tagLoving WivesShe Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 06

She Bounced from the Gutter Ch. 06


My great thanks to Tigger for his help in proof reading and correcting my many grammatical errors. He made this story much more readable and I hope enjoyable for everyone.

I will remember that day forever. It was a female voice that was on the other end of the phone and she said, "Hello! Is this Mrs. Johnson, Bud Jackson's wife? Is this Annie?"

I said, "Yes, who's calling?"

The lady's voice on the other end said, "Well, this is Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Bud Jackson, too. I'm Bud's other wife and I think we should meet."

I said, "What? That's not funny, lady! Who is this?"

She said, "I told you, Ann, I'm Bud Jackson's wife! My name is Alice and I really think we need to meet. Would you do that for me? We can do it at your home if you prefer. I can come to your home on Bramblewood drive or you may come to my house but either way we have to talk. We have a lot of things to discuss and we have to decide on how to handle this situation. Oh, I have my son with me, too, but he's 18 months old, but really is no problem."

I stuttered and asked her, "How do you know me and where I live?"

She said, "Oh, I know everything now about Bud's other wife. Look, we need to talk. OK? I'll come to your house if you'd like. In fact, it might be better that way. I know Bud is on his way home this afternoon after his meeting ends and we could wait for him together. We have a number of decisions to make with him tonight. But, I think we need to talk one on one before that happens."

I sat there for a few moments and then I asked, "Where are you?"

She said, "At home in Dallas."

I told her to take a cab and come to the house. She said she had her car and, as she only lived in Dallas, it was just about an hour's drive from where I lived! We agreed that we would meet at my house in about an hour. I felt a chill run up my back as I stepped into the shower and wondered what the hell was going on.

When the clock read 2:07 PM, I saw a silver sedan pull into the driveway. A tall woman with long blonde hair got out of the car and walked to the back door and took a small baby out of the back seat. Then, she walked to the front door of my home. She carried the small baby with her on her hip along with a baby bag. I opened the door for her before she could use the knocker.

She didn't smile but held out her hand and said, "Hello, Ann. My name is Alice and I'm married to your husband, too. I have been for almost two years now. May I come in? I think we have a great deal to talk about."

I held the door and she walked into the living room and sat down with the baby. She said, "This is Todd, he's two years old and Bud is his father. I was already 3 months along when we decided to get married."

Todd was my husband's given name. I said, "Well, if it's true, Alice, and I don't for a minute believe you. But if it's true, it's not a legal and true marriage, Alice, is it? I mean I have been married to Bud for over five years now. Do you have any proof of this so called marriage, and that Bud is the father of this baby?"

She smiled for the first time and opened the rather large carry-on type of handbag she had with her. As she handed me copies of the birth certificate and marriage license, she said, "I was sure you would feel this way, Ann, and I tried to bring everything I needed to show you I'm serious. I am married to Bud and Todd is his son."

My face was red. I knew it and my heart felt like it was about to explode. I had to sit down. I looked over the two certificates and knew they were for real. Then, looking at Alice, I said, "My God. He's got two wives!"

Alice said, "And he has a son!"

I began to cry. I asked, "What…….what is going on?"

Alice said, "Well, I've already cried all the tears I have inside me, Ann, when I found out about you. I had no idea either, believe me. I guess you; too, had no idea and it hit you like it did me when I found out! I'm all cried out! I'm here today to see you and work something out about the baby and the marriage. We have to confront Bud and see what we're going to do about all of this."

I was stunned, to say the least. I didn't know what to say or even how to begin a conversation with this woman. I was speechless for the moment. So Alice continued by telling me, "In the beginning, Ann, we dated for about four months whenever he was away from you. We had sex after the third date and it was soft and gentle and good. And it got better as time went by and we saw each other more. We seemed to get closer and closer each time we met and I had no idea he had another life. Then, one night after we were both sexually drained, he asked me if I wanted to go to Vegas with him for a four-day vacation. Of course, I told him yes. When we arrived and were having sex in the big oval bathtub the hotel had in the room, he asked me to marry him that night. Again I said yes and we were married that next morning. We spent four wonderful days together mostly in that big bed."

She asked me if she could have a drink of water and I got her one. Then, Alice continued, telling me about my husband's other life with her.

She said, "But, in the beginning, Bud spent a great deal of time away from home traveling and telling me he was working and working and working. He told me that once he got the promotion he was after, he wouldn't have to travel so much. He said he was in the process of training someone to take his place on the road. So, during almost the entire first 10-13 months of our marriage, he didn't spend very much time with me. I had the baby and then he seemed to be home more often and stayed longer each time."

She looked at me and saw the concern and pain on my face. Then, she continued by saying, "Then, about 6 months ago it started to get even better. He began to spend even more and more time with me, even many of the weekends he was home. The sad thing is, I bet he was now doing to you what he did to me. I bet you think he has been traveling more and more all that time. Didn't you, Ann?"

I looked surprised and told her, "My God that's exactly what has been happening to me, Alice."

I looked at her and saw that she was pretty, not super gorgeous, but very attractive. Thin but not too thin, and tall, maybe 5'6" or 5'7". She had a nice figure with decent size breasts for being as thin as she was. I figured it was from nursing the baby, her breasts were full of baby milk!

She sat back and wiped her nose as I wiped my own now. She had on a nice outfit consisting of slacks and a top that opened in the front so she could feed the baby. She had a bra on, too, to hold her breasts up and I was sure the front opened so the baby could suck her nipples. The baby played on the floor with some rattles and rolled around; he was good. She had blue eyes and long blonde hair. And she seemed very nice, in a sort of everyday housewife Plain-Jane sort of way. But she wasn't nasty or mad at me and she talked as if she had been raised properly. She was actually friendly towards me.

She said, "Bud called me yesterday and told me he would be flying home in two days. But when I checked with the airlines, they told me he was scheduled to arrive home today. I figured he would be coming here first to see you. Then, spend two days with you, before he would leave you again and come home to me. Then, he would go into work. That's how it has been, Ann, for almost the two years we have been sharing him.

I was still in shock. I said, "So…..Alice. How did you find out about all this? I mean……I didn't have a clue, not a damn clue. He's been exactly like he has always been except he was now the one who didn't want to start a family…..with me anyway. You see, it used to be me who didn't want any kids. But now, I'm starting to think it's him who doesn't want babyren. Wait until next year, he said."

Alice smiled just a little, then she looked at me and a sad expression crossed her face. She said, "Oh God, Ann. I don't know how to tell you this, so I'm just going to say it. Bud had a vasectomy 6 months ago. He can't have any more babyren. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you that, but it's true. I've seen the small scars on his balls."

I began crying all over again. I said, "A VASECTOMY!!!!! I….I never…..never noticed any scars on his balls."

She said, "Well, believe me, they're there, Annie. I was there with him in the hospital when he had it done. Bud is shooting blanks; he can't make a baby with you. He's been like that for months. I'm so sorry I was the one who had to tell you."

I dried for a long time. Finally I asked her again, "How did you find out about me? I had no clue about you."

She said, "Well, Ann, you've had something to keep you, shall we say, very occupied while Bud was away. I only had Todd here. So, I had time to do some……"

I interrupted her and said, "What do you mean by 'I had something to occupy me' while Bud was out of town?"

She said, "Oh, come on, Ann, you know what I'm talking about. All your friends, the friends that you have sex with when Bud is out of town. In fact, sometimes you have sex with them while he's still home. It's as if you do it whenever you can manage it."

I sat up straight and said, "WHAT? How….how do you know all about me? And, how do you know all about that, too?"

She said, " Well, I wasn't going to bring that up today. But now that it's out in the open, I'll tell you. I know two of your lovers, Ann. I know one of them very, very well."

I looked at her and said, "Really, and who would they be?"

She said, "Well, it's true, Ann. I know. See, old Fred……well…well, oh damn! Fred is…..my dad! I found out all about you and your friend's parties since the time that you took my brother's cherry and fucked my dad the same night. My brother told me privately he lost his cherry to a really beautiful older woman who showed him how to do a lot of things. We talked for a long time and I found out a great deal about what you do when Bud is away. We talked more and I found out you fucked my dad, too."

I was stunned. I asked, "But how did you know it was me?"

She smiled and said, "I know dad wasn't getting along with my mother and I think he was ready to leave her. But, thanks to you and your suggestions and help, they are now much better. And, I thank you for that! I'm very close to my parents and…..well we talked about what had changed and they both told me about you. Then I did some checking and followed Bud one day and, well, I found out first that he had another woman, which was you. Then, I found out he was married to her. Then, I found out what you did when he was away. Finally, I talked to my dad and he showed me the videos!"

I said, "What! Those videos were to be distributed only on the West Coast. How did he get one?"

Alice said, "He purchased it from Jack. Yes, I know about Jack and his parties. And I know you host them along with other girls. My dad told me what goes on and I saw it on the videos."

I just shook my head and said, "What else Alice? What else do you know?"

She said, "I'm not throwing this up to you, Ann, really I'm not. But, when I talked to dad he told me you came to his house. My parent's house that is, and even got my mother involved in your sexual activities. I know about the oral sex and I know my mother is very, very happy now. And my dad is, too. So, whatever you told them or showed them or did with them, they are very grateful to you. And actually, so am I. Without you, they would have separated, I'm sure. The sex you taught them and brought into their lives changed them and they are very happy seniors now."

She laughed at the idea of her dad and mom going crazy fucking and sucking, as she called it. I just looked at her and said, "How long have you known?"

She said, "Well, that got me interested in what my mother was doing and I found out more and more about you as time went on. Then, I found out you were married and, then, I found out from your neighbors you were married to Bud!"

I just sat there and listened to her tell me, "Look, I know, OK? I know all about you, Ann. I know you meet a woman once a week and have sex with her. I know you meet some man name Jake and have sex with him. And then, of course, there's that big cock Larry. Oh yes, Ann, I know him rather well, too. I dated him before I met Bud. He's a lot of fun in bed that's for sure. But you, sweetie, you really have been having fun, haven't you?"

I couldn't find the words again. I sat there listening to a woman I had only met 20 minutes ago, tell me all about my sexual affairs. She knew everything. Finally, I said, "What do you want, Alice? I mean, you are here, you must have some goal in mind for our meeting. What are going to do?"

Alice sat there looking at me. She said, "You are very beautiful, Ann. But then, you have a great life. You have had Bud with you most of the time without any kids. You've taken great vacations, long wonderful cruises and have had a great marriage with him. Me, I have the baby and when he comes to live with me, we don't have very much time together, just the two of us. When he leaves, you can party and not have to worry about any kids around. You are free and able to do whatever you want. I have to wait for him and wonder if this time he'll even come home to me. I know the sex he has with you must be so much different and more thrilling than the normal sex he has with me. I'm the wife and you're the mistress in the relationship. I know that now. He comes to you for the wild sex you can offer him. He comes to me for the family he doesn't have with you. It's strange but I think I have the best part of him now."

I sat there and asked her, "So what are you telling me? I should leave him and let you have him? Forget it, baby! That's not going to happen, believe it."

She said, "Well, I didn't think you would. Why not wait until he gets here and the three of us will talk. It's most likely going to be his decision, if we can reach one. But as far as I'm concerned, when I leave here, it's going to be with my husband and either you or I will be out of the picture forever. I won't share him with you, Ann. I can't do that any more."

I sat there and began to think about the two of us. I was fucking a half a dozen people and hosting parties that were nothing but sex parties. I would have to level with Bud about that. I also have the sex on my side. That is, I could take Bud places sexually she would never be able to do. That was a good benefit on my side.

Now with Alice, well, she on the other hand, had the baby, a boy with Bud's name. I knew she had the boy with her today to show Bud what he would be missing if he stayed with me. But, she was sort of a normal person and she didn't emphasize her sexuality. She was a nice enough looking woman and, in fact, she might even be beautiful when she fixed herself up. She was more the mother type and I was more the sexual part of the relationship we shared with our same spouse. Men liked both so much. I wasn't sure which Bud would want and I think Alice felt the same way.

Bud now had both of us and that really made me mad. But, with as much cheating as I had done, I couldn't say a word to him about being with Alice. I worried that all my sexual activities would come to the surface. I would try and head them off, telling Bud about some of the normal ones before she could do it. Yes, I would explain about them and show him he was the receiver, the one who got the benefits of my learning from the different people I was with. I would tell him he was just as bad, having another woman who was his wife. Hopefully, I could neutralize my cheating.

Alice and I both turned to look at the front door when we heard a car door slam and we knew a cab had pulled up into the driveway. Then, we waited and everything seemed to be in slow motion as Bud opened the front door. I knew my heart was in my mouth and, I was sure by the look on Alice's face, that she was scared, too. He started to yell, "Hon! Where are you….I'm hooome……where....?"

He stopped in mid sentence when he looked at the sofa and saw the two of us sitting together. He also saw his son sitting on the floor. Now it would begin.

Bud stood there looking at us and we both, sort of like in stereo, said, "Welcome….home."

Then, I said, "Look, why don't you get a drink and come and sit with Alice and me, and of course your son. I think we have a great deal of things to talk about, Bud."

He said, "I'm really glad you are both here. I will save everyone some time. You see, I have some things I need to tell both of you, too."

Then, he waited to see what we would say. Bud didn't say anything, not another word. He just nodded his head yes and went into the kitchen. A few minutes later, he came out and sat across from us. He still hadn't said a word. So, Alice broke the ice and said, "This is really uncomfortable for everyone, I know that. But, I need to know what you intend to do about this, Bud. I mean, when I leave here today, I will either have you fully in my life and your son's life or you won't be asked to come home with me. I'll ask you to sign the divorce papers I filed a few days ago. They will come to you if you are still living here. It's that simple, Bud. Who do you want? Ann or me? You can't have both, as far as I concerned. And you only get one chance with this, Bud, if you ever see Ann again except to sign the divorce papers with her, you'll be served by my lawyer. One wife, Bud, that's all you get. Understand?"

Bud didn't answer. He sat there and looked at Alice and then the baby on the floor. I could feel him slipping away from me with every passing second. I then sat up on the edge of the sofa and said, "Bud! Look at me."

He did and then he looked back at Alice. I didn't know what to say. Finally, to get his attention back to me, I asked him, "First, I would like to know why, Bud? Why did you do it? Why did you cheat on me and marry Alice. Was it the baby? Why, Bud?"

He turned towards me and then took a deep breath and looked directly at me as he said, "It happened accidentally, Ann. I met Alice accidentally one night when I found out you were cheating on me with some old guy."

I put my hand to my mouth and said, "You know about that? You know about Fred?"

He said, "Yes, and I know about his son, too. I know you were his first and that you took his male cherry on his birthday and helped to teach him how to please a woman. You sort of trained him, so his dad told me. You see, Fred was an old client and is still a good friend. We had dinner together one night when I was actually away working. When he told me what had happened, I had no idea at first that it was you who was the woman he was talking about. Then, he said he had pictures and a video of the entire thing. He seemed to be proud of it all!"

Bud took a drink and then said, "He told me over our dinner that his son was just turning 18 and for his birthday he was going to get his boy laid. He was going to get laid, too, because his wife was like a "fucking iceberg". His words, not my words. Then, we ate and he talked and talked about this fantastic young woman and what she did to and for him. He told me about how this woman took her time and explained all about her body and showed his kid what to do and how to do it. He said she spent over two hours with him. He said the boy told him that she sucked him off the first time just before he was about to cum in his pants and that she swallowed his entire load of cum. Then, she took her time and she showed him her body and all the things woman have that make them hot and wet and want to fuck. Then, they had a great fuck session. Fred told me he came into the room after the boy was finished and he fucked her, too. Later that night, he and his son fucked her again a sort of tag team effort this time. Again, his words, Ann, not mine."

I held my hand to my mouth and was going to deny it, when Bud said, "And how did I know it was you, Ann? Well, he told me there was a video and he really wanted me to see it. He was a good contact and a very old customer so I went to his house that night and he showed it to me. Imagine my surprise, Annie, when I saw the woman he was talking about, actually was you, my dear wife! I couldn't even speak to him as the video showed everything you did with him and the boy. I asked him if that was the only time and, of course, he told me that a man named Jack has a party like that once or twice a month. I looked at the date you were with Fred and knew it was one of those nights I was away on one of my real business trips. I actually was only about 70 miles away but the really late nights with clients and the early morning meetings kept me from driving home each night!

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