tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShawna's Night Out Ch. 01

Shawna's Night Out Ch. 01


Phaedre was pissed. She could not believe that Shawna had come, uninvited, to this party. She watched as she strolled through the room acting like she belonged there. There was a time when Phaedre liked the pretty 33-year-old woman. But that was back when Shawna was in her fun loving punk rock days and before she learned that she was teasing her husband, Brad.

Shawna was drinking a beer, talking to Brad and his buddies. Her long brown hair showed recent auburn highlights and hung almost to the 5'8" woman's waist. Her brown eyes locked onto those of Phaedre's husband. Phaedre couldn't help but notice Shawna's pretty face. Her perfect teeth making her smile even more inviting. She had an athletic, sexy body. Her pajama-style pants hid her otherwise firm ass, but her spaghetti strap, brown velvet top did nothing to hide her firm 38-D breast. Or her stiff nipples that protruded through the material of her blouse due to the lack of a bra.

Shawna was talking to Phaedre's husband, Brad. The burly marine with big strong shoulders, cute face and piercing blue eyes was a handsome man. There was no doubt that he found Shawna to be a desirable woman.

Brad and his three friends had just returned from a two-week exorcise. They returned late and were unable to go home and change. But knowing that they needed to be here they rushed over still wearing their camouflage fatigues.

Standing with him – all eyes on Shawna's jiggling breast, were his friends Paul, Larry and Richard.

Shawna knew Paul and Larry. Paul, and his wife Autumn, had been friends of Brad and Phaedre's for several years. Paul was a little taller than Brad. His light brown skin and facial features showed his father's African-American heritage. Shawna had always found him to be an attractive man.

Larry was a thin, average looking man with dark brown hair. He too was married. His pregnant wife, Lucy, was also here hanging out with the other wives.

Richard was the only single one of the four. He was as tall as Brad, with light brown hair and brown eyes. He was more muscular than Larry but did not equal the other two men.

Phaedre approached the other two wives. She was a very pretty woman. Like Shawna she had a tight, athletic body. Her curly hair, ranging from dark gold at the bottom to honey colored at the top, framed her pretty face. She was wearing glasses that accented her looks. She had an exotic look about her, a trait inherited from her Greek father, who had also dubbed her with the name "Phaedre", which he had first learned in a book on mythology.

She met up with Autumn and Lucy. Autumn was a cute woman with a sexy body and long brown hair and large firm breast.

Lucy was an attractive blond who showed every inch of her six months of pregnancy.

Autumn and Phaedre had more than one reason to be pissed at Shawna. First, she was obviously doing her best to tease their husbands, who were already coming off of a two-week absence from sex. This was made worse by the fact that the two women, who worked together as well as being best friends, also shared the same monthly menstrual cycle which had decided to pick today to kick in. And neither woman had planned to satisfy their husband's urges tonight. Something that would be more difficult after Shawna turned them on and sent them home with hard cocks.

Lucy wasn't about to have sex either. So she agreed with her friends that they had to do something to cool their husbands off before the party ended.

Then Phaedre had an idea.

"Why not satisfy the men and teach that bitch a lesson at the same time." She suggested.

She shared her idea and each of the other women, knowing that their husbands would willingly agree, soon decided that Phaedre's idea was a good one.

* * * * * * *

Shawna followed Phaedre and Autumn downstairs. Phaedre had asked her if she needed a ride home. Shawna had planned on taking the bus, which is how she had arrived, but the offer of a ride was one she willingly accepted.

She had sensed something wrong with Phaedre's attitude earlier. She guessed correctly that her friend's wife was probably more than a little jealous of her teasing Brad and the others. But she was relieved when she came up to her later and began chatting.

Shawna knew that many of the women misjudged her on her appearance. Sure, she was a punker in her younger days, but she had outgrown much of that phase of her life. Still, she often felt that the other women considered her to be a slut, which was by no means the truth. Sure, Shawna liked to tease men, and she had been around, but "slut" was going too far.

Phaedre led her down a hall towards what she said was a rear entrance by a room where she had put her jacket. Not being very familiar with the place Shawna followed blindly. She was surprised when they entered a large room and she saw the four men, along with Autumn and Lucy, waiting.

"What's going on?" She asked, still unaware of what was in store for her.

Phaedre closed the door. "You've been teasing these poor men all night, we think you need to be punished for your actions and satisfy them so we don't have to."

"You're kidding, right?" Shawna asked, assuming this to be some kind of a sick practical joke.

"Not at all," Phaedre replied. "If you're going to act like a slut then you need to follow through with it. We can't let you send these men home hard and horny for you and leaving us to take care of what you caused."

"I'm leaving." Shawna said, turning to exit the room.

"Get her!" Phaedre yelled.

The four men grabbed Shawna, pulling her away from the door as the other three women watched. Shawna fought to escape, her hands and feet swinging and kicking wildly as the men wrestled with her.

Paula and Brad forced her arms behind her back and held them securely as Richard bound her hands together with a long zip-tie he had retrieved from his car. Even with her arms now trapped behind her Shawna still gallantly fought to free herself from the four uniformed men who were attacking her.

She cried out when Paul grabbed her long hair in his powerful hand and jerked her head back, pulling her off balance long enough for Brad to pull her feet out from under her. Now the men had Shawna trapped on the floor.

"Strip her!" Shawna heard Phaedre cry out as she wrestled under the grasp of the four men. Larry and Richard began pulling her pants down over her hips and down to her thighs.

"Shit, she's gone commando on us!" Larry proclaimed, seeing that Shawna was not wearing any panties.

The men pulled her pants off and forced her legs apart, exposing her well trimmed bush and pussy to everyone in the room.

Her velvet blouse was pulled up to her neck, uncovering her braless D-cup orbs. Rough hands began grabbing her ample bosom and probing between her legs as she continued to struggle.

"Let me go!" Shawna demanded.

"What's the matter, Shawna?" Phaedre asked her, "You don't want to send these men home with hard cocks do you?"

"You didn't mind flaunting those titties for them earlier tonight." Autumn added, getting into watching her husband and his friends as they groped and fondled the struggling woman.

"You've had your fun, now let me go." Shawna pleaded.

"Not until you've satisfied them." Phaedre informed her. "Fuck her, boys!"

"No!" Shawna cried out.

Brad had first dibs on the pretty cock-tease. He undid pulled off his boots and pants, stroking his hard 7-inch cock as he got on his knees between Shawna's legs.

"I've wanted to fuck you for seven years." He informed her as he crawled atop her, rubbing the head of his swollen cock along her slit.

Shawna regretted all the teasing she had done to Brad. She found his very attractive, and would have entertained fucking him. But not like this, and not in front of everyone.

Brad pressed his cock between her moist lips. Slowly sinking into her pussy as the other three men held her still.

"Oh yes." He said as he began fucking her slowly, allowing his cock to sink into her pussy a little more with each stroke until he was balls deep inside her.

"Fuck her, Brad!" His wife encouraged him as be began pounding his cock into Shawna.

Shawna was mortified at the cheers coming from the three women who were encouraging her rape. She could not believe that they were so willing to watch their men fucking her like this.

Brad had secretly wanted this for years. He was enjoying this more than he could imagine. Having his wife not only permit it, but orchestrate it, only made it more enjoyable. He, like the others, was looking forward to fucking their wives after going two weeks without sex. He and Paul were both disappointed to learn that their wives had no intention of satisfying them tonight. So this was an even more welcomed relief.

Shawna continued to struggle fruitlessly as Brad slammed his cock inside her. She realized that he would soon be followed by each of the other three men, all while serving as entertainment for Phaedre, Autumn and Lucy.

Brad pulled out of her pussy, surprising Shawna by his actions. He then straddled her chest. "I want to cum between those big tits." He informed her as he laid his stiff cock, wet with her juices, between her breast. He took one in each hand and squeezed them together around his cock then began fucking her melons.

Shawna could already see the pre-cum dripping from his tiny slit in the head of his swollen cock as it poked through her tits.

Brad squinted his eyes, moaning with delight as he began to cum between Shawna's tits.

"No, stop!" Shawna pleaded as she saw his cum blast from his cockhead. It landed on her chest, neck and blouse, some of it even reaching her chin, as he came while titty fucking her.

Brad climbed off the girl. Shawna tried to roll over, hoping to get to her feet and escape. But the others were ready for her.

Brad helped Richard to roll her onto her front. She saw that Larry and Paul were now pant less as well. She lost sight of Larry as he went behind her. But Paul, the mixed-raced husband of Autumn, knelt before her face. His large, thick cock was massive. Shawna gasped as he grabbed her hair, pulling her head up so he could stick it in front of her face.

"Open wide." He instructed.

"Yes, suck my baby's dick." Autumn ordered.

Shawna had no intention to open her mouth. But when Larry slammed his cock into her pussy from behind she involuntarily cried out, allowing Paul to push his rod between her lips.

"Damn, look at her getting it from both ends!" Phaedre yelled out.

Shawna did her best to accommodate Paul's big cock as he fucked her face. Behind her, Larry was pounding her pussy so hard and fast that she wondered if his wife ever had a chance to climax before he finished.

"Oh shit!" Larry cried out, and Shawna felt his cock spewing inside her pussy.

She wanted to scream for him not to cum inside her. But nothing but muffled sounds could escape her already full mouth as Paul thrust his cock into her throat.

No sooner had Larry pulled out of her was Richard, the stranger to her, behind her forcing his rod into her hole. Unlike Larry, Richard began using slow, measured strokes. Slowly increasing his pace as he fucked Shawna from behind.

Richard knew what he was doing. He wanted to make Shawna cum on his cock. She tried to resist but her body was responding to all the stimulation and attention. Hands playing with her breast and nipples, cocks filling her pussy and mouth. There was no way that she could prevent a response.

Paul fucked her face in earnest. She heard him call for his wife and saw Autumn kneel down beside them.

"Make me cum on her face." He said, pulling his cock out of Shawna's mouth.

Obediently, Autumn grabbed her husband's cock and began stroking it, taking careful aim at the pretty woman's face.

Paul moaned as his wife stroked his cock. Brad grabbed Shawna by the hair and held her head still so she couldn't turn away. Then Paul climaxed. Cum launched through the short space between his cock and her pretty face. It hit her left eye first. As the first wad of cum began running down her cheek a second blast caught her on the forehead. Followed by a third in her hair.

Paul leaned closer, allowing the final drops of his cum to dribble onto her nose and mouth as his wife continued stroking him, taking delight in spilling her husband's seed on this tease's face.

Shawna kept her eyes closed, trying to ignore the cum streaming down her face as Richard continued fucking her from behind.

Then her pussy responded. She began cumming as this stranger fucked her hole. She couldn't hide her release from the others and her orgasm brought a cheer from the women, humiliating Shawna as she continued to cum in front of them.

"My turn!" Richard yelled. "Which one of you is going to jack me off on her?"

Richard pulled out of Shawna and rushed around to her. She tried to roll away but only found herself pinned over on her back as Richard knelt before her.

"Go ahead." She heard Paul say, and opened her eyes to see Autumn grab Richard's cock and begin jacking him off only inches above her.

"Oh yes!" Richard proclaimed as he began cumming. An unusually large amount of cum began falling onto Shawna's face, hair and blouse as Richard reveled in his climax.

Autumn drained Richard's cock before releasing it.

"Please let me go." Shawna pleaded in a whispering, defeated voice.

"Not yet." Phaedre said. "Not until those cocks all stay limp."

Shawna looked about her and saw that Brad and Larry were both fully hard again, and Paul was half-way there.

"Oh fuck." She spat.

"Roll her over again." Phaedre ordered. "I want to see her get her tight little ass fucked."

"No!" Shawna cried, beginning to wrestle again as they forced her over.

"I call dibs on that!" Brad announced. "It will serve you right for all those years of teasing me."

"Please don't fuck my ass!" Shawna begged as the three men held her in place for Brad.

Brad got behind her. She felt relieved when his cock slid into her pussy. He began fucking her and she hoped he changed his mind. But all Brad was doing was using her cunt to lube his cock.

He pulled out and pressed his cock between Shawna's cheeks. The woman struggled and pleaded to no avail as Brad pressed against her tight anal opening. She cried out as he began to force his way inside her.

"Fuck her ass!" Phaedre yelled as her husband shoved his cock inside her. Shawna felt renewed shame as Brad began pumping her ass, filling it with his cock.

Richard and Paul, who were on either side of her, held her in place with one hand while using their free hand to fondle her large swaying breast.

Brad continued his assault on Shawna's asshole, enjoying the tightness of her tiny opening as he fucked her. She could tell by his pace that he was coming closer to another orgasm.

Larry knelt in front of her, rubbing his cock against her lips. Shawna opened her mouth and accepted it and began sucking his rod.

Brad was about to cum. He withdrew his cock and, in one continuous motion, slammed it into Shawna's pussy.

The woman didn't know what hit her. The sudden exit of his cock from her tight ass caused such a vacuum that she thought she would expel her insides and at the same moment the stabbing of his pole into her pussy was both a shock and welcomed invasion. For his balls had been slapping her clit, stimulating it more and more with every stroke.

Shawna began to climax on Brad's cock, spilling her own juices over his shaft and balls as he began to cum inside her.

Brad's eyes rolled back and his thighs and ass clenched as he came in Shawna's pussy, satisfying his lust for the girl as he drained himself inside her.

She continued sucking on Larry's smaller cock as she climaxed on Brad's. Then he pulled out. She opened her eyes only to find the pregnant Lucy standing beside her husband. Like Autumn before her, she grabbed her husband's cock and began stroking it.

Larry was already about to cum when she started. With both her mouth and eyes open wide Shawna met the sudden blast of his cum as it launched at her. She caught some of it on her tongue but the rest flew wildly as Lucy jerked madly on her husbands climaxing pole.

Before Larry was finished cumming Richard was behind her and fucking her. Shawna wanted to cry out in shame as she felt her body already preparing to cum again. She leaned forward on her face, unable to do anything else with her hands still bound behind her. Richard fucked her pussy, feeling Shawna's hips as they thrust back to meet him and knew that she had been beaten. She was now their obedient sex slave, unable to resist even if she didn't want what was happening to her.

Shawna knew this as well. She was humiliated at being taken by these men in front of Phaedre, Autumn and Lucy. But she could not stop her body from responding. So she gave in and welcomed the third orgasm as it shook her body with waves of pleasure.

"I want to fuck those titties." Richard said as he felt his second climax nearing.

He pulled out of her and rolled her over, then straddled her chest and began fucking her tits as Brad had before.

Paul was stroking his huge cock. Seeing his opportunity he got down between Shawna's legs and lifted them into the air, raising her butt high enough to sink his cock inside of her pussy.

Shawna nearly cried out in lust as she felt his massive cock fill her insides like none of the other men had done so far this night.

Richard ignored the man behind him as he squeezed Shawna's soft tits around his cock as he thrust it back and forth in her tender cleavage.

"Here goes!" He announced as his cock began spewing from her chin down as he came.

Once Richard was finished and off of Shawna, Paul dropped her legs and lay atop her, allowing his to sink fully inside her pussy.

Shawna gasped as his cock slammed inside her, his shaft rubbing against her swollen clit with every stroke. She cried out as her body began to orgasm a fourth time. She came all over Paul's huge cock and when she finished he was still fucking her. Her eyes went wide as she came again, gasping for breath as she did so.

Finally Paul began to cum. He pulled out, motioning for Phaedre, his wife's best friend, this time. And the pretty woman rushed to his side, eager to grab his mighty cock in her hand as she stroked him to orgasm all over Shawna's cum covered face.

It was only when Paul's cock was drained, and the cum was still rolling down her face, that Shawna noticed the camera phone in Phaedre's hand.

Brad's wife aimed it and took one final picture of Shawna's face.

"That's right. I've been taking pictures all along," She told Shawna. "If you tell anyone about tonight, or try teasing our men again, I'll see to it that they're all over the Internet.

It was a needless threat. Shawna wasn't about to tell anyone about this. She was the one who was always in control. She wouldn't dare admit to anyone about how she had been tricked into this situation.

The men put their pants and boots on, and then cut the zip tie from Shawna's wrists. She quickly grabbed her pants and slid them on, pulling her velvet blouse down over her tits.

She could see her reflection in a mirror on the wall. She stood there with cum, not all of it dried yet, all on her face and in her hair. Cum stains were all over the shoulder and front of her brown blouse and remained quite noticeable. Especially with her rock hard nipples poking through the thin material.

"Who's driving me home?" She asked meekly.

The woman laughed.

"Why the hell would we do that?" Phaedre asked. "You came on the bus; you can go home on the bus. With everyone seeing your cum covered body and knowing how much of a slut you are."

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