tagLoving WivesShe Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 05

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 05


Again thanks to Tigger for his help in making this story much more readable.


When I came home from work on Monday, Bud was already there. He had champagne and roses and a gift-wrapped in beautiful paper. He told me he had gotten the promotion and had received almost a $10,000 pay increase. If he worked out in the position and lasted past the six-month probationary period, he would get another $20,000 increase. My God, that would be $30,000 more a year. Plus, he now got stock options and a much better profit sharing program that only senior management received. It was a dream come true for him and me.

We both knew the money he would earn would get us out of all of our debt within a year. After we talked, I promised we would work to start a family when he got off the new job probationary period. That would still give me another five or six months or so to continue my sexual affair and my other life styles. I was enjoying that very much now.

As Bud and I talked about the new job and promotion he had been given, he told me the other part of the changes. He would have to leave every other week for a 3 and sometimes 4-day trip. That was his schedule. Work a full week in town as well as the following Monday and then leave on his trip, returning on Thursday or Friday night. There was also a chance he would have to work on that Saturday if they didn't get the work done during the 3 or 4 day week. In those unusual, longer periods of time when he worked on Saturdays, he wouldn't be home until Sunday afternoon. He could be in one of four different cities but he promised to call me every night.

While I told him I would miss him terribly, since he had never been away for more than one or, on rare occasions, two nights in the past. But his being away would allow me to enjoy the sex I was receiving even more. I asked him to figure out his schedule as soon as he could determine it and I would schedule my shifts at the hospital to match his. That way I could work the doubles when I was needed and earn my own money and still be there when he was home again. We worked out a plan and agreed on how we would set it up.

I had sex with Jack, the man who took me into this new way of life, twice a month, regardless if Bud was gone or not. We set it up so I would fuck him in the hotel right next to the hospital when Bud was in town. That way if there were a problem, my beeper would go off. If it didn't, I was free to stay over 4 hours with him. What he did to me in those four hours was unbelievable. So I was a lot happier about the situation and how I could hide it so well from my husband.

When Bud was out of town or whenever I could, I had Louise for some lesbian love about once a week. When Bud was gone for sure, that's when I had that big cock Larry. It was usually twice during the time Bud was gone. My pussy was becoming very accustomed to Larry's big cock now and it didn't hurt anywhere near what it did that first time. Larry showed me how fucking should be done. He also showed me how my orgasms could be better, longer and much more intense as he stuffed me with his cock like people stuff a turkey on Thanksgiving! Boy did he fuck me!

Actually, that was before Larry decided to move on. Sadly, I was sure it had been that 19-year old natural blond dance with the 34-D breasts, the 19-inch stomach and 34 inch hips. Plus, she had that smooth, laser-shaved pussy I had seen and ever tasted twice. Yes, I had sex with her and Larry one night at one of Jack's parties and that's when she took him away from me as well as away all the other women who wanted him. You have to understand she was the best looking and most erotic woman/girl I have ever met. She fucked Larry as much as Larry fucked her. She was his equal.

And now, once, or sometimes twice, when Bud was gone away for sure, I attended one of Jack's sex parties as a hostess. I usually worked from 8 PM and went home around 2 AM in the morning. That is, unless I was with someone and then I stayed until he or she was finished with my body and I satisfied him or her or both.

When I was at a party I always had my home phone forwarded to the cell phone I used and which Jack paid for. It worked perfectly. I always knew when Bud was going to call me from him telling the night before when we set it up. Since he entertained and worked he told me when he would call. I told him I would take my break at the hospital the same time and then we would have enough time to chat for a little while and then say good night to each other. Jack gave me the idea and it worked great with my husband.

Jack had me working the parties twice a month now for about four months in a row. I had a total of eight parties under my belt and was becoming an old hand at it. There were at last a dozen men who always came to every party. They were the regulars. And they always picked the same woman or women to have sex with at these parties. I knew all their names and it was usually good old Fred who I took first and then usually last each night. We had been friends for almost a year and a half now.

I had received my bonuses from the various favors I did for the guests each week. Jack scheduled me to work his parties whenever I was free and wanted to do them. He now didn't even ask, he told me to just show up if I wanted to work them. I told him yes every time Bud was out of town.

I was happy to do it for him. I now realized I could fuck more than ever at these parties and every once in awhile I would learned a new trick, or was taught something new to try out with Bud later when he came home. Being a hostess at Jack's parties also earned me big money.

I remembered that first night that Bud and I had worked out all the details of his traveling and then we walked up stairs into the bedroom and began to make love. I was already planning what and how I would do it with the people Jack seemed to have with him every time he came to town. I knew I was going to be able to get wilder now that my husband was away. Getting myself fucked while my husband was out of town working let me cut loose and not have to worry about him catching me.

When we were in bed, I kissed Bud and almost raped him. I was so hot to fuck that night! This was fantastic luck for me and as I was thinking about it, I realized it was really a good thing for Bud, too. I would be able to show him all that I learned including letting him have my ass to fuck. That would be the very first reward I would give him when he came home from his first trip.

I loved Bud very much. I know, I know that sound funny and like bull shit, but you have to know a woman's mine. I knew he had worked his ass off to get the promotion and that he loved his job. He might love his job as much or even more than he loved me, but in a different sort of way.

It was sort of like how I loved my time with my different lovers. I loved them too, in a different way than I loved my Buddy. That night was raw sex and we both had fantastic orgasms. Bud was drained completely when we finally went to sleep.

As I drove to work the next morning, a song called "I've Been Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart" came on the radio. I smiled at the words and felt that would be exactly what would happen to me if Bud ever found out about my other lifestyle.

I made a mental note not to bring anyone back to my house, ever! Even if Bud was out of town, I decided I would never bring any lover home with me. The sex and all the things I was experimenting would always be done away from home and only when I was sure I was safe. That was a new rule that was added to my list of "Things not to do to keep my affairs covered up". This one would go up near the top.

The first time Bud left to go out of town, I didn't go out at all. I stayed home and actually watched one of those sex movies about double penetration. I used the forwarding options on the phone and when Bud called, it worked perfectly and I talked to him on the cell phone as I sat in bed masturbating. I told him what I was doing and he listened to me orgasm for him. That first time Bud was away, I went over everything I was going to do when he went away again, just to make sure it all worked. It did, like a charm! I was now sure I could carry out my hosting and Bud would never know.

The movie, oh yes, the movie I watched, what was it about? Oh yeah, now I remember. It was about two men who were fucking the hell out of a beautiful young white woman with big tits and a shaved pussy. One was in her ass and the other was fucking her pussy. When the door opened, she saw her husband and screamed. He calmly walked over and unzipped his slacks and pushed an even bigger cock into her mouth. She had all holes filled now and went wild making the men cum. Then, another big-breasted beautiful black woman came in and licked her and all the men clean. The two women then made love while the three men watched. Then, it was sort of a fuck fest until the movie ended. But the instructions about double penetration were good and I knew I wanted to try it.

I smiled, thinking if only my husband would do that to me. If he ever saw me with two other men I would love for him to pull out his cock and stuff it in my mouth. . But I realized he would never join in. No, not Bud, either he would kill all three of us, or walk out the door and go directly to the lawyer's office or maybe kill the two men and then go to the lawyer's office. But either way, that would be the end of our marriage and me.

No, Bud was too straight and way too much of a macho male to ever let me have other men knowingly. I also knew he would never be a cuckold like those wimps in the stories where they like to watch their wives being fucked silly by other men while they sit there jerking off. I could never figure that one out. Oh, I mean, I know why the women do it and love it so much. I mean hell; they had the very best of both worlds. But, what do the men get out of it? I mean, I'm no man and I don't have a cock. But, certainly having a woman's pussy or her mouth wrapped around your cock men, is far better than masturbating with your hands. I mean, isn't it? Never mind; don't answer that, I won't understand if you said no. But, I knew that wasn't Bud!

Having Bud away was different and so were the affairs I was having. I was much more relaxed now whenever Bud was away and I was either meeting Jack in his hotel or going to Louise's house on the nights I met with her. I was learning new things about sex I never realized before and becoming a much better woman to fuck. I knew now I could get any man to want me once they had me. My vagina was as strong as any woman's and I could hold a cock so tightly in it, it felt like I had it in my hand. I made men moan with delight, including my husband.

Then my life really got interesting as Jack took me to my first party as a hostess. As I'm sure you can guess, the women who came to these parties earned a great deal of money. How much? Well, let's just say, I could earn as much as Bud's $10,000 raise by attending about five of Jack's parties. That's right, every party I was a hostess at would net me $2,000 a night and my money was tax-free. And if I was recommended to Jack as one of the best women there, or did something special for a man or lady, then another bonus was given to me a week later.

There was only one catch. And I bet you can guess what that one catch was, too. Right! Hostesses were more like expensive call girls. Oh we were treated very well and had the run of the house where the party was held. Most of the homes were huge, with 7 or 8 or more bedrooms. They were needed since there was sex going on all the time and the men had their choice of the hostesses. Over the course of the evening, I could have a large number of men who had some sort of sex with me. Most fucked me.

Or, if some guy wanted something special, I could spend the entire night with just him. Some men had regular sex with me while some only wanted to be sucked off because their wives wouldn't do it for them. Some others wanted everything done to them, sucked and fucked, and then sucked again and fucked again. And still others only wanted to empty their balls and cum in one of my holes and they went back to the party and looked for another lady to fill up. Those were not my favorite types. They would take me to a room, open my legs, shove their cocks into me, pump and dump their loads and then move on. However, only a few wanted a quick fuck or suck. Most men wanted a good, long fucking.

It seemed to me that I got a bigger bonus if I made it last as long as I could with these men. The good, long fuck was also something they didn't get at home. They were older men, 50 and up and their wives seemed to be tired and didn't want to fuck them any more or just not enough. Or the wives were now very fat and didn't arouse the men any longer. It was sort of sad. I wondered if Bud would ever feel that way about me. I made a mental note to keep working out and to stay in shape for Bud, and my lovers.

But, there were also some very special men there, too! And various situations that happened along the way. There were men who really knew how to fuck a woman and to treat her right. Some even wanted to lick my pussy, but that was early in the night before my pussy was filled with some other stranger's cum.

I have a lot of good stories to tell you about those hostess days. They will be told but that will be for another time and another story coming later if you want them.

But, I will give you an example. There was this one time when a father came with his son. He was young, maybe 18 or 19, most definitely under 21. He was tall and very well built and nice looking. His dad was nice looking too, around fifty but without that fifty's gut for a stomach. Both guys were in shape and I waited on them most of the early evening.

I found out from old dad that his son was a virgin and dad was going to get him laid tonight. Oh, and dad told me he was going to get laid, too. He decided that I was the one he wanted his son to have for his first time.

It was sort of funny. The father told me, "Look princess, I want my son to know how it is to have his cock fucked off. I want Calvin," yes, that was his name! Calvin!!! No wonder he hadn't been laid before. Anyway, the old man said, "I want him to learn how to fuck. If you're good to him, I'll be good to you. OK? Understand?"

I smiled and told him I did and I asked him if he wanted to go first? He told me no, Calvin would be first.

That was the first time Calvin had ever been with a woman in a bedroom alone. When I shut the door, Calvin was all over me. He practically raped me. Well, I was only wearing a thong and high heel. That was the "uniform" Jack insisted we all wear. I told Calvin, "Not so hard, baby! Go easy, sugar! We have as long as it takes."

I finally made him stop trying so hard and he let me show him how easy it was to fuck me. I also started lesson number one on how to please a woman. I said, "Now your dad wants you to learn how to please a woman, not just fuck her. So look, just follow what I tell you and you'll learn. OK?"

He said, "I can't wait, Annie! I have to fuck you now before it's too late! I'm going to cum in my pants soon if I don't fuck you now! I mean look at you You're every man's dream! God you are so beautiful!"

I smiled and told him to let me see his cock. As he took off his clothes, I removed my thong and opened my legs, letting him see me. I saw his 6-inch cock jumping and a long drop of clear pre-cum hanging from his pee hole. I said, "Come here, Calvin. Stand in front of me."

He did and I could see he was in pain, he was so hard! His cock was throbbing and hard as a rock. I took it in my hand and he moaned. Another drop of pre-cum leaked out. As I put the hard cock head to my lips, I looked up into his eyes and said, "Look at me! Look at my mouth, Calvin!"

He did and I engulfed his cock all the way down to the hairline. He moaned and grabbed my hair. I moaned from the pain of having my hair pulled. I slid my mouth off the shaft and sucked all around the cock head. In just a few seconds, he started to cum! He moaned and moaned and pumped his 6 inches into my mouth, fucking it wildly. He shot a large load and I took it and showed him I was swallowing it! He moaned again as he finished and I felt his cock begin to soften.

I smiled and told him not to worry, he would get hard again and then we could fuck. I explained that a young man like him could go a much longer time after he gets off the first time.

I lay on the bed and cleaned his soft cock. Then I lay back on the bed and opened my legs wide, so he could see my pussy. I told Calvin to sit next to me and I explained to him how to touch me and explore my body and please me. As he did, I gave him more instructions and showed him how to touch me properly. I explained my body and then had him squeezing my breasts and sucking the nipples. He was smiling like a clown when he came back up and kissed my mouth.

There was a rap on the door. I got up and answered it. It was dad. I told dad I had sucked his son's cock and made him cum. Now, he could come in and watch as I taught the boy what a woman likes and how to please her. He told me to come and get him when we were done. He wanted to leave Calvin to me. I came back to bed and told the boy to move around now and sit between my legs. I used his fingers to open my pussy and explained the points of interest to him. I gave detailed instructions on my clit and my pussy tunnel. I took his fingers and showed him how to touch me and then I took his middle finger and inserted it into my hot, wet, pussy hole. He moaned and said, "Oh God, Annie, you are so beautiful!"

I thanked him and saw him as he licked his lips; I also saw his little, soft cock begin to rise again. I knew he could do it! Then I said, "A woman likes to be sucked too, Calvin. We like to be sucked just like men do. And we are very, very grateful when a man does that to us. Here, bend down and kiss my right here." I pointed at the center of my pussy.

Calvin learned how to eat pussy correctly that night. It took me almost a half an hour of trial and error to get him to do me right. But I put up with all his licking and sucking for the sake of mankind! But brother, he was a quick learner and soon had my hips bucking up into his face. My words of encouragement helped, too. Young Calvin would now be the hit of the college campus.

Finally I couldn't take it any longer; his tongue licked me like a cat licks cream from a cup. I arched and began to fuck his face. I said, "Suck me, Calvin, suck me, don't stop. I'm cumming! Yes, baby! That's it, good boy! Good boy, Calvin!"

I had to give him credit; Calvin loved it as much as I was. Then finally, I flooded his mouth with my cum this time and he smiled up at me, covered with it. He looked like a glazed donut!

Then, I told him to move up and lay on top of me. I felt his hard cock pushing between my legs. He wasn't inside me but was pushing against me. He kissed me and I sucked my cum off his tongue as I reached between us and took hold of his cock. I lifted my knees, bending them outward as I put the cock head against my pussy opening! I said, "Push it into me, Calvin! Fuck me now! Now is the time, baby! Now you are going to feel a woman's tunnel for the first time, baby!"

He moaned very loudly as he pushed his cock into me with one long, slow movement and began to hump on me like some dumb ass. I guided him into a more even movement and he learned. We were fucking nicely and I was getting to the point of an orgasm, when I felt his cock stiffen and get harder and then I felt it get thicker, and then little more thicker and I knew he was about to cum. I told him, "No! No, don't cum yet! Hold off, try and hold off, Calvin!"

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