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Shaved Crotch

bysex slave©

The bathroom was steamy and occupied. Bella knocked twice to notify Chalice that he only had thirty minutes to make the train. "Chal are you near finished?

"Fuck," Chalice answered through the mist and heat, but not loud enough to be heard over the water.

Bella's slender figure stood at the wooden door with a petite hand bracing it at the closed entrance. Inside the balmy bathroom Chalice was hosing down after lifting weights for about an hour. "Fuck," he again muttered under the blast of the spray. He always liked to make his dick cum after a long jerk off session while his arms were good and soar but now he obviously did not have time. He thought back to when he and Bella Marie were lovers; a time when the girl seemed a lot cooler and less interruptive. He had barely soaped up before he looked down at his package which was half shaved and grimaced. He connected his anatomy with a vivid image of Bella's hand rapidly shaving his crotch. Bella liked the feel of a smooth dick and sack and Chalice continued the ritual.

Upon entering the shower, his crotch had been sweaty and his mind was fixated on its arousal; he was growing erect. Turning on the water Chalice soaped up his balls and cock and grabbed a straight razor. He began to move the blade against the base of his dick and felt the steel remove his hair. He felt strangely vulnerable and aroused and he continued at the sides of his thighs and above his cock until it began to feel smooth.

The bathroom was an isolated space where a man could escape to new found perversions although Chalice did not discover this idea alone. He first had seen Bella through a bathroom of similar design on a trip to Ocean Grove in which the girl stood much as Chalice did, her one foot balancing on the basin of the tub and her hand bracing her form under the hot spray. She guided her disposable toward her stubble covered bush in order to separate the hair from the beauty that was a completely shaved cunt. Bella had her head thrown back in the thrill of her action and the knowledge that leaving the door open a crack would lure in her voyeur playmate.

Chalice could not help but occupy his mind with the moving pictures of Bella's past action. Her fingers had spread her labia in order to entice him and the water cascading over her plump breasts and hot body thrilled him while he continued to remove the hair from his package. He intermittently jerked his dick while his hardened balls felt the razor which made him feel naughty and close to ejaculation. It was at this point that Bella had knocked on the door which thankfully did not surprise Chalice as much as it could have.

He still had hair on his fat balls and surrounding his low pubic trail and he took the shower head off its hold to better clean the razor. Next, he applied the blade to the underside of his genitals and then with a foot on the tub he got the space between his nut sack and his thigh. He kept thinking that Bella was with him fondling and making his balls tight for the blade. She had always done this before and Chalice imagined that she did the same for her other lovers past and present.

Bella's newest lover was of course a woman and so there would be no shaving of the genitals but alas Bella probably removed every bit of hair all the same. It made for better oral sex and clean slapping sounds during intercourse. The thought of Bellas diving down to eat a clean shaven pussy had Chalice's prick fully hard and his balls tighter then ever and the razor quickly removed the last of the stubble.

Chalice enjoyed the hot water on his freshly shaven dick and the space above it as well as his nuts. The little bit of razor burn caused an intense wave of arousal as the jet of water stimulated his skin. Chalice reached down and studied his balls which were soft and smooth and satisfied he cleaned the rest of his body over and put the razor away.

When he had toweled himself dry a knock came at the door but there was no second warning and the door pushed open. Chalice had no time to cover himself and was caught in a pose with his hands atop his head drying his hair and his newly shaved crotch was there to be seen. Bella was not the least bit sorry for her intrusion and stared with a smile at the freshly bald cock and balls that hung in her sight. She took it in for a frozen few seconds and then closed the door smugly without a word.

Retreating, Bella was content in that her ex had followed her ritual of shaving his dick and balls. She hypothesized that he did not mind her knowledge of his shower time activity. Although Bella had a lover presently she still allowed the thought of

Previous cocks into her mind and her recent vision of Chal's shaved cock and nuts made her hot. She reached under her panties and felt the smoothness of her cunt before moving downstairs to warm up the car for the trip to drop off her clean shaven ex-boyfriend.

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