tagFetishShawna's Wedding Night

Shawna's Wedding Night


"Please unlock it, Shawna!" he implored.

She giggled. "You know better than that! You're not going to ejaculate until our wedding night. It's only two more weeks."

"But Shawna, I've had this on for over two weeks! I really need to cum!"

"Shhh. I know you're feeling the stress of being denied, but I want you to give me your sperm, over and over. Isn't that worth waiting for? Think of how good it will feel to be inside me on our wedding night!"

He gave a deep sigh. "Shawna," he whispered. He knew she wasn't going to give in.

"Tee-hee! You didn't really think I was going to let you fuck me before our wedding night, did you?"

She gave him teasing, nuzzling kisses as his aroused cock struggled. She was good at teasing, which made his denial all the more difficult to bear. But he had no choice, since she steadfastly refused to unlock his cock cage.

'Why did I let her talk me into wearing this damn thing,' he asked himself. She only accepted his marriage proposal if he'd wear it for a month. And she had never let him penetrate her. He wondered if it was worth it, but his fantasies of fucking her brains out after she saved herself for that special night, spurred him on to accept it.

During the hectic two weeks prior to the wedding, they had several conversations about her expectations for sexual fulfillment, and he agreed, as she knew he would in his desperate state.

. . .

His trembling hand unlocked the door to the bridal suite. He was sure he'd never survive if he had to go even one more day without release. Her teasing smile and her brazen touching almost drove him to incoherence. But now, he said to himself, now I can have her.

She had him remove his clothes, and had him pull her panties off. "Now my shoes," she directed, knowing that his need was increased by her teasing. "Kiss my feet and my toes. It makes my pussy hot!"

He licked and kissed her feet for several minutes while she moaned and wiggled. Then she had him pull the top of her wedding dress down to her waist to expose her smooth firm breasts. "Kiss them," she ordered.

"Shawna!" he exclaimed. She knew what it meant, and she almost giggled. She moaned aloud as he fervently sucked on her hard nipples for several more minutes. Then she lay back on the spacious bed and said, "Lick my pussy!"

She had never let him lick her there during their courtship. She had only stuck her finger inside and allowed him to inhale her scent.

He licked and kissed her pussy for the first time, and the experience nearly drove him to an unassisted ejaculation. His desperation increased by the minute.

Before she would have come to orgasm, she said, "That's enough. It's time to have intercourse."

He had never heard sweeter words. This will be so good, he told himself. She got the key to his cock cage, and as she reached over, she paused. "Remember what we talked about last week? What are the rules?"

His desperation overshadowed the humiliation of having to repeat back to her the rules that she made concerning intercourse in the marriage bed.

"I only go inside you with permission."

"Yes, and?"

"I - I don't cum until you say I can."

"Good. What else?"

"I can ask permission to cum."

"And if I say no?"

"I - I have to wait until you say I can cum!"

"Yes. And if you ejaculate without permission?"

"I have to do what you tell me so I can make it up to you."

"Very good. I will unlock your cock cage now."

"Oh, Shawna!" he anxiously sighed as her slender fingers worked on freeing his cock from captivity. She gave a bright smile when she took the appliance away from his midsection. His purple cock, seeping pre-cum, jutted out with obvious impatience from his one month abstinence.

Shawna lay on her back, her chest rising and falling with her excited breathing, her eyes gleaming. She parted her legs and said in a throaty whisper, "Enter me."

She guided his flagpole into her excited pussy. The fact that he was experiencing her for the first time added to her arousal. He immediately got in full frontal contact. She pulled him close and they kissed passionately while he pumped.

"Does it feel good?" she teased.

"Oh yes, Shawna - OH GOD! I CAN'T HELP IT!"

Spurt after spurt after spurt of hot cum coursed through his cock into her delectable pussy while he convulsively ejaculated. She had known that he would spurt soon after entering her.

"What happened?!" she asked in mock surprise. "You didn't even ask if you could cum!"

"I'm sorry, Shawna! It came so suddenly, and I was so excited."

"I would have said yes if you had asked me," she lied. "Since you were denied for a month."

He was still erect inside her. "Can we try again, Shawna?"

She smiled. "What's the rule if you cum without permission?"

His cock twitched inside her, which she noticed. "I have to make it up to you," he said in a shaky voice.

"That's right," she teased. "Now I want you to pull out."

He reluctantly withdrew. He felt insecure then.

Shawna, still lying on her back with her legs spread, put her hands on her hips and puckered her lips as if thinking. After a moment she said, "I want you to lick my pussy until it's clean - and swallow."

He looked at her in disbelief. He had read an occasional erotic story where the guy willingly (and sometimes unwillingly) did that, but this was real life, and he had never considered licking up his own spunk. Still, he remembered the intense turn-on from reading those stories, especially where the male was more or less forced to lick a sperm-filled pussy. Because of his month-long denial, the post-ejaculation blues didn't take a firm hold on him.


She giggled. "Lie down on your back. I'll make it a little easier for you."

As if in a trance, he lay on the bed next to her. He had an idea what was going to happen next.

Shawna straddled him, and kept one hand on her pussy to keep the sperm from leaking out. With her other hand, she grasped his balls, and with the confidence of experience, pressed on one of his nuts hard enough to make him uncomfortable.

"Oh! Ah! Shawna!"

She did not let up, but squeezed a little harder.

"Aaaah! Shawna, let go! Please!"

"Open your mouth!"

The ache in his nuts sent shock waves up through his midsection and made it hard to breathe. He took quick short breaths as he implored his new bride to stop. She kept a firm hold on his nuts, and settled her pussy on his mouth.

"Now kiss and lick it!" she commanded.

"Mmmf! Gmmf! Unmph!" he whimpered as he obeyed.

With her fingers pressing firmly on his sensitive nuts, there was nothing that he would not do to alleviate the ache, including licking his freshly spent cum from her pussy.

"Now swallow!" she ordered.


"Keep going! I want you to get every drop of sperm that you spurted!"

He fervently applied his mouth to his task, at the same time he was intensely aware of the uncomfortable sensation of her firm and slender fingers pressing on his nuts.

Shawna's arousal steadily increased. Never before had she experienced anyone licking her messy cum-filled snatch. The feeling of control added to her arousal and she moaned, "Ohhh... Yes! Lap that cum! Aaahhhh!"

She heard him swallow again and felt him renew his efforts. She released her hold on his balls and rocked her hips. He kept kissing her sperm filled pussy and she crested into an intense orgasm.

She lay beside him and gave him nuzzling kisses. "Did you like that?" she asked.

"I - I don't know, Shawna, I hadn't done that before." His erection returned, partly from the month-long denial, and partly from finally being in bed with his new bride.

She giggled.

"Shawna - can I go inside you again?"

"Can you hold back until I give permission?"

"I - I'll try, Shawna - really!"

She fully understood that he wouldn't be able to hold back his ejaculation very long, but she wanted to be more in control and have fun in the process. She lay on her back with her hands behind her head and said the sweet words, "Enter me."

He quickly plunged inside her, and resolved to himself that he would last longer. The feeling was so sweet, and his cock wanted to do what came naturally. After scarcely a half minute of thrusting, he knew he would not last much longer.

"Shawna - can I cum?"

"No - I want more pleasure before you ejaculate."

He hadn't expected her to say no. He slowed his pumping, but it was of no help.

"Shawna, please!" he whispered hoarsely.

She shook her head no. Her sensual smile, her wide eyes, and full breathing only served to increase his arousal.

A few more pumps and he knew it was too late. "Oh my God, Shawna!" he exclaimed as the sweet and intense pulses of ejaculation spurted recklessly into her pussy.

"Oh my gosh, you don't have any self control," Shawna said as he came out of his deep immersion into intercourse.

"Shawna -"

"Pull out now, and lick me clean," she instructed. Her voice almost betrayed her excitement at the prospect of her second creampie experience of the night. After he pulled out, he realized that he really didn't savor the cleanup task ahead of him. Shawna knew that he was wrestling with the idea, and suppressed a giggle.

"Should we do this like before?" she asked, meaning with her on top and pressing on his balls.

"No - I'll do it," he quickly replied, remembering the deep ache from before. He was going to have to overcome his reluctance on his own, which was what Shawna had planned all along. He began with a few tentative licks on the outside of her pussy. She couldn't help squirming and moaning.

"Oh, yes... That's it... A little faster. Oh my gosh!"

Ten minutes later he had extracted and swallowed as much as he could, and given her two intense orgasms. They cuddled while she considered how to handle the rest of their honeymoon. She thought of her dominatrix friend Bridget who delighted in training men to develop self control to such an extent that they could keep from ejaculating through an hour or more of intense stimulation. It was a long, arduous process for the male, and Bridget freely dispensed rewards and punishments as she saw fit.

Shawna, of course, knew several things she could tell her new husband that would help his self control, but she decided to go slowly with her advice. She loved having her sperm-filled cunt lapped and sucked on after intercourse, but she also liked the idea of him struggling with his self control and being able to wait until she said the magic words, "You may ejaculate."

An hour later that night, she invited him inside her, and told him that he was to lick her pussy clean after intercourse every time during their honeymoon. When she told him of her friend Bridget, and how she wanted him to go to her for training, he helplessly blasted forth.

She giggled and spread her legs. "Clean me," she sensuously whispered.

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