigh with coarse hair lay between her legs and a hand rested in the small of her back keeping her against his body. Slowly Janey opened her eyes to see Adam's face near hers on the pillow as he lay facing her. Sleep softened his face leaving him looking younger then when he was awake. She smiled then yawned, stretching her body and arching it to rub sensually against his.

Adam woke as he felt the slide of very feminine curves against his body. He tightened the arm that held it to him and gave a groan of male satisfaction as he felt the nipples against his chest form hard little pebbles.

Janey wriggled against him as she felt the rigid length push against her lower stomach. She ran her hands over the muscles of his shoulders and upper arms liking the feeling of the definition of his muscles.

"Hmmm, good morning," Adam murmured sleepily as he opened his eyes to look at her.

" Mornin'," Janey murmured and then hid her burning face against the crook of his neck.

"Hey, you okay?" Adam asked concerned as he realised she was embarrassed.

"Yeah," Janey mumbled against his neck.

Adam eased her away from his body to look down at her with concern. Was she regretting the previous night? He wondered as he searched her eyes. "What's wrong?" he persisted gently.

"Nothing," Janey said and tried to turn her face away but Adam gently prevented her from doing so. Seeing the concern on his face she blushed again and dropped her gaze to his chest hoping he would kiss her when she made no further comment.


"I wanted you to fuck me last night," Janey whispered at the sound of uncertainty in his voice. Then she leaned in to kiss him on the mouth for several long moments before glancing down at his throat. "I wanted it from before you first kissed me," she whispered glancing up and meeting his eyes for a moment with an unsteady smile.

Understanding dawned on Adam; Janey was embarrassed because she had pursued him the previous night. What he didn't realise was that for Janey it was the first time she had not feared and fought her desires for a man. Slowly Adam lowered his head and kissed her gently, taking his time to savour her soft lips.

Janey reached between them to grasp the rigid shaft that pushed against her stomach and worked her hand up and down it for several seconds as Adam continued to kiss her. "Is this a pissing horn or morning wood?" Janey asked quietly when Adam trailed his lips across her cheek to seek the soft skin of her neck just below her ear.

"What do you want it to be?" Adam asked as he began thrusting against her fist.

Janey pushed away from him and as Adam frowned she disappeared down under the covers.

Adam gasped and jerked as he felt her warm wet mouth engulf the head of his cock and start to slide up and down the hard shaft of his cock, gradually taking more and more into the wet warmth. He groaned and rolled onto his back as he felt her throat working as she engulfed his entire shaft in her mouth. She kept working on his cock for a few minutes before he felt the wet warmth leave then she appeared from under the covers, a wide smile on her lips as she moved to straddle his hips.

"Wait!" Adam commanded and reached for a foil packet on the bedside drawers.

Janey took the foil packet from his hands and ducked her head knowing that he would not see her momentary hurt from his actions as she tore it open with her teeth. Quickly she rolled the latex sheath onto his cock and then leant forward, supporting her weight on one arm while she reached between them with her other hand. She wrapped her fingers around his hot hard cock and pumped her hand up and down a couple of times before she carefully guided the thick head to her wet opening. Slowly she began to ease down onto him until she felt the head slip into her slick passage. She gasped and lifted her head to look at Adam, who was watching her with an intense look on his face. She waited several moments as her body adjusted to his invasion and then began pushing down against his hips. With each push she felt him slide a little deeper before she lifted up until just the head of his cock was inside of her.

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