tagBDSMShawn Ch. 05

Shawn Ch. 05


Mama San and Auntie K stripped Shawn of the hose and boots and pushed her into the tub, muttering angrily at her.

"You gonna be punished," Mama San said angrily. "You gonna cost us a lotta money, use up pussy like that."

Auntie K was washing the girl's hair, tugging it meanly. Mama San was soaping the girl's body, rubbing savagely at tender spots. Shawn twisted.

"Oh no you not do," said Mama San. She pinched the girl and continued scrubbing.

Both women shaved Shawn, smoothing the skin when they were done.

"Now," said Mama San, as Shawn stood on a mat, shivering after Auntie K had finished drying her hair. "You been bad, you get punished."

She pinched one of Shawn's nipples, hard.

Mama San thought. "Ok, you get her water. Lotsa water." She pointed at Auntie K, who nodded. When Mama San was this angry, best to just follow orders.

Mama San snapped her fingers at Shawn. "You! You - you stand there, bad girl!"

She pulled two chairs into the luxurious bathroom. There was gym equipment in one corner of the room.

"Humph. This room, it big as whole Bago," muttered the old woman. She dragged the two chairs near the weight-lifting machine. Auntie K returned with a glass and pitcher of water.

Mama San grabbed the glass after Auntie K filled it with water. She shoved it at Shawn.

"You drink! All!"

It took some time. But Mama San made her drink the entire pitcher of water. Shawn was puzzled.

Auntie K returned with a box that her sister had requested. Ordered, more like it. Auntie opened it.

Gleaming inside were Mama San's collection of clamps. She smiled evilly at Shawn.

The two older women worked the weight-lifting bar until they learned how to move it up and down easily with a small lever.

"Very nice," said Mama San with approval. Auntie K was nervous.

They cuffed Shawn's hands overhead, one on each side of the bar for the gym equipment. They laced a waist corset very tightly, more tightly than the one she'd worn - the night before? - squeezing in her stomach almost painfully. Auntie K buckled a collar around Shawn's throat. Mama San threaded a chain through the D ring. She had learned that little trick from Kira, when they had spoken during the first "contest."

Mama San pressed the handle and made the bar lift slowly, lifting Shawn with it until her feet dangled a few inches above the floor. The two women re-tightened the corset.

Auntie K applied the vacuum tubes to Shawn's nipples and clit long past the time when they were painfully swollen. Shawn moved restlessly, her toes not even able to reach the floor.

Mama San pulled the chairs over to the bar. She pulled one of Shawn's legs on one side, then placed the other on the other side of the second chair. Shawn's legs were spread wide, on each side of two chairs. Mama San pressed the lever again until Shawn rose several more inches. The two women cuffed the chairs to the equipment, then threaded a chain underneath, cuffing Shawn's ankles on each side of the chairs. All of the weight was on her wrists, her legs spread on each side of the chairs, her ankle cuffs resting against the sides of each seat.

Mama San applied the tiniest, most painfully tight nooses Auntie K had ever seen to each of Shawn's nipples, trapping very swollen nipples, forcing them to stay taut and tightly peaked. They then banded the base of her clit, trapping blood and swollen flesh, the nerve throbbing. Auntie K pointed at the clit. She could see it actually twitching. Mama San grinned wickedly.

They put alligator clamps with jagged sharp "teeth" on the base of each nipple, just above each noose, then attached them to chain at the D ring on the collar. The chain was shorter than the one the night before, and the teeth bit into the nipples, pulling them upwards. Another alligator clamp was slipped onto the clit above its band. The clamp jerked slightly back and forth, twitching.

Mama San and Auntie K worked quietly. 4 clover clamps were placed on each lip, and a small chain dangled from each. Mama San added small weights to each chain. It made each clamp dig in painfully.

They threaded coarse hemp, with knots tied into it, through her crotch, pulled up very tightly between her legs, tied to the corset, front and back. The hemp was soaked in ginger juice.

Mama San finished with clothespins all over Shawn's ribs, breasts, under her upper arms, insides of her thighs. Auntie K added weighted belts to each of Shawn's ankles, normally used by runners.

Mama San turned on the faucet so that it dripped, dripped, dripped. Auntie K placed a bowl underneath Shawn's legs.

"If you have one drop pee, ONE DROP, missy, you be sorry. This nothing. Nothing," said Mama San. They left the room, closing the door behind them, and turned on the tv.

Shawn twisted. She tried to push her feet up so she could stand on the chair, but the chain beneath was so short, she couldn't get her foot braced on the edge of a chair.

It also made the weighted clamp chains swing back and forth, tugging at her. She felt sweat on her face. Her nipples hurt. The clamps hurt. She needed to urinate. She tried not to listen to the faucet dripping, dripping, dripping...

The hemp soaked in ginger juice was pulled so tightly between her legs, it almost seemed that it sprouted at her clit. The knots were digging inside of her pussy, gnawing at her, sawing to get inside. The knots felt good, but moving made the clamp chains swing. And it made her want to pee.

It was hard to breathe. The corset, the weight on her wrists...

The time ticked, ticked, ticked, dripped



She started. She had phased out. She felt something wet on her legs. She hoped it was because of the juice.

As soon as she thought of the wetness, she felt the terrible pressure, the awful need, to urinate.

The crotch rope pressed in on her belly tightly. It made her aware of how desperately she needed to pee.

She struggled, the chains swung, the rope dug in, the knots tantalized. She thought of the men playing with her last night. But it made her think of Eric, and how he had watched her pee...

...and Mama San came into the room just then, and grabbed up the bowl.

She was grinning. Horribly.

Two or three drops of urine.

"You a very bad girl," Mama San said happily. "Very bad."


They left the bands on her nipples and clit. The corset, very tight, remained on her, as did the collar.

Before they released her from the bar, Mama San took Kira's pearls and waved them happily at Shawn.

"I learn a lot from that lady. Very nice." She cackled.

The pearls were soaked in ginger juice. But there were two strands, and Mama San pushed one inside her pussy, and the other in her anus. The painted her nipples and clit, the labia, and dabbed inside her liberally with the juice. She was burning.

They made her walk to the next room, and she felt the pearls moving inside her, the juice inflaming her. She wanted every one of the men, now. At the same time if that had been possible. She was miserable.

Mama San slipped a leather sleeve over Shawn's arms, lacing it tightly. Her shoulders were pulled back, her breasts thrust out. They added alligator clamps to the nipples again, three on each one, turned in different directions so that the flesh was pushed and pinched and tugged different ways. They were all looped through the short collar chain at her throat.

They put the labia spreader on her, pulling it up tighter than the night before, opening her wide, the pearls tucked inside her with their burning lustful fire.

There was a wooden pony that had been made for use later that weekend. Mama San had asked to see it first, to "check it out, be sure it fine."

They were checking it out now.

They put her on the pony, a large inverted V, her open crotch on the sharp line of the inverted V, her legs opened, nothing to grip with. They cuffed her ankles to the bottom runners, pulled the chain up tightly so that this pulled her down onto the sharp point even more. There was a brass edging that fit over the top, but Mama San had removed it. More painful this way.

Mama San had found a comrade in the chef the night before. He was a genius in the kitchen, but he was sour about what he saw as an invasion this weekend. He surprised Mama San. He became inventive, creative, telling her of what he would do. He was the one who had recommended removing the brass edging from the wooden pony, "so it would hurt the little slut more." Mama San liked him.

The leather sleeve holding Shawn's arms was pulled back and tied to a ring at the end of the pony.

A set of clover clamps was placed on her nipples, under the rings, and linked to a ring on the front of the pony. Whichever way she moved, something would tug, something would hurt.

But inside her, the pearls were pushed around from the inverted V.

Mama San invited the chef in to watch. He brought drinks and little desserts. Auntie K fell asleep in front of the tv. Mama San and the chef pulled their chairs closer.

Shawn moved from one side to the other, trying to ease pressure. The labia was pulled so wide, it offered no cushion. Her skin was pressed down painfully on the sharp edge.

She wiggled, trying to pull back a little, and this pulled on the nipple chain.

She moved forward, but it pulled her shoulders closer together and hurt.

But in moving, in wiggling, she had moved the pearls around some inside her, and the engorged little clit was rubbed again and again against the sharp edges.

The Mama San and the chef watched as Shawn sweated, writhed, grew slick from cum, came again, rocked from side to side to ease pressure, came again.

When she was gasping and rutting and tears were slowly falling down her cheeks, the chef stood and went over to her.

"I got to get to my kitchen," he said. "But I think you not done with her yet. She still used that pussy of hers." He looked at Mama San. He had a look of sick lust on his face.

Mama San smiled at him as he left. Such a good man.

She jabbed Auntie K. They untied Shawn, helped her down. Her legs collapsed.

"You almost done," said Mama San cheerfully.

They cleaned her again swiftly. Mama San lowered the bar in the small gym at one end of the enormous bathroom. They half-carried Shawn to it, cuffed her ankles to each side of the bar. Mama San pressed the lever and Shawn was lifted by her ankles, up and up.

They cuffed her wrists to each side of the equipment below, so that she was stretched tightly again, but upside down, her legs open.

They put clamps on her nipples, the harsh alligator ones, with weights so they hung down, pulling painfully on the sore nipples.

Mama San smiled. She chortled. She cackled.

The girl still had the pearls inside her.

Mama San took a crop, and swung it on the red sore flesh of Shawn's pussy. She smacked it, harder than Kira had the day before. She whipped her crotch, her open pussy, her clit, the insides of her legs. She spanked her pussy over and over, then smacked the girl's breasts. They swung the bar outwards, and Mama San walked to one side, smacking the girl's bottom over and over with the crop, then reaching up and smacking the open pussy again, and again.

She kept this up until Auntie K signalled. Shawn was shuddering. She had actually orgasmed, but it was painful.

"Slut," said Mama San. She grabbed the ends of the pearl strands, and yanked. Shawn's mouth opened wildly, but there was no scream she could give, of course. She shuddered and thrashed.

"Be still!" Mama San snapped. She smacked the girl's pussy again with the crop, several times, until Shawn hung limply from the cuffs, quivering.

They took her down, washed her, and put her to bed, cuffed spreadeagle, to wait there until nightfall.

"She get fucked tonight, it gonna hurt," said Mama San, and she smiled.

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