tagBDSMShawn Ch. 06

Shawn Ch. 06


Anna had talked to Them, whoever "Them" was. Anthony knew it. Anna was quiet and a little worried, and that wasn't like her. They had all gone back to the Winnebago and returned to a camp near Savannah, catching the occasional military personnel on leave and giving private little shows.

"They" had not liked the notoriety that Shawn had been getting. Anthony knew that. He made certain that when the soldiers or sailors on leave came to their little demos near the campsite, that Shawn was hidden in her little room. He began to feel better after a few weeks.

He would have panicked if he had known about the twins.

Bambi and Bunni had not liked leaving a big city to return to a dusty campsite, even if it was near the ocean. They had begun driving into Savannah at night, touring the hangouts and meeting others.

The twins showed Mama San and Auntie K a local group of women who met for MahJong. Anna was having mysterious meetings at times, Anthony driving her. When Mama San and Auntie K were gone at the same time, Bambi or Bunni would make a call, and soon a party would show up at their little site. They never risked taking the men into Anna's room, but sometimes - they needed more space.

So they knocked on the door of the Winnebago one afternoon when everyone else was gone, to find Shawn lying face down on the floor, legs crossed at the ankles behind her, chin propped on her hands, watching TV. She was naked except for the ever-present thigh hi hose, this time a sheer lacy white.

"Hey kid, you want some company?" asked Bambi. Two too many guys had shown up, and none of them wanted to go without sex. Leave was not that easy to get.

Shawn rolled onto her side, propping her head on one hand.

"Look, I've got a couple of guys who need some attention, and me and Bunni - we just have too many guys here right now. You want some company? I'll make 'em use condoms," said Bambi. She squatted on the floor next to Shawn.

Mama San had not been allowed to use as much ginger juice lately. Bambi thought about it.

"Be right back, kid," she said, and went down the hall to the bathroom. She returned with the little jar. "Roll over and open."

Shawn rolled over on her back and by habit, put her wrists over her head, arching her back a little, opening her legs. Bambi dipped a little brush into the small pot of juice, then dabbed it liberally on the labia, thought about it, then inserted the brush slightly into her pussy, twirling it. Shawn shivered slightly.

Satisfied, Bambi returned the jar and came back. She tossed Shawn her cuffs and collars. "Put these on." The white ones, to match the white lacy hose. Nice. She helped Shawn into the collar and snapped on the ankle cuffs with their D rings, while Shawn slipped on the wrist cuffs, their own D rings clanking slightly. Bambi checked the table by the sofa. Good. The chain links were there. Trust Mama San to keep everything ready.

"You want both now?"

Shawn nodded, already rubbing her clit a little from the juice. It had been several weeks since she had had much of it, and the feeling was powerful.

Bambi left, returning with two guys. She had already told them Shawn couldn't talk; reminded them about the condoms. The last thing she wanted was for Mama San or Anna to find out she'd let Shawn play around. Or that they'd had anyone at their camp. Anna was too nervous these days, Bambi decided. She waved at Shawn, then went back to the little trailer she shared with Bunni.

The two men looked at Shawn. They were in fatigues. Shawn liked the look of their boots. She liked boots.

"Hey honey, you always dress like that?" one of the men said. He was black with a relaxed grin. The other guy was white and looked nervous. Shawn smiled and nodded.

The two men sat down on the small sofa near the table, not sure what to do next. By now, the ginger juice was burning at Shawn, throbbing. She went over to Relaxed Grin. He grinned at her again. She sat on his knees, facing him, legs to either side of his, and edged forward a little. Mr. Nervous edged over. Shawn got on her knees, working her way forward until her hands were on the black man's shoulders, her knees on either side of his thighs. She moved his hands to come around and grasp her bottom. He squeezed gently.

"You got a cute tight little butt," he said. His voice was a little hoarse now. She smiled.

She moved up against his chest, arching a little so the mons moved forward, catching her clit on his dog tag which had come out of his shirt. She moved back and forth a little against it, making it swing. The man squeezed her bottom again, pulling it apart a little, his fingers digging in. She slid her legs wider apart, moving her left hand down and separating the lips with her fingers, then rubbing her clit.

"You horny, baby?" said the man, his voice harsher and breathier. The white guy was mesmerized. He spoke up.

"Bunni said we could tie her. That she likes that."

"You want that, baby?" said the man. Shawn nodded, pointing at the table. She took one of his hands, moved it to her front, down, so his hand stroked against her clit.

"Oh, you a hot little slut, ain't you, baby?" he crooned, and she nodded. She liked him.

They put her on the table, fastening her wrists over her head, her ankles to each side of the table, spreading her legs open. After some thought, the black man put a pillow under her bottom. He leaned forward and kissed her clit.

"That feel better, honey?" he asked, and she nodded.

"Damn," said the white guy. He was rubbing his crotch.

There was a small basket right where Bambi had told them in the bathroom. The white guy was sent in there and brought back a handful. His friend grinned. "So you think we gonna need all these?" The white guy blushed.

Shawn watched them put on the condoms.

"Huh uh, I'm going first, Roger," said the black man, and the other one nodded, his hand rubbing gently on his cock in its condom.

"Baby, you about to kill me," said the first man, bending over the table. "You want it fast?" She nodded, and he sighed. "Good."

He plunged into her, and her wrists jerked against the chains.

"Damn," said Roger. "I never seen anything like that, Dan."

Dan grunted and heaved, shoving into her. He was so hard it hurt, and it felt good to be inside her tight little pussy. He could hear her breathing, excited, and felt her tighten and quiver. He gushed in the condom.

"Oh damn, baby, that was fine," he said. He sat on the floor a minute. "You gonna need some time?"

She shook her head vigorously, looking at Roger pleadingly. Roger grinned for the first time.

"Hot damn!" He began slowly, but Shawn jerked up and heaved, panting, and he began to shove into her, using her, his eyes half-shut. He spurted in the condom, filling it, and hung there in bliss for a moment, shuddering.

"Damn, I think this baby could still go again!" he told Dan.

"That right, baby?" said Dan. He had pulled off his condom and zipped up his pants, his shirt tucked in neatly. She nodded, fast. He laughed.

"So you want us to come back? Maybe bring a buddy or two?" She nodded again, fast.

The two men looked at each other, Roger cleaning his cock, then zipping his pants. He shrugged. "I know Zach would love it."

"Yeah, and Burt and Zig. You got their cell?" said Dan. Roger nodded, flipped open his phone, and dialed.

Dan unhooked Shawn from the table, thinking she might need to go to the bathroom. She put his hand around her waist first, though, then slid it down to her bottom. He squeezed it, then slapped it gently. "Ok, Miss Slut, you go to the bathroom, and we'll get a few more over here!" She smiled and went down the hall.

Bambi came by at one point for some Cokes and chips, and Dan told her they were inviting a few more over. Bambi grinned. "She's a little nympho. Just be sure you're all gone by 4:00 though, ok?"

"Sure thing, babe."

Bambi went to the bathroom and checked on Shawn. "You want some help?" she asked. Shawn was playing with some of the clamps, and nodded.

Bambi flicked Shawn's nipples, making them taut, looping the little nooses around each nipple, pulling them tight so the nipples would stay tight and puffed. Shawn already had a gold waist chain on. Bambi looked at her clit.

"Here, let me put some more of this on," she said. She dabbed a little more juice on Shawn's pussy and lips, a little to the clit, a fast dab to each nipple. They looked at the clamps and decided on the little ring-like clamp to go over the clit, and that while they were waiting for the new arrivals, Shawn could wear a few clover clamps on the lips, and one on each side of the clit, on the tender flesh that was so sensitive for her.

They walked back down the hall. The men were fascinated with the clamps and let Shawn kneel on the sofa, legs on each side of their hips, facing them, so they could flick the clamps on the lips and tug on them a little. She half-closed her eyes.

"Are we hurting her?" asked Dan before Bambi left.

"Maybe just a little, but she likes it."

"She can't fuck in those, can she?" asked Roger suddenly.

"Yeah, but not for long. Take 'em off in about 20 minutes or so. You can put 'em back on her later," said Bambi. She waved.

They played with Shawn while they waited on their friends. She showed them at one point that she would like to be spanked, so Dan turned her over his lap. She squirmed until her clit and the clamps on each side rested firmly on his muscled leg, wriggling a little. "Horny little slut aren't you?" he chuckled. He smacked her bare bottom with his hand, gently at first. He slapped her several times, then squeezed her bottom with his fingers. There was a knock on the door.

Roger got up, and it was evident that he was going to want another round with Shawn, and soon.

"Baby, you got us ALL hot!" grinned Dan. He lifted her to the floor.

There were five newcomers, staring at Shawn.


"Yeah, she's hot, ain't she?" said Roger proudly, as though he had found her himself. He handed the basket of condoms to them. "You gotta wear these, though."

"Aw hell."

"Hey, that's the rule," said Dan. "But she is one hot slut," he added.

They chained her to the table again, Dan thoughtfully putting the small pillow under her hips again.

Zig was fucking her while Roger was putting a condom on again, and Dan was rubbing his crotch. "This is a gang bang, honey," he said hoarsely. Zig finished, heaving and panting. "You sure you want all of us?" She nodded vigorously and looked at the next man, a quiet one named Mike. Mike was embarrassed and motioned to Roger, who went next.

"I think she can take us all, no prob," said Zig, still panting. "Oh God. Oh man. We got to tell Sarge about her!" He wiped at his cock. Roger was groaning.

They'd all had a turn, Dan a second one, when Mike finally went, and they were surprised when he turned out to be the most aggressive of them in spite of his earlier shyness. "Oh yeah slut," he crooned, ramming into her so that the D rings on her cuffs jingled, "You know you want it, beg me for it, I'm gonna punish your pussy, you love it baby." The guys were jabbing each other and grinning, yelling at him "Go Mike, go! Fuck her, Mike, fuck her pussy!"

They were spent. They lolled around, heaving, panting, and only when Dan heard Shawn's cuffs jingle did he remember to crawl over to the table and unhook her. She sat up, grinning, then moved over to his lap. He was sitting on the floor.

"Oh baby, man, you're gonna kill me!" he laughed. He kissed her forehead and patted her hair, laughing. The men sat on the floor around the table, relaxed, while Shawn sat on Dan's lap, legs bent at the knees, tucked under on each side of his legs. She moved his hand down until it rested on her pussy. He rubbed his hand back and forth.

"You're a little nympho, aren't you?" he chuckled. He tweaked her clit, pulling it a little. She leaned back against him. He cupped her breasts, sliding his hands up and down her slender body.

"Baby, we got to go." He set her aside and stood up. They all did. She looked down.

"Hey, next time we can come back, we will, ok?" She nodded, smiling.

"Yeah, but we better bring a few more!" said Roger. She nodded again, and Dan laughed.

"And bring Sarge!" said Zig. Dan frowned a little, then shrugged. Sarge had his - quirks.

They left, saying goodbye to Bambi. Bunni threw out the garbage with the used condoms, made Shawn clean up, and had Bambi put away the clamps and little nipple nooses. They had just finished when Mama San and Auntie K returned. Shawn was lying on her stomach on the floor, legs crossed at the ankles behind her, propped on her hands, watching TV.

"Lazy slut," said Mama San.

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