tagTransgender & CrossdressersShe Changed My Life

She Changed My Life


I had been talking with a lady online for a few months; we met through one of the many social networking sites. Our relationship was strictly platonic; she was very easy to talk to and seemed very understanding. I eventually told her everything even my deepest and darkest secrets, my fetish for dressing and acting as a girl and my darkest fantasies.

After a very bad day I was upset and logged online to vent and be consoled by my most understanding friend. We talked and I poured out all my frustrations to her like normal. After hearing me out she did something unexpected, she asked if I would like to come have a drink and talk in person as she was sure it would make me feel better. After my day I figured things couldn't get worse and I had nothing to lose. She provided me her address and phone number incase I got lost and I was on my way.

I followed the directions provided by my GPS and was amazed when after about 15 minutes I arrived at a large gate. I thought this can't be right and picked up my phone to call and confirm the address and as she answered the gate began to open. She said, "Come on in, don't be shy. I'll be waiting for you on the porch."

As she hung up the phone I slowly began up the long driveway. After a minute or two I realized I had never really asked much about her or what she did for a living. She was standing on the porch as I stopped in front of the house and got out of the car. I looked over the large freshly trimmed lawn which had numerous large oak trees through it and all strewn with Spanish moss. I then turned my attention to the large house, completely hidden from the eyes of the world. It looked like a misplace Louisiana plantation house with large pillars at the front of the porch and a railing around the 2nd floor balcony.

As I approached the stares veronica caught my eye, instantly I felt like a moron for not even considered the thought of her being more then a friend. She had informed me she was a bigger girl but had told me in other terms. However, the girl I saw standing before me is not someone I would consider fat as she had said a few times in our conversations. She had long jet black hair and emerald green eyes, she was a bigger girl, but it was in the right places and very sexy. She was dressed in a red spaghetti strap shirt made of a shiny material and a black skirt the came to just above her knees. To finish off her ensemble she had on a pair of black knee high heeled boots. She welcomed me with open arms and hugged me saying how happy she was to finally meet me in person.

She invited me in and led me into a parlor to the left of the foyer, leaving me to wonder what the rest of the house looked like. She offered me a seat on a large fluffy couch as she walked over to the little bar in the corner. She returned with a pair of drinks and sat on the matching couch across from me after handing me my drink. I thanked her as I looked around the room in amazement at the size and the beautiful decor. Without thinking about it I swallowed about half of it at once. My eyes continued to scan the room as I thanked her for inviting me over and apologized it took so long for us to get together. She giggled saying it didn't matter how long it took, the point was I was here now.

We made small talk for a while and I found out she was in the photo and video production business but did not feel comfortable saying much more then that at the time. She made us another round of drinks as she got up I watched her walk over unable to take my eyes off her. Her beauty intrigued me and I continued to stare as she handed me my second drink and sat back down. I was starting to feel a little fuzzy and my speech start to slur a little as we continued talking.

She noticed me looking at her legs and she smiled saying her feet were beginning to get uncomfortable in her boots and asked if I would mind taking them off for her as she hated fighting with the laces. I agreed saying it was the least I could do after the hospitality she had shown me.

As I stood up I felt really dizzy and almost fell back onto the couch. I tried to shrug it off thinking it was odd after only 2 drinks. I slowly slid to my knees in front of her trying not to fall over and went to work on the long row of laces. As I removed each boot her legs would move just right and I couldn't help but look up her skirt to see the front of her black sheer panties. When I was finished she had me move between her legs giving me a perfect view up her skirt before reaching down and sliding her fingers under my chin lifting my face to bring my eyes to hers. She smiled and said, "Would you like to taste it?"

All I could do was nod my head in her hand as I looked into her eyes. She slid forward on the couch causing her skirt to rise and I could see where the crotch turned into a sting and disappeared between her cheeks. My face was no more then an inch away from her as she pulled the sheer material to the side completely exposing her strip of hair leading to her glistening pussy. I looked back to her face for permission, she smiled and nodded. I needed no further approval as I stuck my tongue out and leaned forward.

I began dizzily licking at her clit and running my tongue down to her hole to taste her escaping juices. I began licking her clit hard and nibbling just a little bit as it seemed my dizziness was increasing. It didn't take her long to climax and she cried out grabbing my hair and pulling my face into her. As she let go of my head I slumped to the floor as my eyes started to close I heard her say "goodnight sissy sweet dreams."

I woke to the sun on my face still a little dizzy I laid there trying to clear my head, and then I realized something was in my mouth. As I ran my tongue over it as best I could it kind of felt like a penis. This brought me right to my senses and I looked up to see a large mirror hanging above the massive bed. I was shocked as I looked back at myself. I brought my hands to my face to see locked on was a pair of satin mittens which constricted my hands making them useless as I reached at the gag attempting to remove it.

When I realized it was hopeless I ran my hands down to the purple satin bra which had 4 rows of white lace ruffles across the cup and held what looked like real breasts. I realized as I squeezed them they were only breast forms but they were very high quality and I couldn't even see the seem where they were attached.

Then I let my hands and eyes travel further down to find a pair of sissy panties which matched the bra. As I felt around them I moved the lace in the crotch to find a hole which my cock was sticking through. I was horrified and wanted to scream as I realized it was locked in a hot pink chastity device. I met this lady and was lying in a bed helpless dressed as a sissy girl I had only fantasized about. I looked over and saw my captor sleeping beside me in nothing but a pink thong. I was amazed at the affect looking at her was having as I felt my cock twitch and try to grow in its cage. I decided I had to get out of here or something bad was going to happen.

I slowly rolled over to the edge of the bed and shakily stood up and started to head towards the door. I was about 3 feet from the bed when I felt my neck jerk unable to move any further. I realized the collar around my neck locked to a chain with the other end securely fastened to the wall above the bed. I cried out in my gag frustrated wondering how the hell I got myself into this predicament.

All of a sudden I heard her voice say "Good morning my sissy pet, I'm glad to see you awake. The electrolysis was a difficult task without you being able to move on your own. Why don't you come back to bed and let mistress hold you and love you for a little while before we start your day?"

I was stunned and I guess I waited too long for her liking, without any warning she reached up and grabbed the chain pulling me to her. I was no match for her strength in my drowsy state as she sat on the bed stretching out her legs. I was amazed at the size of her breasts and completely mesmerized as she pulled me over her lap. She said, "I guess we need to show the little girl who's in charge here. First, your chastised little clitty will stay that way for 4 weeks and every time you do something that displeases me we will add another week. But right now I'm going to show you that I mean business."

With that she firmly gripped me around the waist with one arm making sure I was unable to go anywhere and with the other reached under the pillow pulling out I think wooden paddle with holes in it. I instantly started squirming and crying out into my gag she then grabbed my wrist that was on the opposite side and twisted it back into the small of my back pinning me tightly. Then came the important question she said, "panties or bare assed? I think since this is the first time I need to show you I am serious when I tell you to do something sissy."

With that I felt her grab the waistband of my panties, and I kicked my feet as she snatched them down to mid thigh. I was helpless to fight her off as she picked the paddle up off the bed. I cried out loudly and squirmed as I felt the paddle meet my bare ass the first time. She was not stopped in the least by this reaction and went to work beating my naked bottom. I lost count after 16 hard and she was nowhere near done. When she finally stopped I was crying heavily and my ass was on fire. The laid the paddle on the bed as I looked back at the mirror above the bed and could see my naked ass bruised and beaten from her assault.

She released my wrist and my mitted hand instantly moved to my but and tried to rub the pain away which didn't work at all. She moved her hand to my long hair and began stroking it saying she was sorry but she had to show me she was the boss. She then told me if I would stop crying she would take my penis gag out. She pushed me off her lap and I curled up into a ball on the bed. She said she would give me a few moments to think it over and got up.

She walked over to a toilet in by the wall in full view of the bed. I watched her through my tears as she pulled her panties down and sat to pee. She noticed me watching her and spread her legs showing me the stream escaping her into the bowl. Watching this I was distracted from my stinging bottom and my crying stopped. She stood up smiling and without wiping she pulled her thong back up. As she walked back to the bed I could see her crotch darken as the panties got wetter.

She reached behind my head and unfastened the back of the gag and pulled it out of my mouth. I moved my jaw around to regain feeling as she placed it on the night stand. She looked down at me and said "Does my little sissy girl need to go potty too?"

I nodded and she walked over to a dresser across the room and picked up a key. Coming back she said "Now you be a good girl or mistress will have to spank you again."

She unlocked the chain from my collar and I stood up on my shaking legs and shuffled over to the toilet as my panties fell around my ankles making it more difficult to walk. As I approached the toilet I was wondering how I was expected to go when I heard over my shoulder, "Don't forget girls sit to pee and I want to watch just like I let you."

I took this as my sign and winced as made butt made contact with the cold seat. I spread my legs showing her my caged clitty and she watched intently as I peed. When I was finished she walked over grabbing some toilet paper and wiped me. Then bending down she pulled up my panties insuring my clit fit properly through its hole. She then said "Ok first step, lets teach you how mistress wants her sissy to sit."

She guided me to the middle of the room and had me get down on my knees. She has me spread my knees and position my legs so my but is flat on the floor putting my clitty in full view. She then patted me on the head saying what a good girl I was and a quick learner and decided it was time to give me a treat. She asks if I'd like to taste her wet panties but I'd have to work for it. I looked up at her with pouty begging eyes and said, "Please mistress may I lick your wet panties?"

This brings a large grin to her face as she replies, "How can I deny my little sissy when she asks like that?"

She moves forward spreading her legs around me and pushing the crotch of her pink thong against my face. Without a second thought I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue tasting her wet crotch. She let m run my tongue over her wet panties for a moment before pulling away and I frowned in disappointment. She looks down at me saying she wants to see how obedient I can be as she turns around and bends over. She looks back and tells me to pull her panties down and lick her ass.

Without hesitation I reached up and fumbled with the waist band of her thong trying to get them down with my mitted hands. As soon as I was able to get them to mid thigh she backed up pushing her ass onto my face. I ran my tongue around the rim before trying to push it inside making her moan. I sloppily licked her tight little asshole doing my best to please her. She was roughly grinding her ass on my face as she pulled away making me fall forward. She took her panties off and looked down at me saying "Stay."

I watched her as she walked over and sat down on the bed facing me. She lay back spreading her legs wide showing me her pink pussy. She slid her hand down and teased her clit just a little letting out a tiny moan. Then she did something I did not expect and began working her thong into her hole until just a tiny little piece to grab was sticking out. She then sat up and said "Ok sissy lets find you something to wear."

She stood up walking over to a door and opened it to a walk in closet the size of a normal room. I was in awe as I crawled into the massive closet behind her. She walked to a rack in the back and started looking through the hanging clothes. She pulled out a hot pink dress made of satin with a petticoat attached underneath to make it flare out. She smiled laying it on the counter in the middle of the room and opening a drawer underneath. She pulled out a bra that was the same color as the dress and a matching thong, which she showed me had the same hole in the crotch as my current panties. She then told me to stand up so she could dress me.

I did as she told me and within a split second my bra was sliding off and my panties were pulled off me. She picked up the thong panties and held them out for me. Without second thought I stepped into them and she pulled them up my legs to my waist. My chastised clit, as she had called it, sliding right through the designated hole. She gave my ass a little squeeze as she stood up saying how it looks more defined with the little piece of fabric in the middle.

She then picked up the bra and I held my arms out for her. It fit snuggly as she fastened the back and it felt like the breast forms were going to fall out of the top of it. She then picked up the dress and held it out having me step into it. She pulled it up to my waist and I slid my arms through the sleeves. She had me turn around so she could zip up the back making it tight around my neck. She fumbled with the zipper till I heard a click causing me to panic. I turned around to see the grin on my face as I reached to the back of my neck feeling a lock. She laughed and said, "Relax, it's just incase you get a funny idea in that little brain of yours."

She then directed me to sit down on a stool as she grabbed a pair of pink ankle lace socks and ankle strap heels. She grinned as she put them on me saying it feels great to have my own life sized Barbie. When she was finished she had me stand up and show off my outfit for her. I hadn't realized how short the dress really was until she pointed out that my cute little ass and clitty were on display, just the way she liked it. She took me by the hand and said, "Come on sissy, I want to show you my playroom, where you will be spending most of your time."

She led me through another door into a dimly lit room. In the little bit of light I could see the walls were done up to look like stone and the floor was concrete. There were all sorts of different bondage devices scattered through the room. She took my hand she led me over to which looked odd to me. I had a confused look on my face until she pushed me to my hands and knees into the device. She then closed the cuffs around my wrists then my ankles and thighs holding my legs apart. Then she fastened a leather strap tightly around my waist and finally hooked my collar to it, making me completely helpless on my hands and knees. She began lightly rubbing my exposed ass before giving it a quick slap saying, "I think I'm going to like you in this position."

She moved around in front of me lying on her back on the floor with her legs spread around me. I stared at the little piece of her panties sticking out of her pussy. She saw where my eyes were locked to and asked if I wanted them. Without waiting for my response she lifted herself up bringing her pussy to my face and said, "If you want them, you're going to have to take them."

There was just enough sticking out for me to grab with my teeth, but she kept moving around making it difficult for me to grab them. When I finally was able to grip them with my teeth I tried to pull my head back but was unsuccessful do to my bounds. She saw me struggling and began to lower herself back to the floor. She moaned as her panties slid out of her and hung by my teeth. She reached down and stuffed them into my mouth. I saw her smile as she got up saying, "While you clean my panties, I'm going to take a shower."

I was in heaven with my mouth full of the taste of her wonderful pussy. She surprised me as I felt her behind me pulling my thong to the side. I moaned into her panties as she slowly began pushing something inside me. I wrestled against the metal devices holding me as she began moving it in and out of my ass. She pulled it out only to squeeze more lube on my hole and pushing it back in she said, "You're going to want to be very wet for the day's events."

Once it was all the way inside she readjusted my thong to hold it in. I moaned into her panties again as I heard her walk out of the room closing the door behind her.

I wrestled against the metal holding me again hoping something would give but it was no use I was stuck. I had no choice but to relax and enjoy the taste of her as I waited for her to return. It had seemed like hours had passed until I heard the click of the door signaling her return. Without saying a word I heard her walk up behind me and pull my panties down to mid thigh. I was beginning to wonder what she was up to as she got down on her knees behind me and pulled the toy out of me. I moaned loudly as I felt it slide out of me. I realized what she was going to do as I heard the plug hit the floor with a thud and felt her move her body against me. She pushed the head of a dildo into my stretched hole. As she pushed her fake cock further in she moved her mouth to my ear and sweetly saying, "I'm sorry Ashley, I just couldn't help but be the first one to fuck your tight little cunt."

With that said I moaned as she pushed it the rest of the way inside me and I felt the fake balls pressed against me. She reached in front of me and pulled her panties out of my mouth as she pulled back till just the head was inside me. She thrust back in making me moan loudly and grabbed my hair jerking my head back. She pushed harder inside me as she said, "That's right I like to hear my bitches moan as I fuck them."

I felt my cock trying to grow inside the cage which caused slight pain as she assaulted my tight little hole. She roughly fucked me grabbing my hips, smacking my ass and pulling my hair. As I took her abuse moaning and crying out like a bitch in heat and loving every moment of it. After a few minutes I noticed she started grunting and breathing harder and faster. Then she yelled out "O yes bitch now I'm going to cum buried deep in your cunt."

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