tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShavala Ch. 01

Shavala Ch. 01


01 Capture

Restlessly, she shifts on the lumpy mattress. It gives her no comfort as she begins to wake up. Her thoughts begin to clear and recent events begin to flood back into her mind; picking up the man with the case, the eye scanner, he wildly talking about being followed, him hiding the case in a cave, then the explosion. She quickly opens her eyes as she remembers the explosion and sees she is in a dimly lit room with no windows and a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling on a 3 ft cord. The walls are old and pockmarked cinder blocks decorated with chipped paint and water stains. A rusted metal door with prison style sliding panels is set into the wall on the opposite side of the room. The sound of footsteps from outside cause her to twist toward the door, and she then sees that one of her wrists is chained to the old metal bed frame.

"Hello? Anybody there? Hello?" she says, her dry throat causing her voice to crack.

A few muffled words come through the door as the slot in the door slides and a set of eyes peers in from outside.

"Fuck." she says under her breath and just sits there and stares back at the set of eyes at the door. The door opens and a tall man wearing a face concealing hood comes in and approaches the bed.

He says "Hello Private, what is your name?"

She glares at the man, "Go fuck yourself!" she replies and then spits at him.

"I was hoping we could at least start friendly." He says as he wipes a bit of spittle from his neck. "I would like to offer you a chance to save yourself and your comrades further misfortune."

"Fuck you," she snaps back "I'm not telling you anything!"

"Your vehicle met a civilian. This man is known to us to have been a member of your CIA. He is now dead but he had a stolen case in his possession." he stops, looking at the young woman intently. "For your sake, I hope he told one of your comrades where he stashed it."

With hate filled eyes she says, "I do not know what you are talking about."

He snaps his fingers and two more men, dressed and masked like the first enter the room, one holding another set of handcuffs. ""That is too bad." he says calmly.

"Oh is it now?'' She replies back cockily, "cause I really don't know what you are talking about"

The two men approach the cot and the young woman begins to stand up and defend her self. She moves quickly and skillfully but the men are quicker. She kicks and catches the one on the left between the legs but the two men manage to grab her free arm and bind her wrists with the second set of cuffs. They unlock the first set of cuffs and lift her off the bed.

"Come Private lets see what your unit has to say." says the man as he exits the room.

"Where the fuck are you taking me you assholes?'' she yells as they haul her thrashing form down a decrepit hallway that leads out to a large old garage of some sort. She screams, "I don't know anything so just leave me the fuck alone."

She continues struggling against the two men dragging her but they manage to securely hold her as they take her to the center of the garage. They place her back on her feet and lift her arms up to a hook hanging from above and attach this to the cuffs.

Distracted by hooking her to the chain, they lose their grip and she manages to kick and connect to the left one's face. His head pop's back and he stumbles back dazed, probably missing a tooth. She twists and prepares to attack the second thug when the whine of an electric winch begins to lift the chain, pulling her wrist taunt and forcing her to abandon fighting and balance on her toes. A hand grips the back of her collar and she feels the cold steel of a blade slip into her blouse. One sharp pull and the fabric begin to be cut.

She gasps and then glares at the man directing the others. "What the fuck are you doing?" she yells.

The two men pull at her blouse, and it rips down the middle. The cold air rushes over her exposed back as the leader calmly says. "Preparing you for the interrogation."

A slight shiver runs down her back and then she stands there with her head held as high as she says, "Why?!? I don't know anything so there is no point."

A hand pulls at the back of her pants and the same blade begins to saw at her belt. "You see Private, this interrogation is not about what you know. This interrogation is for them." As her pants are ripped apart she sees the 5 remaining members of her squad being brought in. They are all blindfolded and gagged and some are bandaged. Each is chained together by the ankle to a longer chain, which is then locked to a metal bracket on the wall. The guards force them down into a seated position one by one.

"They won't tell you anything either because they don't know anything either" She yells with defiance.

As they hear her they begin to thrash in their chains, but with a few well placed rifle butts to the backs of their heads, the most mobile are subdued.

"Go ahead interrogate me, I won't be able to tell you anything and neither will they." she says, her voice full of fire.

"We shall see." the leader replied quietly as he snaps his fingers and points at her. The two men near you begin to slice the arms and legs of her uniform until the fabric falls leaving her bare except for under garments and boots.

The leader walks over toward the rest of her squad and squats down, "Since you cannot see I will be telling you what is about to take place. Your lovely sister-in-arms is going to be raped." as he says those words all the Marines capable of standing begin to struggle against their bonds. The leader continues, "You can stop this if you give me what I want. The American agent. He stole a case and I must have it returned. You met with this spy and at some point the case was hidden. One of you knows where and if you tell me then she will be released." He walks back over to her and reaches out, sliding his hand across her chest. and then loudly he says "you can save her... just tell me what i want to know." as he rips her bra from her body.

He turns to the bound woman and she spits in his face then she loudly says, "Bullshit he's lying to you, nothing you will say will save me so keep your damn mouths shut."

The leader looks at one of the two men nearby and says. "Bring another chain."

Cockily, refusing to let fear creep into her voice she says "Ohhhh, he needs another chain"

As the other chain is lowered into position he instructs the man to place it around her left ankle. He then has it pulled up slowly.

"Oh is that all you got big man?" She says trying to keep a brave face.

"No, far from it," He says. "Since you believe that nothing will save you, perhaps we should just let things go the course and see how long they will be willing for you to suffer before they talk. You should conserve your spit..." as he rips the panties from her body "it is the only lubrication that my men will be using when they sodomize you."

She lets out a small shiver then trying to keep some control of what is about to happen she says. "Awwww, and I thought it was going to be you that would sodomized me, I guess you men have to do EVERYTHING for you, don't they?"

He walks behind her and slides one hand between her ass cheeks poking at her asshole with his thumb while undoing his pants with the other. "I will be fucking your ass, I just won't be using ANY lube." he slides his cock up guiding it to her tightest hole.

She lets out a small gasp "That's ok only pussies use lube." She barely manages to get out before he thrusts his cock against her asshole, pushing it until it is wedged in position tightly in her. He then grips her hips with both hands and pulls back impaling her ass with his shaft.

She lets out a scream as he begins to thrust in and out. The dry friction chaffs her tight ass. "Not so mouthy now are you?" he says as he buries his cock in deeply.

"I'm only mouthy cause I like you." She shakily says over her own screams.

"You like me, you American whore?" thrust "do you?"

She muffles a scream and stammers "Ahh aa..of course I like you." She bites her lip trying to hold it back but screams again. She then chokes out, "If I didn't why else would I let you fuck my ass.'' She lets another scream loose that is mixed with a moan. She realizes; with a shock, that she is actually deep down.. starting to like this. The leader reaches up and grips her hair. Pulling it back tightly as he continues the assault on her ass. He whispers "I heard that moan." And he speaks to one of his men and says "I do not think she likes me. I think she just likes cock. Come, Give her some more."

The man with the knife comes in front of her and drops his pants. He begins rubbing her cunt with his stiffening cock. "She is so wet." he says with a slight eastern European accent

"No no no. I'm good with just him." She says, torn between hoping that the man in her ass will keep fucking her like that, and not wanting to be sandwich by the leader and the new man.

He ignores her comment and continues to rub her cunt with his cock, telling the leader, "I think the American military whore likes this."

She spits at the man in front of her, " Fu..fuck you, I'm not enjoying this! Lets put a dick in your ass and see how you like it!" she screams as the leader continues fucking her ass.

The soldier in front of her says, "Lets put my dick in cunt and see how I like that instead." as he slides his cock into her. With the two cocks simultaneously thrusting into her she lets out a blood curdling scream as the second man starts to fuck her cunt.

"Please.......Please...Please'' is all the wording she manages to let out as she lets out scream after scream. The leader; having seen the Marine attempt to stand, steps back from the woman and his cock snakes out of her abused asshole. The worn orifice gapes a bit as the garage's cool air touches her aching backside. Before she has any chance to find relief, a new cock slides into her relaxing asshole as another man's hand grips her neck and begins to assail her ass.

She lets out another blood curdling scream and manages to get out the words "Please stop.." in a whisper. Her body bounces between the two men as the burning thrusts soon create a rhythm that begins to build pleasure within her. The reality of the rape fades as she loses herself to the intense orgasm she feels swelling inside.

The leader walks toward the bound and blindfolded marines forced to listen to the scene playing out in the garage. "She needs you to stop this,' the leader says, "but she will be punished even worse if you mislead us." At this point one of the Marines has had enough and he begins to thrash, trying to get his feet under him. Several of his brothers-in-arms feel him attempting to stand, they scream from behind their gags for him to stop, each of them knowing that they are helpless to give their captors what they want. They all know that none of them have any answer. The struggling Marine stops fighting, knowing that if he attempts to stop them with false information she would be punished even more.

Seeing that none of your squad is going to speak the leader snaps his fingers and guards from all across the room step toward her helpless body. the two men fucking you step away and other masked men takes their place. Not even stopping to drop their trousers they pull out their cocks and take turns fucking her cunt and ass, sometimes both before they are done.

She continues to mix screams with moans completely helpless and finding herself starting to enjoying what is happening. She has lost track of how many cocks have used her and she has become lost in a fog of orgasms and pain from the ordeal. her leg is dropped to the ground as she feels the chain on her leg removed and her numb arms are released and re cuffed behind her back. the men drag her over to her squad and she is pushed down to her knees.

"Stoicism runs deep in you men," the leader says as he walks to where you are kneeling, "but I learned something as you listened to this slut take cock after cock and none of you made any indication that you could save her." He turns looks you in the eye and says, "So my american slut, if they do not know. Then perhaps you do?" One of the guards points his weapon at the first Marine. "Tell me where is the case."

She returns his gaze and then says with a sigh, "I wish to speak to you and you only, if you grant that request I will see what I can do about getting you what you desire."

He pulls you back to your feet and walks you back down the hallway to the room you were first chained up in. "Now we are alone, talk"

"First I want a deal. If I give you what you want you will tell my squad I am dead. If I do this I will be a traitor, and I can't go back home." she says softly with very little life in her voice.

He takes her chin in his hand and says "You want me to free your squadmates and tell them you are dead? If you are not expecting to go home what do you expect will happen to you?"

"I want you keep me here and you and you only will use me as you desire." she looks deeply into his eyes begging him to use her and make her again feel what she was feeling in the garage.

"So, you will tell me where the case is, and you want to become my slut? all I have to do is let your men go?"

"That is correct but you must tell my men you killed me, and they must all leave here alive do we have a deal?" she says, narrowing her gaze as she looks at him, hoping that he will uphold his part of the deal.

"Yes my slut... we have a deal... on your knees" he point to a spot in front of him as he sits on the bed.

She gets on her knees in front of him as she says "The case you want is hidden about a mile away from where you hit our Humvee, there is a cave nearby, but you will need my retna scan to open it."

"We can settle that business in a bit, but I want to see how much you want this deal to work. I want you to show me you are my property. My Dirty Slut. My slut that does as she is told.

"As you wish Sir" she responds back.

He pulls his cock out of his pants and asks. "Where was this?"

"That was in your property Sir" She responds

"Be specific Slut"

"It was in my ass which is yours to do with as you please Sir"

He slaps her. "No, that is not your ass... you do not get to say 'my ass'... where was it..." waving his cock in front of you.

She takes slap to her face resolving to prove herself to this man. "It was in your sluts' ass Sir" she whimpers.

He grips her by the throat and says, "Do I own you?"

"Yes Sir....." she starts out saying but in hopes of pleasing him she changes to "Yes Master, you own me"

He smiles wickedly and says, "Then it was in my slut's owned ass." he rubs it against your lips. "Where is it going to go now?"

"Wherever Master wishes to put it in his slut, for his slut is his to do with as he pleases'' She replies with a moan.

He smiles and says "Open your slut mouth and clean my cock."

"Yes Master" she opens her mouth wide and starts sucking his cock, struggling to take every inch.

He smiles as she take his shaft into her mouth, obviously relishing the power he has over such a spirited woman.

She keeps sucking his cock, enjoying it more and more and starts to moan a little.

"I asked you before, and you did not tell me, what is your name?"

"My name is Pvt Isabella Marie Smith, Master"

He slaps her. "That was your past life, what is your name now?"

"My name is whatever you wish to call this slut Master." she says with a smile, feeling as if she has found her place at his feet.

"I will call you Shavala, do you know what that means?' he says with an wicked grin.

"No Master." she replied as she returns her mouth to his cock.

"It means Dirty Slut, and that is what you are going to be," he says with a groan as he slides his dirty cock deep into her throat ,"my Shavala."

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