tagGay MaleShaved Blindfolded Boy Ch. 02

Shaved Blindfolded Boy Ch. 02


I arrive at your house just after dark, and I walk to your front door. I remove my shirt, then my pants, leaving me naked except for the tight hood on my head and the tight silky shorts that let my ass show out the bottom. I knock on your door and bow my head.

I've been thinking about the boy in your place. When I left a few days ago, you told me that you were keeping him all week because his parents were out of town. I've been imagining all the things you've been doing to him these past few days. It makes me feel really horny to think about this eighteen year old, tied up in a 60 year old man's house, to be used by you and other men for whatever sexual fantasies they may have.

The door swings open and you drag me inside. It's dark inside, and the heat is turned up really high. As you drag me through your dark home, I wonder where the boy is. You lead me downstairs into your basement. There are a few dim night lights on, slightly illuminating the room. The room is bare except for a couch, a mattress on the floor, a large television, and a camcorder on a tripod. There is a closed door at the other end of the room, and that's where I assume you have our little boy.

You seat me on the couch, then go through the door and close it.

The tv comes on and I see on the screen a picture of the boy. He's in a room, completely naked except for a tight cock ring and a collar around his neck that says “teen slave”. He's blindfolded and standing with his arms tied to the ceiling so tight that he's on his tip toes. I wonder how long he's been tied like this. It looks as if you just shaved his body again, and I notice that having the hair removed from his cock makes him look quite a bit younger than his eighteen years of age.

The video plays for a moment, showing the boy hanging limp from the rope tied tightly around his wrists, he must have been tied up like this for a long time. I see you come into view on the tv screen. You walk up to the boy and take a ring gag out of your pocket.

Standing behind the boy you reach around him and lift his limp head to face the camera. Holding the boy still, you wrap the gag around his head and stuff the ring in his mouth, forcing his jaw wide. You tighten the straps behind his head which causes him to squirm a little as you latch the gag into place.

With that, you put one hand around the boy's neck and your other hand snakes around his belly, reaching down to his rock hard cock. I assume you've been keeping the boy full of Viagra and amphetamines, I know you kept me full of them a few years ago when I was his age. I see you tighten your grip on the boy's throat, and I watch as his face grows red and he gasps for air. I love watching you choke this eighteen year old boy, holding your large hand tightly around his throat while roughly stroking his hairless cock.

I watch as you choke the boy so hard that he can't breath. As I watch on the screen, the boy's face grows bright red. I see the boy begin to struggle and lose his footing on the floor. The boy shakes for a moment, and then I see his body go limp amd his head fall forward. The tv shows you remove your hand from his neck and slowly walk around the limp, eighteen year old body. As I watch, you begin to slap the unconscious boy hard on his ass, stomach, chest and face.

After a moment of this, you walk off-screen, leaving the boy tied up and passed out, still hanging by his wrists from the ceiling.

You open the door in the basement and walk over to me. It is then that I realize that I'm not watching a video, but a live feed that must be coming from the room you were just in. You come up behind me and attach a tight collar around my neck. It says “young slut” in big silver letters and I feel it being latched tightly around my throat.

With that, you lift me up strongly by my collar and drag me over to the door. You open it and throw me inside. I can hear the lock on the door being latched, and I know I'm locked in this room until you see fit. I look over at the center of the room and see the unconscious eighteen year old hanging by his arms from the ceiling.

My mouth begins to salivate as I look the boy over. I see red marks all over his body, some from your recent slapping, and some that look to be a few days old. I walk up to the boy and slap him hard on the face.

I see him stir, his body starts to move a little as he regains consciousness. I realize that I can do whatever I want to this boy. That's why he came to your house in the first place, to be completely used, fucked, and gagged by an older man. The boy now has drool dripping out of his open mouth and down his chin.

As the boy drools, I slowly put my hands around his neck. I feel him pull away, but I remember in his email that he said he may pull away and that it should be ignored. I put my hands around his little throat and begin to squeeze. As the boy shakes and makes gurgling noises I feel my cock grow even more rock hard.

I hold my hands tight around his neck until the shaking stops and I feel his body go limp again. I assume that you are now watching the tv and can see everything I'm doing to the boy. It turns me on to think about you stroking your cock in the other room, watching as I choke this eighteen year old boy to the point of unconsciousness. I get on my knees in front of the limp body and take his little hairless teen cock into my mouth. Even though he's passed out, his cock remains rock hard.

I begin to shove the little boy's cock into my throat, holding his tiny little ass in my hands while I force myself onto him. Once I get his cock all the way down my throat I leave it there, feeling my gag reflex tighten my throat up on his small teen cock. Drool begins to spill from my open mouth, and I can feel it's sliminess as it slides down my stomach.

After a few minutes of deep throating the boy, I can feel him begin to wake up. He is still blindfolded and I wonder if he has been blindfolded the whole time these last few days, or if he even knows he's being videotaped. I let his cock fall from my mouth and I stand up facing him. I walk behind him and put my arms around his torso, feeling the complete smoothness of his hairless little teen body. I lean in close and whisper to him.

“I hope you like being used like a slave boy. The man who did this to you just might decide to keep you permanently if you're lucky. Wouldn't you like to stay here in this basement and be a sex slave for older men? I can tell you're frightened, I was too when I was your age, but it will get better once you're fully trained to serve him. Tonight we are going to work on your fear tolerance, it will help you get through some of the things I know he want's to do to you.”

With that, I walked in front of the naked boy and again wrapped my hands around his throat. I watched as I tightened my grip, seeing the boy squirm and shake as I held his throat closed. His face grew red again and he drifted off into unconsciousness.

I heard the door being unlocked and I saw you enter the room, fully naked carrying a gym bag. You set it down in the corner and pulled out an ipod and headphones. As I watched, you put the headphones on the boy's ears and pressed play. Loud, sadomasochistic thrash metal blared from the headphones and I knew that when the boy woke up, he wouldn't be able to see and all he would hear would be the violent music blasting his ears. I then watch as you open the gym bag and pull out a variety of things. I see the big realistic dildo that I used before to throat fuck the boy, I see a few butt plugs of varying sizes, a bottle of baby oil, a long whip with little knots on the end of it. You then pull out a large penis gag with a tube attached to one end of it, a baggie full of pills, a length of rope, and arm and leg restraints. You set these things on the floor just in front of the boy and then grab me by the collar.

You take me by the collar and lead me from the room, then close the door and lock it again. You seat me on the couch and sit down next to me. The boy is on the tv screen, hanging limp from the ceiling with the ring gag causing drool to spill from his lips and down his chest and the cock ring causing his erection to just out in front of him.

“I'm glad you came over. This boy seems to really enjoy being turned into a slave. I've given him multiple opportunities to stop this, but he hasn't. He must really enjoy being used like a little fuck toy. Let's get high and watch him struggle for a little while, there's going to be plenty of time to abuse him tonight.”

You set a plate in front of me that has amphetamines crushed up and separated into large lines. You hand me a dollar bill and I snort up a large line of speed. You then handcuff my arms behind my back and force me to my knees facing the television. I watch as the little hairless eighteen year old boy begins to move a little, and I know I'm going to have a lot of fun tonight.

To be continued...

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