tagLoving WivesShe Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 04

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 04


My thanks again for all the help Tiger has provide in proofing of this story so it would read properly. Thanks buddy for all your help!


The two weeks that followed between Jack and her meeting again gave Ann an idea of just how hard her husband Bud was now working. He was late coming home, almost 7 PM every night. He would drag his tired butt into the house and then he would eat dinner and they would chat for a little while.

They had decided to go to the islands on a 7-day cruise in February, three months from now. She was glad he was finally going to take a well-needed vacation and spend time with her. She had actually missed him. But occasionally, Bud would come home and fucked her brains out. But Jack did things to her and made her do things she never felt she would ever experience.

Bud had a drink with Ann to toast the vacation before retiring to his home office and working until she finally went to bed well after 11 PM. Over the first weekend, they had gone to a movie, one she liked and then Saturday night, they went to dinner and came home around 10 PM. Ann had too much to drink and felt very randy. They were going to make love in their marital bed and she kissed him and told him she needed to clean up and for him to wait in the bedroom for her. Bud used the other bathroom and freshened up, too. He washed his cock and balls. Then, he put on some new after-shave and went into the master bedroom and sat nude waiting for his lovely wife to come out of her bathroom.

Bud was thinking this would be the first time they had had sex in weeks and that he wanted it to be good. Ann smiled as she was thinking what she would do now that she had her husband in the bed without him being asleep. She slipped on her black thigh-highs and her black thong and push-up bra. Jack had purchased them for her just a week ago. He told her to wear them the next time she and he met. In fact, Annie had lots of new underwear all from Jack. He would take her old bikinis each time she reached another level in his training and give her a new, sexier set as a reward. Ann now had mostly thongs and push-up bras, which really showed her cleavage and lifted her tits so she looked like a Playboy bunny in their old outfits.

Oh, she still had the standard set of underwear she showed Bud and wore to work when she wasn't meeting Jack. But, on those days she met him, she either wore nothing under her clothing or he had her wear the push-ups and thongs.

But Ann felt her husband needed the added encouragement and thrill of seeing her in them and having some great sex tonight. After all, it had been so long since she had fucked Bud and only a week since she had fucked Jack.

She sighed; realizing just now how long it had been since Bud had fucked her. She wanted tonight to be good for both of them. As she walked out of the bathroom, she smiled as she swayed from the effect of the drinks she had at dinner. She almost laughed out loud when she had an idea of doing to Bud what her lover had taught her to do to him. Then she said, "Damn it! I'm going to suck Bud's cock good tonight! And I'm going to let him cum in my mouth and then make him eat me and eat me and eat me. Then I'm going to ride his cock and make him cum up inside me. That will drive him wild and I hope want to do it more often with me."

She looked fantastic as she slipped on her black lace cover-up. But it hardly covered up any of her assets. As she walked into the bedroom, she saw how Bud sat up and took notice of her. He whistled and said, "WOW! That's some outfit Annie. Where did you get it?"

A little chill ran up her back because she didn't know where Jack, her lover, had purchased it. Finally she said, "Ah...Victoria Secret I've be been buying hem for our trip. It was going to be a surprise the next time we went away but I was thinking Bud, it's been so long since we, since you and I really had a night of sex. Well, I said what the hell, let my baby see me now!"

He laughed as she walked very sexily toward the bed and then climbed up and crawled toward him like some female animal. His cock was bursting to fuck her.

Bud watched his beautiful young wife take off the lacy see-through top as she knelt before him clad in only the push-up bra, which had her red nipples almost sticking out over the top, and the black thong. Bud looked down her body and saw the black thong with that one-inch strip that covered her pussy. He realized it immediately; Annie had shaved her pussy.

"Jesus Annie", he said as his cock was pushing his shorts straight up, making a tent in front of her. She smiled down into his eyes as her hand searched inside the shorts and pulled out his nice 7-inch cock. He sighed as she squeezed it and pumped it a few times. She smiled down into his eyes as she did it! She looked and saw where his eyes went. She said, "You like? I did that too for you baby? I shaved myself clean for you. See! I know if I had this thong on it wouldn't look right if my pussy hair was sticking out all around it would it?"

Bud was thinking, "Did she just say pussy? God, she never said that before", and his cock jumped in her hand."

She pulled the thong to the side, showing her husband what Jack and Louise had done to her and saw before him. She was completely bald and she saw Bud lick his lips and knew he liked it! She moved up and let him touch it. Bud slid his fingers over her pussy and down the smooth shaved slit before inserting a finger into her wet, slippery hole. She said, "Whoa, not so fast, sweetie. You have work to do first. Before you get any of this pussy, you have to earn it!"

Bud said to himself, "Again! She used that word again!"

Ann had shaved her pussy again just before they had gone to dinner tonight. So she was completely smooth with no stubble at all. Bud said, "My God, Annie. You look beautiful! I'm so very lucky to have you as my wife."

Ann felt a little embarrassed and she blushed some more from his remarks. Bud laughed and said, "Come on, let's make love! I want you so badly tonight, sweetheart. I missed our time together."

It was then that Ann decided that she was, in fact, going to take the lead tonight in bed. She said, "I missed us too, Bud. I missed the touching and the holding and the cuddling we used to do. And I missed your mouth and cock!"

He smiled at her new words and watched her as she told him to just lay back and let her help relieve the stress from his tired over-worked body. She had decided that tonight it would be she, little Annie, who would take the aggressive role that her husband always assumed was his duty.

Bud needed to cum badly and Ann knew it and was all too happy to help him do it. She straddled his hips and sat on his stomach, feeling his hard cock pressing against her ass. She smiled down into his eyes and watched him watching her as she reached in front of her and slowly, very deliberately, almost in slow motion, undid the push-up bra. She released her full breasts, which seemed to be screaming to be released from their confinement. Her bra fell down her arms and she moved it out of the way. She then moved up and bent forward over Bud. As she lowered her full, wonderfully young breasts down into his waiting hands and mouth. Bud made love to her breasts, sucking and squeezing and enjoying all of them. While he was making her feel good, she stroked his face and ran her hands over his hair and whispered sweet, loving things to him.

She told him how much she loved him and how his touch drove her wild. She told him her pussy was on fire tonight and she wanted his big dick in her soon and fucking her. Bud was startled when he heard her say, 'fucking'. Ann never used the word fuck or dick. He wondered what had gotten into her but he did say it made him hotter for her. She had never talked like that before but he liked it!

Ann told him she wanted to move up his body now and put her pussy over his face. She told him she wanted him to lick her and suck her pussy and she wanted him to make her cum twice. Again, Bud heard her and smiled as he was thinking exactly that. He pulled on her hips, indicating he wanted her to move up and cover his face with her pussy juice. That was something else he missed not doing to her.

Annie was bursting to move, too. Her pussy was soaking wet and filling the little thong with her juices and odor. She felt Bud pulling gently on her hips and she lifted up and slid her wet pussy, still inside the thong, toward her husband's waiting mouth.

Bud was almost wild with his excitement as he saw that little, black thong coming toward his face. He could already smell her musk and it was driving him wild. She smiled down at him as she straddled his head and lowered the thong down onto his mouth She felt him sucking and probing the material of the throng, pushing it into her wet hole. She knew Bud tasted her sex and the fluid that coated the thong as he sucked it into his mouth. His tongue licked all around it and Annie felt him moaning into her pussy hole. She shivered as she lifted her small but perfect ass up just enough to allow Bud's fingers to pull the thong to the side and then she sat back down on his face. Bud inhaled her musk and now tasted her pussy directly.

He loved it when Annie fucked his face as she was doing now. Ann rocked back and forth over his mouth, making sure he licked all of her. Every inch of her pussy wanted and needed her husband's attention and Bud gladly offered her all of his mouth and tongue.

She was now humping her pussy on his face and Bud was lapping her wetness as fast as he could. She could only see his hair; the rest of his face was covered with her cunt and ass. Her ass sat on his chin and her pussy was directly over his mouth. Bud was shooting his tongue into her hole as she moaned. Annie held his head with both hands and whispered, almost hissing at him, saying, "Fuck my hole, Bud! Use your tongue, baby! Fuck me with your tongue."

Bud wondered what the hell she was saying and where she learned to talk like that. But he gladly did what his wife wanted. He began to fuck her with his tongue as she moved down his face just a little. She wanted to see his eyes as he ate her pussy. She held his head firmly with her thighs around his ears and her hands around the top of his head, at times pulling on his hair, and then she went off and climaxed. She moaned, "Oh yes! Oh God, yes, baby! This is so good. So fucking good! Oh yes Bud, use your fingers, baby! Open me more and push that wonderful tongue deeper into me! Now, Bud, now! Suck me! Suck me! Suck! Suck! Suckmesuckmesuckme! Suck me Oh yesssssss! YES!!! YES!! YES!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! BUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

One thing Ann always felt was that Bud could eat a pussy very well. She exploded with one orgasm after another as Bud licked and sucked and fingered her pussy, driving her wild. She finally couldn't take any more and slid down off of Bud's face and slowly moved her pussy down her husband's chest, stomach and over his hard cock. She left a wet line down the middle of Bud's body!

As Ann moved her open pussy over his swollen, hard cock, Bud grabbed her hips and positioned her so she could slip the fat cock head into her hole and slowly, lower her body down on him. When their bodies came together, she had him fully inside her. She smiled down as she hung her breasts in his face and Bud used his hands and guided each nipple into his mouth. As she moved up and down on his hard shaft Bud sucked each nipple and held her under her ass helping to raise her up and down on his cock.

It was good, damn good for both of them. Bud needed this sex badly; it had been much too long since he had fucked his wife. They were going at it fast and furiously and Ann knew he wouldn't last long. Bud was too far gone and hadn't cum, at least in her, for weeks. She was thinking that if he didn't masturbate, he would have a huge load. And she smiled at him as he closed his eyes and just felt her wonderfully tight pussy moving on his cock. He moaned loudly as Ann used her new talent and squeezed his cock shaft with her pussy muscles. The training she had done for Jack, her lover, was now making Bud, her husband, feel so good. She moaned again and Bud grabbed her, pulled her down on top of him, and, with his cock still inside her, he pumped his cock like a car piston going a 100-MPH before rolling the two of them over.

Putting Ann on her back now, Bud moved up and slid his arms under her thighs and lifted them up. She held them high for him as he drove his cock into her, hard. She grunted as he started to fuck her harder and harder. She loved to be fucked this way and encouraged him. "Oh yes, baby! Fuck me hard! Give it to me, baby! Fuck me hard, Bud, hard baby, fuck me hard!" she cried out between Bud's thrusts. He was ramming his cock into her now like a mad man and she felt her body shaking violently as an orgasm swept over her and drove her hips up against her husband, meeting his thrusts. They were now like wild wolves mating!

Bud heard her words and felt her pussy contracting as she climaxed hard. He pushed his cock all the way into her and held it there as he lifted her legs still higher and Ann fucked herself on his hard shaft, buried deep inside her body. When she started to recover, Bud pushed her knees onto her chest and went wild, fucking her hard again. Over and over and over, he pumped into her with everything he had and Ann moaned and grunted with each movement.

Bud's cock was a blur now moving in and out of her. She smiled; "Thinking Bud hadn't fucked me like this in a long, long time."

She smiled again thinking, "God! He really needed this!"

She knew he was being well pleased. Then, she felt his cock get even harder and thicker. When it felt hotter, she told Bud to let her legs go. He did and Annie wrapped them around his back and pulled him into her as deeply as he could go. Bud moaned and Ann felt the first shot of cum slam into her. Bud felt as if the head of his cock had exploded; the orgasm he was experiencing, was that strong!

As move and more cum filled Annie's pussy, the thumping and thumping of Bud's cock inside her drove her over the edge and Ann experienced another orgasm that was sweet and long and happened at the same time as her husband's orgasm. They were cumming together. She held him tightly and Bud didn't think he would ever stop cumming! She whispered in his ear, telling him how good he made her feel and how great the sex was tonight! She kissed him and tongued him and just held on to him tightly.

She didn't know if it was guilt or love or a combination of both, but Ann felt closer to her husband right now than she had in a long, long time. They fell asleep holding each other, as they lay side by side.

Later that night, Bud was awakened by Ann sucking him hard again. He didn't know what to think, as she had never done that since they had been married. She always told him before that his cock always tasted bad, covered with there cum. He told her he would wash it but she still refused. But tonight, she had sucked him twice. And this time, his shaft was completely coated with cum from their earlier fucking. It didn't seem to matter to her, she was sucking and licking his cock head and shaft and even his balls. She had never done that, either. He was going to ask her where she had learned to do that but the emotions he was feeling seemed to make the question irrelevant.

Ann told him she needed him inside her again, and Bud aimed to please her again. This time, he was pulled over on top of her body and she guided his hard cock into her. She was still full of his cum, as he sank his shaft into her hole with two smooth, easy thrusts. Again, the sex started out easy but soon became a torrential merging of flesh and fluids and they cried out and fucked wildly. Finally, they both climaxed and then, completely drained, lay on the bed and again, fell asleep.

In the morning, Bud was up first and showered and shaved and started breakfast. About an hour later, Ann woke and, she too, showered and came down to the smell of bacon cooking. She was starved. As they sat and ate and drank coffee, Bud was thinking about the things his wife had done to him last night. He wondered how she knew to do them and where she learned these new tricks. She had never done any of them before in all the sex sessions they had ever had. He was a little afraid to ask her, since he wasn't sure he wanted to know the answer. Annie could see he was thinking about something and asked, "So, what are you thinking about, babe?"

He took a deep breath and said, "Last night and early this morning were fantastic, Annie. And I don't want you to think for one second that I'm complaining! But, I was just wondering about some of the things you did to me last night."

Ann began to get nervous. But before she could say anything, Bud continued, " I mean, for one thing, you never let me cum in your mouth before. And last night you did. And then you sucked me hard again when my cock was covered with cum from both of us. You used to tell me it tasted too bad. And God Ann, you even sucked my balls. But the way you made your pussy squeeze my cock when I was inside you was unbelievable. Where the hell did you learn that?"

Ann smiled but she was scared. She had to convince him where she learned to do these things and make him believe it! Finally she said, "Didn't you like them, Bud. If you didn't, I won't do them again. I felt you would enjoy it."

He said, " No, Ann, its not that I didn't enjoy them. It's.....Where did you learn to do them? Who taught you how to do it?"

Ann said, "Movies, Bud. I rented porno movies, well, not exactly porno; they were more like instructional sex movies. All those nights you worked, I watched and learned how to be a better sex mate for you, baby! I did it for you, Bud. It was all for you. I guess we just never did it again after I had learned how to do those things. So last night, I tried all of them. You DID like them, didn't you Bud?"

He took her hand and said, "Oh God, yes. And I want to do them again, Ann. In fact, we have to do it more often. I'm sorry about all the work I have been doing lately but the company really appreciates it, Ann. I'm sure I'm going to get that promotion. But, I don't want to neglect you while I'm doing it. Come on; let's go back to bed. You can show me all of what you learned."

She laughed and took his hand. They almost ran into the bedroom. As they made furious and passionate wild love, Bud had this little bug that kept hitting him like a baseball bat right on the side of the head. He wondered how Ann knew to rent these tapes and why she had. Was he neglecting her so much she had to resort to masturbation and then watch sex movies while doing it? What was next? If he didn't pay more attention to his beautiful wife, he was sure some other guy would. He finally looked at her resting on the bed. Her arm was over her eyes and she was breathing deeply. Bud watched her breasts rise and fall. He saw her smooth, bald pussy mound still shivering a little from the intense sex they had just had. He looked down her long legs and wondered if she had been true to him. He finally moved close to her and put his arm over her stomach. She sighed and placed her arm over his. She rubbed his arm and smiled up at him when she saw him looking down into her face. "Oh, so beautiful," he said to himself. Then he said, "Are we good, Annie? I mean, are we as good as we were when we first got married. You know me and you, you and me and no others?"

She moved her arm so she could see all of his face. She looked frightened, confused and worried. She said, "Bud, why are you asking me this? Didn't we just make love last night and this morning and didn't we feel the love pass between us? Of course we are as good, maybe better, than when we first got married! I love you, baby! I really do!"

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