tagBDSMShawn Ch. 08

Shawn Ch. 08


Wednesday Poker night at Sarge's was offered only to a select few friends, usually people known to share Sarge's little "quirks."

This particular Wednesday, Shawn and Anna, Mama San, and Auntie K arrived early to get the girl ready. They checked to make sure her pussy was smooth and shaved. Auntie K used vacuum pressure on the nipples until they were gorged, Mama San winding thread so tightly around the base of the nipples that they poofed over the sides and hid the thread. She was angry and taking it out on Shawn. She didn't like that Anna had been forced into this.

Mama San slathered ginger juice into the girl's anus, pussy, on the nipples and clit, then jabbed a dollop inside Shawn. The oversized pearls that Sarge had favored before were back, dosed in the juice, and roughly shoved inside Shawn, who arched her back and spread her legs wide. Mama San smacked the inside of her legs.

"Eager slut!" she snapped.

Then Auntie K was working the vacuum pressure on Shawn's labia and clit, the whole area this time, until that was swollen. They closed the lips together tightly with a U clamp that had tiny grippers of little rubberized teeth on the insides, keeping the pussy from spreading open. The pearls were trapped inside along with the ginger juice, which was heating up and stirring and already making the blood pound. Mama San tied thread around the base of Shawn's clit so tightly that it, too, gorged and puffed and overspilled, hiding the thread. Chains were threaded through the collar's D ring and clover clamps placed on the nipples. A chain threaded around the waist was looped down and another clover clamp snapped on at the base of the clit, though the skin was so puffed that it hid part of the little gold clamp ring at the base. Shawn moved her head from side to side.

"Be still, slut," said Mama San. She put leather belts around the tops of Shawn's thighs, buckling them tightly. They would rub into the flesh near the lips when she walked. With Anna's help, they slipped a small black leather half corset around Shawn's waist and pulled it so tightly that she gasped, at which time, Mama San was able to pull it even one notch tighter. The waist was tiny.

They helped her up and stood, waiting, until Rodriguez came and took them down the hall to the room which was overhung with cigar smoke. They entered, but Sarge insisted that the other women leave and wait in the small room where they had been with Shawn previously. Anna was furious, but left.

Sarge walked around Shawn, looking, approving.

"Well. Good." He rubbed his hands together as he had before.

"What did I tell you?" he asked. The men grinned and laughed. Sarge nudged her towards one of them.

"Go on, girl. Move around the room. Let them get a good look and feel." She obeyed, moving silently, passed from one to another. They stroked the lips, pressed tightly together by the U clamp, tugged at nipples and clit. Hands found her waist. She moved around until she was back at Sarge.

By then, the game was over. How could it go on? Sarge nodded at Rodriguez and Michael, who had entered. They cleared the table, laid Shawn down on it, and strapped her to it, spreading her wide.

"What did I tell you?" Sarge pressed a finger on her clit, and she squirmed a little.

"A real little slut!" agreed one of the men, Ernie. He was overweight and wearing a cowboy hat and smelled of cigars and whiskey. He leaned over Shawn. "Pretty little thing." He put his hand on her belly. She quivered.

"Where's that labia thing?" Sarge asked. Rodriguez held it out. Sarge jerked off the U clamp, which made Shawn spasm a little, then he worked on the labia spreader, spreading her pussy wider, then wider still. It hurt a little. He was a lot stronger than Mama San and was able to pull the leather thongs more tightly. He was able to notch them two levels tighter than she ever had. The leather cut in. He pulled the lips out to each side, making the pussy open wider.

"Give me a pillow," he snapped at Ernie, who obliged. They slid it under her hips, raising them. Sarge's fingers trembled a little. He opened a box and showed the men around the table a set of clamps. He put them on the outside edges of Shawn's lips, so they couldn't pull back in, even though the labia spreader was so tight. They looked at her. Sarge put alligator clamps on her nipples, squeezing the last little bit of nipple so they pushed up just above the clamps, dark red and swollen. He nodded.

"Gimme that jar," he said to Rodriguez, who hesitated. "DAmmit, give me that jar!" Rodriguez nodded. He looked a little sick, so Sarge told him to leave.

Sarge pulled out a set of large tweezers from his little box and slowly, carefully, undid the lid on the jar. There was an angry noise inside. Carefully, he worked the tweezers inside as the men waited, watching. Finally, Sarge retrieved his little prize: a bee.

He held it in place with his tweezers as it angrily stirred around. He showed it to Shawn as the bee's stinger jabbed around, looking for a victim.

"See that, honey?" said Sarge cheerfully. "The stinger looks just like a little prick." He laughed at his joke, and the other men joined him, leaning forward. "DAmmit, Ernie, get that hat off, I can't see!" Ernie slung his hat to one side and leaned forward. He was panting and wiping sweat.

Five men watched, Michael one of them. Sarge edged the bee closer to his face and thumped it gently on the insect's body. It buzzed furiously, the stinger jabbing up and down rapidly. He grinned, moved forward. He deliberately leaned up against her pussy with his crotch, grinding against. "Oh yeah," he crooned. "You're a perfect little slut." He held the bee in the tweezers and moved it close to a nipple, her eyes watching it, then him. He grinned.

"Scared, ain't she?" he said. The men grinned. "Ernie, keep your hand on the inside of her leg. Rub on it. Frank, you do the same on her other leg." They did. Ernie wished he could get closer to her pussy, but Sarge was there first.

The men watched. Sarge waved the bee over the nipple, then away. Shawn relaxed a little. Sarge grinned, then laughed. He sounded nasty. "All little sluts have to be punished. YOu know that."

He plunged the bee down into the center of the gorged, puffed nipple. It stung her in the center of the nipple, and she jerked, her, against her cuffs and chains. She tried to move away. Sarge guffawed. He grabbed the jar again and worked the tweezers around, shaking the jar a little. He pulled out another bee. If anything, it was angrier than the first, the stinger jabbing the air in fury. Shawn shook her head, no. Sarge grinned.

"But you don't have any choice, do you?"

She scratched desperately at the chains that held her wrist cuffs in place, trying to move. He suddenly jabbed down with the bee so it too stung her, squarely in the center of the nipple. Tears came from her eyes. Both nipples were swelling more, the first larger than the second, though it was rapidly gaining in size. Sarge laughed.

"You know what's next, don't you?" She struggled against the chains, clawing at one of the links. Sarge backed up, digging into the bottle again. Shawn jerked, bucking, trying to move away. Sarge slammed the lid shut, angry.

"Hey, you don't move, hear?" He took off his belt, wrapped the end around his hand. He smacked her pussy with the loose end once, twice, again, several times. This she could understand. She quieted a little. He picked up the jar, throwing his belt aside. "Pick that up, Michael." Michael scooped up the belt quickly.

Sarge pulled out another bee, huge and furry, wriggling with anger, the stinger longer and more wicked than the other two. He put his hand on her belly. "Don't move," he warned, and he held the bee over her clit. She stilled, her breasts heaving. The men were quiet, the only sound Ernie wiping his sweat. "Damn," said Ernie in hushed tones. Sarge grinned, then jabbed the bee at Shawn's clit. It stung her and it hurt. She jumped.

"We ain't done yet, sugar," said Sarge. He pulled out another bee and laid it against the inside of the stretched pussy lip, letting it sting her near the opening. She jumped and wrenched, tugging, pulling and heaving. Sarge jerked his belt out of Michael's hands and wrapped it around his fist again, then slammed the loose end again and again on the girl's nipples and open pussy. Tears crept out of the corners of her eyes and her mouth quivered, but she stopped moving. He laughed and threw the belt at Michael, grabbed another bee, and let it sting her on the inside of the other pussy lip, near the opening. He looked at her, satisfied, and then unzipped his pants. He reached into his box and pulled out alligator clamps and clipped them, standing upright, onto the ends of her nipples. She opened her mouth in a wordless scream, and that was when he shoved into her pussy with his cock. All of the men took a turn, using her. Sarge twisted the alligator clamps as much as he could when the others were fucking her so that she shook her head in that wordless scream again. He laughed, and so did some of the others who were watching.

When they were done and he had sent those men home, he pulled off all of the clamps and removed the labia spreader. Her nipples and clit and pussy were in pain and swollen. He laughed again and went around the table.

"Get this good and hard," he said, and pushed his cock into her mouth. She choked, and he put his hands around her neck. She struggled to breathe. "I said, get it good and hard." She sucked a little, and his hands eased up. He shoved into her mouth until he was hard and almost hurting. Satisfied, he went around to the other end, picked up his belt, and whipped her across the breasts and on the pussy and clit several times. Then he moved around and slipped the belt around her neck, pulling it tight, and cinching it. She almost could not breathe.

"That'll make it feel real good for you," he said.

He moved back around and pulled on her pussy with his fingers, pulling the lips apart, stretching, twisting, pinching on the sore places where the bees had stung. She gasped but could barely breathe with the belt tied around her neck. He nodded. "I'm gonna fuck you now, whore," he said, and did. When he finished, he looked around the room and found a candle, then pushed that into her and played with her. "I'm not letting you up until you cum again. I want to know you like this," he said. To her horror, with the pain and the shock, she still came around the thick candle, and he was finally satisfied and untied her. Michael had to carry her back to Anna and the others.

Sarge entered as Mama San and Auntie K were cleaning her. Even Mama San looked troubled.

"You bring her this weekend. All weekend, she's mine. Get these two old crones to come so they can keep her pussy juiced up. You do that-" he nodded at Anna, "- and we'll call it even and be done." She glared at him, then nodded.

"Agreed. But that's it."

"That's it."

Sarge waved at them happily when they left.

He was looking forward to the weekend.

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