tagBDSMShe Dances to a Different Tune

She Dances to a Different Tune


Thank you Acacia for not only your wonderful editing skills but for also your kindness and your encouragement.


It had been a quiet night at the club, the tips had been difficult to come by and by the time I finished my last dance all I had in mind was getting changed and heading home. As I stepped off the stage, with what little clothing I normally wore in my hands I looked out in the thinning crowd, knowing I had to make one final walk around the seats to insure if anyone wanted a private dance.

Weaving my way through the few remaining customers I saw him. He was tall with long brown hair and piercing blue eyes. He was dressed in what I would call business casual, his eyes, unlike many not leering at me the way some kind of as I called them, "Gods gift to women." Instead he looked a bit shy, not quite meeting my smile as I played my traditional line, "Well hello sugar, did you enjoy my dance?"

Usually I would get either the over enthusiastic remark or possibly a dismissal with nary a word but instead, what I received was a calm look, his eyes locked on mine and I felt my confidence waver for a brief moment. No one at the club knew that in reality I was a submissive woman, most of the customers just wanting either a glimpse at forbidden fruit or a quick grab. Instead what I got was a man who took a sip of his watered down drink before calmly saying, "It was adequate for an establishment such as this."

It wasn't that the tone was biting, it was the words that were spoken in such a manner that found my eyes looking downward, a classic pose for a woman of my stature. I tried to regain a bit of equal footing as I replied softly, "Would you care for a private dance?" This time as he stood, moving closer, his mouth nearly pressed up against my ear I heard him say, "The proper response is "Would you care for a private dance Sir?"

I couldn't help it, a soft whimper escaped my lips as I felt his hand slip under my chin, lifting my eyes to force me to look directly into his. "You've been in this squalor so long, dear girl, that you've forgotten your manners and the proper way to speak to a superior and we both know any dominant is your superior, isn't that correct?" My words came out, unable to stop them from trembling as I answered, "Yes M'lord."

He smiled, a genuine smile and I couldn't help but shyly do the same as I listened to him saying, "Yes, as a matter of fact I do desire a private dance. However this is not the proper place. You will listen closely. I will wait outside for you, you have a choice to make. I will wait fifteen minutes for you to appear. If you do and you decide to join me then so be it. If not, then you will wonder for the rest of your days what it is that you missed out on and wonder what might have been. For now, farewell pet", and with that he took my hand, a gentle kiss and my leave.

For a minute or two I just stood there, unsure as to what to do. It had been a very long time since I had allowed my submissive nature out to play. Life at the club had grown into a comfortable pattern, the money usually good, the men predictable and my love life nonexistent. Now, life had dealt me a wild card and I didn't know whether to fold the hand or go all in.

I went into the back, retrieving my items, quickly changing into my street clothing as my mind continued to try to come to grips with what had transpired. My thoughts ran the gamut from running outside to staying in the club and getting one of the bouncers to accompany me to my car. With each passing minute I would shift from one decision to the next until finally I walked slowly toward the exit, taking a deep breath and stepping outside.

The vehicle he stood beside was not audacious, a simple sedan. He stood by the passenger door, opening it as I slowly drew near. With each step I felt my eyes lower until I came to a stop as he reached down to open it. His voice again was soft, almost hypnotic in tone as I heard, "I will bring you no harm dear girl, I only wish to give you a chance to allow that which hides within you to surface, to embrace your submission. Now, shall we begin?" As the door was opened I took a step and took a chance.

The drive began in silence, my eyes downcast, my bag in my lap, my hands clasped. After a few minutes I heard him say, "What is your name girl and not that ridiculous moniker Star they give you to dance by?" I felt the crimson blush rise to my face as my voice answered softly, "Peyton. My name is Peyton Sir." I saw the smile play on his lips as he answered, "A lovely name for a lovely woman. For tonight my name is one of two things. You will call me Sir or if you would prefer, Master."

Once again the soft whimper which came forth was accompanied by my heart hammering in my chest as my head hung down, my eyes closing as I slowly rocked in my chair, the sounds, the movement not lost on the man sitting beside me. He had a vision of a submissive, one which he would mold into the perfect slave, one which would bring his every desire to life and in the end one which he would free to embrace life and all it had to offer. Little did I know that I was to be that woman.

It was only minutes later that the car pulled into a private drive of a rather simple home When the owner of the home got out of the vehicle, I waited, my heart in my throat as he drew near and like a perfect gentleman, opened the door for me. I got out of the sedan, the door shutting as he turned, walking toward the front door and like an obedient puppy, I followed a few steps behind him.

As he opened the door for me, I stepped inside, a single light showing furniture in shadows. I heard the door lock, my body shivering at the sound as I heard him say, "Follow me Peyton." The gentleman did not wait for an answer, striding confidently down the hallway and the near darkness. I gently bit my bottom lip as I walked cautiously behind him until he stepped into a large room with a four poster bed and a large bathroom off of it. He motioned toward as I heard, "You reek of the stink of the club, you will shower then dress in your heels and nothing else. You have 10 minutes beginning now."

I stood there as he simply turned his back on me, walking back down the hallway until I heard him softly say, "Nine minutes and fifty seconds." I stepped toward the bath, turning on the light to find everything I would need waiting as I began to undress.

It was nearing the time limit I had been given that I found myself walking back out into the master bedroom, tentatively opening the door to find the room awash in candlelight. The man of the house sat silently in a large chair in a corner, taking a sip of wine as I stepped forth. The heels I wore were from work, five inches in height and once again I felt a blush rise as I walked in the room, completely naked, my nipples hard, my sex shaven, still glistening from the shower.

As I drew near I heard a single word spoken. "STOP." I obeyed without hesitation, my eyes once again having been lowered as the man rose and walked around me as if appraising merchandise he might be consider buying. I stood as still as I could, though my body was slightly shaking as I heard him finally say, "Let me see if you have any proper training. Present yourself, Peyton."

My training in the past had included that which had just been requested of me, and without pause, I knelt, keeping my knees slightly apart, putting my hands palms down on my thighs, keeping my eyes on the floor so I did not see the smile which filled the gentleman's face as he knelt beside me and I couldn't stop the moan which slipped from my lips as his hand explored between my legs, finding me already wet and wanton as I heard, "You are a submissive slut, aren't you Peyton?" I did the only thing I could do, I spoke the truth saying softly, "Yes Master."

He stood, and I heard the familiar sound of a zipper behind pulled down as his hand found my hair. The touch was not unkind but certainly pulled my head up as I obeyed without a word being spoken, opening my mouth wide as he filled it in a single thrust as I fought not to gag. "Look at me Peyton." I obeyed, my eyes looking up, quickly filling with tears as I struggled to take all of him in, his hand in my hair not giving me a chance to draw a breath until I saw his smile. He pulled out slightly as I took a grateful breath and heard, "A submissive will always look to please her Master with every part of her body. Your mouth will quickly become familiar with my size and how to please me."

I answered in the only way I could, whimpering around the hardness filling my mouth as he slowly took what he desired from me. He forced my hazel eyes to remain locked on his as he slowly fucked me, with each passing second his dominance over me growing stronger and stronger until finally he slowly pulled free. A long line of saliva obscenely hung between us from the tip of his cock to my mouth as his member broke free and the spit dripped down my chin, onto my breasts.

I continued to kneel there, unaware a puddle had formed between my legs, my pleasure dripping forth onto the floor. "Rise Peyton, undress me." I stood, my legs quivering, my hands trembling as I worked at the buttons on his shirt and the belt on his jeans until finally he stood before me, his skin cast in candlelight as he turned, walking over to the bed and laying down on it, his hand outstretched.

Once again, I obeyed the command, words not necessary as he pulled me on top of him and slowly, oh so slowly he filled me, until I was astride him, his cock buried in my pussy, my eyes filling with a combination of the emotions which were running wild inside of me. His eyes watched me calmly, almost as if from afar, his voice sounding as if it were just that, far away as I listened. "This is your proper place Peyton. At the command of another, eager to fulfill a dominant's most decadent wish. Your body alive at their touch, at my touch. Isn't that right girl?"

I couldn't have spoken even if words were possible. My body, my mind was lost, so lost in the moment as he continued saying, "For some they need a bit of pain to find pleasure. Take your nipples in your hands, Peyton, turn them, twist them for me. Show me your need." My hands moved up of their own volition, finding the hardened nubs, whimpers turning into moans as my eyes rolled back in my head, proving his point, the delicious pain bringing forth even more decadent pleasure.

I heard his gentle laughter as he said, "I thought as much. I'm sure you also require the touch of rope, a gag, perhaps more, to surrender body and soul at times, don't you, girl?" His hips began to move, his cock filling me completely as my hair hung down, covering my face as I felt the wave beginning to overwhelm me, my body betraying me only to hear his voice say softly, "Do not dare cum without asking permission, Peyton. The consequences for disobeying will not be pleasant."

I whimpered, my voice babbling, pleading, asking for my release only to be met with no reply. It took everything I had to not surrender to my body's need, my eyes opening wide, looking down at him and silently pleading only to have him smile at me, beginning to move faster and faster, his hands on my hips, guiding me, my body giving him what he required, my lust, my desire, my submission as I finally heard him say, "CUM NOW Peyton."

The cry which escaped my lips was more animal than human, the wave of pleasure squirting forth, quickly soaking the sheets upon which we lay as with a final thrust, he shot string after string of hot, sticky cum deep within my womb. I writhed, my hands pinching my nipples cruelly, pain and pleasure mixing as one until finally my body slowly slumped forward, finding hands which pulled me down gently, enveloping me, holding me close as exhaustion and my new owner claimed me.


As always I would ask that you please vote and if you would like to comment on my work. This was written for a special young lady I spoke with. This is for you Peyton.

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