Shauna's Slaves Ch. 02


The evening went along merrily. Leslie had to restrain herself from eating any more, every little treat that Jess had prepared assaulted her tongue and made her crave more. She also had to make sure not to drink too much, as she'd had wine at home. It paled in comparison to the excellent wine Jess had served. "I also trained as a sommelier," Jess smiled. "I like to know what I'm serving to my guests."

It was getting late and Leslie knew that she should say her good-nights. Jess got up and smiled. "I think I'm going to bed," She smiled at her husband and guest. Then she flashed Cliff an enigmatic little smile. "Well?" She grinned at him. "Are you going to ask her or do I have to do it?"

"You do it," Cliff grinned sheepishly. "You're always so much more diplomatic and convincing than I am."

Jess sighed. "For such a successful developer, he can be such a chickenshit. I made my hunky husband over there promise that if you were as sexy as I thought you would be -- no one paints like that who isn't sexy -- that he'd ask you to join us in bed tonight. That's why our marriage works Leslie. We're not afraid to open it up every once in a while to someone we find attractive, and baby, you are smoking hot!"

Leslie looked at Cliff who had a huge grin on his face. She couldn't believe this was happening, twice in one day?! She had wanted to seduce Cliff the very moment that she had laid eyes on him. Jess' beauty made her weak in the knees. She could have both of them? Despite the overwhelming heat in the room at this moment, Leslie knew all-too well what her answer had to be.

"What makes you think I'd go for something like that?" Leslie asked, making sure that they weren't just teasing her.

"I got a very strong sexual vibe from you early on, you were grooving on Cliff but me just as much," Jess beamed. "Don't bother to deny it -- Cliff and I are aware that we're good looking people and we only fuck people that are as hot as we are. Come on gorgeous, let's don't play games. You'd love to swing with us and we'd love to have you." Jess reached out her hand and sensibly, Leslie took it. Cliff followed the two women, loving the view so far.

With an aggressive playfulness, Jess pulled Leslie close and kissed her. It was a change from the soft kisses that Noel had bestowed on her earlier, this one suggested hot, wild sex. It was arousing and deciding that she could play along, Leslie took a step back. She managed to unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor. She was in sexy black lingerie, one of the few luxuries she had indulged in during her marriage was sexy undergarments.

"Oh my," Jess breathed. "Will you look at that Cliff? I think we may have underestimated our sexy Leslie, what an incredible body. The lingerie is very sexy, although it will have to go, right Cliff?" He nodded in agreement with his bride.

"I don't intend to be the only one in the room naked," Leslie told them both. "If we're going to get this little party going, shouldn't the two of you get out of your clothes as well?" Leslie began to remove her bra and thong while keeping one eye trained on Jess.

"Oh, I LIKE her," Jess giggled. "She gets straight to the point." Jess did as Leslie had told her and let the blue dress drop. Her lingerie was a pale blue that almost matched the dress. Cliff was almost naked and there wasn't an inch of flab anywhere to be found on his body. Leslie still found it hard to believe he was almost 50.

The two women stretched out on the bed and entwined their legs together. They started kissing and Jess murmured "You've done this before". Leslie didn't want to reveal all of her past secrets, so she just nodded and continued kissing the fabulous blonde.

Leslie felt the weight of another body joining them on the bed and saw Cliff had joined him. The two women swarmed him, kissing him heatedly as their hands touched his muscular form. Leslie and Jess met at his cock and without saying a word, conspired to give him a world-class blowjob. Cliff's head went back and he groaned, loving the work they were putting in to make him feel so good.

"Fuck, he's really hung," Leslie commented. "You get to fuck that whenever you want, you lucky bitch!"

"I know, right?" Jess laughed. "That's why I don't mind sharing -- he always comes back and I wouldn't want to deny other lucky sluts the pleasure of his dick. He usually brings home the yummiest little treats anyway." She grinned.

"Hey girls, why don't you let me take care of you Leslie while Jess works me over a bit more?" Cliff suggested. That sounded a-okay to Leslie, so she got on top of his licking tongue and thrilled to the first man that had touched her since marrying Cole. He was so, so much better than her ex. Cliff wasn't just "doing it" so that they could get it over with and move on, he was really into making Leslie feel good. Her entire body was quivering as he licked at her cunt and if that wasn't enough, now she felt Jess moving behind her and cupping her tits.

"I just had to feel these beauties in my hands," Jess sighed. "I was staring at them all night and hoping I'd get to feel them."

Leslie managed to twist herself around so that she could kiss Jess and get a nice feel of Jess' larger jugs. "God, yours are incredible," She told Jess between kisses. "You must have had a few visits from the Tit Fairy."

Jess laughed and then she felt Leslie shaking through their kiss. It was obvious that Cliff had brought Leslie off with his talented tongue. "Oh damn," Leslie sighed. "That felt wonderful, thank you both so much."

"We are nowhere near done," Jess told her new friend. "You're going to ride his fucking cock and take it inside, I want some tongue and you and I can continue with out titty-play. After you've fucked his brains out like I know you want to, you and I can girl fuck and he can regain his strength or make coffee -- whatever the fuck happens," Jess laughed.

An honest-to-God cock fucking her again? To Leslie, it sounded too good to be true. She slithered her body down on Cliff's magnificent rod and it felt good, so good, deep inside of her. She began to fuck Cliff the way she had always wanted to fuck Cole -- hard and without any reservations. He seemed to love it and she reached out for his sexy, blonde wife. They kissed, played, fondled and enjoyed themselves as Leslie bounced up and down on the thick cock buried so deep in her horny, needy cunt. She was determined to try and match Jess in the fucking department, to make neither of them regret inviting her to their bed. Cliff's groans were muffled by his wife's pussy, but they were very audible and a strong clue that Leslie was living up to her potential. She felt the heat surging in the older man's thick cock and moved away just before he started to cum. She swooped in to suck some of it, just as quickly, Jess was at her side. They shared it greedily between them, with an almost-stupefied Cliff smiling happily.

Just as Jess had suggested, the two beauties rolled away and began to make love. If Leslie had any doubts that Jess could be as tender as Noel, they were washed away as their two bodies entwined. It was sensual and erotic feeling the blonde's body against her own and the soft lips touching down everywhere. Leslie didn't recall a time in her life where she had felt this alive and sensual. Over the next several hours, she lost track of how many times the sexy couple made her cum.

In her apartment late the next afternoon, Leslie was drinking a bit of wine while working on one of her rough charcoal sketches. She was adjusting the face a bit, trying to make the model look more like Jess. She knew that her new friend would be pleased. She hoped that it might lead to a little more bedroom merriment -- no, she knew that it would and Leslie looked forward to that. She was also having dinner with Noel and her lover the following evening and was looking forward to showing Noel what a fast learner she was, as well as meeting the elusive "Mitch". Leslie had high hopes that she might bring all of her neighbors together in the very near future, now knowing she could handle that with ease.

As she sketched, she looked over at the rough drafts of some of her earlier works. She remembered the model, a willowy redheaded stunner. Damn it, what was her name? Christine, that was it! She still had the girl's number and wondered -- did she dare? She put down her charcoal and went to get her phone. She started to dial Christine's number ...

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