tagLoving WivesShe Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 01

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 01


Warning - This story is about a wife who cheats for the first time and finds she loves it. There is cuckolding of the husband but the story isn't about cuckolding. It's a story about the thrill of cheating and the lust and pleasure of the sex involved with cheating. And it's about falling deeper, much deeper, into the bottomless pit of human lust and sex. If you don't like this type of story, please, please, please, move on. Don't get pissed off and write me about what a bitch I am and I should die. Just stop reading the damn story. It's that easy. Also, this story is sort of new to me and it's long and builds with each chapter so if you don't like this type of story either, hit the back key. You have been warned. Thanks! Vastie.


All those slogans and country western songs on the radio about cheating reminded me daily of what I was now because of what I had done and was still doing to my husband of eight years. The funny thing is, he doesn't know any of it; at least I don't think he does.

At 30, I had gone from someone who had it all, a great man, a good life, an excellent sex life and a job that pleased me and gave me great satisfaction. Yes, everything most women would want out of life. We had even talked about having children and had actually started working on it. And I still don't why I am doing what I'm doing except it's damn exciting.

Then I made the mistake of cheating on my husband Bud for the first time and my life changed. After it happened, I told Bud I had changed my mind and didn't want any kids for awhile. When he asked me why, I told him I just felt I wasn't ready and wanted to wait. He asked me for how long and I told him I wasn't sure. When he pushed me for an answer, I told him maybe a year, maybe two. I reminded him I was only 30 years old and we had plenty of time.

Actually, I couldn't take the chance of going off of my birth control pills now. No, not now, that's for sure. Why, you ask? Because, now, besides my dear husband making love to me whenever he wanted to, I am also involved with four other men. I meet them when they call me on my pay-as-you-go cell phone. The sex is wilder, more erotic and so different than anything I have ever done with my husband. I make love to my husband and I fuck the other men.

I am now fucking each of them about once a week. For almost two years, I have been a whore for one, two, or all of them. But wait, I guess that last comment needs some explanation.

It certainly didn't start out that way. In fact, I was known as the "ice maiden" by most of the men I worked with at the hospital. I was polite but I was all business with them. I'm an ER nurse and have been for seven years. I love my job but now I love sex even more. The job requires some very long days and some extremely sad ones, too. When a child or an old person who has no one and is totally dependent on you for his life, dies in your arms, it's very sad. But, doing things that save a life or make a difference in someone's life is also very, very heart warming and emotionally rewarding. I worked hard and now I play hard by fucking every night.

How did it start, you ask? Well, I guess it all started in April, two years ago. I'm not one hundred percent sure of the exact date any more but that's not important. It seems to me that it was the first time I can remember seeing Jack, my first lover.

I was working 12-hour day shifts that started at 6 AM. We dragged our already tired bodies into work and began to work our assignments after being updated by the night nurses. I think it was about 9 AM when the call came in that a helicopter was bring two very seriously injured patients to our hospital. We all started preparing for them.

One patient was a woman; she was the most badly hurt of the two. She had a broken back and major internal bleeding. There was also a man who had two broken legs and a fractured spleen. These two were the worst and were being flown in. The others were coming by ambulances. There had been a huge accident on the expressway in the fog and we were getting a total of twelve patients. It was going to be a mad house.

As senior nurse on duty that day, I gave instructions to the staff and the doctors treated the major cases first. It was about 8 hours later when things finally settled down and I was able to take a break and sit down. Man, this was one of those very stressful days that, when over, you just wanted to drop on a bed and sleep. I called home and told Bud that I would be working at least part of a double shift and explained why. He never had a problem with that because he knew I loved what I did. He told me he had seen the report of the accident on the news.

At around 11 PM, I finally had a chance to take a break and went to get something to eat. As I walked into the cafeteria, I noticed there was only one other person there. It was a man about 35 years old with blonde hair and blue eyes. He was very nice looking for this time of night. Mostly you see some really bad sights in the cafeteria at this time. He was alone and looked like he had lost his best friend. He sat there looking at the wall like he was in a daze. I got my food and went to a table near him but not next to him. After about 20 minutes later, he looked my way and saw me looking at him again. He stood up and walked towards me. I saw him stand in front of me and I smiled, not knowing who he was. He said, "Excuse me, aren't you the nurse in the Emergency Room that was helping when I checked in? You know, when they took my wife in this morning from the helicopter?"

I said, "I don't know, who is your wife?"

He said, "She was the one with the broken back and major injuries."

I said, "Oh yes, I'm so sorry! She's in ICU right now. How's she doing?"

He told me she wasn't doing well and the doctors weren't sure she would make it. Then he asked, "Would you mind if I sat with you a few minutes? I don't have any family here and I think I'm going to go crazy if I don't talk to someone."

I invited him to sit down and then recommended that he talk to the chaplain later. The man told me he wasn't very religious and just wanted someone to talk to right now. So I sat there and finished my dinner and listen to him. Jack Wilson was his name and it was, indeed, his wife in the ICU. She was in another man's car when it hit the 18-wheeler on the expressway in the fog.

He told me he didn't understand why the car was more than ten exits from where she worked and he wondered why she was that far away from home with a man he didn't think she knew. He asked if she said anything to me when she came in? I told him the only thing she said was "My husband".

I told him she didn't finish her sentence. She actually did, but I didn't tell Jack. His wife had said, "My husband, don't call my husband, please!"

I said, "No, Jack, that's all she said. But she was drugged up pretty well with pain medication as was the man with her."

He told me he was pretty sure his wife was having an affair for about three or four months and that the man she was with was her lover. He had just found out about it a week ago. Then, he thanked me and said he was sorry for dropping all of this on me.

I told him, "No problem", and that he should still see the chaplain. He declined again and took my hand in his. He smiled at me and told me again that he was very thankful to me for listening to him. He was going to go stay in the waiting room outside ICU until he could see his wife. I walked with him and fixed it with ICU to let him sleep in the room where his wife was staying.

Again, he thanked me and we parted. I went back to work for the next 3 hours and didn't see Jack again for the next two days. But his face and problem seemed to hang with me. Then, on Thursday, I saw him walking down the hallway and he was crying. I stopped and asked him if everything was OK and he told me, "My wife just passed away on the operating table as they were trying to repair the internal injuries she had. The doctors didn't want to cut into her again right away. She was not strong enough. But they felt if they didn't she would die in the ICU. So, we agreed to try the operation and, unfortunately, she didn't make it."

I told Jack how sorry I was and held his hand as he pulled me to him and held me tight as he cried more. I held him for a minute or two and then pulled away. He thanked me again for my kindness and he left. I stood there wondering what would happen to him.

About two days later, I received a beautiful flower arrangement and a note on his business card thanking me again. I placed the arrangement on the Nurses' station desk and was kidded about my new man friend. We did that with all the girls who got flowers from patients who sent them to us.

The business card had his phone number on it and I saw that he worked for an engineering company about ten minutes west of downtown where I worked. I smiled as I saw the flowers each day as I arrived for work. Then, on a Thursday, one of the days I had off, Jack came to the hospital to sign some papers and pick up his dead wife's belongings. He came to the desk and asked for me but of course, I was off. The girls told him that and if he left a personal note sealed in an envelope, they would see that I got it when I came in. I got it Friday, the next day. The note thanked me and asked me to call him when I had time. He wanted to ask me something but didn't want to leave that with the "girls."

I smiled at that and wondered what it was he wanted. I didn't call that Friday. Then, early Saturday, things were slow and I picked up the phone and dialed his number. It rang four times before he picked it up. He thanked me for calling him and we chatted a while. Finally, I asked why he wanted to talk with me and he asked if I would have lunch with him when he came to town next week.

I told him no. I told him it was Saturday and we were busy and I had to go. He told me he understood and hung up.

Then, when he showed up on Wednesday around lunchtime, I didn't know what to do. He asked me again if I would have lunch with him. I told him I didn't take lunch most days; it was just to busy. He said, "Well then, you do get a break? I mean it's the law that they have to give you a break. How about coffee? I want to tell you something and I don't really want to say it here with all these people around."

I gave in and told him, "I get a break but it will be in about an hour and that's if we're not busy. If you want to wait I'll have that coffee with you."

He smiled and said, "I'll be there, come and get me in the waiting room."

I told him OK. But it was nearly two hours before I could get away. Finally I walked out into the waiting room and figured he wouldn't be there. But I was wrong. He stood up and stretched and looked like he had been sleeping! I smiled and we walked to the cafeteria. It was mobbed at this hour of the day so we got the coffee and walked outside to drink it.

Sitting on a bench he took my hand and held it. I didn't try to remove it as he looked into my eyes and thanked me again for my kindness and friendliness. I didn't pull my hand away as I told him it was all part of my job. He smiled and said, "No Annie. Not as kind and friendly as you were. That comes from the heart! And I feel I owe you a great deal."

I was still holding his hand as we both drank our coffees with one hand. We sat and chatted and when I looked at my watch, I had been with him over thirty minutes and away from my station. I told him I had to go and we stood. As I turned, he took my hand again and said, "Ann, please have lunch with me when I come to town again next month. Let me thank you properly."

I told him there was no need and that I was married. But he almost begged me and finally I told him I would. I said we could meet at Marie's restaurant across the street and that it would have to be on Thursday, my day off, and it had to be at 1 PM. He agreed and we parted.

The week passed and then it was Thursday around 1 PM and I almost decided not to go. But, then, I was in Marie's waiting for him, still wondering why I was doing it.

Jack was right on time and I waved to him when I saw him looking around. His face lit up and he smiled. I saw him smile and I smiled back as he stood at the table looking at me. I wasn't in my uniform and he told me I looked fantastic. He sat down across from me in the booth I had reserved.

We ordered and ate and talked and it felt like I had known him my entire life. He wasn't pushy and he didn't try to come on to me or anything, anything at all. We just ate and talked and I enjoyed his company greatly. Before I knew it, I looked at my watch and it read 3:30 PM. I told him I had to go home and start dinner for my husband. Since I was off, it was my turn to cook.

He thanked me again and then asked if I would meet him for lunch again next month if he could make it into town.

I said no at first but then, as we stood at the intersection outside the restaurant and said our good-byes, he asked me again and this time I said yes. To this day I really don't know why I said yes to him. I wondered what my husband would say if he knew what I was doing? Then, I smiled and said to myself, "I know what I would say if it was him meeting another woman for lunch."

Then, as I was thinking about all that and about to say I had changed my mind and tell him no when Jack took me by the shoulders and when I looked up at his face, he kissed me. I blushed and pulled away. He apologized and told me he just got carried away. He also said it wouldn't happen again, unless I wanted it too.

Then he said, "See you in a month, Ann. I'll call you a week ahead of time! Bye!"

Jack turned and walked away, leaving me standing there looking at him and touching my lips with my fingers. The kiss had lasted just a second but it sent a shock wave through my whole body. When he got across the street, he turned to look at me. He waved and I smiled back at him and waved goodbye.

It was then that I realized my panties were damp. I wasn't wet between my legs, you understand, but my panties; well, they were certainly damp. The rest of the day seemed to be part real and part dream. I found myself thinking about Jack a lot for no reason at all.

Then, when Jack called me and told me he would be in town again on the following Thursday, I agreed to meet him at the same time and the same place for lunch. And that's how it started.

Each month he came to town and I met him for lunch. Then, one month he came into town twice and we met both times. It was an ongoing thing for about six months; with each visit, we became closer. Not sexually, not then anyway. But one day, we were eating at a new place he had picked and it was a much quieter place away from where I worked and close to his hotel. We met at noon, not 1 PM. It was much more romantic when he gave me flowers again.

Bells or sirens or screams should have gone off then but they didn't. At least I didn't hear them. Maybe I just ignored them. I'm not sure which.

When lunch was over, Jack kissed me goodbye on the lips and it was a much longer kiss. God help me, it was then that I kissed him back. He held me in the corner of the restaurant near the bathrooms and we kissed and held each other for a while. When we broke apart, I looked up into his eyes and he kissed me again as he pulled my body very tightly into his.

I felt him immediately. He was hard and big and throbbing! I realized it immediately and broke the embrace. He smiled down at me and I smiled up into his blue eyes. He whispered, "Come to my room, Annie. Please, it's been so long for me. Come to my hotel room with me and let me make love to you."

I looked at him and saw the lust in his eyes. He kissed me again and I felt his hardness on my mound this time. He had pushed one leg between my legs and his cock was pressing against his slacks and into my body at just the right point. I knew he wanted me badly. And I felt an ache between my legs that should have set off deafening warning bells but didn't.

Instead, as Jack kissed me again, this time I sucked on his tongue and he cupped my left breast. When his hand squeezed it, I moaned into his mouth. We stood there with him feeling my breast and me now feeling the shaft of his hard cock still in his slacks. I was now wet, not damp, but wet, between my legs.

He took my hand and I didn't say a word as we walked across the street, went through the lobby of the hotel and got on the elevator. When the elevator door closed, he kissed me again and I melted into his arms this time. We held the kiss until we reached the floor to his room.

When the door opened to his floor, we walked arm in arm down the hallway. He cupped my breast with his other hand and I just looked down, watching him feel it. I knew I shouldn't have gone any further but I didn't stop, couldn't stop it at this point. When we reached his door and he took out the key card, I believe it was then that I actually realized what I was about to do. I was about to go into a strange man's room and I didn't care about anything else. It was then that I knew I had started to cheat on my husband. I wasn't sure how far I was going to go with Jack. Hell, I wasn't even thinking about that right now.

After letting him open the door and gently pull me in, I walked like a zombie into the room. As the door closed, I turned towards him and he pulled me into his arms. He kissed me again, only this time our tongues fought for control. He sucked on my tongue and I sucked on his. We stood there making love to each other. No, we were in heat, not love.

I moaned again into his mouth as he cupped my breast again! Then, as he reached around me and placed both hands on my rear end, I pushed into him hard; thrusting my pelvis into his very hard cock that had formed a tent in his slacks. It pressed against my stomach as he held me.

I moaned when suddenly, Jack lifted me up in his arms and carried me to the bed. He lay me down on it and began to undress right in front of me as I watched. As he removed everything but his shorts, I saw the big lump pushing outward. Then, he smiled at me and dropped his shorts and his nice cock came free. I saw it for the first time standing there proudly as it stuck out from his body.

Now any woman will tell you that it's very, very exciting when she sees a strange man's cock for the first time. The same as it is for a man when he seeing a woman's pussy hair and vagina. It's about the same for a woman. Well, for me anyway. I learned that for the first time when I saw Jack's big cock. It was and still is a great turn on for me.

But Jack's cock was the first new cock I had seen since I married Bud. So I think I felt much more of a thrill than at any other time during my two years of cheating. Jack's cock? Well ladies, I have to say it was magnificent!

It was reddish pink in color, with a darker purple cock head and big veins running up and down the shaft. It made my pussy even wetter almost instantly when I saw it bobbing up and down in front of me and I knew I was causing it. That is what makes it so erotic, you know it you and only you that is making him manhood hard.

It looked as if it was just about as thick as my husband Bud's cock was. But it was a good three inches longer and Jack's was uncircumcised. Bud was circumcised, so this was the first cock I saw with the foreskin covering part of the tip. It was so different to me. Again, I smiled as I saw it standing straight out, even harder now and there was already a drop of pre-cum forming in the hole. It bobbed and jumped with Jack's excitement as he knelt down on the bed next to me.

I lay looking at his cock and not moving. Then Jack began to undress me slowly. I didn't help or stop him. I enjoyed this a great deal more than I ever thought I would if I had imagined it happening. He had opened my blouse fully and now he released the front clasp on my bra and let my breasts, with their very thick, swollen nipples fall free. They were still pretty firm and I knew Jack liked them when I saw him lick his lips. He took them, one in each hand, and I watched as he worked them like he was checking me for lumps. He was gentle and eager but he made sure he touched them everywhere.

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