tagFetishShaving with an Audience

Shaving with an Audience


I have a lot of female friends that include me in their girls only activities. They often throw girls only parties that I am the only man allowed at. At their parties they usually talk about what insensitive pigs men are. They usually leave it to me to defend my gender against their complaints. Usually I can do it with ease, as I am quite the debater. The one thing that I couldn’t defend came up that night at the party.

“How about this one girls, why do guys want us to shave of our pussies, but refuse to shave their balls.” Julie says.

The girls all chime in with their agreement.

“Well, what do you have to say about it on behalf of your gender?” Kelly asked me.

“Well, I don’t really see a need for either of us to have to shave. Personally I don’t feel that it is necessary for a woman to shave her pussy. My only thought is that perhaps the guys hate getting hair in their mouths when they go down on a girl.” I said.

“And you think we don’t get a mouthful of hair going down on a guy?” Beth asked.

“How should I know, I don’t go down on guys.” I said.

“When we do it right we can get just as much hair in our mouths as any guy.” Emily said.

The girls all agreed and laughed at the way Emily had said it.

“Then maybe it’s a masculinity thing. Maybe guys think they’ll look like a ten year old boy if they shave.” I said.

“What a joke. We shave our pussies without thinking that we look like pre-pubescent girls. Besides, we don’t care about what his pubic hair looks like, in fact shaving makes your dick look bigger, and every guy wants that.” Lisa said.

“Besides, a guy with shaved balls is so sexy, right girls?” Amy asked.

The girls all agreed excitedly.

“Okay, you’ve convinced me, when I go home I will shave my balls.” I said.

“No you won’t, you’ll chicken out.” Beth said.

“I will not.” I insisted.

“You’ll have to show them to us to prove that you actually did it.” Kelly said.

“I’ve got an even better idea, he should shave them right now while we watch.” Emily said.

The girls all loved that idea.

“No way. There is no way that I’m going to shave my balls right here in front of the six of you.” I said.

“Oh come on. You can’t be a hypocrite, in all of the time we’ve hung out just us girls and you, you’ve seen all of us at least partially naked, now it’s our turn.” Julie said.

“So what, that is a totally different thing.” I said.

“Girls, lay off, if he’s ashamed of what he’s got in his pants we can’t force him to do it.” Lisa said.

“You think I’m ashamed of what I’ve got in my pants? No way. Get me a razor and some shaving cream, I’ll show you ashamed.” I said.

The girls smiled. They had manipulated my ego into giving them what they want. They quickly gathered the shaving supplies and placed them on the living room floor.

“Alright, I’ll only shave in front of girls that are shaved so drop your pants to prove that you shave.” I said.

The girls looked at each other, nodded to each other, and dropped their pants and panties at the same time as if they were synchronized swimmers. Before me were six bare pussies.

“The shirts ladies, they are too long, I can’t see whether you’ve shaved or not.” I said.

That was a lie. I could tell that they were all clean shaven, but since I knew they never wore bras when we hung out at Julie’s house I figured it would be a good excuse to get them completely naked. My plan worked and they peeled their shirts over their heads leaving them completely naked.

“Okay, you all pass inspection, now take a seat ladies, the show is about to begin.” I said.

I undressed somewhat quickly, nervous about what I was about to do, but even more nervous about the erection I was sporting.

When I pulled down my boxers and my cock sprang free I heard six distinct gasps as the girls all saw the cock they’d been hanging out with for several years. They had no idea that I packed an 11 inch super thick monster in my pants.

“Wow, would you look at the size of that thing?” Julie asked.

“Shh. No talking during the show.” I said.

I sat down on the towel facing the girls and I sprayed some of Julie’s fancy pink shave gel into my hands and began lathering it up. I then applied it ever so delicately to my pubic hair. Then I grabbed Julie’s leg, and presumably pussy, razor and with short careful strokes I worked around my massive erection which was staring at the girls with his one eye.

Stroke by stroke the girls hung on the every movement of the razor as I worked my way around my twitching erection. I took great care in making sure there was no rough stubble around my cock before I gingerly began to remove the hair from my enormous balls.

In a short time I had completely shaved off all of my pubes and wiped myself clean with a towel.

“Well ladies, what do you think, does it look like I have anything to be ashamed of?” I asked.

“There isn’t a man alive that would be ashamed of that beautiful cock.” Julie said.

“Does it look bigger now that it is free of any hair?” I asked.

“It is enormous, with or without hair.” Lisa said.

“Overall how does it look, is it the right shape, the right size?” I asked playfully.

“It looks delicious.” Amy said.

“You’re drooling, though I guess we all are.” Beth said.

“I’ve always wondered what a man’s shaved crotch would feel like.” Emily said.

“Well, come and find out, you can touch mine if I can touch yours.” I said.

“That’s a fair trade.” Julie said.

She sprang from her seat, pushed my on my back and straddled my cock.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“I’m gonna touch your shaved crotch with mine.” Julie said.

She sat down with all her weight onto my cock. It plunged deep inside her and she screamed as it opened her like no other man had ever opened her. To my surprise and hers, her ass came to rest on my balls and her pubic bone was pressed against mine.

“Wow, I thought for sure I’d bottom out half way.” Julie said.

“How does it feel?” Lisa asked.

“It feels incredible.” Julie said as she began to fuck herself with my cock.

We were both so turned on that in less than five minutes we’d both climaxed and Julie was in an orgasmic puddle of our combined juices licking the fingers she was plunging into her well fucked pussy.

“My turn!” Emily shrieked as she pulled me on top of her.

One by one the girls each had their way with me that night and again the next day.

Since that night I have shaved for them once a week and every week I fuck all six of them, even though they all have boyfriends.

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