She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 04


Jack, with his cock sticking straight out, was ready and just waiting until Larry was all the way into Louise's cunt. As Larry pushed the thick shaft into Louise's gaping pussy, she smiled at me and said, "You're next, baby. He's so good. So hard and so damn long! Oh Jesus, Larry, I think it's in my throat!" George was standing next to Louise and said, "No, baby! I'm going to be in your throat. Open wide, Lou!"

She smiled and began to suck his cock. When I looked down again from behind Louise, I saw that Larry was completely inside Louise. My God, his balls were resting on her asshole. And her legs were up over her head as Larry held her and slowly pulled about 5 inches out before pushing back into her. She moaned as he started to fuck her. In less than a minute, she was climaxing and cumming and crying out, telling the world how good it felt to have such a big cock inside her pussy!

Then, George, the guy with his cock in her mouth, pulled out and Larry rolled them over so he was under Louise now. He pulled her with his hands around her ass and lifted her up. When he did, Jack moved over her and slowly inserted his cock into her ass. He took his time and worked it in with her juices and the lubrication he had on his hands. It took a few minutes and the two waited for him.

I could feel the black guy playing with my tits and soon he was standing behind me rubbing his black cock up and on my slit! I told him to stop; I wanted to see Louise get double penetrated. He didn't listen and I stopped bothering with him as I saw Jack was now fully inside Louise's ass. Then Jack said, "Ready, baby? Ready to be fucked crazy?"

Louise moaned out the word, "Yes!"

And then they started. Jack began pumping his cock in and out of her ass as she lay on top of Larry. Larry moved his cock in and out of her pussy as best he could with her on top and Jack on to of her. She was sandwiched between them! Amazing!

I felt the lips of my pussy being probed and knew George, the black man, was trying to push his cock into me. I opened my legs wider for him and then I felt the fat cock head pushing past the lips and enter me. He stretched the walls of my vaginal tunnel wider as the head moved up into me. I moaned as he started to pump his dick into me. I was hanging over the back of the bed watching Louise being fucked royally and this black guy was fucking me from behind.

He was holding my hips now and driving his big dick into me. Again and again and again he rammed it up into my hole, giving me all he had. I could hear his balls slapping against the under part of my pussy. I saw Jack and Larry's balls slapping Louise between her legs.

As I was watching, I began to feel my own orgasm starting inside me from the black guy fucking me. He was bending over me now and bit my back and shoulder as he used his fingers to stimulate my clit! In and out, in and out, he pumped his cock in a very nice, steady rhythm!

I began to push back onto his cock, taking it hard, as he rubbed my clit faster and faster. It hurt and felt good at the same time. His other hand squeezed and pulled hard on my right nipple. I moaned deeply as I could feel my pussy contracting and I climaxed! My ass rammed back into him as he fucked me faster and harder. As my body went wild, cumming and climaxing on his black cock, he moaned from the feel of my vaginal muscles holding his cock and fucking it just as Jack had taught me.

Again and again the black man pushed his cock into me. I felt him thicken and knew he was about to cum! I looked around saw the look of pure lust on his face. He was straining not to cum but I knew he would. He pushed one last time and held his cock as deeply in me as he could get it! I used my vagina and squeezed his dick as hard as I could, holding him in me as deeply as I could. I felt his cock harden more and he began to cum. His cock actually felt hotter and harder as his release came and he held my hips, pushing into me far as his cock could reach. I felt his body against my ass and could feel his cock throbbing as the cum pumped into me. He moaned like an animal and then, finally, he was done. He held me from behind for a long time before he pulled his limp cock out of my pussy.

Then, it was over and I realized I had just fucked my first black man. My husband, Bud, hated them and always told me how they abused women, especially white women. They loved to degrade them and make them into whores for their friends to fuck and then dumped them like the whores they now were. He also told me that they loved to fuck married, white women and hoped to knock them up so their husbands would know they fucked a black guy! It was a big kick for them. I knew if he ever found out about this that he would kill me. I mean, he would kill me. I'm serious, he would kill me.

While the orgasm I had with this black man was good, but nothing special, I realized I had taken another step down the ladder of degrading myself more and more. Then, I snapped out of it and was thinking rumors of blacks making white women go wild and crazy were just that, rumors. He was just another man, and only that! Oh, the guy had a nice size cock and fucked well but again, nothing special. Both Jack and Bud were each as good, maybe better. And the black guy had worked so hard at fucking me, he was wet and covered with his own perspiration. He actually smelled a little bit with his body odor. I was a little glad when he got off of me and walked over to get a drink, leaving me there so I could watch the fucking going on right in front of me.

I moaned as I watched Jack's cock shaft begin to turn white and get very wet as his cum covered it more each time he pumped it into Louise's ass. I knew he had cum. Meanwhile, Larry was lifting all of them up off the bed as he pushed his big dick into Louise over and over again. Louise was now cumming and having orgasms and orgasms and crying out. She shuddered and was shaking and began to tell everyone again how good it felt to be fucked by two men at the same time.

I was still bent over the bed as I watched Larry and Louise now. Jack had pulled out and moved off of them. It was just the two of them now and she was going wild fucking Larry's big cock. She looked like a doll on the end of a pole. Larry had speared her and was bouncing her up and down on his cock like a toy. Jack came over and pulled her up so she was sitting up. She began to bounce up and down on Larry as I watched the big dick going in and out of her body, stretching her pussy as if she was beginning to dilate and have a baby. Jack said, "Ask her, Annie. Ask her how it feels."

I didn't have to; I could see it on her face. She was in heaven and the lust and thrill on her face was one I will always remember. She looked at me and softly said, "Oh, Annie. It's so good. Jesus Christ, baby! I fucking love this! Don't you! Don't you love having sex like this?"

I smiled and said, "Yes! I love it, Louise. I love it too! Can I take a turn?"

She laughed as she slowly lifted off of Larry and moved to the side. He smiled and said, "Come and get it, baby."

I moved up and straddled Larry's hips. I felt a hand and saw Louise guiding the tip of Larry's big wet slippery cock to my pussy hole. Louise had cum all over it and I forced the head up into me. I felt the pain as my pussy lips opened wider than I had ever imagined them doing. Slowly, very, very slowly, I squatted and moved my body down on this fuck pole! I eventually felt the cock head push inside me. Once the head was in, it was easier to take the long, thick shaft. More and more of it was slowly moving into my body. It was like nothing I ever felt before. There was some pain at first. Then, as my body got accustomed to the size of Larry's big dick, the pain ebbed and the pleasure began.

And Larry was good, too. He moved slowly and easily and took my feelings into consideration. He stopped when I asked him to stop and pushed when I was Ok again. It took a few minutes and as we worked, I realized everyone was watching me take the biggest cock I had ever seen up inside my pussy. I could actually see it moving up inside my lower stomach as it made a little lump as the shaft went in further and further.

And then he was all the way in me! My God, I had taken all of him and he was fully inside my body. I never felt so full in my life. His cock was wonderful. It was so long it was just touching my cervix and so thick it stretched my entire pussy hole and rubbed the walls all around, stimulating every nerve ending I knew I had and some that I never knew I had before. Fantastic, was all I could think of saying, as he began to fuck me nicely with a smooth in and out motion. In seconds, he made my hair stand up straight and my ears turned red and my body began to shake as I climaxed within seconds of him moving in and out of me.

I hardly felt any pain, even at first, but now, all I felt was the sheer joy of being fucked like I have never, in my life, been fucked before. Now, as we moved together, I was cumming and cumming and cumming. My body shook and I moaned and my cum flowed out of me and covered and coated his cock so very nicely! With this nice, wet juice filling my hole and coating Larry's cock, the friction was much less and we began to develop our own rhythm and fucked smoothly and long. Larry made me cum almost continuously once we actually started. I was sitting on his cock and we were bouncing up and down as I faced him.

I couldn't believe how good he was making me feel. And his control was spectacular. Again and again we changed positions while everyone in the room watched both of us fuck as Jack continued filming us. I wasn't at all embarrassed; my how the times have changed. I wanted more and more of Larry's cock. I moaned for him to fuck me faster and he did. I moaned for him to fuck me harder and he did that, too.

I needed more of Larry now. He took me on top and then from behind and we lay flat on the bed with my one leg up in the air and Larry behind me and we fucked some more. Then, he had me sit on him again and wrap my legs around him. He sat on the bed, his legs hanging off the bed and I was sitting completely on his lap facing him with his big dick buried all the way in me. He held me tightly and told me not to move. I moaned because I wanted to move. I felt like going crazy on his cock and he told me not to move. We stayed like that for a long time. I could feel his big dick way up inside me and I could feel it jumping and throbbing deep in my womb! I moaned that I had to move and he told me, "No!" He wanted me to stay just as I was and wanted me to work my vaginal muscles.

It seemed as if time stood still as we held each other, kissing, and then he licked my full breasts. As he held me, he told me to lift my breasts up and feed his mouth. I did and he sucked and licked each one. Then, he began biting my nipples and pulling on them with his teeth. I moaned as my head went back and my rapture was taking over my body. And still he didn't fuck me or let me move. My body was just like Louise's now. It was a doll on a long pole. Larry held me like that until I cried out and began to cum on his cock. I rocked and moved as best that I could as he held me tight. With my legs wrapped around him and sitting, I couldn't move much at all. But God, did I orgasm! Somehow, Larry had driven my body wild with excitement and lust. I cried out as he held me and felt my pussy thumping and squeezing his cock as hard as I could, keeping my vaginal muscles squeezing tightly around his shaft. I screamed as my climax swept over me completely! I cried with want. I wanted to move to fuck him. I almost screamed, "I have to move, Larry! I'm going crazy! I have to fuck your cock."

He smiled and kissed me and then he lay back and pulled me down on him. He rolled us over and was on top of me.

He stood up now and lifted my legs. He had them over my head as my ass was just on the edge of the bed, lifting up and down as we fucked each other. Then, Larry lifted my legs higher and pushed my knees down on my breasts. He began to give me what I wanted, needed, hell, I had been demanding for the last half of hour! He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me.

Larry fucked me long and deeper and harder than I had ever been fucked before. The group watched as his cock pumped into me giving me 7 or 8 inches each time he pushed it in or pulled it out! My clit was huge, red and angry! My "G" spot throbbed and my asshole squeezed tight as I climaxed and climaxed and climaxed on Larry's big cock!

I began to scream, then I heard myself moaning. I began to cry from the pure pleasure and passion releasing from my body! And, and, then, I screamed again as I peaked to a completely new orgasmic level I had never been to before. I had reached a place and feeling inside my body I never known before. Heaven; it had to be.

I had the most violent, intense and long lasting orgasm I ever had. Without a doubt, Larry had gotten me off like no other man or woman had ever done. I was panting and gasping and I was squeezing his cock as hard and as deep as I could. I was having trouble getting air. I was dizzy when I first felt it!

His cock got much, much harder and thicker, so much thicker than even before. I felt it get hot, not warm, but hot in my pussy! He moaned out with a bellow that sounded more animalistic than human and he began to cum!

He released my legs and I quickly wrapped them around his back and tried to pull him into my cunt even deeper. "My God", I cried out as if I had been hurt but I wasn't. "Oh fuck, yes, Oh yes, Larry, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

My words were slurred and I was stuttering as shot after wonderfully warm shot of cum pumped into my birthing canal and filled me. The cum was still dripping out of my pussy hours later as I got home and showered. It was still leaking out of me as I slept next to Bud that night. In the morning, I had to wear a pad as if I was having my period. I was still leaking.

It was one of those things in your life you always remembered no matter how long you live. It was one of those things that most likely could never be repeated. Oh, I would fuck more men and, in fact, I would fuck Larry, too. In fact, Larry was one of my weekly fucks, now when Bud was out of town. But, we never had a time where my orgasm was as intense or as good as that first time he took me in that hotel room with everyone there watching us, watching me.

Oh, we tried, God knows we tried, a hundred times before it was over with and Larry moved on. He was tired of me now. He had his fill of my body and now I almost had to beg him to see me once in awhile. I would call him every week but saw him once every three months or so. And then, it was no where near as good as it once was. Where once, it was Larry who wanted me and had to have my body, my pussy, and to fuck me. Now, it was me who had to have him, his body and to fuck him. I never had another orgasm like that first time.

Larry would fuck me for over a half an hour each time we were together before he shot his load. But then, he would get up and leave minutes after he was done. Oh, he made me cum, God, did he make me cum. But there was no romance, no softness and no kindness with our mating. And that's what it was, mating. He would fuck me, I would fuck him and we would both climax. Well, with me, it was three or four times, actually.

Once, he had taken my body, stretched my pussy and driven me to sexual heights; I was addicted to it now. He had made me another of his personal little fuck toys. After that, the excitement didn't seem to be there for him. There was no act, no matter how dirty or perverted, that he could not make me do for him. And I did them with ultimate enjoyment, trying desperately to please him and make him want to come back to me. I didn't love him. I lusted for him. But one day, when I was with Jack and telling him how I missed Larry's big cock, he more or less told me to move on with my life. There were always big cocks but they weren't the same as a girl's first, I guess. At least, that's how it was for me.

I had fucked a black man, an oriental and God knows how many other men. I had done things with women, yes, more than one at a time. I had done a daisy chain and been gang banged by four women with dildos. I had been gang banged but four men all with big cocks. And I had taken a cock in my ass and pussy and sucked another one at the same time.

I was sure I had pretty much done everything now. But, I was wrong. Jack told me I was now ready to move to the next level.

And still, when I got home, my husband, Bud, didn't seem to think anything was wrong. Even that first night with Larry, when I had trouble walking correctly the next two days Bud was supportive. I told him I had pulled a muscle in my groin and thigh trying to lift a big, old guy up at the hospital. Bud only asked how he could help me. I told him, "I should have waited for the orderly to help me. The man had fallen out of bed and I was just walking past his door. I pressed the call button but didn't wait. It was a big mistake. We're going to have to wait to have sex baby until my back is better."

Bud gave me a heating pad and waited on me hand and foot for three days. The heating pad couldn't touch where I was hurting. It was too deep inside my pussy tunnel. I waited a week before I let Bud near it. By then, you pussy had gotten back to normal again from having Larry's big dick in it!

It's amazing how a pussy can stretch and then snap back to normal after a while. I was a little bigger than I was before, but Bud never questioned me or seemed to care. I think it was the way I could squeeze the walls of my pussy around his cock shaft that kept him from noticing anything.

Then, our vacation came and 7 days on a cruise to Mexico gave me more than enough time to introduce Bud to some new ideas in the bedroom. We also did it outside at night, in two places, with people close by. We even did it one night with the curtains to our room opened. Bud was amazed as to what I could do now, as we continued to try a few new things and he loved them all. Again, I told him I had worked on these and trained from the videos I had rented. They were a surprise for him and he fucked me like never before. Every night, we did it! Every night with my husband and only him and God we loved it together.

We hadn't done every night since our honeymoon. And now we were both so much better at it than back then. Neither of us had known very much at all. Bud could eat my pussy so very much better now. And he was learning to fuck me the way I loved being fucked. He was a quick learner; I had to say that for him. By the time the trip was over, I had to say I was fucked out and so was Bud. We were a happy and very loving for a couple of weeks before we fell back into the rut of once or twice a week. And on Saturday night, sometimes on Friday, and sometimes, a very few times, we did it more than twice a week. But, I felt I was completely safe and he wasn't aware of anything going on.

Bud traveled 3 days every other week of the month. This meant he was gone a total of 6 nights and 8 days each month. Now that I was hooked on big cocks, Jack told me he would fix me up with some. Enough even for me, he said. And we both laughed. It was then that I knew I could move on to what was my final level. Jack was hosting parties and, twice a month, I was asked to attend and work with Louise and a few other girls and Jack.

We were officially called hostesses but we were there to entertain the men, women and couples. We were told we would earn $5,000 a night but we had to do whatever the person who wanted us asked of us. I, of course, agreed immediately, wondering what would be done to me. Jack told me that everyone at these parties was sexually active and extremely hungry for young, beautiful women like me. That made me feel very nice, thinking I was still desirable to other men besides my husband and Jack. And besides, after Larry I was hooked completely on big cocks and I was always looking for a new one to get me to that level I had only experienced once in my life.

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